Special Thanks

Hey there, so, volume 25 is finally done. I finished it way quicker than I had expected. To be honest, translating DxD was quite a challenge in the beginning but i’m improving thanks to zx who has been patiently teaching me.

I’d like to give special thanks to zx who is both my editor and mentor. Seriously, I made shit tons of mistakes when I started translating but thanks to zx my translations turned out great. Also, without him, this website wouldn’t have been possible as he is the one who’s hosting my website! Thank you so much zx!

Shout out to Foggy_Glasses and dvdryms and others as well! They are some of the final editors on this translation project. Seriously, they are awesome guys. they would take a look at my TLs and fix it ASAP. Other editors (Mythos Dragons, DragonOsman2, Kemm, Oppai dragon, Grayfia_Fanboy, dnb, nictits) on BT too! Thank you, everyone! 😀

*PS: tell me if i didn’t mention your name.

Last but not least, you guys. Thanks for the enormous support and the warm welcome. Thank you for patiently waiting for the translations and reading them. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to finish Vol.25 this fast 😀




Hello Guys!

It’s been two months since the last update. Some of you have been asking about the progress of the translations, and this post will give you the answer you seek.

As you might have noticed, the last update of Shin DxD 3 was on 4th November 2019, and now it’s already 2020. The reason why I haven’t given you guys any updates is because I’ve been getting less and less time now that I have my own business. Not only that, I also still have my college, which made it harder for me to find time to translate and update my blog. Coincidentally, I’ve also heard that DxD’s also officially licensed, which convinced me that this is the perfect opportunity to step down from the translator of the DxD series.

It has been quite the journey, everyone. Translating the series was not an easy job for me especially because English is not my first language. However, it was truly a fun ride. I learned so much things from translating, especially English.

I would like to give my thanks to you guys. Thank you for waiting so patiently and also pointed the mistakes that I made, and thank you for always enjoying the translations. This blog and ‘mrleoo’ wouldn’t exist without you. Special thanks zx the editors, and all of you out there who helped and contributed to this series. The journey wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.

As for the future of the series, the translator seat is up for anyone to take! If you’re interested, you could do so by joining the discord channel or contacting zx or me.

And with that, Ciao guys! see you some other time!



Hey guys, it’s Leo here. that new guy who translates DxD helped by the great zxzxzx and other awesome editors.

I will be posting my translations here first, then to BT.

A little bit about me,

I am a uni student who really likes anime-related kinds of stuff (novels, especially). Some of my favorite novels are Kagami no Kojo (not a light novel), DxD and Bungou Stray Dogs. I translate JP > EN. I used to be a silent reader of zx and Code-Zero who never even left a single comment, but because I was one of the impatient guys, I decided to learn Japanese so I can read the novel without having to wait for translations. It overall took me around 1.5 Years of studying until I was able to read a novel.

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