Hey guys, it’s Leo here. that new guy who translates DxD helped by the great zxzxzx and other awesome editors.

I will be posting my translations here first, then to BT.

A little bit about me,

I am a uni student who really likes anime-related kinds of stuff (novels, especially). Some of my favorite novels are Kagami no Kojo (not a light novel), DxD and Bungou Stray Dogs. I translate JP > EN. I used to be a silent reader of zx and Code-Zero who never even left a single comment, but because I was one of the impatient guys, I decided to learn Japanese so I can read the novel without having to wait for translations. It overall took me around 1.5 Years of studying until I was able to read a novel.

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54 thoughts on “Greetings.”

  1. Really I Very Respect To You,Cause This Translate Making Me Easy For Read, Im Really Thanks to You.
    I Hope Next Progress Will Be Coming As Soon As Possible ^-^

  2. Oh and BTW thank you for translating highschool dxd and have a great wonderful week and months and years hope you can be as good as zxzxzx in the future where you translate more than one good luck to you.

  3. Would It possible for you to release Drafts as Google Docs and Let Community Improve all The English?
    I think It will be alot faster and community gets to do something on their part!(As Many in The community Are Native English Speakers).

    1. Hi mate, if you’re interested in helping to improve the translations, please feel free to come over to the Slack space for editing or head over to Baka-Tsuki. I can already spot quite a few grammatical errors in your comment, so I wouldn’t be terribly confident in your ability to help with editing. The reason why we have a small group of editors is for the purpose of quality control. The saying “too many cooks ruin the broth” applies here because everyone has their own writing/editing style, and a single chapter could become a disaster if the draft was made public for everyone to edit. Having a limited group of tried and tested editors works much better for the sake of maintaining a high quality standard.

      1. Agreed. His writing is flawed. Maybe you can add some Peeps from the HSDxD sub reddit? Many Native English Speakers are there. I live in Thailand, and is english is 2nd Langauage for me, so my Eng is not good.

  4. Hi Leo, can I ask you something? I’ve been asking so many people about this question but no body never gave me the answer. All that I wanted to know is that will Mitsuya meet Issei somewhere in volume 25? That is all that I wanted to know. Again thank you for your hard work keep it up my Fellow Citizen! I hope that our other fellow citizens be inspired with your hard work and determination.

    1. Why would you think that it would help me? I am currently translating V.25 not Shin, and I don’t speak Portuguese. If you want to read shin that bad, maybe you should just start learning Portuguese/Japanese instead of giving me the link of the translated works.

      1. I am so sorry for bothering you and perhaps I want to learn Japanese and by the way are you going to translate dxd zero and harem King memorial

  5. I’m so jealous. I wanted to learn Japanese but with school and personal stuff I couldn’t. Still gonna try to learn if I have time. Good luck and make sure u have some time to yourself

  6. Hi Leo!

    Can you link your website to the Baka Tsuki active translators list (in High School DxD project page)? That way people will know about your website.


  7. Since you took over High School DxD that would mean you be translating volume 1 of Shin High School DxD after you get done with volume 25 of High School DxD right?

  8. I want to say/ask 2 thing-
    1- in the comments, plz do newer comment come at top. As in future, when there will be many comments, it may become a problem in future when there will me many comment and we need to see latest comment.

    2- you say it took you 1.5 years to learn japanese. Can you tell that how did you start, what did you use (some app or other thing), how much time did you spend everyday on learning it, etc.

    1. 1. Done

      2. I started by attending a japanese language lessons in my local area. At first i wasn’t that serious about it (but since i was small i’ve always liked anime and been watching it, so i have a little bit of knowledge about Japanese).

      It took me around 8 months to get into a level of ~N4 i guess. Then after that i decided to study in Japan for 1.5 months. To prepare for my study i studied like crazy for 2 months (we are talking a minimum of 8 hours a day here) every day. After studying Japanese in Japan i then tried continued my study habits until this July’s JLPT. And since then my studying habit kinda slows down as my university started and already got my N2.

      Also, when i was 7 i was forced by my parents to study Chinese Language, so i know a little bit about kanji. Though it doesn’t really help that much as some of the pronouncation and writing is different.