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143 thoughts on “Current Updates.”

    1. Don’t wanna sound rude but it’s clearly mentioned above that it would take around 3 weeks and if you are in real hurry go translate yourself.
      Leo is also a fan like us ,he also has right to enjoy series
      Every time a disrespectful comment like this come and speed of translation gets even slower!

    1. Its literally mentioned above that it would take 3weeks, then what’s the point of asking?πŸ˜’

      Translation come when they!

  1. just would like to ask. after team issei was defeated by team dulio, their next opponent was team sitri,right? who won? thanks for the info.

      1. thanks mate. it was just said in the novel that they won against,right? but the actual battle was not written or told in the novel?

          1. Where can we read Dx. 4? Or is it not translated? I heard they had a battle between cao cao and Sairaorg. I don’t know if it is true or not.

    1. He just posted it though, End of November or Early December. No exact date so let’s just wait for him to finish his exam can we? Because asking again and again will not help him nor this community.

    1. Oh come now whose goona wait for another 5 year to reach current volume count to meet their standards and why the hell it’s even started? Aren’t they getting prim and proper translation!

          1. NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I really hope the Shin High School DxD series will be translated and i sure they won’t translate anything if someone spoils it for them. Just wish Leo luck on the exams and just wait a little longer for him to be have time to translate it to find out.

          2. @ slash emperor
            Its not even released how can i predict that will kanzai return or not? and i already mentioned if you want spoilers then join over slack and P.M. me

  2. Best of luck for your exam and thanks for the great update

  3. Good luck bro I’m also having my exam from November.
    Thanks for finishing the volume. I was planning to read it after exams since it wasn’t complete but now I’ll finish it before.
    Let’s meet after exams.

  4. Thank you for finishing this volume. Good luck with your exams. It would be a nice bday present with you posted on the first of Dec

  5. Finally it’s done, you did it in a short time period and I almost can’t believe it, I’m looking forward for November when the translation of shin will begin. Thank you for the hard work and I whish you good luck on your exams.

  6. Thank you for the translation and it is very nice that you completed this much in short time and also double thanks for continuing shin as well.

  7. Thanks for the update, and thankyou for the translation of vol. 25
    You were pretty fast and good with the translations.
    Thanks again

  8. Just one week to go! Oooh, I can’t wait to meet Mitsuya! Thought I wonder if you guys notice in life when Nakiri explain about the wielder of IC and TK, at the part when he told the Gremory team and Issei team about Mitsuya being the direct opposite of Issei. Just by reading it, I think in the future there’s going to be a rivalry between Issei and Mitsuya that will looks similar to the rivalry between Kira and Shinn from Gundam Seed Destiny.

        1. Yeah mate but my intuations were telling me that update is going to come today.
          However expecting it before given timeline is disrespectful

          1. I see. By the way I was wondering if Mitsuya will meet Nakiri in the next chapter, because according to the spoilers I’ve read in amino, Nakiri is holding a grudge on Mitsuya.

          2. Please do not discuss spoilers here. Mr. Leo clearly requested not to discuss the spoilers. He reads as far as he translates (like zxzxzx). Please wait for the translations to come out. It’s only 1 week away πŸ™‚

  9. Loved your hard work for translating dxd. Can you make a new discord link as the old one in Reddit expired. Btw I’m your neighbour (country).

  10. It is too funny reading all the people wanting just a partial translation so they can help. [SMILE]
    To those that keep this BS up… I’ve been through this with 3 translators and every time you start pestering them for updates they get slower. So please stop this BS before we are (again) waiting 6 months between updates.
    Leo is a fan too. He’s just as excited about what comes next as any of us.

  11. @mrleoo01 Thank you for the translations they are amazing. Just a question. Do you plan on translating Shin DxD after Vol 25 or you still unsure? I am really loving the JP to EN translations you are doing and hope you will translate Shin DxD

  12. Hey Leo thanks again for all the hard work and effort you put in so we as fans can enjoy DXD. I do have a question when the rest of Vol25 is finished are you going to put a PDF version here on your website or do you think it’ll just be on BT?

  13. Hello there, Leo. Thank you for taking over DxD and translating for us. When I heard that ZX would stop, I felt horrible, but when I heard someone else (someone he knew) would take over, I felt relieved, yet at unease since I didn’t know how good the new blood would be, but you showed to be incredible at the translation. Thank you for continuing his work, and I hope you successfully continue with your work for the next several Volumes. Greetings from Brazil, my friend.

  14. Thank you for the translation.
    Sometimes I find funny when translators say “Don’t ask for updates” and some weeks after there are a lot of people asking for updates lol but I hope this does not bother you because there’s always going to be one of those around.

  15. Thanks for the update! Take your time translating remaining chapters after all we just read you have to do the hard work in translations.

  16. Hey leo i have a suggestion -: pls shift position of comment box from bottom –> top as in upcoming time when there would be a lots of comments, we need to drag till bottom to comment in here.

  17. Hey leo can you please update only dxd vs god part of vol 25 because like me some patience less fan can’t wait. please leo sir .while you can update rest part at once but please update the dxd vs god part as it is most awaited part of vol 25. Thanks for your hardwork.

    1. Not speaking for our Translator-san; but, I think that translations from JP:EN often have more than one possibility. For instance: Should something be translated as a “Brook” or a “Creek”? Perhaps there is a play on words that would not make sense with one vrs the other and that will not become apparent until the next “Life.X”. Just a guess, but I think he really needs to translate in “chunks” so the multiple sections can be made to harmonize.
      On the other hand: You got other fingers.

  18. Hi Leo, just a little bit of advice. If you’re planning to translate all of the remaining chapter at once. I suggested that it would be better that you publish some of the translation that you have finished. It will give some time to some of the impatient readers out there to stop pestering you. You done a really good job at translating this LN, and I don’t want you to end up like zxzxzx.

  19. Hello Leo, would you please publish the next chapter individually,not uploading all the chapters at a time, would you please do that.

  20. Hello leo thanks for the hardwork!
    I want to ask are you going to take break when you are finished with translation of volume25 or continue giving update of shin dxd?

    1. Translation will be done when they are about to be done there isn’t much point in asking. Leo san is already doing so much hard work for us, so pls have some more patience

      1. @leo san if you need any help and pls tell me and i have made some edits on BT so when you have time see them once
        Till then take care😊

  21. Hey Leo! Thanx for the translation. But when the translation for the current volume will be completed will it be available in PDF format also?

    1. Hey, I haven’t decided on that yet, but I guess you could say that someone will probably make it as there is already the PDF containing the translations until Life 2 if my memory serves me right.

  22. Leo you are truely a fast translator and you are doing your best for us fans of highschool dxd. Thanks for your translation work .very very thank you.

  23. Thanks for translating DxD, I was worried it was gonna be abandoned but luckily you came to the rescue. Awesome work by the way it feels as if nothing happened and I’m glad you are translating quickly.

    See you in the next part and thanks once again for the translation.

  24. Thank you for all your hard work. I love how your translation style is similar to zx. Makes it feel like nothing has changed in story style.

    A question that you may have been asked before. Are you planning on translating shin as well?

    Thank you for putting in the time on these novels that we all love!

  25. Hell yeah! Great work! Thanks for translating the Life. 3 Leo-senpai! Now all that we have to do is wait for the next Life. Translation. I really hope Mitsuya make his debut in the next chapter.

      1. Really? Hmm, only two chapters away. Well I could wait. Just one more question and I hope you could answer it. When Mitsuya make his debut, Will he be introduced on his POV later in the story’ or other characters POV?

    1. Kok dari kemarin 5% terus, aku udh gak sabar pengen bacanya.

      Hey, just so you know that reading is far easier than translating.

      Kira kira itu di lanjutin lagi gak ya?

      just wait for the next update.

  26. love how you’re working hard on the translations and i praise you for it. but i have to point out that in part 3 of life 2 you mispelled Millarca’s name with millicas once or twice, which would cause those who aren’t familiar with the story to think that millicas is involved with Beelzebut not millarca(ouryuu’s love interest). You may want to go back and fix that.

      1. Leo-sama may i know the estimate time it will take in between after u done finishing the draft and posting the chapter here? Thank u for ur hardwork

  27. Hey Leo thanks for your work. Hope that no one you know was involved with the earthquake and now the volcano. Take your time with the translation of ya have too

  28. Sorry to interrupt, I want to ask what translation will be done, what translates in half or directly all vol? Thank you also for translating my favorite anime

      1. But i am going to try to answer what I think you want to ask :

        1. Currently Volume 25, Shin will be done after I am finished with vol 25

        2. A volume is divided into several lifes, it’s not possible to translate all of them at once, and even if I could, it would take a long time to finish.

        You probably want to ask about the chapter (Life), if that’s the case, i can’t give you the exact answer as it all depends on my time and the length the chapter.

        1. Man Leo you translate so fast like if it was nothing. You must have studied Japanese in grate length. I got to say I am jealous that you can do this. An thanks gain for the translations it means a lot to me. Also I am sorry if what i just wrote offends you in any way. I don’t really know how to talk to people i am autistic.

  29. I’m sorry to disturb you, I want to ask what the translation would be done, what would it be done first? Thank you also for translating my favorite anime

  30. Keep up the awesome work. Don’t let anyone stress you out over your schedule. If it was so easy we’d all be doing this. Once again thank you for continuing the work.

  31. Leo take all the time you need

    If you need any help in editing and English let me know

    Thank you for all your effort

  32. Thank you very much for the updates man. You are doing a splendid job. I am so hooked with this story, you are a life saver. Eagerly waiting for the updates.

  33. Dude, you’re just awesome updating translations very fast just can’t wait until the volume complete.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  34. Even I would like to take an inspiration from you and learn Japanese, could you tell me what all things you did and from where did you learn?