Hello Guys!

It’s been two months since the last update. Some of you have been asking about the progress of the translations, and this post will give you the answer you seek.

As you might have noticed, the last update of Shin DxD 3 was on 4th November 2019, and now it’s already 2020. The reason why I haven’t given you guys any updates is because I’ve been getting less and less time now that I have my own business. Not only that, I also still have my college, which made it harder for me to find time to translate and update my blog. Coincidentally, I’ve also heard that DxD’s also officially licensed, which convinced me that this is the perfect opportunity to step down from the translator of the DxD series.

It has been quite the journey, everyone. Translating the series was not an easy job for me especially because English is not my first language. However, it was truly a fun ride. I learned so much things from translating, especially English.

I would like to give my thanks to you guys. Thank you for waiting so patiently and also pointed the mistakes that I made, and thank you for always enjoying the translations. This blog and ‘mrleoo’ wouldn’t exist without you. Special thanks zx the editors, and all of you out there who helped and contributed to this series. The journey wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.

As for the future of the series, the translator seat is up for anyone to take! If you’re interested, you could do so by joining the discord channel or contacting zx or me.

And with that, Ciao guys! see you some other time!


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567 thoughts on “Announcement.”

    1. A new part has been published just recently, a new translator is on the project (can’t say if it will last though)

      1. You can read the translation in the discord channel…shin 3 is already completed and translation for shin 4 is ongoing..all news about HSDXD can be found there and also spoilers. CHOW!!!

  1. In google chrome search for shin highschool dxd volume 3,there in 3rd or 4th search site you will find shinhighschooldxd.fc.blogspot.
    There you can read all chapters of volume 3 in Portuguese or change language to english ,i just searched for volume 3 and luckily opened that site.hope you all like it👍

  2. Though it looks this site it down now, still for those who are still checking this site, Shin DxD 4 is announced and it’ll release on 20th February.

  3. It is disappointing as far as I’m aware the boy work in dxd that’s officially taking place is the manga I haven’t seen anyone working on the licences light novel as yet. Maybe I,m looking at the wrong place though. But I really hope someone picks this up even if just to finish the volume.

  4. Well this fucking sucks ! So disappointed, since the acquired license wasn’t for Shin, but DxD. Shin is a whole new Ip that must be bought. I can’t actually believe this is happening to the DxD community which is pretty big compared to others.

  5. So somehow the people who do the HS DxD wiki have read all of volume 3 and posted what happens (like Issei’s new powerup and techniques). I tried to look for a translated version of Shin HS DxD volume 3 online but can’t find anything. I have no idea how the people who do the wiki have gotten the info of what happens and everything. Anyone know?

    1. Dude just go to the Brazilian Baka tsuki page and google translate the whole page (google chrome) the translation is torture to read but you can understand what happened.

  6. Who is R&B

    Apparently someone in the post I made said that R&B would continue the translations?

    Anyone know is this person real or just playing with my hope?

  7. This is quiet unfortunate and disappointing. I hope another translator picks up the project and completes it. Seems like this project has gone through a half dozen translators or more in the last 10 years that its been being translated.

  8. Maybe i can finish vol. 3, i have the italian translation and if i find enough free time i can translate in english even if at slow pace. We can say it will be TxT (translationxtranslation), i don’t know if it’s going to be be good enough to give satisfaction to the passionate readers. It’s just an idea, i don’t even have a blog where to publish the chapters at the moment and no idea how to get vol. 4 when it will be released.

          1. It’s not available online.
            My translation would turn out more or less like this (spoiler alert)

            Vips Meeting

            At the end of the battle with the primordial Gods XXXXXX and XXXXXXXX in the Hidden Kyoto, Ajuka Beelzebub was reporting to Azazel, the Former Grigori Governor General, who was within the isolation barrier continuing the long battle against the legendary creature “Apocalyptic Beast” “Trihexa” “666”.
            “Really? “DxD” defeated XXXXXX and XXXXXXXX.
            Azazel said by the magic circle of communication.
            The fight against “666” was a turn system, and Azazel just swapped with another god and went to rest.

  9. What are we supposed to do now
    Anyone know where i can read the translated version of it from now on
    The raw version of this novel
    Or maybe a japanese learning website
    Man i was hooked to this novel
    I don’t want to drop it
    It was already sad that i had to drop smartphone which i liked very much but now my favorite novel
    Man i hate it
    Those who agree reply with “OPPAI”

    1. I feel you bro I was sad when they stopped translating smartphone too. But if you wanted to continue that they have it on J-Novel if you wanted to buy the volumes of the story. As for DxD if they don’t plan on releasing the release date until May who knows how many years it will take for their translators to reach where we are at 😞

      P.S. OPPAI

  10. I looked on yen press and I only see the option to buy the manga right now. does this mean they have agreed to start translating the light novel as well? or is it being done somewhere else? if anybody knows I would appreciate the info

  11. Well this sucks big time yes it got picked up but wont get to the spot it is now maybe for 10 to 12 years hope someone really picks it up this time and sticks with it plus the vol wasnt even done yet

  12. anyone know of where you can buy the English version some where and also Leo good to hear from you and I get personal life and shit takes time but not cool to leave volume 3 in the air like at least finish it.

  13. Sorry to hear that you are done.


    At the rate that Yen Press releases translations it will be @ 10 years or so before they reach what is current content today, if they even bother with going beyond the original series and translating Shin as well.

    I really hope I am around and remember to pick the story back up next decade…

    Anyway, best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

  14. Well, this sucks. Since it’s officially licensed, it’ll probably only be for sale and not on any site anymore. Well, thanks for all the translations up to now. It was a fun read while it lasted.

  15. Oh man

    What a sad start to the year or decade.

    I want to translate truly but my Japanese is too low.

    I need to get better

    Thank you Leo for your hard work.

  16. I really appreciate leo’s work but it has been almost two months since the last update and there is no word from leo.
    So anybody knows why is he having trouble updating the content?? Again I really appreciate and thank him for his hardwork.

    1. That’s the thing I HATE about translators. I know they do it for free, I know that translating isn’t easy and is a long process, I know that japanese is a shitty language, I know they can’t give the translation status or an ETA, but seriously, is it so hard to write a couple of words in a tweet once in a while? I have a job, so I’d understand if a translatior says “Sorry, I didn’t translate very much in the last month(s) because …, but I’m still alive”, but when they literally disappear for months without saying anything, Jesus, it makes me mad as hell… And for some reason, this seems a normal behavior since it happens so often.

      1. Second that honestly ive gotten to the point were i would rather pay for a full english copy/ Translation vs wait like this. A few words saying hey im alive or busy like sawada91 said goes a long way.

    1. It is a longer volume and will be released with Slashdog 4 so it’ll take time, not till March at least and it’ll focus on Le day.

  17. Hope all is good Leo and you’re just enjoying this holiday season. I’m sorry if this chapter is just a bitch to translate or something else has happened. Take your time and enjoy your time with family. I wouldn’t be mad if you’re done and just waiting on Christmas to surprise everyone though! That would give me an excuse to avoid certain family members that day 🤣

  18. Everybody please let leo do his job at his own pace and do not bother him with unnecessary pressure.
    Personally I would like to thank leo for the great translations he has done and would be grateful to him if he continues to do so.👍👍😃

  19. This is why so many fan translators stop doing it because they have people hounding them non stop. They do it in their free time and dont get paid so quit whining and getting upset or leo will quit too. What he should do is make it so you have to be a member to read and then just ban the whiners so they cant read anymore

    1. Bump^

      Id personally say if leo was like hey going to membership only and it cost like a few bucks i wouldn’t care as i love this anime and sadly they don’t release it in English translate to begin with so like donkdat said stop complaining and just chill-lax.

  20. Hello!!! Any damn idea at all when we possibly will know anything??? Shit man, at least let us know a timeline of some sort!

    1. Hey Eddie can you translate this novel than? Leo may be busy and or otherwise occupied else were and most likely doesn’t need a stuck up prick trying to hurry him up, ether wait patiently like the rest or maybe ask a little nicer like hey leo is there any way we can get a update and or eta on chapter 4 please or you can go try to translate it on your own. take your pick. btw thanks leo hope all is well and happy holidays cant wait to read the next chapter :D.

      1. Or any of Shin DxD volumes, as it will be several years before YP even got close to finishing the first series let alone thinking about licensing Shin DxD. So hopefully Leo-sama will continue translating Shin HS DxD vol 3 and all future volumes as well. Thank you and please continue Leo-sama!

  21. Can you do translate high school dxd dx.5 because I really want read it so much but I couldn’t find on website has one so please 😁

  22. Hi,
    I was thinking that if you finish high school dxd shin vol. 3 and high school dxd shin vol. 4 hasn’t yet come out then you might think about translating in English high school dxd dx vol. 5 for those of us that cannot read anything but English. This is because the person that was translating it into English quit half way through vol. 4 and it required another translator to finish the other half when he had his own translating books. Thanks if you do decide to do it and if you know of someone who is already planning to translate it in English then tell us.

  23. Thank you so much for continuing to translate this amazing series. I really can’t say thank you enough. I am so glad that we have someone who enjoys the series as much as we all do translating it for us. I pray that you’ll continue with the series until the end, as you do such an awesome job. Also, finding a good and consistent translator is so difficult. I’ll definitely check into assisting with the editing, since I’d love to be able to help/give back in some way. Thank you again!

  24. Hmphh!
    DxD is getting more toxic with each passing volume, it feels like dumb writing at this point tbh, i wonder if ishibumi had ever planned ending, cause at this time this series looks like an complete drag on.
    Same story repeats itself with each new volume.
    DxD was my first LN and it pains a lot to see it in this state, well this would be my sayonara to DxD (i drop this series now).
    Thanks Leo, zx and editors for translating this series this far 🙂

    This is just my opinion, it won’t do any good by cursing me in replies.

    1. oh yeah .. the ts haven’t reached the end yet .. do you read ishibumis’ afterwords ? within the end of this volume the after word says that he was hospitalized while making shin dxd vol 2 and 3, he commented on the quality of his work as well.. he is getting better and promises better quality next vol

  25. You rock dude, also I have a request for another light novel för you to translate if you feel like it. If you want to could you maybe translate isekai cheat magician. Many might not like it not I finns it interesting

  26. YES

    Thank you Leo, I’ve been searching for anything related to shin 3 and now your translating it i’m super excited. keep up the work

  27. Thanks bro, i really appreciate your work, and i sincerely look forward to reading the rest of the volume.

    That issei and yasaka scenes steal the show for me and i look forward to the rest of those scenes, and i hope she and kunou become his fiancees in this volume.

  28. Just wondering for anyone helping with the work of the next vol if there is any update that hasnt been posted yet? not asking u to rush or anything just wondering any new info

  29. I just wanted to know if a PDF has already been made for Shin vol.2. If not when will it be uploaded here, please? Thank you in advance.

  30. Thank you so much for all your hard work Leo. This is my favorite series and its all thanks to you that I can keep reading it. Can’t wait for volume 3! Keep up the good work! you have all our support

  31. Leo-sensei, thank you very much for the full vol. 2. Will look forward to the translation of Shin vol. 3.

    Also, looking forward to the PDF/EPUB of vol. 2. Thank you very much, zxzxzx and others.

  32. Thanks for the update again as always. Since Shin Vol. 2 is almost finished, how long after you finish until you start translating 3?

  33. Thank you for your work Leo love reading DxD and cant be done without you. Also if you can can you put a date when things are posted makes it easier to remember when i should take a look for the new chapters

  34. Hey mrleoo I just wanna day thank you for your work, I really appreciate what you and your team have done you guys are amazing. I recently finished reading true dxd vol 1 thanks to you guys so I appreciate it so much. Honestly I can’t wait till you guys finish volume 2, so I can read it. But know the wait will be so worth it. Have a good day and wish you the best!!

  35. OMG curse you leo LOL, it was just getting to the best part lol, but thank you so much the wait has been horrible, any idea when shin 3 will be coming out in general or no?

  36. Thank you, Mr. Leo for this surprise… keep it this translations. And it was confirmed: Shin High School DXD vol.3: August 20th. ?????.

  37. Was looking forward to your translation as they are always good 🙂
    I Read up to the last bit released last night.

    Keep up the good work, you always seem to put your all into it.

  38. Thanks for your hard in translating this amazing series, I truly look forward to reading the rest of the volume and volume 3 when it’s released

  39. thanks for your hard work. i want to say you can take a time to translate chapters as much as you need. i want to read everything in one go :)) dont forget to treat yourself after this volume :))

  40. aug. 7 will be three weeks, hopefully leo is ok, wonder if he is going to be able to release everything like he planned, can’t wait to read these next chapters

  41. Any more precise ETA for the next parts? Would be really appreciated.
    And thanks for all the work you’ve put in so far <3

  42. Thank you for the work you put in 🙂 i finally just got to life 2. of this volume after starting to read the series 4 months ago.

  43. Thanks for do the hard work you do, you are awesome. (I’m on dxd 22 at the moment) so I still have a little ways to go. Anyway thank you again

      1. Yep only way they will fight will be finals. I dont think he will end the story without them having a final showdown.

  44. Mr Leo where we can read the starting part of the dxd as it is not on the baka tsuki any other site please let me know it

  45. Yay, thanks for the update and the continued translating of Shin DxD, I enjoyed vol 1 and am looking forward to vol 2 (tis gonna be a good one)

  46. Great work on the pdf leo. Plz continue to do the translations for us useless guys. We hope that you will continue to do so in the far future too. We are greatful to u. Thnxx for the update.

  47. Hi leo i would just like to say great work so far on translations for DxD you are quite literally doing gods work right now for all fans of the dxd light novels who don’t know any Japanese me being one of them i would just like to say thanks and i am very grateful for all your hard work and good luck to you in your future

    1. There is only one site that i know of that still has it at the moment and thats novel planet but it doesn’t have chapter 5 of shin high school dxd and the afterwards is missing as well

    2. On the High school dxd reddit there is a post explaining it i cant link it to u rn cuz im at school but its the pinned message by zxzxzx

  48. Hey I just wanted to say thanks for your work, and I hope you are doing well! Just like many others looking forward for more release but I’m guessing it must be pretty hard doing things right in a timely manner and living a life. Make the time to take a nap get some fresh air and take a hot shower to relax.

  49. Anyone know why DxD was taken down from Baka tsuki ? wasnt leo still posting to it for the new translations?

  50. If anyone is wondering on how to download the volumes, it’s pretty simple. Head over to Baka-Tsuki, click on “view history” and return to before the volumes were taken down, as the PDF’s are still available, and download each one of them. I mean, some volumes aren’t available, like five of them, but the rest are. I don’t know for how long, so download the volumes as soon as possible, just in case, people!

  51. Those Japanese folks didn’t provide us the official translation books yet want to restricting us to keep following the series, what the action of the devil is this !? Could be it, rizevim!?

  52. Hey guys since DxD was licensed will the translations stop? Anyone got a PDF of every volume for download? I love this series and don’t want it to only exist in my memories…

    1. as far as i know it wasn’t licensed they got hit with copyright issues hoping yenpress takes over official ones

  53. Thanks for all your work on translating this, I do hope you continue with the translatations. I just love the story of DxD and would like to continue reading it.

  54. I think it’ll probably like date a live which was not get licenced even after project was taken down.So maybe he can still translate it without working for baka tsuki.

  55. Honestly I hope you continue the translation. High school dxd is my favourite and I hope that I get to read it till the end

  56. Well… with Baka Tsuki side of things being taken down by Kadokawa… will you be continuing your translation, Leo? Whatever you decide, I’m grateful for your effort so far.

  57. thank you for your work

    I guess i will wait for you to put your latest translations on baka-tsuki.

    Shin DXD vol 2 will be awesome

  58. Yeah Ise and Roygun! Thanks Leo, can’t wait for life 1! Now if only Jerutz can put up the next chapter of Slash/Dog….

  59. Thanks for the update leo-san
    pls update newsletter.
    Also we are unable to comment in afterwards and life0 section
    Lastly it must be Life0 (01/05/2019)

  60. The update is appreciated. I agree with most people, you are doing a kind service in translating. Take the time you need. I do appreciate your hard work.

  61. Take your time no rush

    Thank you for all your hard work truly a god for me and an inspiration

    I am so excited to start shin dxd thanks to you and beyond

  62. Im an Idiot, after reading life 5 i forgot to thank you. So here i go: thanks for your hard work leo and dont ever trouble yourself with the time you have to take for translating. Greetings!

  63. Thnks for ur efforts. Plz notify us whenever there is a delay as u can understand how readers get all tensed up. U r doing a wonderful work. Hope u will continue to do so in the future. Once again thnks for ur hard work and take things at ur own pace. Good luck translating shin dxd vol 2.

  64. Leo-san, is everything alright? It’s been quite a while, and I’ve been wondering when is the afterword being translated? Don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to rush you or anything, I’m just wondering. Thanks for everything you’ve been doing, and how you’ve been translating the novels for us! Thank you!

  65. Thanks for your effort

    Hope you can continue with this wonderful work with the last part of shin dxd 1 and shin dxd 2

    Best of luck and i will do my part to help out

  66. I want to read it, but I fear that I’ll have to wait another week for Life 5. I don’t know if I should start it now.

  67. Take all time you need Leo

    I just finished DxD vol 25 and have to say your translation is awesome

    I am so looking forward to shin dxd 1 and 2

    Thank you for your hard work as always

    1. No update yet on Ishibumi blog he said that shin dxd 3 and slash dog will be released at a later date

  68. I found out what happened to our Translator:
    As it turns out… Translator-san was on his way to take the exams when a mysterious girl ran headlong into him. Her proud Oppai knocking them both over into a tangle and her landing on top of him with her incredibly short skirt hiked-up and her panties mere inches from his face.
    Having never been this close to the business end of a woman before, Translator-san was confused, wondering if he had just lost his virginity? He could hardly stand-up when from the alleyway behind them a cold crept out and made the mysterious girl shiver. The shiver rippled across her ample breasts and seemed to come to a point at her nipples. Like reverse waves in a pond. Her Oppai’s peaks instantly hardened through the semi-sheer fabric. Translator-san was again concerned for his purity. It was like that feeling he got in gym when he had to climb the rope. He made a mental note to ask his Mother about it later.
    As he flashed back to the wedgie-athon that was High School for Nerds he heard the girl: “Time to go.” It was stated in a hurried tone. That is when a glowing circle rose up from the pavement around them and when it lowered, Translator-san had been transported to another Realm.
    He is there now, battling evil and wondering if any of the mostly Naked girls that insist on modeling lingerie and sleeping with him every night might actually be interested in kissing? Although he has been saving his first kiss for marriage, the girls seem determined!

    So I guess he’ll continue translating once he has saved the Realm and left a dozen Magical Girl Hotties thoroughly confused.

  69. I do not know if your exams have finished but if they did I hope you did very well! We all really appreciate what you do for us. School comes first, so take whatever time you need!

  70. Hi
    I thought of something that I think needs to be said. In the original series of High School DxD since it is based in Japan their school year starts in April so for Japan it is spring but in the southern hemisphere where I think you are translating it is fall so I think that is why you are mistranslating when he died and when he proposed the next year to Rias as fall when in the original series he did it in April because he died right after he started his second year of high school in April and proposed to Rias as soon as she graduated high school and left the school gates in March in the original series. I just think it is mistranslated do to northern and southern hemisphere that one is where the story takes place and the other is where the person who translates lives. Also the term OG that was talked about in this comment section means old girl which in Japan means a senior girl that graduated already from your school just as OB means old boy which is the same for senior boy that graduated already from your school.

  71. Take your time

    Patience is the key to success and rewards

    Can t to read the upcoming chapters

    Also happy friends day lets all enjoy DXD and help Leo with the translations so that many more DXD fans read the LN to the end.

    Thanks again for your time and effort Leo

      1. he made update in which he told us he is taking exams and life4 will translating after his it will take about 2months. so just relax and do something else while waiting for another chapter

  72. Quick question for Leo just wondering are you already working on the next part life 4 or you taking a short break not asking you to put it out faster or anything just wondering how translations are going

    1. it has only been 9 days since the last update. just give Leo time everyone has important stuff to in real life. It may take a week, a month or maybe longer but Leo is doing this for us and we should be grateful for that. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to read Life 4 but we need to remember Leo is just one person and translating takes a long time

  73. What the fuck is going on?
    What the hell is this?
    Few minutes ago I thought, ”Let’s read dxd from starting again.”
    So I started reading from Vol-1. And you know what happened after reading Life.0, I got super pissed off.
    I first thought, ”there should be some problem in my browser or with the server”. So I opened it on another browser refreshed the page numerous times but nothing changed.

    The whole story has become shit. Did someone compressed the story? The story is no more intresting.
    Why is the first page of story made similar to the firsh page of Shin dxd?
    The scene of Ise meeting with Yuuma, going to date, Ise getting killed by yuuma is covered in less than 10 page?

    I clearly remember when I first read this story about six month ago, the story was fabulous, also the story was intresting.
    But now, the story have become a real shit.
    If you read it, you will notice that several important paragraphs of the story are removed.
    Various conversations between Ise, Mohotama and Matsuda are removed.
    The scene of Rias, Kiba, Akeno saving Ise from that male fallen angel is completly removed.
    If I counted down all errors, it will become too large to comment and I would be unable to comment.

    If anyone is reading this, please repair the story.

    1. Where exactly are you reading? Just opened up the full text version from Baka Tsuki, and it looks all right to me. I have everything downloaded anyway, were something to happen to the online versions.

    2. This is Shin High School DxD. It’s just retailing what happen in Volume 1. The reason why it’s covered go fast is because this is not the first volume of High School DxD.

        1. In Baka-Tsuki Volume 1 is still the same as before. The one in zxzxzx is different because there making corrections to it and making it more friendly to English readers.

          1. Here you are wrong.
            If you just compare it with the downloaded version you will find the difference.

            And word ‘edited’ doesn’t suit it the word which suits it the most is ‘compressed’.

            First compare it with downloaded version and then complain.

            If it is edited then why are various scenarios removed.

            Note: take downloaded version of before August.

    3. Do u realise this is Shin DxD.
      Go to Baka Tsuki and Search High School DxD, to read from start.

      BTW, Shin DxD is basically Vol. 26, but since the writer didnt want to increase the number he rebooted alit as Shin.

  74. My question straightforward goes to Zx, i have asked this question on Zx’s blog few days ago but, didn’t got any reply.

    1). Hey Zx, you would be printing DXD, will you just license the entire series or just do fan printing.

    2) If you would be licensing the series, would Shin DXD also get licensed.


  75. Hey guys, someone could help me with a question? I was reading Life.1 of Shin High School DXD, and I found this sentence: “Her name was Abe Kiyome-san, Kuoh Academy High School’s OG”. ¿What is the meaning of the letters “OG”?. Thanks for the help ??.

    1. OG is a slang term for someone who’s incredibly exceptional, authentic, or “old-school.”
      Basically describing someone whose ideal of school or showing her experience in that sentence

      1. Ok?… but in that sentence i can’t find the meaning of “OG”… How do you understand that paragraph?. I am a native spanish speaker. ?.

        1. Its basically like issei describing kiyome abe as kuoh academy’s one of the ideal student…its the same way he described rias.
          Using term OG shows her position, how other people look at her at college

          1. That’s a mistake. “OG” is “Original Gangsta'”. Unless the character should be thought of as a “Take no shit, Harley riding, Bad-ass” then I wouldn’t go that route.
            Granted, not all OG’s match that description, but the connotations are there.

  76. Is there any idea when the next life will come out or what leo’s Progress is on it. Just curious, I’m not trying to rush him.

  77. Thank you soon much Leo

    Lets work hard so that fans like you and me can continue enjoying DXD until the end.

    I got your back in editing.

    Take your time with the translations.

    Another awesome job

  78. Hey leo i think newsletter is not working in a proper way. Pls fix it.
    Also why are you so inactive on blog from past few months??

    1. Hey, Thanks for reminding me. I just tried to resend it and it should be in your inbox by now. About the inactive part, let’s just say that I have my own reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). But I am always reading all the comments lol.

  79. Hello, thanks for the update. Really appreciate the hardwork that you put into translating this stuff. I know a bit of japanese myself, though i am not that fluent at it. Can you tell me where i can find the raw versions of these texts so, that i can help you guys out in whatever little way that i can ? .

    1. I don’t think I understand what you meant. You do know the anime has been going on for a while, right? I mean, they had FOUR seasons, and a fifth is very likely (Ishibumi recently commented on Twitter about his surprise, and happiness, that DxD is quite popular outside of Japan).

  80. To those asking for smaller updates: Not speaking for Translator-san at all, but I don’t think that works out so well with DXD.(?) By that I mean it seams there is often times a choice between Kanji and Hiragana for proper nouns? (I’m only guessing that due to past translators notes.) So there can be continuity issues when the same [Item][Trait][Sacred Gear] is referenced later in the same Life.(X).
    I could be completely wrong about all that. But, if correct, it would mean a much cleaner translation when he uploads in larger chunks.

    1. There is a bit of that, especially when new terminology or names are introduced. It also makes things easier on the editors to be able to read through everything at once and keep things consistent.

    1. I would believe a little longer since Leo only finish 50% of the draft, not the final version. so I would guest one and a half of a month.

  81. Hey Mr.Leo, the title of Life.2 in Baka-Tsuki is different to the Life that you traslated. I have a question… You will change the title like appear in Baka-Tsuki or this will be the official name. Thanks.

      1. Thank you Oppai Dragon ??. That was a doubt that I had a long time… well, I was not the only one that thought about the tittle.

  82. Great work and effort Leo

    I am going over earlier volumes at the moment at 12.

    Will start 14 soon and then continue reading from where i left at vol 22

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