Special Thanks

Hey there, so, volume 25 is finally done. I finished it way quicker than I had expected. To be honest, translating DxD was quite a challenge in the beginning but i’m improving thanks to zx who has been patiently teaching me.

I’d like to give special thanks to zx who is both my editor and mentor. Seriously, I made shit tons of mistakes when I started translating but thanks to zx my translations turned out great. Also, without him, this website wouldn’t have been possible as he is the one who’s hosting my website! Thank you so much zx!

Shout out to Foggy_Glasses and dvdryms and others as well! They are some of the final editors on this translation project. Seriously, they are awesome guys. they would take a look at my TLs and fix it ASAP. Other editors (Mythos Dragons, DragonOsman2, Kemm, Oppai dragon, Grayfia_Fanboy, dnb, nictits) on BT too! Thank you, everyone! 😀

*PS: tell me if i didn’t mention your name.

Last but not least, you guys. Thanks for the enormous support and the warm welcome. Thank you for patiently waiting for the translations and reading them. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to finish Vol.25 this fast 😀



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22 thoughts on “Special Thanks”

  1. Hey Leo thank you for the translation so when do you intend to make a pdf for volume 25? and good luck with your exams

  2. Good luck with the exams and thanks for finishing v25. Could you please make a pdf for the volume or inform Zxzxzx so he can make one asap.

  3. Hi Leo san! Thank you for translating volume 25 !!!!! We are so happy and very satisfied!!! Thanks so much!!! Will you PdF file the volume 25? Pleaseeee ?

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! Hopefully epub (preferred) or pdf become available soon. Also, I sent you an email titled “Highschool DxD Stuff” hopefully you got it and have time to reply to it.

    Good luck with Uni and exams!

      1. I did check them =(. If you can just send me an email directly to that email address? (It’s the same as the address I use on here if you have access to see it)

        1. Hey, I just sent an email from my personal account, so would you mind checking your email? If it doesn’t get delivered, maybe you could join the slack workspace and PM either me or zx. Cheers!

          1. Sorry I just saw your reply to this comment in my spam….I did get the email you sent me hopefully you got my reply too…. Its cool if it doesn’t work out, but either way I’m trying to join the slack workspace to help out if I can, but it says the link has expired, can you post a new link?

          2. Hey, i already replied to your email so could you please check it once again? Also, I am pretty sure the link works just fine, but just in case i’ll link it here

  5. Thank you. And what “End of November / early December” mean? That you’ll start the volume during that period? Or is it the ETA?

  6. Hey Leo, thank you very much! It’s awesome that you translated all the vol.25 of DXD. Many people feel like me… cheering for you and waiting for your translation of Shin High School DXD.

  7. Thank YOU man,Sadly I dont know how to thank you enough for the work and hours that you put in this for us,so THANK YOU!!!!

  8. I am so glad and thankful for the translate 25th volume. I have a question will you make a PDF or an area that has the complete volume 25?

  9. Thank YOU for all that you do. Our fandom owes you guys so much more than you guys could ever owe the fandom. Thanks again for such excellent and expedient translations!