Shin DxD TL

Hey there, sorry for the long break, I just finished my exams a week ago.

Anyway, I just published Shin Life.0 and I hope I can push out the remaining chapters ASAP.  Although I’ll have to apologize in advance as the translations may come out slower. I have been experiencing some paranormal activities in my room, which is the usual place where I would do the translations. I’d hear random footsteps and some knocks, but the worst thing was the sleep paralysis that I experienced, shit was real scary.

Also, here’s a picture of me translating at a certain cafe 😀

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33 thoughts on “Shin DxD TL”

  1. hello and thanks for translating Shin HSDXD, kinda want to ask since B-T delete DXD due to DMCA will you still T-L it ? or go like how BakaPervert did to “certain godslayer” novel

  2. damn, it’s that true about sleep while got paralysis. cause i had same experience.
    when that real shit scary fenomena got me at mid night around 1 or 3 o’clock i couldn’t move even my eyes can’t blink like “WTF,it ringormortis(i’m dead Lol/too much read sankarea )” and you know what? went i start to move in lay condition on the bed… that fucking scary (seriously) appearance a women suddenly lay infront off me wear white long dress. make me goosebump chill to the bone.”Oh,Shiiiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!, WTF that thing’s on here” [entire 3 minute watching me ] “(oh,god how suppost i do? i even couldn’t blink and that thing stare my eyes right!!! ohw! damn!!!)”

    and then not too long about 3 minute( i guess?) i feel i could move… then i shut my eyes and open again. (it’gone) that supranatural fenomena make me scary to the bone it’s ended.
    edit: do you think it’s a joke, nah it’s really damn true. if you had what i experience then you known what i feeling.
    P.s thanks for your stories about that so now i known someone who have same experience & feel through condition like me 😀 i hope you always healthy & happy.

  3. Thank you so much for translating man, finally I was able to read Shin DxD. I hope you’re also planning on translating volume 2 🙂

  4. leo, honest question, where do you live to have a random cafe this nice?? i wanna live there haha as i would love to just people watch in a cafe this nice and eclectic in terms of the table decor, dishes and the like… unless the book is just photoshopped in lmao

  5. Thanks for the translations. Now since you started translating it can you clear up the matter of what SHIN really is. Is SHIN just a Continuation from the last volume with a darker twist or is SHIN a Reboot to the series with more information about things the author said was missing in detail and he would explain better in SHIN about the GODS and DXD series.

    1. SHIN is just a continuation even if have dark or more serious moments the older series have too. I think the editor just wanted to reset the numbers even Ishibumi said that he wanted to do that in the beggining of the Tournament arc but was not possible.

      1. Why have you jumped to the conclusion SHINS a Continuation of DXD? Does it literally pick up where Vol 25 ENDS or does it start Over from some point in the prior volume? I don’t know what Tournament Arc you are talking about since I’m not there yet but if the Author Resets the story from that arc then that’s more of a Reboot because the story will change from the current unread ending for me and it might be a while b4 I get there myself. I asked the translator to give his point of view of shin for the reason of many different opinions have been thrown around the net for what SHIN is. Some say a Complete Reboot/Retelling of the series from vol 1 and some say Just a continuation but both are Unclear until you fully read the first Release of shin to make that decision.

        1. The spoilers have been out for months for Shin on animesuki. If you haven’t got to volume 22 then of course you dont know about the tournament arc. Shin is just a continuation from where the story left off in volume 25.

  6. Good work mate, I actually really appreciate your effort and respect people like you who make it possible for weirdos like us to read this. I would love to learn japanese, but I’m planning to move over to the UK in about half a year, -cough- Brexit -cough-, so my time is rather tight, and most online courses are pretty messy and not properly structured. I can understand a lot of japanese, most just out of context from the many years I’ve watched anime, but reading… It’s the same as looking at ancient symbols lol.
    Also, don’t worry about the next chapter so much, your well being goes before all else, if you are having issues then that’s simply it. Anyone salty about that should learn japanese and try it themselves to see how much effort it actually is.

  7. First and most important thing
    IT IS NOT FULLY MT. As i said i am new in japnese i cant understand and know about few hard words, so i use various dictionaries.
    My reason of writing MT on my blog is because i used some of tools to find a better synonyms for some words. Don’t take it in a wrong way

    1. Do I have to though? At this point i feel like YOU are the one who should contact me, if anything that is. Tbh, I don’t understand why you would translate DxD at this point. I mean, using MTL to ‘translate’ is just… dumb. Also, what’s the point of translating something that’s being translated?

  8. 🙂 so you have completed life. 0 before me? Yeah its a good translation. Meanwhile, i am also translating Shin DXD. But i had translated only 5 pages because i started translating just 3 days ago. Leo you can visit my blog
    Just now i was also translating the 6th page and was thinking about posting my remaining pages when i thought of checking yours and zx’s website.
    To say yours also is a good translation.

    1. man you are sounding completely rude. Leo doesn’t have to translate Shin High School DxD but he does it for us anyway. Because it is awesome thing to do for others. I am grateful that he does this. But your making it sound like it is no big deal and your are sounding ungrateful. I am sorry if i am not understanding you correctly and maybe you are trying to help some how in your own way. But still man this place is where we say how grateful we are for what he has done for us and maybe to answer a few of our questions.

  9. I had heard in my countryside that if ghost come near you then if you remove you clothes they wont cum near you….

    I dont know if it is true or not, but you can try it while translating.

  10. Ah, I’ve experience sleep paralysis a few times. Make sure you’re not under the covers or under a pillow or something when you’re sleeping. Basically, make sure you can breath comfortably, keep your head in the open. I only ever got it when I had my head covered by something while sleepy.

  11. Thank you for the chapter. Time to call the ghostbusters to deal with the paranormal activities. Good luck with the rest of the book

  12. Thank you for your effort

    I will also start trying to edit more of HSDXD earlier volumes

    Stay safe

    Take your time with Shin DXD volume 1