A village had been prepared for the contestants of the Rating Game World Tournament. The copper-haired Devil — Balberith was focusing on something in the lodge of his team [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King]. He was watching something in the room that was prepared for the contestants. The show that he watched was — the [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon] special effects show. Balberith was a being that was born from the mother of Devils Lilith and was being used by Hades (the complete form of the unknown Devils that appeared in Kuoh Town). He was a Devil that secretly had the power of a Transcendental-class. The rulers of Hell had him participate in the Rating Game World Tournament as a member of the [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] team in order to measure his power. During the preliminary matches, he created an upset as he managed to beat God Mahabali. After showing his full potential in the tournament, he was predicted to defeat all of the supernatural beings. As a result, he became the center of attention of the people who were involved in the tournament, all mythologies’ VIPs, as well as research institutions.

And that popular young one — was addicted to [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon].

[Oppai Dragon] — in other words, while having an interest in the Red Dragon Emperor of the Two Heavenly Dragons, Hyoudou Issei, and getting his hands on the special effects program…he got addicted to it. Balberith had the body and knowledge of a young man, but his mentality was still like a child. The [Oppai Dragon] that was popular among the kids in the Underworld also affected his child-like mind. Being born in a special way, he was particularly interested in the concept of a ‘father’, and as he was searching about Hyoudou Issei, he found this [Oppai Dragon] and found several fatherly characteristics from Hyoudou Issei (he had this wrong thought of chichi (boobs) being the same as chichi (father)).

Every day, he would lock himself up in his bedroom after training and sit in front of the TV. He would earnestly continue to watch the [Oppai Dragon] show there. Balberith, who continuously watched [Oppai Dragon] on the TV, had two Devils under him that were also born from Lilith, who were under Hades’s control too. A black-haired young Devil that had a giant body around two meters tall — Gressil, and another small Devil with a skinny body — Sonneillon. Both of them were members of [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] and possessed power above Maou-class beings. They demonstrated that power in their matches as they easily defeated Ultimate-class Devils. They could also defeat Low-class Gods. However, like Balberith, they still had the mind of a child as they were just born not long ago. The giant Gressil said to Balberith.

“Oi, Bal. You’re free until the match starts right? Wanna go walk with us?”


Sonneillon also uttered a few words. He was originally not a talkative type to begin with. Balberith replied without turning back,

“Gressil and Sonneillon, huh. I’m sorry, but I’ll pass.”

Gressil sighed in response as he glanced at Balberith, who continuously watched the special effects show.

“Well, you’re just going to study the Sekiryuutei, right? You’re doing it too much. Also, we have free time until the match starts. Let’s pick a fight with them and show our real power. The power of the so-called Transcendental-sama and Maou-sama.”

“…Easily… Crush them easily… Everyone, weak.”

“Don’t wo~rry, they won’t find out as the Grim Reapers will do the cleaning.”

Sonneillon and Gressil said those things boldly. Those two really liked fighting and violence. In that regard, they were far rougher than Balberith. However, Balberith didn’t respond.

“Do as you please. I will…watch this. It’s better if you guys watch it with me. We might even learn about the Gremory Peerage and the Two Heavenly Dragons who appear in the main draw.”

Sonneillon and Gressil sighed as if mocking Balberith’s words.

“Come on, are you serious?”

“…[Oppai Dragon]… What a joke!”

Sonneillon and Gressil left as they got tired of talking to Balberith.

“Tch. Sonneillon, let’s go. Ah~, I want to fight.”

“…Want to defeat and erase someone…”

After dropping those words, Gressil and Sonneillon left. The one who was watching all of that was a skeleton in a robe with a hood — a Grim Reaper. This Grim Reaper was a High-class one named  Zeno. He was registered as the [King] of [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King]. Under the orders of Hades and the other rulers of Hell, he completed the tournament registration first. After Balberith and the others were born, they were invited to the team and he was the one who took care of them.

<<Gressil and Sonneillon are troublesome. They must be feeling superior right now after winning the matches. I’ll ask the other Grim Reapers to stop them.>>

As he said that, he looked to Balberith.He didn’t know what to say about his feelings towards the talented man who was addicted to the special effects show.

<<…The child that was supposed to be the most troublesome if he were to go berserk calmed down thanks to Oppai Dragon… I guess I should express my gratitude to the Sekiryuutei.>>

The babysitting Grim Reaper was in a difficult position. —And then, a new voice chimed in.

“Bal. Are you there, Balberith?”

The jade-haired girl — Verrine showed up. Like Balberith, she was a talented girl that had the power of a Transcendental-class being. Balberith and Verrine were the best among the Devils that were born from Lilith in Hades’s plan. Verrine, who was a member of the [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King],  had the most mature mind among the Devils that Lilith gave birth to. However, she still had a childish side…

“…Verrine, huh. This is the best moment. The final fight between Oppai Dragon and Darkness Knight Fang.”

Verrine sighed in response to seeing Balberith, who didn’t move an inch from the TV.

“Huh… You never change. By the way, this came in.”

Verrine was holding a box on her hands. After confirming it, Balberith—


His eyes changed as he snatched the box away from Verrine’s hands. There was something written on the box — [Oppai Dragon].

“W-Wait, Balberith?”

Verrine was surprised at his sudden movements. Balberith opened the box and checked its contents. —His hands trembled as soon as he saw the letter. And then, even his voice trembled.

“My letter got a reply. It’s from [Oppai Dragon], Hyoudou Issei, himself!”

Balberith opened the letter and started to read the content seriously. Verrine peeked at the letter and said.

“Is this the reply to the fan letter that you sent? Ara, I guess this is what they call sincerity. Wow, you actually got a reply. The hard work you put in to remember the letters paid off, huh.”

Having read the letter, Balberith removed the items that were inside the box. There were several tickets and an [Oppai Dragon] hat. While comparing the contents of the letter and the several tickets, Balberith said.

“…I’ve also attached tickets to the show and a hat. Please come and see the show.”

Verrine asked Balberith, who was shaking.

“Wait, don’t tell me that you—”

Balberith put on the hat and had the best laugh in his life while enveloping his body with a massive amount of aura and said.

“Verrine, I’ll go and see [Oppai Dragon]’s show.”

As expected, Zeno, who had a supervising role, didn’t know what to say to these occurrences. He was unsure of how to report this to his higher-ups. If there were any miscalculations by the God of Netherworld, Hades, it was the [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon] show that was centered on love, friendship and hard work that was popular among children. To Balberith, who was just born and didn’t know much about the concept of justice and evil, [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon] was surely what he aimed to be. His compulsory education was given to him by the [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon].

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