Life.2 The Main Battle of the Rating Game World Tournament Begins!

Part 1

A big outdoor stage was currently hosting the heroic Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon show.

“Fuhahaha! Hey, Oppai Dragon! And also, Darkness Knight Fang the betrayer! Today, I’ll defeat you both!”

The theme of this Oppai Dragon show was — me playing the Oppai Dragon, working alongside Darkness Knight Fang (played by Kiba) who had allied himself with the Oppai Dragon to take down the Evil Dragon General Bavo (played by Bova). I screamed in my crimson armour.

“Damn Bavo! Today, I, the Super Oppai Dragon, will beat you!”

The Oppai Dragon also had a power-up in the program called the Super Oppai Dragon which was a replica of my [Cardinal Crimson Promotion]. By the way, the three forms of my [Illegal Move Triaina] also got their own merchandise, which was popular among the kids as it was a powered-up form of the Oppai Dragon.

“Let’s go, Fang!”

“Yeah, make sure you don’t get in my way.”

Kiba (Darkness Knight Fang) and I did a great combination together, making fun of the Evil Dragon General Bavo. Although it was merely acting, the children screamed happily when they saw Bova’s enormous body stagger.

“Wow! Oppai Dragon, go for it!”

“Defeat Bavo!”

Kiba (Fang) received a lot of high-pitched cheers from the mothers and young girls.

“Kyaaaaaaaaa! Fang-samaaaaaa!”

“Please look this waaaaaaaaay!”

Although Bavo was in a pinch, he laughed boldly.

“Fufufu, don’t you dare think that you can win with that, Oppai Dragon! Hey, Fang! I also have someone strong to help me here!”

As Bavo said that, the stage turned dark and children made a fuss. Within the darkness, flames lit up the stage—. From the ceiling of the stage, someone wearing a flaming cloak and evil leader-like armour descended onto the stage along with the flames. It was Riser Phoenix! He also wore a mask that looked like the immortal bird. Yes! This show was also the first appearance of Marshal Phenex — the new enemy that Riser was playing! Riser made a villainous face and said to me and Fang.

“Fuhahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oppai Dragon! The Betrayer Fang! Now that this Marshal Phenex has come, I won’t let you do as you please!”

I couldn’t think of him as anything other than a leader of the bad guys as his laughter and acting clearly demonstrated his character as a bad guy! Following the initial success of the Gremory House and other clans, it seemed as though the House of Phoenix had also begun to put a lot of emphasis on the character business. To start off, a collaboration with the Gremory House’s Oppai Dragon was decided. And so, Riser was now here. They must have chosen the name Marshal Phenex since humans sometimes called the Devil Phoenix, ‘Phenex’.

“Shit! Marshal Phenex…! This is bad. Oppai Dragon, don’t let your guard down!”

While Fang was saying that, I charged towards Marshal Phenex!

“Marshal Phenex! I won’t forgive anyone who tries to disrupt the Underworld’s peace!”

As Marshal Phenex easily dodged the punches I kept throwing at him, he extended his hand at me. The next moment, gunpowder was thrown at the stage to make it look like I got attacked by the flames while being blown away.


I (Oppai Dragon) was now lying on the stage.

“Hahahahahaha! So this is the Oppai Dragon.”

Riser (Marshal Phenex) stepped on me while I was lying down. To be honest, I felt like he deliberately tried to step quite hard on me, but it was good acting nonetheless. The children showed empathy seeing this.

“Uwaaaaaan! Oppai Dragon is defeated!”

“That bird is strong!”

However, there was someone who intervened!

“That’s as far as you go, Marshal Phenex!”

The one who appeared was the heroine Switch Princess played by Rias! Although she was embarrassed the very first time she participated in the show, she had now gotten used to it as she put on a great performance after participating a lot of Switch Princess in her dress form. The girls called out in response to this.

“Switch Princess, go for it!”

“Save Oppai Dragon!”

Marshal Phenex spoke to the Switch Princess!

“Well, well, Switch Princess-sama. To think that you, who usually gets protected, would stand before me… I hope you are not planning to fight me, the great Marshal Phenex, are you?”

I was astonished by Riser’s perfect belittling act. The Switch Princess (Rias) bravely cried.

“That’s right! I’ll also…fight alongside Oppai Dragon! Haaaaaa!”

Switch Princess fired herself up and screamed, allowing light to envelope her body at the same time. As the light faded away, Rias (Switch Princess) changed into something that allowed her to move easily, unlike her previous dress form! That form looked like the [Rias Gremory] Team’s jersey in the Azazel Cup. It was probably used for the Switch Princess’s battle form in [Oppai Dragon] because the children also knew that Rias was also participating in the Rating Game World Tournament. That form, having been broadcast in the TV program as well, made the children cheer loudly!

“Waaaaa! Switch Princess is cool!”

“Go get ‘em, Switch Princess!”

The support and cheers from all of the children had reached its peak, regardless of their gender.

“Prepare yourself, Ri…Marshal Phoenix!”

Oops! Rias almost called out Riser there. I wonder if it had anything to do with their previous face-off. However, she came to rescue me who was defeated with Riser as the opponent… It’s interesting because in the first Rating Game match against Riser and during the time when I charged into the post-match engagement party, it was the opposite. And with this, this time’s [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon] show event ended with the crowd on a feverish pitch —.

We took a break in the dressing room after the show had ended. In the male dressing room, Kiba and I removed our armour and changed into our usual clothes without taking the make-up on our face off. Kiba said while drinking his tea.

“Fufufu, Rias-neesan charging in after Riser-san’s appearance. That one particular scene looked like it was trying to portray a certain event.”

“Ah, that one. You’re talking about the time when I charged into the engagement party, right? The position is reversed in the show though. Well, I also felt that way.”

It seemed like Kiba also remembered that. I smiled wryly and said.

“Though I must say, Riser’s acting was spot on. He was like a real bad guy, or like he has an innate  talent.”

“You might be right.”

Currently, Riser was doing the after-show fan signing for the spectators. Even though it looked like they were not popular among the children, he and Bova still showed up to the fan signing event because there were some boys and girls who liked the evil characters. After this, Akeno-san would come up to the stage and sing the [Oppai Dragon Song] together with the children. Akeno-san seemed to be aiming for the songstress onee-san in this show as she practiced singing the [Oppai Dragon Song] in secret. Also, we of the main cast would be doing the fan signing event after this break…



—The atmosphere soon became awkward as Kiba and I had no topic to chat about. It’s like I didn’t know what to talk about… Since my team and Rias’ team got matched in the first round, the conversation between me and Kiba sometimes got cut off like this, be it about his private life or job. That being said, the girls that lived with me — Rias, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan, could still interact normally in our private life although they would be competing against me, as they were able to separate the match from our private life.. It might even be that I was the one being awkward. Man, girls were amazing when it came to things like this. Around that time, Gasper also made a clear distinction as he said things like this enthusiastically.

“Ise-senpai, let’s practice together!”

On the other hand, the atmosphere with Kiba was…so awkward. No, both of us had promised to fight each other. I was the [King], and I would be with my peerage and team, while Kiba, the sword of the [Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess] had promised to be the lifetime [Knight] of Rias. I myself also believed that and told him that he’s Rias’s Knight and Sword. The phenomena that happened to this town…and the numerous things that occurred after that…Kiba and I had fought alongside each other against strong enemies. Ever since the fight against the Fallen Angels, Terrorist Group, Evil Gods, and even the son of the Maou, we’d fought all of them together. We worked hard together in order to survive, and sparred countless times. It hadn’t changed even now. He was my friend, my comrade—. But, he was also my rival. He’s one of my targets. If I were to seriously fight Kiba—. To be honest, it’s not like I’d never imagined that. In my imagination, I fought him as someone whom I should surpass. And that wasn’t just in my imagination anymore; we’d have to exchange punches and slashes in real life. Soon, I’d punch him and be cut by him. After taking a sip of the tea, Kiba said.

“The tournament is coming soon.”


“Right now, I won’t be talking much. I mean, I just declared war against you the other day.”

I received his declaration on the day the bracket was decided.

—Ise-kun, now that it has come to this, you are my enemy. After all, I am Rias-neesan’s [Knight].

Kiba said that to me and I was happy that he didn’t hold back his words. I had replied to that with [I will defeat you with all my strength]. I replied.


Now, what’s left was to fight him on the day of the match. I stretched my back and picked up the script for the afternoon show. Today, I had to do another different show as the show was divided between morning and afternoon.

“Kiba, should we read the script?”

“Yeah. Another character will be added in the afternoon show—”

There was knocking on the changing room door, interrupting Kiba’s words.


As Kiba and I answered together, it was Ravel who opened the door.

“Is Ise-sama here?”

“Yeah, I am here, what’s up?”

As I said that, Ravel came into the room and took out a fan letter. Ravel looked confused and said to me after I received the letter.

“Actually, this fan letter was sent from a certain place…”

“Oh, from where?”

After I looked on the backside of the letter — only a poorly-written word [Bal] in Demonic language was written… Ravel said.

“It looks like it’s from the Netherworld…”

“Netherworld!? The Netherworld is…the place where the God Hades and the Grim Reapers live, right?”

While I asked her in my surprise, she nodded.

…Is this real? From the Netherworld…? The Netherworld — no, the Grim Reapers, and the guys that controlled them, Hades and the rulers of Hell, were our opponents at present, given that we were a part of [DxD]. Because they looked like they were somehow connected with the mysterious Devils that appeared in Kuoh Town, as well as the incident with the Goddess of Night Nyx. Although it was a fan letter, I still had to be careful because it’ was from the Netherworld. Ravel must also have thought of that. However, Ravel said.

“But this fan letter went through the Devils’ government and Gremory…so the higher-ups must also have investigated this… So in theory, this letter must not be a disguise or contain any code, and I am inclined to believe that this letter is simply a fan letter to [Oppai Dragon] from a Grim Reaper kid…”


….Is this real? There is a Grim Reaper kid who’s my fan? I-I hadn’t thought about it until now… I didn’t know how Grim Reapers increased their numbers, but there were cases where an Ultimate-class Grim Reaper and a human form a bond, such as with Bennia, who was part of the Sitri clan. Was that how they’re born? Ah, speaking of which, Bennia was also a big fan of [Oppai Dragon]. Unexpectedly, Oppai Dragon was also a hit for the Grim Reapers? Ravel said.

“As your manager, I’ve checked the contents beforehand… And I don’t think there’s any problem with it.”

I quickly opened the letter and read it. …It was written with demonic words in poor handwriting. The letter must have been written by a child. Let’s see…

“To Oppai Dragon, Hyoudou Issei-san

I am really interested in Oppai Dragon. The reason is because whenever I see Hyoudou Issei-san, I always get goosebumps. I have always watched all [Oppai Dragon] episodes on TV. I really like it.

I have a mother, but I don’t have a father. Whenever I watch Oppai Dragon, there are times when I wonder, is this what it feels to have a father? If I say that I want a father, would Hyoudou Issei-san be my father?

From Oppai Dragon Fan, Bal”

…I see, Grim Reaper Bal-kun, so that’s what you thought of me. I was moved by it. The [Oppai Dragon] show had become popular in the various supernatural worlds. I was surprised that there were children in the Netherworld who enjoyed it as well. I said.

“I am really interested in this Bal-kun… He said he doesn’t have a father. Then, he said he wanted me to be his father.”

Ravel nodded.

“Yes… Although it’s complicated given our position…I am really happy that Ise-sama’s program saved this kid.”

“Yeah, I’ll also work harder for this child! Alright! I’ll write him a letter as well!”

Ravel said.

“I think that’s a great idea. You can also think of it as a way to fix the relationship with the Netherworld.”

Yeah! Exactly like what Ravel said. I quickly had someone prepare me some paper and wrote it when I had free time during the show.

“Fufufu, as expected of Ise-kun, it’s a very sincere reply.”

Said Kiba, who sat next to me. During the break, I wrote a reply letter to Bal-kun—. I hope my feelings get to his heart!

The evening show ended safely with me doing a collaboration show together with [Leonyx Rex] that Sairaorg-san played. As the events ended in one full day, there was a party for the people who took part in the show.


After a toast, it was the time for everyone to eat and chat. While everyone was taking their food as it was a stand-up meal, Sairaorg-san called out to me.

“Hmph, I heard that you wrote back to a fan letter that came from the Netherworld. As usual, you really go all in when it comes to dealing with your fans, Hyoudou Issei.”

“S-Sairaorg-san! Who did you hear that from? I-It is just embarrassing!”

“Stop being modest. Now that I am in this business, I also want to learn how to respond to my fans.”

For Sairaorg-san to say such things to me, it sure made it awkward! While eating the food that I had on my plate, I said to Sairaorg-san.

“…The match’s soon, eh.”

“Mine is the second game. That being said, the first match will be a fight between fellow Gods. The participants would surely not have any choice but to work hard so that the spectators are not bored.”

The first match was the fight between the [Vajra] team, which Sakra led, and the team led by the Prince of the Ashura God Tribe Mahabali, [Asura]. Their match had suddenly caught everyone’s attention as it was a battle between two possible winners who were both fellow Gods. It could be said that the fight itself was destined. God Mahabali’s father — God Virochana was killed by Indra (Sakra) in a war, so there was a strong sense of fate that connected them. It looked like he challenged Sakra because he defeated his father. After that, the second match would be Sairaorg-san’s and his opponent was — the unknown up-and-coming team [Shooting Star].

Although they were participants from the human world, their team was a jumbled mix of various different beings. During the early prelims, they were totally nothing as they kept getting defeated. However, during the middle prelims, all of its members starting from Shooting Star-senshu started to get strong rapidly, and they even defeated God-class beings. In the end, they became a dark horse that gathered the attention of all mythologies. As the thought crossed my mind, I said.

“The mysterious up-and-comer team. According to my strategist—”

When I was about to tell him Ravel’s opinion, Sairaorg-san shook his head.

“That’s not a good habit. We are comrades against the terrorists, but we are both rivals in the tournament. Giving off your information like that is like saving your enemy.”

That’s right. It’s just like what Sairaorg-san said. My team and Sairaorg-san’s team were on the same platform.

“Sorry, nervousness got the better of me.”

I apologised from the bottom of my heart. Sairaorg-san smiled wryly and said.

“No, sometimes, I also forget that we are both fellow rivals in the tournament when I am with all of you. And that’s the proof of how much I respect you as my battle comrade.”

Suddenly, there was someone who joined in the conversation.

“Sharing strategies is certainly a thing, but isn’t exchanging opinions normal?”

It was Rias who appeared while holding a wine glass (although I’m sure it’s grape juice inside). And then, there was another one who appeared while holding a meaty bone. —It was Riser.

“That’s right. I also want to hear about the danger of [Shooting Star]’s unknown power.”

“Riser-san. Thank you for your cooperation in today’s event.”

As I said that, he raised his hand and replied with ‘You too’. Riser then continued with the topic.

“You might already know, but there is also a Devil in the [Shooting Star] team. They were a Low-class Devil. However, their power was on the same level as a High-class Devil…no, Ultimate-class Devil. And a Devil with that power stayed as a Low-class Devil and remained lowkey.”

In response to this.Rias said

“There was also a Magician in that team. But it looked like that person’s family name was not that popular within the Magicians’ organisations… It’s like a complete turnaround as that talented person suddenly stands out…”

Sairaorg-san nodded.

“Yeah, there are many people like that in the [Shooting Star] team. That’s why, in the early stages, their power wasn’t highly-assessed and they were seen as nobodies by all mythologies.”

Ravel overheard our conversation and joined in. Holding a cake on her plate, she added. .

“The leader, Shooting Star-senshu, in recent years — no, several years ago also seemed to have awakened his Sacred Gear. Also, it’s natural for him to not be known as he only learned to master the power recently.”

Sairaorg-san looked at me and Riser.

“There is also a new Longinus user in your team. The rightful heir of the Phoenix clan,Ruval-dono, scouted a new Longinus user as well. …I can’t think of this as anything but an omen.”

“An omen?”

Ravel became curious and asked back. After that, Sairaorg-san thought about it for a while.


Sairaorg-san changed the subject with that. Riser said.

“The Longinus user in my team… Well, that person is weird. That person is neither my nor my brother’s peerage, as he simply got scouted… But, while we’re at this, I’ll introduce him to you. There’s no mistake that he’s powerful.”

The user of the new unusual Longinus that controlled machines, [Unknown Dictator], was a member of the team that Riser was in (he joined from the main draw as a contestant), [Phoenix]. According to the recording of their match that I saw, in a game where the field was a town, he controlled a stopped car on the road by his power alone. Also, he made all the machine-like things on the field get closer to him, forcefully making wings out of them and flew into the sky. And worse, I heard that those demonstrations were merely a fraction of his ability… Sairaorg-san looked at me and Rias.

“Anyway, now that the tournament has started, all we have to think about is to keep winning. Also, yours and Rias’s is more concerning. —The match after mine.”

Sairaorg-san said to me.

“I want to know if you are truly someone who won’t say no to a fight against your girl.”

“Sure, I also won’t go easy. If I did, I would be hated by Rias all my life.”

As I turned to Rias, her face turned red and she smiled boldly.

“Of course. I won’t forgive my boyfriend if he loses because he went easy on me. If he did that, I would cancel the engagement.”

“See? Rias is strict. That’s why I’ll go all out.”

Riser and Sairaorg-san laughed when I said that to them. Sairaorg-san said to me and Rias.

“The next head of the Nakiri clan, Roygun-dono, Bina Lessthan, Kiba Yuuto, Crom Cruach, Vasco Strada… They’re all people who I want to exchange fists with. I’m excited to see how they will move during the match under the Sekiryuutei and Rias. Don’t lose, Hyoudou Issei, Rias. Even if your opponents are Gods, or even if it’s someone you’re engaged to.”

“Yes, Sairaorg-san.”

“Yeah. If we meet in the tournament, I hope for the best.”

Riser spoke up and voiced his dissatisfaction.

“Hey, hey, I’m also here you know? Is there no encouragement for me?”

Sairaorg-san panicked upon hearing that and added.

“Ah, of course, I’ll see the match in which Riser-dono will participate.”

Ravel ridiculed her brother in response to this.

“I mean, it’s Riser-oniisama. It’s not weird if someone forgets to encourage you.”

“Hey, you should be respecting your brother! Geez…”

Rias, Sairaorg-san and I also laughed because of the brother and sister interaction—. Along with such conversations shared between tournament contestants, the pre-tournament show event party lasted until late at night.

Part 2

Several days after the [Oppai Dragon] show ended, the first match of the Rating Game World Tournament finally began. Most of the members of our [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team, as well as Rias and the others’ team, [Rias Gremory], gathered in the training room in the first-floor basement that we turned into an AV room as we sat before the large monitor. Even though they lost, Sona Sitri-senpai and her peerage were also present to do research. This amount of people were here to observe the first match of the tournament. Presently, except for Bina-shi from our team and Crom Cruach from Rias’s team, everyone else was present.

<<Now! The first match of the main draw of the Rating Game World Tournament [Azazel Cup] will begin shortly!>>

<<Team [Vajra] that Sakra-senshu leads and team [Asura] that Mahabali-senshu leads! As both of them are winner candidates, you can’t afford to look away even for a second!>>

The commentators that were being shown live held the mic. As my friends were watching it closely, the first match — the fight between Gods, Team [Vajra] vs Team [Asura] that Sakra and Mahabali led respectively had begun!

The game rules for the main draw were plain and simple. It was to take out the [King] first—. That meant the special rules that could be seen in the prelims such as [Dice Figure], [Object Break] were gone. This resulted in both teams fighting head-on against each other in the prepared field. Whoever took down the [King] first would win… The fight couldn’t get any simpler. However, now that the complicated rules were gone, ability and tactics became crucial for each team in order to figure out how to reduce the opponent’s fighting power. Well, the brain of our team Ravel did say that solidarity and individual ability would mean everything for all teams except for the God-class teams.

Yes, except God-class !!

I witnessed an unbelievable fight  on the giant monitor.. Perhaps because the members of both teams were all Gods.! The participants from both teams moved with such Godly speed that it might not even be possible for regular people to follow their movements. As one of them showed themselves and tackled the other head-on, the shockwave generated so much destructive power that a devastating blow was dealt to the vast field itself! Although there were mountains in the game field, due to the collision between the Gods, the mountains and forests were destroyed, and craters were created all over the vast land.

Dooooon! Doooooooooooon!

—Intense-sounding explosions echoed on the screen as massive earthquakes were generated. …Someone from one of the teams made the scenery vanish just by releasing Godly aura from their hands!

“Those powerful auras give me chills.”

Sona-senpai’s words were enough to represent everything.

Team [Vajra], whose [King] was Sakra, had his subordinates the [Four Heavenly Kings] participate as well. The [Four Heavenly Kings] — these four strong guys often showed up in manga or games as allies or rivals. The names came from the Four Guardian Gods. Jikokuten[1], Koumokuten[2], Tamonten[3] and Zouchouten[4]; those were the four Gods. Being the subordinates of Sakra, the War God, they surely wielded tremendous power. Like Sakra, they remained undefeated in the tournament as they took down powerful opponents at the same time. Team [Vajra] originally consisted of Sakra and the Four Heavenly Kings, and the empty pieces were given to the Gods of Mount Meru. The other members, aside from the five Gods including Sakra, could be said to be free and flexible. …Well, I’m sure that as long as Sakra and Four Heavenly Kings were present, they’d be stomping the tournament. Or at least until the prelims—. However, as Sakra would be fighting against the Prince of Asura and others, he used those free pieces on important members. Ravel said.

“…[Vajra]’s last piece was Arjuna. He was the son of the Sakra — Indra, known also as the Great Hero.”

At that exact moment, Sakra’s son was shown on the screen as well. The young man was unlike Sakra as he had a refreshing look. He looked like a guy in his early twenties and he was super handsome! Unlike his father, who normally wore sunglasses and an aloha shirt, Arjuna-san went into battle wearing proper armor. The son also went to fight against the [Asura] team’s Godly Ashura Tribe head-on and performed well. The [Asura] team that God Mahabali led consisted of the Godly Asura Tribe. The members were Asura Gods (all of them had six hands) who gathered around the Grandfather of God Mahabali, God Prahlada. The leader of [Asura], God Mahabali, was currently fighting against Sakra in the middle of the field along with other Gods. God Mahabali released his divine, brave and dazzling aura while he also turned into his 6-armed form and held weapons in all of his hands. According to the rumours, it was said that his weapons were all strong Godly weapons. This time, Sakra didn’t wear his usual aloha shirt. Instead, he wore a Buddha armor and held the weapon Vajra that became their team’s name. Unlike the magical Vajra that monks used, the one that Sakra held was a Godly weapon. It could be described as the original Vajra, the legendary relic that controlled lightning. Just by lightly moving the Vajra, Sakra could make a giant thunderbolt that covered almost the entire field appear. The sky was fully covered with lightning. Screams could be heard from all over the field as cracks began to appear all over the place. Akeno-san shivered and said.

“…His lightning is on a whole different level compared to mine and my father’s.”

Akeno-san was the daughter of one of the higher-ups of the Fallen Angel cadre that was called [Lightning] — Barakiel. Although both of them could unleash rather immense lightning bolts, it was true that the lightning Sakra created using the Vajra was far superior compared to Akeno-san and her father. No, I’d even say that its size and power were incomparable at the moment. A Maou-class or even a God-class being would certainly suffer a severe injury if they got struck by that.

“…Speaking of Gods, Vritra got struck by it once…”

One of the Five Great Dragon Kings, the [Prison Dragon] Vritra that dwelled within Saji, got struck by Sakra’s lightning once. The lightning that burned Dragon King Vritra—. However, the Prince of the Godly Ashura Tribe, God Mahabali was…on a whole different level. Even after being wounded and having received Sakra’s lightning, he still managed to counterattack furiously. All of God Mahabali’s attacks were so powerful that even the shockwave produced by a slash from his Godly Sword was enough to blow up a mountain on the field! Xenovia said as she gulped.

“…Watching all of these attacks, this truly feels like a mythological-scale battle.”

Just like what Xenovia said, the field’s terrain and scenery were blown away by attacks from every single one of them…Movies and CG graphics were like a joke compared to them. Rias said.

“And I’ve heard that they’ve strengthened the field’s durability since the prelims. So for them to be able to destroy the field… Once again, we can see how scary the War God and Godly Asura Tribe can be.”

…Shit. Each of their attacks felt as strong as my Dragon Deification’s ace move, [Infinity Blaster]! Ddraig, who was inside me, said.

[Partner. The guys you’re watching stand at the top even among the mythologies. They’re the embodiment of the strongest. However, we have fought against Vidar with his Midgardsormr armor and the King of Monsters Typhon, and we won against them. We’ve also conquered the Evil Dragon Apophis and the Primordial God Nyx. Have a little faith.]

…Well, you’ve got a point… The battle between the Gods who excelled in combat was truly overwhelming…

[Don’t worry, I’ll be there when the time comes. Is it not enough?]

I don’t know what to say if you say that! It was a complaint from one of the strongest Two Heavenly Dragons — Red Dragon Emperor-sama after all.

[But, well, it’s also quite troublesome if there are several of them coming, even for me.]

…Right. That will depend on the combination with me as well as the solidarity between my comrades.


Ddraig laughed. Why’d you laugh…?

[If it were the past you, you would’ve trembled and lost all hope upon seeing this. But, right now, even though you’re scared, you’re still struggling to find a way to defeat them… That’s because you still believe that there is hope, right?]

…It’s far away. It’s still far away. But if I’m with you…. If I am with my comrades…! —I feel like we can face any opponent!

[That’s great. No matter who it is that comes at us, we’ll just have to show them the [Welsh Dragon], that is you and me, partner.]

As I deepened the bond with my partner, the match between the Gods was also about to come to its end. Whilst God Mahabali was attacking Sakra, it looked like he was about to reach his limit too as the strength and frequency of his attacks dropped. However, God Mahabali’s eyes still shone brilliantly as he charged a vast amount of aura into his Godly sword and unleashed it upon Sakra. Both [Kings] met in the sky in the centre of the field! God Mahabali yelled.


The unobservable close-ranged bout between Sakra’s Vajra and the weapons from God Mahabali’s six arms had begun! Every time an attack was struck, Godly aura covered the whole sky. There was a moment when Sakra was struck by God Mahabali’s powerful sword! —Sakra’s left arm was severed! Ooooh! God Mahabali cut off Sakra’s arm! My comrades who were watching got excited and there were also some that jumped! I was also surprised and stood up! While Sakra already had his arm severed off, he still swung the Vajra towards God Mahabali and electrocuted his whole body! Sakra seemed —  happy from the bottom of his heart.

[HAHAHA! You are giving me quite the fight!]

The commentator shouted.

<<Oohh! Mahabali-senshu! He cut off one of Sakra-senshu’s arms!>>

The spectators shown on the screen were also super excited—. God Mahabali had probably reached his limits after taking Sakra’s arm as his body staggered upon receiving Vajra’s lightning. Sakra didn’t let the chance slip. As he charged up a maximum amount of Godly aura on his Vajra, he released it at God Mahabali at once! The flash of lightning covered the entire field—. God Mahabali — suffered a great deal of damage all over his body. Smoke came out from his body. And then, he fell down as he lost consciousness. Sakra quietly flew down. The camera showed the destroyed ground as a result of their battle. God Mahabali was lying on the ground with his face down. Sakra stood beside the defeated God Mahabali and said.

[—This is checkmate, huh. At least according to the Tournament rules.]

Sakra picked up his severed arm and when he put it back where it was severed — it reverted back to normal. God Mahabali smiled wryly.

[…It’s still not enough, huh.]

The Prince of the Godly Asura Tribe was enveloped in the light of retirement. Sakra said to God Mahabali, who was enveloped in the light of retirement.

[We won’t know the result the next time we fight though.]

God Mahabali smiled in satisfaction upon hearing Sakra’s words, who was supposed to be his father’s enemy.

[…Hmph. It feels good to be told something like that by your nemesis.]

And then, God Mahabali disappeared into the retirement light. The announcer said.

<<The retirement of the [King] of team [Asura] is confirmed.>>

Upon hearing that, the commentator roared.

<<The [King] of team [Asura] Mahabali-senshu has retireeeeeeeeed! The win goes to team [Vajra]! The team who has won the first match of the main draw is [Vajraaaaaaaaaaaa]!>>


After the commentator announced who the winner was, the spectators were also really charged up. Sakra’s win, huh. But…Sakra also didn’t come out unscathed. Sakra had visibly suffered several injuries here and there on his body, as shown on-screen. Likewise, his subordinates, the Four Heavenly Kings, and Arjuna also suffered significant damage. The fated match was not a one-sided victory. Ravel said.

“Even if it’s Sakra’s team who have never lost until now, they still received damage in the main draw, huh.”

Irina became excited and added.

“I could see the Prince of the Godly Asura Tribe’s willpower.”

Yeah, I also sensed that. I felt that, during this fated match, even though they were each other’s nemesis, both Sakra and God Mahabali challenged each other with all their might. As the first match came to an end, we also ended our get-together. As everyone stood up from their seats, Ravel said to me.

“Ise-sama, let’s prepare for the training camp.”

“Ah, right.”

And so, the first match of Rating Game World Tournament [Azazel Cup] ended with the victory for team [Vajra], led by Sakra. Now, it was also time for us to begin the training camp preparation for our upcoming match!

[1] Jikokuten ( Sanskrit – धृतराष्ट्र ,Dhṛtarāṣṭra)

Lit. He who upholds the realm.

[2] Koumukuten (Sanskrit – विरूपाक्ष Virūpākṣa)

Lit. He who sees all.

[3] Tamonten (Sanskrit – वैश्रवण (कुबेर) Vaiśravaṇa)

Lit. He who hears everything.

[4] Zouchouten (Sanskrit – विरूढक Virūḍhaka)

Lit. He who causes to grow.

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