Middle Game

Middle Game

I, Kiba Yuuto, immediately launched an attack at the Hyoudou Residence as soon as the game began along with my master Rias-neesan and our team’s Knight, Lint Sellzen-san. This early surprise attack was Rias-neesan’s idea. She predicted that the enemy team would send out scouts in order to get an idea of the current situation of the field, which was quite obvious. So, she came up with the strategy of launching a surprise attack while being in the Forbidden Invade Balor Princess form with Gasper-kun. She was fully prepared to attack the enemies while they had their guard down. Rias-neesan also knew that Ise-kun’s team strategist Ravel-san wouldn’t expect this kind of early surprise attack. As a result, we were able to swiftly make two of the enemy’s team members retire from the game. Taking Roygun Belphegor-san out during the early stages of the match was a great accomplishment for us, as her experience and knowledge of the Rating Game would certainly make her advice valuable towards the late… no, towards the middle part of the game. …That being said, we also had someone in our team who had the magical ability to counter Roygun-san’s specialty, so we weren’t exactly sure how things would turn out… But, our surprise attack plan’s objective wasn’t about that. That’s because our surprise attack was nothing more than a part of our strategy. The reason being that Rias-neesan — no, the whole team, would reach the enemy’s HQ.

As soon as the game started, we planned our strategy to have everyone surround the Hyoudou Residence from the very beginning. According to the simple rule, one wouldn’t win unless one defeated the enemy’s King. Therefore, the enemy’s team must be deliberating on how to get past His Eminence Strada and Crom Cruach in order to fight and defeat Rias-neesan. As for them, we believed that Ise-kun, Ddraig and Bina Lessthan-san’s powers were going to be the key. Therefore, they’d have to keep Ise-kun alive while drawing our attention at the same time. If that’s the case, we would just have to respond by moving together with Rias-neesan along with His Eminence Strada and Crom Cruach.

—Everyone surrounded the Hyoudou Residence and watched the enemy team’s movements. Rias-neesan hid herself somewhere nearby and kept an eye over the Hyoudou Residence. … I also moved to a place where I could watch the Hyoudou Residence and hid there. The place I chose was the top floor of a certain mansion, from where I monitored the Hyoudou Residence. … Because Elmenhilde-san had spread a countless number of bats over a wide range, even a slight movement would be known by them. We had to be as careful as possible while watching the enemy’s movements at the same time. …They had to be re-strategising in response to Rias-neesan’s surprise attack. There was a possibility that Rias-neesan’s move just now could have defeated Ise-kun early as he hadn’t changed form yet. Prior to our actions, I had asked Rias-neesan.

“Would it be okay to defeat Ise-kun during the surprise attack?”

And she had calmly responded,

“If that’s how it ends, then that means this match would be over and we will move on to the next stage.”

…Rias-neesan and Ise-kun had sworn to each other that they’d defeat each other. That’s why both of them weren’t holding back at all. —Suddenly, I saw a strange being. From a distance, the jet-black monster popped its head out from the shadows and peeked at us. From the light pole’s shadows and concrete wall’s shadows, the beast of darkness popped its head out. It was Gasper-kun’s ability. He must have gotten it out to scout the area like Elmenhilde-san. The beast also appeared from the veranda in the room where I was hiding in. I then waved my hand to notify Gasper of my location.

A few minutes passed. —Elmenhilde-san’s bats disappeared from the area. It meant that they had finished scouting. … It’s possible that they’re going to start moving. After a while, I got a message from Rias-neesan.

[I think the enemy’s about to move.]


It was when I responded. A mysterious menacing sound could be heard coming from the Hyoudou Residence! As I looked closely, a part of the Hyoudou Residence’s garden changed! —The ground split apart as if something was about to come out! I spoke to Rias-neesan.

“U-Uhm, the garden’s ground was split open…“

Rias-neesan, who was watching this from another place, said,

[…So they’re going to use that feature, huh? To think that the field would be able to recreate such things…]

Rias-neesan looked like she knew what that gate-like thing was! I-I didn’t know anything about that gate though…

I’d heard that the Hyoudou Residence was made with the help of Ajuka Beelzebub-sama (the design was made by Beelzebub-sama’s architect), and that there were still many mysterious features that were installed within the house. The fact that there were rooms and features that were built until now meant that there was a possibility of more upgrades. It’s only natural that I didn’t know everything. Then, as the gate opened, a red lamp emerged, with the sound of an alarm coming from it. W-What is it…? What’s happening…? In the midst of our confusion, something came out from the gate!


Along with the girls’ voices, a Golden Dragon could be seen riding on top of a tank-like battle vehicle! T-That was…one of the Five Great Dragon Kings who had formed a contract with Asia-san, [Gigantis Dragon] Fafnir! It rode on the tank-like battle vehicle and flew out of the gate! On top of that, Fafnir could be seen wearing armor on its head, shoulders, tail and all over his body! Xenovia and Irina-san could be seen hanging beside Fafnir as well! The three of them did wear the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team costumes, but…they somehow wore a mask that hid their eyes. W-What’s this? What are they trying to do…? Without paying attention to my confusion, those girls fired themselves up and screamed. Xenovia said to Asia-san.

“Let’s go, Asia! No, Panties Lady Number 1!”


Asia-san, who rode on Fafnir’s back, was called “Panties Lady Number 1”… Irina ordered them.

“It’s time to depart! Panties Lady Number 1, 2!”

Finally, Asia-san screamed while holding her embarrassment.

“F-Fafni… No, Panties Dragon-san! It’s time to go!”

As she said that—. The Golden Dragon’s whole body started to glow with a golden colour as he opened his mouth.


Something appeared in the sky along with Fafnir’s monstrous roar! In the field’s sky — a title was shown!

[Panties✩Pow Theme]

Lyrics: Vidar
Song: [email protected]
Artist: Ise Gremory

Following that, a mysterious song could be heard throughout the field in a loud volume! Even the lyrics started to appear in the sky! — A g a i n !

One One Two Two Fight!
Pan Pan Tsu Tsu Full View!
In pursuit of treasure he’ll come!
He loves the blonde sister’s panties
His name is Panties Dragon ✩

Asia-san, Xenovia, and Irina-san who rode on Fafnir’s battle vehicle started to launch at an unbelievable speed along with the song! —Wait, was Ise-kun singing this song!? No, no, the one who made the lyrics was the Norse’s current chief God Vidar-sama, while the song was made by the current Olympus chief God, the God of Muses Apollon-sama! W-What was this…? Just who came up with this!?

In order to protect the panties’ peace
He’ll defeat the bad Loki today!
Give him panties and his power will increase by a hundred trillion horsepowerHe is a very perverted pervert!

T-The song continued to play…!

It reminded me of the time when the [Oppai Dragon Song] was first played… I didn’t know how to react to that occurrence and it still haunted me! Rias-neesan then said to everyone using the intercom.

[Everyone, calm down and listen to me.]

Calm down!? Calm down after witnessing this!? …No, it’s exactly at times like these that we should all calm down…right?

The panties go Pow!
The panties go Iyan!
The Panties Dragon has arrived!

As the first round of lyrics seemed to have ended and the song was about to enter its second round, Rias-neesan said,

[That is [Panties✩Pow], one of the Gremory family’s new character businesses. Asia is the first [Panties Lady], while Xenovia is second, and Irina is the third.]

…What!? …Rias-neesan, what was she saying…? [Panties✩Pow]… She should’ve talked about this before the fight! Rias-neesan nicely explained it to me, as I was just about to go nuts.

[Actually, there was a request from the Gremory house. As this show is about to be released, they wanted Ise and the others to perform this song during the match if the circumstances allowed them to. I didn’t think that Ise and the others would really do it… That’s quite surprising.]

That’s quite surprising, she said… I didn’t even know how to respond to that… Rias-neesan continued.

[However, I’m afraid that this is a decoy as we can see that their healer Asia came out. They must be hiding something using this performance—]

Before Rias-neesan could finish her words, I could see the enemy team making a move!

—From the Hyoudou Residence, the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] members started to get out with haste! Ise-kun and all the other team members started to disperse around the town!

“Ise-kun and the others have gone out of the house.”

Rias-neesan answered in response to my words.

[Yeah, we’ve also confirmed their movements. It seems like they started to move while Fafnir and the others were putting on a performance. It also looks like they are moving together. They must’ve roughly grasped our movements as well. The decoy… The place Xenovia and the others are heading to is His Eminence Strada’s place, huh.]

If we’re going to move with Rias-neesan at the center, they will also respond by having everyone go after Rias-neesan, huh. They must’ve understood our movements thanks to Elmenhilde-san’s scouting, huh. From this point, all participants’ battles must be focusing on either Ise-kun or Rias-neesan. We might be bold, but they were also fearless. Who’d expect them to first aim for His Eminence Strada? Rias-neesan said to everyone,

[…Since the opponent’s team decided to close the distance with us, they must be targeting our healer, Valerie, as well. Be on your guard.]


Valerie-san and the guys who acted as her bodyguards responded to Rias-neesan’s order. Rias-neesan then continued.

[Now that it has come to this, we also have to move. Everyone, observe the enemy and deal with them.]


Everyone other than Crom Cruach responded. Though he didn’t let his voice out, Crom Cruach must also be cooperating with us. Rias-neesan then personally contacted me.

[Yuuto. You’ll follow me. That’s the shortest path to your wish.]

Rias-neesan took my feelings into consideration as well. Rias-neesan then continued.

[At the same time, I also have to finish something.]

“…Rias-neesan, what will you do?”

Rias-neesan replied only with a few words.

[…There is something that I have to settle.]

…Her voice reflected her determination. It must be something really important. It’s the thing that the person who was both my master and sister decided on. Being her [Knight], I had no choice but to follow her decision.


[Thanks, I’m counting on you, my Knight.]

Having received her response, I spread my wings and jumped from the mansion’s veranda to reunite with Rias-neesan.

“… Is it okay if I take Fafnir on?”


Crom Cruach was floating in the sky nearby with his Dragon wings spread. He was looking at Asia-san and the others along with Fafnir, who were on the run on the road of Kuoh Town. For him to get close without having his presence felt by us… As expected, the Legendary Evil Dragon was frightening. Rias-neesan spoke through the intercom in response to Crom Cruach’s words.

[Understood. Crom Cruach, please take the healer down.]

Defeat Asia — that was Rias-neesan’s order to Crom Cruach. As he heard that, he nodded. I guess I will leave those things to him and regroup with Rias-neesan. After Crom Cruach flew to the sky, he laughed boldly and said.

“Heh, it’s Dragon slaying time.”

“…Your opponent is a God-class Dragon.”

I left those words behind and flew to the sky—. From this point, we would be fighting one by one in response to the enemy’s team movements.

Part 2

Asia & Fafnir vs Crom Cruach

Upon receiving Rias’s order, Crom Cruach arrived before Asia Argento, Xenovia and Shidou Irina, who were riding on the Dragon King Fafnir and running around Kuoh town. After a moment, Fafnir, who had turned into a battle vehicle, stopped his movement. Xenovia and Irina, who were attached to Fafnir, climbed down as they wielded their Holy Swords.

“So it’s Crom Cruach, huh!”

“We got something big.”

Following Crom Cruach, who enveloped his body in a fiery aura, Xenovia and Irina also responded by heightening their holy aura. As both of them paid close attention to each other’s movements, Asia-san, who rode on Fafnir’s back, suddenly said,

“…Xenovia-san, Irina-san, can you guys go first?”

Xenovia and Irina looked surprised in response to Asia’s words.

“—! W-What are you saying Asia-san!? You and Oppai Dragon are—”

Before Irina could finish her words, Xenovia agreed to the blonde girl’s request.

“… Are you okay with that, Asia?”

Asia nodded with a determined expression in response to Xenovia’s question.

“Yeah. Fafnir and I will buy as much time as we can.”

As if Xenovia had understood Asia’s will, she put down Durandal and got ready to leave that place.

“Let’s go, Irina.”

Xenovia invited Irina, but Irina was unsure of what to do.

“Xenovia! We can’t leave Asia…!”

Xenovia replied,

“Irina, Ravel told us about the main key for this game, right?”

“—. … It’s to not let our [King], Ise-kun, use up his stamina before fighting Rias-san, huh…”

“And our role is to decrease the fighting power of those around master Rias. …In that case, Asia will take on this Evil Dragon along with Fafnir.”


The two Holy Sword users must’ve realised that Asia couldn’t win against Crom Cruach. No, even with the current lineup, Asia, Fafnir, Xenovia and Irina, they still wouldn’t win against Crom Cruach. Asia then must’ve thought, ‘If that’s the case…’. She must have considered the fact that both teams would target each other’s healer, which meant that her task would be no more than distracting the enemy. She then came to the conclusion ‘If it’s me and Fafnir, then I’d be able to at least buy time’. While she was doing that, the two Holy Sword users could take on other enemies which would decrease the enemy’s fighting power more effectively. She completely understood that her choice was better than all of them retiring for nothing. Asia smiled towards Xenovia and Irina.

“Don’t worry. I will be the Red Dragon Emperor’s bride too, you know? That’s why I have to at least have this much courage and determination.”

Xenovia and Irina heard that. Irina…also looked like she was convinced and put Hauteclaire down.

“Let’s go.”


As Crom Cruach still kept his guard up, Xenovia Quarta and Shidou Irina left that place. Asia-san thanked Crom Cruach who didn’t try to go after the two swordswomen or even attack them.

“…Thank you for not chasing after my friends.”

Crom Cruach folded his arms and declared.

“Although you are a woman, you are standing bravely before me. —I’m just paying respects to those guts of yours.”

The girl called Asia Argento still bravely stood before him despite knowing that she wouldn’t be able to win. The Evil Dragon believed that such courage was worthy of respect. Fafnir went down from its battle vehicle and started to detach his weird clothing from his body. The Dragon King put up a stance as if protecting Asia Argento. While Crom Cruach was enveloping himself in his fighting aura towards Asia and Fafnir, he remembered his conversation with Rias Gremory. She had said this,

[We of the Gremory Peerage…would probably get soft if we fought against Asia. But if it’s against Ise or Xenovia, we could fight without holding back. But… Akeno, Koneko, Kiba, even Gasper and I…if we have Asia as our opponent…she’s that kind of being.]

Rias seemed troubled and continued.

[However, taking out the healer is one of the keys to our victory. That’s why I would like you to do it.]

Crom Cruach asked,

[Though you respect Asia Argento, you would still feel guilty, huh.]

[…Of course. She’s the girl…that we all have protected. But If I were to hold back, I’d be hated by Asia. Nevermind, she wouldn’t hate me. That girl is… That’s why…]

Crom Cruach felt that asking more questions wouldn’t do anything. He then said,

[No problem. Whoever it is, I’ll fight with all my strength if I decide to do it. Is that okay?]

[…I’ll at least tell you how you can be satisfied fighting her. Tell Fafnir this—]

He quickly put what Rias Gremory said into practice. and said to Fafnir,

“Fafnir. Hear me out. —I was ordered to defeat Asia Argento.”

Fafnir asked back,

[…Defeat Asia-tan?]

Crom Cruach then remembered Rias’s words.

[If you say that, Fafnir will ‘change’ into a Dragon that will terrify you.]

Crom Cruach then said it once again.

“That’s right. I will slaughter Asia Argento.”

As he said that, an inexplicable aura started to fill the area. The aura was coming from the scales of the Golden Dragon.

[—I won’t let you.]

His body started to be enveloped in an unbelievable aura, and his eyes were burning with rage.

[I won’t let you lay a finger on Asia-tan!]

The aura had already exceeded that of Dragon King-class. Fafnir’s true strength was called forth due to anger…an imperial wrath. Crom Cruach was aware of how he cornered the evil Rizevim Lucifer and bit him to death. He smiled euphorically while looking at Fafnir’s current state.

“What an aura you’re oozing, Fafnir…! I see, it looks like what Rias Gremory said was true. The result couldn’t be better!”

Crom Cruach also enveloped himself in his battle aura and called out his name.

“My name is Crescent Circle Dragon Crom Cruach, and I challenge Gigantis Dragon Fafnir to a battle!”

Fafnir responded to this.

[I, Gigantis Dragon Fafnir, accept the challenge from Crescent Circle Dragon Crom Cruach!]

The fight between the strongest Evil Dragon and the Dragon King that protected Asia Argento thus began—.

Part 3

Rossweisse & Elmenhilde VS Valerie Tepes & Himejima Akeno

The [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team had to change their plans due to Rias’s surprise attack. Among the members that got out of the Hyoudou Residence, Rossweisse along with Elmenhilde separated from Ise and the others, and arrived at a certain place…no, at a certain person’s hiding place. Guided by Elmenhilde, who was in charge of scouting and patrolling, Rossweisse — arrived before Valerie Tepes. Elmenhilde must have been able to sense Valerie’s aura during the scouting as they were both Vampires. Valerie was away from the HQ and was hiding in a certain forest in the replica Kuoh town. Rossweisse-san then stood before Valerie. Elmenhilde was also waiting behind Rossweisse-san. —Suddenly, there was someone wearing [Rias Gremory]’s team costume (Miko’s clothing) who showed herself as if trying to protect Valerie, Himejima Akeno. Akeno then smiled, welcoming Rossweisse.

“Ara ara, so it’s Rossweisse-san who is targeting Valerie-san.”

Rossweisse-san then wielded her staff as she said.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

Akeno-san then put her hand on her chin in response to Rossweisse’s appearance and said.

“… I see, so even in the worst-case scenario, you’d trap Valerie and her bodyguard within your barrier, huh…”

Akeno’s prediction was right. Ravel’s order was—

[Whoever it is that’s in charge of her, Rossweisse-san’s barrier will be useful. The best-case scenario would be defeating Valerie-sama and her bodyguard. Restricting their movements would be the second-best.]

If push came to shove, trapping Valerie here would render them unable to heal easily. According to the rules of the World Tournament, the Phoenix Tears’s usage was restricted, and as a result, a healer was really important in this Rating Game. Although there was a special healing area within the field, it was easily destroyed during a fight or a game. There was also a high possibility of it being made unusable. Rossweisse-san then held her wand and pointed it to Akeno.

Rossweisse’s wand was a legendary item in Norse mythology, the Mistilteinn Wand. It was a magical item that the Norse God-class beings used, which held a strong magical power. Thanks to this wand, Rossweisse’s magic increased greatly. Akeno-san, who affirmed this, started to let out a lightning aura throughout her whole body. At the same time, she also formed clouds of thunder in the sky and spread out her eight Fallen Angel wings. She required a special bracelet in order to change into her Fallen Angel form in the past, but it was now possible to change form without using it. Elmenhilde, who tried to back Rossweisse-san up, opened two small bottles containing blood that she received from Ravel and drank it all at once. A moment later, Elmenhilde’s whole body started to let out both Dragon and Phoenix aura. Although Elmenhilde was originally a High-class Vampire, her Vampire abilities weren’t that amazing. However, once she drank her target’s blood, she could use and increase that person’s ability, and depending on the circumstances, she could also drink the blood prepared beforehand to strengthen herself. By drinking Ise and Ravel’s blood, she temporarily gained a Dragon’s power and the immortality aspect of the Phoenix.

Elmenhilde planned to target Valerie whilst backing Rossweisse up. And under those circumstances, Rossweisse and Akeno suddenly — clashed with each other at the same time! Akeno burst her lightning out at Rossweisse. Rossweisse then responded by creating a sturdy defensive barrier to block it. Akeno didn’t pay attention to that as she kept firing her lightning . Rossweisse then formed a countless number of barriers and started to fire back flame, ice, water, wind, and other elemental magic except lightning! Rossweisse was better when it came to the fight between magic and demonic power as she managed to force Akeno-san’s lightning back.

“What about this!?”

Akeno-san then made her lightning into the shape of a Dragon. —Lightning Dragon, Akeno’s killer move. The lightning that had turned into a giant eastern Dragon was released from Akeno’s hand! Making matters worse, it was not only one, but five at the same time! Each of them was enveloped in a denser aura than the previous ones, showing the results of Akeno’s training. Rossweisse then used her wand to enhance her magic and fired offensive magic! Rossweisse’s strengthened elemental magic burst collided against Akeno’s five lightning Dragons, creating a big explosion and blowing away the scenery in the woods! As the dust started to disappear — the one who was on their knees was Akeno. Rossweisse had the advantage in terms of a fight between magic and demonic power as she had a God’s weapon with her. Rossweisse said,

“Akeno-san, I am better than you when it comes to direct firing. I must apologise… No, I am Ise-kun’s servant. Akeno-san, Valerie-san, for my master’s sake, prepare yourself!”

Akeno smiled in response to Rossweisse’s words.

“And that’s exactly why you’re my husband’s [Rook]. Still, I am Rias Gremory’s [Queen]. I can’t just lose like that.”

An unknown aura started to emit from her body. That was — not her Fallen Angel’s lightning aura. Akeno then reached her pocket and took out — an Oni mask. After that, she put it on her face and made a symbol with her hands. —Suddenly, five magic circles started to appear around Akeno. Those were the magic circles of this country’s special ability users. Akeno then said,

“Come out, come out. Respond to my voice, and summon thyself here!”

All of a sudden, the five magic circles started to let out a malicious aura! Rossweisse, who perceived this as dangerous, also reacted by forming a defensive aura around her. Soon after, something was summoned from the five magic circles that Akeno-san created — they were two giant, six meter high monsters. Both monsters had horns growing from their heads, as well as sharp fangs which could be seen from their mouths. Last but not least, they were holding giant studded clubs in their enormous arms. They were Oni. Not only that, the pressure and their Youkai aura showed that they were not normal Oni. Akeno took off her mask as she revealed only half of her face and said to Rossweisse,

“On my left, it’s Ura-sama, and on my right, it’s Ibaraki Douji.”

The Oni called Ura scratched its head as it asked Akeno.

[A-, Himejima’s daughter, huh. …What is it?]

On the other hand, Ibaraki Douji folded his arms and looked around.

[The enemy must’ve been quite the strong one for you to call us, huh, Himejima?]

Both Oni were releasing a strong aura!

Ura — the famous evil Oni that became the head of its kind and lived in Onigashima in the Momotarou story. Ibaraki Douji — a legendary Onigami1 who served as the right hand of Shuten Douji, one of the three great Youkai of Japan. Rossweisse then figured out that Akeno had made a contract with these two Onis as her familiars. Akeno said,

“Thanks to the kindness of my cousin, Suzaku-neesama, I was able to enter the Himejima house.There, I asked to — strengthen the power that I inherited from my mum which flows through my blood.”

Akeno controlled the small Oni. Rossweisse had heard about this before. Akeno’s mother was easily liked by Oni. Akeno herself also had a good relationship with a number of small Oni in her childhood. …The Five Principal Clanshad a deep relationship with the monsters and Youkai in this country. She probably succeeded in making contract with the famous Oni through the Himejima household. In this Rating Game, there was a limit to a familiar’s usage. If that weren’t the case, the player wouldn’t need to fight by themselves as they would only need to make a contract with strong monsters and have them fight. For that reason, there was a time limit to summoned beings.

In the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team’s case, Asia was an example, who used Fafnir. On the other side, Akeno was the one who used familiars in the [Rias Gremory] team. Yet, this information and situation were completely unexpected. The fact that Akeno was acknowledged by the Himejima household was known to all her comrades. Considering that fact, it would be natural that she would get some kind of courtesy. That being said, her making a contract with the two legendary Oni was completely unanticipated, as even Ravel didn’t foresee this outcome. Akeno then said to the two Oni,

“I’ll have the two of you accompany me for a little while.”

Upon hearing her order, the two Oni gazed at Rossweisse. Ura then held his studded club tightly and said,

[…A person from…another country, huh. This is troublesome….]

Ibaraki Douji also made his club appear and held it. Akeno, who was accompanied by the two Oni, also enveloped herself in lightning.

“Now, Rossweisse-san, let’s continue.”

Rossweisse released offense magic at the two Oni after confirming their power. The two Oni easily deflected Rossweisse’s attack with their clubs. Rossweisse was convinced that taking Valerie Tepes out wouldn’t be simple after observing the outcome just now.

“Elmenhilde-san, this is going to be a harsh battle.”

Elmenhilde made several small metal-humanoid-figures — [Mobile Suit Gundam] appear in response to Rossweisse’s words. Elmenhilde was able to control those silver figures. She then said,

“Yes, I’ll accompany you.”

Rossweisse along with Elmenhilde took on Akeno and the two legendary Oni—.

Part 4

Ravel Phoenix VS Toujou Shirone (Koneko)

Ravel Phoenix moved out from the Hyoudou Residence along with Ise and separated midway as she waited for a certain person. This was because when she was moving with Ise, she caught a glimpse of a white figure. Ravel was waiting for someone in front of the park’s water fountain. Soon after, a girl with a cat’s ears and tail appeared. Toujou Shirone—. She was Ravel’s close friend. Ravel welcomed Shirone by smiling in response to her appearance.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Shirone.”

Shirone then stood before Ravel and said,

“…As expected, you were waiting for me.”

“I’m your friend after all. If I were to fight, the opponent must be you.”

Shirone transformed her tail into three and started to let her Senjutsu touki out over her entire body in response to Ravel’s words.

“…I won’t lose in hitting games.”

Ravel Phoenix then spread her iconic flame wings in response to Shirone’s provocation.

“I know that. However, I am the daughter of Phoenix. —In order to see who’s the loser, let’s prove it in a match.”

Ravel Phoenix possessed her household’s special ability —Immortality. Wounds created due to normal attacks would just close up due to her regeneration.. Shirone closed her distance with high speed in her three-tail form and punched Ravel! Even though a part of Ravel’s body was blown away, the damage was enveloped in flames which regenerated the missing limb. Ravel then blasted a giant amount of flame from her wings at Shirone. Shirone backed away and evaded it. Shirone fully knew that Ravel wouldn’t give up on the match as she made a combative stance.

“…Who’d think that the strategist would engage in a close-quarters fight.”

Ravel then smiled boldly in response to Shirone’s words.

“If you are that person’s servant, you’re bound to be affected to do that.”

Responding to Ravel who jumped away, Shirone heightened her Senjutsu to deal with her—.

Part 5

Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu vs Lint Sellzen

While Ise, Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu, and Bina Lessthan of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team were moving around the town to look for Rias Gremory’s location, they were suddenly attacked by Lint Sellzen. Ouryuu said to Ise and Bina.

“I’ll hold her here. Hyoudou-senpai and Bina-san, please go to Rias Gremory-senpai’s place.”

“…Can you do it?”

“Yeah, I’ll somehow manage it.”

Ise and Bina left him after hearing such a response from Ouryuu. Ise then said to him through the intercom.

[Nakiri. After you win, you can either help Asia or go to Xenovia and Irina’s place, as both of them are fighting quite the enemy.]

“Got it.”

Having left those words, Ouryuu then faced Lint Sellzen. Lint was holding a sword made of purple flames along with a gun with purple-flame bullets. She then prepared herself and said.

“Well, well, aren’t you the son of the Nakiri house~hold?”

“So this is a fight between amateurs, huh?”

Ouryuu — decided to fight Lint with all his might from the very beginning as he left those words. The enemy was both a Longinus user, as well as a silver-winged Angel. Silver-winged Angels were candidates for the [Extra Joker] position that existed among reincarnated Angels. There were a number of people who could utilise the [Joker] in the Anges’ [Trump Card] prepared in order to act as a substitute. The [Extra Joker] in the Angels’ [Trump Card] system was used when a [Joker] couldn’t be utilised or when a substitute of the [Joker] was needed to be on the move. It was a feature based on the item used to reincarnate someone into a reincarnated Angel, [Trump]’s Extra Joker (Joker’s semi card).

Lint Sellzen was one of the candidates for [Extra Joker], which meant that Nakiri couldn’t let his guard down. Ouryuu then increased his touki all over his body and made it explode! As the touki explosion stopped — Ouryuu had already changed into a humanoid Dragon. His head resembled the face of an oriental Dragon. A golden humanoid Dragon—. His neck, arms and legs had become bigger along with the thickness of his chest and stature. His overall size had grown. As the next head of the Nakiri Household, the head of the Five Principal Clans, he was able to draw out the [Qi]3 from the Earth as much as he wanted and as long as his feet touched the earth thanks to the Dragon Vein4. That’s why it could also be said that he had an unlimited amount of Touki.

That being said, the fact that this field was especially made for game-use meant that Nakiri was not able to draw out an unlimited amount of power. This technique was possible due to the contract that was made with the Earth Sacred Beast [Ouryuu] that the Nakiri household controlled. The person who made a contract with the Sacred Beast could summon it in two completely different ways. The first was by directly summoning the Sacred Beast. The other one was letting it possess one’s body to manifest itself. Ouryuu was the latter one, and this form of his was called the Ryuukijin. Nakiri, who had turned into his Ryuukijin form, started to let out an enormous amount of aura from his whole body as he charged forth. Nakiri then closed his distance with Lint in a moment and started to punch and kick her with high speed. Each of his attacks were powerful enough to turn Lint’s slender body to dust if she were to get hit directly. As usual, Lint simply moved acrobatically as she evaded Ouryuu’s physical assault. As Ouryuu kept attacking her, he said,

“I had promised something with Bo. If one of us were to lose first in this match—”

Ouryuu then stepped on the land with great force! As he did that, the ground on which Lint was standing rose up! The people of the Nakiri clan who controlled the earth could do all sorts of things with [Earth] as long as they were stepping on it. Likewise, the ground which Lint was standing on started to be lifted up just with that one step. Looking at Lint who lost her balance, Ouryuu then punched her! Lint responded by using her gun as shield and received his attack—. Ouryuu then lashed out.

“The other would work three times harder than the one who lost!”

Lint who was sent away tried to balance herself.

“…Wow, that was one hell of a punch.”

As Lint said that — her blood dripped to the ground. She was wounded. That wound was from before her fight against Ouryuu. Ouryuu said,

“Did you get that from Roygun? That person’s specialty, [Crack]. Recently, she developed a new technique where she was able to expand the area of its damage.”

Lint smiled ironically in response to Ouryuu’s explanation.

“I got this counterattack when I was sticking to Rias-leader .Wow~, I really did let my guard down. …To think that the holy cup’s healing ability was not able to heal this soon.”

Roygun Belphegor was defeated not long after the match began along with Bova Tannin due to Rias Gremory’s surprise attack. Although it looked like she was just defeated, she used the new technique that she learned during the training camp on the enemy. Roygun completed her new technique, which was hard to be treated and enabled her to expand the damage at the same time. Although she didn’t use real living beings as subjects during the training, Roygun said that even with Asia’s high healing ability, it would still take hours to completely heal it.

Although it looked like Lint asked for Valerie Tepes’ help to heal her using the holy cup, she wasn’t able to completely heal the damage within that short amount of time. If it wasn’t completely healed, the wound would once again open . It was like Lint Sellzen had a time-bomb set on her. Even if Ouryuu didn’t do anything, the damage would spread and eventually force her to retire. Ouryuu then prepared his fist and said,

“Still, I won’t go easy on you. I am the type that will go all out when I decide to.”

Lint was happy upon hearing those words.

“I am glad. If you were to go easy on me, I wouldn’t be able to show my face to everyone.”

As Lint said that, she let out a tremendous aura on her whole body along with the last brilliance. The purple flame that enveloped her body then became wild and burst open!

“It’s my Balance Breaker.”

The enormous amount of purple flame then formed into something. —Three Angels composed of purple flames appeared. They were two male Angels and a female Angel who looked like her. Lint then said,

“Hehe, this is my Incinerate Anthem’s sub-species Balance Breaker, [Lovely Heavenly Angels]. They are based on Sieg-sensei, Freed-aniki and myself.”

Lint then controlled the three Angels as she said,

“I wanted to at least have these three on command with my own power!”

Lint then used those three Angels to fight! Ouryuu knew about Lint being able to use Angels as he saw a recording of a match where she used her Balance Breaker. She had used them during the game between Team [Rias Gremory] and Team [Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star]. Although at that time, the purple-flamed Angels were giants… Nakiri then concluded that she could change their size at will. But above all, he had to be careful with these Angels, as each of them had a troublesome form-changing ability. There being three of them must mean that there were three possible forms. Ouryuu calmly deduced that coming in direct contact with them would be dangerous. Ouryuu then stepped on the ground three times. A moment later, the earth floated up and was thrown at the Angels who were heading towards him. The Angels who were trapped in the earth prison tried to envelop the earth with flames and run, but Ouryuu responded by adding layers and layers of earth until the died went out.

If her Balance Breaker was in its perfect form, the earth cage would easily be destroyed, but the wound that Roygun-san gave her put a limitation on Lint. Currently, Lint was breathing heavily and could pass out at anytime. Still, Lint made one of her purple-flamed Angels that was trapped in the earth cage disappear and tried to summon it once again beside her. Ouryuu had certainly grown… He had fought various mythologies, and had his fair share of losses and victories. His aim was — the senior he admired, Hyoudou Issei. I want to be like senpai who broke through countless struggles —. In order to save the girl that I once failed to protect—. In order to surpass my predecessor, who was called the strongest [Ouryuu], [Nakiri Nakagami the Ouryuu]—.

“I can’t afford to lose!”

Ouryuu, who flew from his spot at a godly speed, aimed atLint’s back without letting her follow his movements. As she turned back, Ouryuu had already gathered a large amount of Touki in his fist as he punched her. It was like — Sairaorg-san and Hyoudou Issei’s bout.


A pleasing sound could be heard. Ouryuu’s fist connected deeply to Lint’s stomach. The strength of that attack caused a shock that sent her whole body flying backwards. Ouryuu said,

“Bo, I have avenged you. Roygun-san, your specialty was also the best.”

Lint collapsed there and instantly got enveloped in retirement light. She was — smiling.

“Fufu. Despite the fact that I lost…you might not be able to win against your next opponent.”

Lint then looked at a certain direction.

“That person is…a monster after all.”

After saying her final words, Lint disappeared from the field—. Not long after,

<<[Rias Gremory] Team’s one [Knight], Retired!>>

The announcer declared Lint’s retirement. Ouryuu, who defeated Lint, then looked at the direction that Lint had glanced towards. He could also feel the pressure of the person that Ise called “quite the enemy”.

“I can feel Xenovia-kaichou and Irina-senpai’s aura. I see, so they are fighting against an unimaginable enemy. Not only that, Argento-senpai is also…”

He could sense the auras of two giant Dragons in another direction—.

Part 6

Asia & Fafnir VS Crom Cruach

Asia Argento along with Dragon King Fafnir were fighting Crom Cruach, the Strongest Evil Dragon. The fight between fellow Dragons was extremely fierce, to the point that the houses around them were destroyed and turned into debris due to Fafnir and Crom Cruach’s exchange of fists. Fafnir then launched a legendary item stored within his body from his mouth. He also activated the ability of the item that he took out and approached Crom Cruach—.

The legendary Evil Dragon, using only pure power from his arms, aura bullets and fire breath, shot down all the legendary items that Fafnir released. Whether they were elemental weapons or cursed objects, Crom Cruach nullified all of them using his pure power, aura and flames. To Crom Cruach, fists, aura and flames were a Dragon’s absolute means of offense. —He continued to train those aspects and became the best. No, the strongest! Fafnir then moved with a speed that was unbelievable considering his giant body and attacked Crom Cruach with his claws, fangs, and all other body parts, but Crom Cruach simply deflected all of them with his fists. The ten-meter high giant Dragon was blown away by pure strength. Crom Cruach’s basic body strength surpassed one’s imagination. Crom Cruach didn’t even breathe strenuously while his opponent — Fafnir, already had blood gushing out from his mouth. Even after one of the Dragon Kings became angered, Crom Cruach still triumphed over him. However, Fafnir’s wounds were shrouded in a pale green aura that closed them. Asia, who was standing behind Fafnir, used her healing Sacred Gear everytime Fafnir got wounded.Whenever Fafnir got wounded badly or received a brutal attack, she would support him by temporarily activating her Balance Breaker, [Twilight Saint Affection]. Asia, who was wearing a golden armor on her body and radiating her aura, had a Balance Breaker that enabled her to heal rapidly and create a healing field that nullified all damage within its boundaries. Because of that, Crom Cruach’s attacks were nullified. Being able to nullify the legendary Evil Dragon’s attack even temporarily was a terrifying thing considering her healing ability. Still, there was something that Asia couldn’t heal.

—It was stamina.

To keep going at Crom Cruach numerous times would decrease Fafnir’s stamina. Having his blood leaking out also meant that he would be cornered slowly but surely. Asia was also about to reach her stamina limit as she used her Balance Breaker continuously. Fafnir then readied himself as he took out his trump card. He shouted at Asia.

[Asia-tan. Take out those panties! The see-through one, that is!]

“Y-You are going to use that, huh! O-Okay!”

Asia had thrown her pride aside upon seeing Fafnir, who was bravely fighting, and at that instant took out her see-through panties and threw them at Fafnir.

As Fafnir put them in his mouth, he quickly swallowed them. —Fafnir would get a mysterious power-up with Asia’s panties. He then radiated a mysterious light from his body. Not long after that, Fafnir pointed his mouth at the ground. From there, a ladder-like thing was summoned.

[This week’s shocking and surprising monster, march on!]

As Fafnir said that — mini Fafnir-like beings came out from his mouth and began to follow the steps of the ladder! Looking at it closely — fairies who looked like a deformed Asia rode on top of those mini-Fafnirs!

[Panty Panty Panty Panty Panty Panty Panty Panty Panty!]

While they started to shout unbelievable things, ten…no, a hundred of those mini-Fafnirs and mini-Asias were summoned. Crom Cruach then became cautious in response to the occurence.

“It’s the technique that made Artemis, the Goddess of Olympus, suffer, huh. Looks like I can play with it.”

Crom Cruach thanked Asia as he prepared his stance seriously—. The mini-Fafnirs that came out of Fafnir’s mouth latched onto Crom Cruach’s body, biting and scratching him, while those that latched onto his back punched him. Although they simply looked like moving toys, they certainly did damage Crom Cruach bit by bit. Fighting one of them would be very easy, but…even now, the mini-Fafnirs were still coming out from Fafnir’s mouth. Their numbers had exceeded five hundred. Destroying one or two of them wouldn’t mean anything, since there was no end to them. If that amount of mini-Fafnirs kept latching onto his body, the damage done would surely keep increasing. The worst thing was that even after the mini-Fafnirs had latched onto his body, other mini-Fafnirs still kept marching whilst attacking Crom Cruach. Crom Cruach, who thought that the marching mini-Fafnirs were annoying, shrouded himself in a large amount of aura and released it at once.


That was his battlecry. All the mini-Fafnirs that had latched onto Crom Cruach’s body were blown away. Not stopping there, Crom Cruach also dealt with the rest of the mini-Fafnirs that were marching onto him by breathing an extreme amount of fire, extinguishing all of them at once. Crom Cruach then continued on as he engulfed the real Fafnir with the fire! He also didn’t let that end there and followed it by charging a large amount of aura in his hands and fired it at the real Fafnir. Fafnir and Asia endured the powerful aura bullet, creating a big explosion. The shockwave even caused the scenery around them to be blown away, including all of the replica houses due to Crom Cruach’s attack. As the Evil Dragon looked forward — Fafnir was buried in the debris. Blood was flowing from all over his body, and he also coughed blood. He was probably unable to stand anymore. Despite that, the Dragon King protected her until the end. Asia, who was unharmed, appeared from below Fafnir’s stomach. He had become Asia’s wall. Asia then tried to shroud the injured Fafnir with her healing aura.

“Fafnir-san! I will heal you!”

However, Crom Cruach walked towards Fafnir without showing any expression. He enveloped his hands in aura as he planned to defeat Fafnir and Asia. Just when Crom Cruach was about to unleash his aura — Fafnir suddenly got up and flew away! He bit into Crom Cruach’s left arm! A blunt sound was heard from Crom Cruach’s arm. —It was proof of Fafnir’s willpower. Even Rizevim was cornered by that. Crom Cruach looked happy in response to the Golden Dragon King who broke his arm.

“… It has been a while since I’ve had my arm broken! Nice… Nicely done. You fought until the very last, Fafnir!”

Following that, Crom Cruach lifted Fafnir’s enormous body and hurled him into the sky in response to that show of courage! He then enlarged his stomach and discharged an immense blaze at Fafnir who was in the sky. While being engulfed in Crom Cruach’s flames, Fafnir apologised to Asia.

[…Asia-tan, I’m sorry. I…]

Leaving those words behind, Fafnir disappeared from the field—. His role as a familiar in this match had ended. After losing Fafnir, her bodyguard, Asia was now completely open. —Still, the girl with blonde hair had that courageous look in her eyes as she increased her magic. She developed magic circles using her hand and started to release elemental magic attacks. Flame and gust came at Crom Cruach, but…Asia’s attacks were no more than a tickle to the StrongestEvil Dragon. Crom Cruach then said to Asia as he closed his distance.

“You’re still fighting me, huh, Asia Argento?”

Asia didn’t even flinch and declared at Crom Cruach while preparing her offense attack—.

“I am a servant of the Red Dragon Emperor, Hyoudou Issei, and someone who will be his wife. —I will keep fighting until the end.”

The Evil Dragon then had a feeling of admiration towards the girl due to her words.

“Nicely said, Fafnir’s master. Red Dragon Emperor’s girl, I am deeply honoured to be able to fight you guys.”

Crom Cruach then shrouded his hands in aura and attacked Asia at once—. Following that attack, the announcer said.

<<Team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]’s one [Bishop], Retired!>>

Taking the left arm of the Strongest Evil Dragon Crom Cruach was still a sizable accomplishment—.

  1. Onigami: a leader of Oni
  2. Qi: In traditional Chinese culture, qi or ch’i (Chinese: 气; pinyin: qì About this soundqì) is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity.[1][2][page needed][3][page needed] Qi translates as “air” and figuratively as “material energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”.[4] Qi is the central underlying principle in Chinese traditional medicine and in Chinese martial arts. The practice of cultivating and balancing qi is called qigong.
  3. Dragon Vein: A Taoist concept where the vitality of the cosmos and the earth flow through ‘Dragon Veins’

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