Oppai Dragon VS Switch Hime, I came to keep my promises!

Oppai Dragon VS Switch Hime, I came to keep my promises!

I — Hyoudou Issei arrived at Kuoh Academy in my Dragon Deification form. She’s here—. I know it. Once I entered the new school building, I activated the thrusters on my back and flew along the corridor with high speed while climbing up the stairs.

I flashed back to the incident one and a half years ago. During the Phoenix fight, I was fighting alongside Rias on the rooftop of the school building and fell over countless times due to the damage I had endured, but in the end, I always stood up again as I aimed for the top. …Although the damage I suffered during the fight with Kiba wasn’t as bad as that time, it still affected my body and became troublesome. Had I not thought of that surprise attack, I might’ve been defeated. As expected, Kiba’s sword technique and Gram’s [Dragon Slayer] attribute was admirable. Plus, that also proved to me once again that technique types were my worst enemy. I arrived before the rooftop’s door and opened it. Sure enough — Rias waiting at the rooftop. I then said this,

“Buchou, Hyoudou Issei, here at your service.”

Rias was surprised upon hearing that, and then laughed as if she understood what I meant.

“Fufufu, that was quite the act, —Ise.”

I got closer to her and asked,

“Buchou. The battle continues, right?”



I stood before Rias and laughed a bit. I rephrased the lines I had said back then.

“Ufufu, you do still remember it, Ise.”

“Well yeah. I mean, I showed you my worst side at that time. That’s why I still remember my lines from back then.”

—I won’t give up. I’m dumb so I don’t know anything about “foreseen” or “checkmate”. But I can still fight.

I remembered that I stood before Riser after saying that. I clenched my fist and said,

“I’ll continue to fight as long as I can clench my fist — that’s what I said. And that promise, I’m still keeping it.”

I’d faced countless [Checkmate] situations. —However, I was still alive. I was trying my best to keep living. That’s why I couldn’t be easily defeated. Rias said,

“Before we fight, there’s one thing I want to say. The lines that you said just now—. I think that was your coolest side that even made me fall in love with you.”

Following that, something appeared from the shadows below her legs.

“—Gasper, let’s go.”

<<Let’s fight without holding any grudges!>>

Rias then transformed into her [Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess] form without chanting the verses. She could probably do that within a certain period just by chanting the verses once. As Rias and I released an enormous amount of aura from our bodies, we flew towards the sky. The field had already been shaken several times due to the fierce fight between Ddraig and Crom Cruach. I could also see huge amounts of aura and flame being released from far away. Despite the fact that this was a pseudo-space, I believe that this replica of Kuoh town wouldn’t last long as well. That’s how fierce the fight between Crom Cruach and Ddraig was.

On the other hand, the fight between the [Kings], Rias and I, started. First, both of us fired a Demonic power bullet to each other! Her sphere was her destructive power strengthened by a layer of darkness, while mine was my Dragon Shot. Both of us fired a gigantic one. Both of those giant bullets clashed in the sky of Kuoh Academy and created a big explosion. The shock spread throughout the entire sky. Now that the enemy was Rias, I would not hold myself back! This technique was the best against girls! I concentrated on the pink images within my mind and released them at once! I also used the [Penetrate] ability onto the technique in order to make sure it would go through!


“—Pailingual! Hey, Rias’s Oppai! Let me hear your voice!”

It was a secret move of mine that let me listen to a girl’s true feelings! As I listened carefully—.

<<[—Ah, —Th,—-I, —Time—, Senpai—, Oh Ise—]>>

Shit! I could even hear Gya-suke’s voice along with Rias’s! Was this because of the combination technique with Gasper!? So that’s why Gasper’s feelings were mixed into it when I tried to listen to Rias’s feelings, huh! Even though he’s my precious junior, I don’t have any intention to hear from that guy! Was the effect of [Penetrate] too strong? No, it was probably Rias’s plan to counter that! Then, how about this!? I concentrated my pervert power on my hand, added the Dragon Deification power to it, and then released it at once!

“Boobs Power Wave! Dress Break Dragon God Mode (read: DxD)!”

The Dress Break DxD could affect the target even if they’re far away! Rias received my technique which undid her combination technique with Gasper, turning her into the normal Rias. —However, the darkness clothing that was torn off reattached to her once again, making her return to her combination form! S-So this was futile too!? That meant that she had thoroughly prepared countermeasures against my perverted techniques…! Rias then tried to shoot a giant bullet of her destructive demonic power and said,

[I’ve taken enough measures against you!]

I responded by firing a gigantic Dragon Shot as I widened our distance. …Shit! Now, I wonder what I should do. Well, in order to end this match, I’d have to either use Infinity Blaster or Longinus Smasher! Nope, she should have thought of countermeasures for those as well. It’s my strongest weapon after all. It’s natural that she’d have some kind of counter against those. If I did fire those things, that would take up most of my stamina at once. I couldn’t just randomly shoot it out. If that’s the case, should I do a form-changing stamina competition with Rias? No, I should use Dress Break once again and attack at the moment the darkness clothing gets torn off—.

As I thought about this and that, Rias made her third eye glow mysteriously and tried to stop me! I quickly escaped from that place and got away from her sight! Even if my body were stopped only for a moment, that would be very dangerous! If I had to endure the gigantic destructive demonic power, even my Dragon Deification armour would be—. Rias didn’t have Gasper use his abilities — the beast of darkness and others often as she wanted him to save his stamina in order to focus on this form. …In other words, this was Rias and Gya-suke’s peak condition, huh? I’ll come right at them! That being said, the moment I tried to engage in a close-ranged fight, Rias dived into the shadows near her. I remembered the things that Sakra had said to me.

—In the Gremory group, do you know the biggest difference between you and Rias Gremory? Rias Gremory is strong even without you. However, without Ravel, there are times when you wouldn’t be able to function properly. That is a big difference ZE?

I didn’t know how to respond to Sakra’s words, because that’s exactly how I felt too.

—Being able to use the Phoenix girl is good and all. However, you also have to be able to do your own surprise move from now on as well. Your current condition will serve you alright in the preliminaries. —However, you might get matched with me in the main tournament, and when that happens, you won’t be able to do anything in your current condition, you know? It should be clear in your head now just how weak you were when you defeated Cao Cao in the Demonic Beast Riot.

It should be clear in your head now just how weak you were—. That’s right, just like the fight that I had with Kiba…I had to utilise a surprise attack or its kind to get stronger! That’s how I originally escaped death after all! I should think of a surprise attack using the resources I have… A technique that will go through Rias… Dress Break and Pailingual didn’t work on her. Especially Dress Break, which only removed her clothing of darkness temporarily… That was the moment that I came up with a certain idea. …If that’s the case, what if I did something while it’s trying to reattach itself? I’d have to try that out! In order to carry out the plan that I had in mind, I prepared to use Dress Break once again as I found an opening! I increased the perverted power in my hand and fired it at Rias!

“Dress Break DxD!”

A moment later, Rias’s clothing of darkness was temporarily torn off!

“It’s useless!”

As she said that, I lengthened the tail part of my armour and pointed it at Rias! The tip of the tail then spread out and — latched onto Rias’s breasts!

“—Absorbbbb! Go, my tailllllllllllllllllllll!”

The tail which was stuck onto Rias’s breasts made a suction sound as it started to absorb something from her! Rias’s face instantly turned red and she screamed!


It’s inspired by one of my breast techniques — Nyuutron Beam Cannon! You could say that it’s the preparation stage for it!

Nyuutron Beam Cannon was a technique of mine (inspired by my dead grandfather), in which the tail part of my armor would attach itself to a woman’s breast and absorb their [Breast Energy] and change it into demonic power, letting me fire out a powerful blast… I believe that even my comrades couldn’t understand the logic behind my technique. After all, the amount of people who had seen me using this technique, or even the times I’d actually used this technique were low. Even Rias hadn’t actually seen the process closely as she had only learned about it through rumours. The same went for Gasper who turned into Rias’s clothing. That’s why I thought of surprising her by making the first move with a close-ranged assault. —My prediction was right! Even though the clothing of darkness reattached itself to Rias, my tail still stayed put! During that time, my armor’s tail kept absorbing her breast energy! At the same time, Rias’s breasts also — got smaller!


My bride’s breastttttttttttttttttts! Her breasts were shrinkingggggggggggggggggg! Who’d expect that I’d be shown the sight of them shrinking in real time…!?

But, this too…was in order to win! I threw away my emotions and continued to absorb her breast energy! On the other hand, Rias, whose breast energy was being absorbed by me, seemed like she was losing her power. This was the technique’s side effect.

[…I-I won’t lose…from this…!]

Rias tried to fire her destructive demonic power, but her aura simply couldn’t manifest.

<<Rias-oneechan! I-I will! B-But!>>

If Gasper separated from Rias, she’d be vulnerable and I could just finish her off by using my strong techniques. Gya-suke must’ve realised that as well. While my tail was still attached, I gathered the energy gained from her breasts to the four cannons of my Dragon Deification armour. The number [99] appeared on the jewel of my armour. It’s Rias’s bust size—. As an enormous amount of energy gathered around the cannons’ muzzles, I pointed them at Rias! Rias’s breasts — were completely absorbed by my tail, to the point that they had completely disappeared! Despite the fact that they’d return given some time, it was still too much of a sight! But this was a Rating Game! This was a match of an International Tournament! I wiped my tears away and prepared the cannons!

“Rias! I’ll shoot!”

“[<<D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!!!!>>]”

I screamed along with the voice coming from the jewel!

“Nyuutron Beam Cannon + ∞ Blasterrrrrrrrrr”

The ace move of Dragon Deification and my Breast Techniques combined, creating a dreadnought-class bullet that enveloped Rias and Gasper—.

—Nice one.

While being enveloped in the aura bullet, that’s what I heard Rias saying. The sky of the whole game field turned crimson as a giant explosion occurred—. After the shockwave from the bullet stopped — I couldn’t catch sight of Rias and Gasper. Following that, the announcer said.

<<The retirement of team [Rias Gremory]’s one Bishop and [King] has been confirmed! As such, this match — is won by team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]!>>


As the winner was decided, the spectators also cheered. I could hear the crowd’s cheering. The commentator also yelled,

<<Oooh! Finally, the fated match between [Oppai Dragon] and [Switch Princess] has been decided! The winner is, [Oppai Dragon] aka Hyoudou Issei’s team, [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]!!!!!>>

[Oppai Dragon! Oppai Dragon! Oppai Dragon! Oppai Dragon! Oppai Dragon! Oppai Dragon!]

The spectators chanted my name. Everyone was so hyped up. —Suddenly, Ddraig, whose body was full of wounds, came over to me. …One of his arms was broken, and his wings were also full of holes. Still, it didn’t seem like he lost. I asked my partner.

“…I won, Ddraig. How about you?”

[Yeah, I couldn’t finish the match with Crom Cruach. Although the Evil Dragon was injured, well, he was still strong nevertheless! It has been a long time since I’ve had a nice match!]

He made a very satisfied face! His fight against Crom Cruach must’ve been very entertaining. As I looked towards the place Ddraig was fighting — there were no more houses as everything had become one with the ground! Just how much fun did you have!? Ah! There were cracks all over the field’s sky! Had I had a longer fight against Rias, I can’t imagine how this field would have turned out to be…

I took a breath and said to my partner.

“It’s just the beginning.”

[Yeah, now that we’ve won this match, I’m also looking forward to our next match.]

I then did a fist-bump with Ddraig.

“[We’ll aim to be the strongest!]”

The third match of the Rating Game World Tournament—. It’s our victory, as team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]!

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  1. Its not DxD if issei didn’t do ecchi techniques against female opponent…

    And seeing your bride’s glorious oppai shrinking really a nightmare….
    Issei really grown stronger since he can withstand that nightmare….

    1. Yeah, but he had to do it to win. I also feel for him because he had to see his fiancée’s breasts shrinking. T_T

      But notice her reaction when she was hit by the attack. She said, “Nice one”. Made my smale.

          1. not only that but she used her demon form 3 times already during the match by that point she was already worn out.