Part 1

A post-match discussion was taking place in the VIP spectating room as Rias’s father — Zeoticus shook hands with Ise’s father Hyoudou Gorou.

“Hyoudou-san, that was a good match. Congratulations.”

Gorou was embarrassed in response to Zeoticus’ words.

“T-Thanks, but for my kid to beat Rias-san…”

“No, this is a match. Our girl’s team must’ve done their best as well. And above all, that was a good fight considering her opponent was her own fiance, Issei-kun. As expected of the partner that Rias chose.”

“N-No! That’s not true! Anyway, Bina-san, about Grayfia-san—”

“Yeah, we’ve taken care of her as well—”

As both fathers continued their post-match discussion, Ise’s mom Miki was also able to calm down. She had been worried that her son or daughter might’ve gotten hurt or involved in an accident during the whole match. She couldn’t stop worrying as she also heard the things that happened after one’s retirement. Still, she wanted to quickly go to the hospital room where Asia was. Rias’s mother — Venelana was watching beside her as she said.

“That was rather nerve-racking, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, my heart was pumping. Especially when Asia-chan was defeated, I almost lost myself… —But…”

Miki smiled upon looking at the sight of her son on the monitor. As Ise returned to the stadium, he waved his hands and smiled towards the spectators. Miki said,

“I think my kid was really cool. He’s a little bit perverted though.”

Venelana added,

“Yes, both Rias and Issei-san were really great.”

—Then, the two fathers stood up from their seats.

“Now, Hyoudou-san, let’s go meet our children. I am worried about Rias and my daughter-in-law.”

Gorou responded to Zeoticus’ invitation,

“Of course! I am also worried about Asia!”

Venelana invited Miki.

“—Let’s go to where our children are, shall we?”

Miki answered with a smile.


As they left the spectating room accompanied by their escort, Kanzaki Mitsuya, Miki then looked at the monitor one last time. Miki then smiled upon looking at the sight of her son who was speaking for the post-match interview.

“…Ise, I’ll come and see your next match as well. Please do your best until the last moment. Now, I have to go and visit Asia-chan.”

Part 2

Bina Lessthan — no, Grayfia Lucifuge, who lay on top of the hospital room’s bed, finally opened her eyes. She looked at the ceiling, and upon realising that it was a hospital room, she recalled the fact that she had been defeated by Rias. —Suddenly, there was someone who called for Grayfia.


It was her beloved son, Millicas. Millicas was here… As she touched her own face — she realised that she had returned to her usual form. Now that Millicas was here, he must’ve known that her mother had transformed into a teenager and wore a mask in order to participate in the tournament. She had been keeping this from Millicas… Ever since Sirzechs’s departure, she rarely had the chance to see her own son…due to her participation in the tournament. She once again realised just how selfish and cruel of a mother she was… She couldn’t bear to look at Millicas’ face. —Despite that, Millicas then started to talk merrily.

“Okaa-sama! You were so cool! Although you lost to Rias-neesama… But now that I know that Bina Lessthan is you, I will rewatch all your match clips!”

Millicas wasn’t angry and didn’t even looked confused as he proudly accepted his mother’s participation in the tournament. Grayfia was shocked by that response. Finally, she asked her son.

“…Are you not mad at me? I mean, I didn’t tell you anything and participated in the tournament… And I did not even talk to you that much while in the house…”

Millicas replied with a smile,

“It’s okay, you participated in the tournament after all! Plus…the sight of Okaa-sama fighting in the match was…the best!”

Grayfia’s eyes watered in response to Millicas’ answer as she started to cry. She hugged her son and apologised.

“… I am sorry… I am sorry… Millicas, I am sorry…”

“…Okaa-sama? Why are you crying?”

Millicas didn’t know how to respond to his mother, who was crying and apologising at the same time. Grayfia must’ve already found the thing that she must truly protect—.

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13 thoughts on “Parents.2”

    1. No. Because Rias is a King of different participant that lost. Might as well take Crom as “queen” if that’s allow, way better. If anyone says Crom is a guy, then you’re a fucking idiot. Coz the Evil Piece didn’t count genders. Besides, Amature or not, they still have Ingvild.

  1. now Grayfia eyes finally opened…
    she probably gonna retire as Issei’s Queen….
    if that happen the Queen’s seat for tournament gonna empty ~
    who gonna replace her i wonder…

    1. ingvild ? i mean she already got queen piece after all, just need time to master her power and since its DXD nothing strange one or two vol next she will join the battle

      1. for Ingvild probably still no-no…
        she still can’t control her power… against God-Class beings on next tournament using wild card is risky move…
        moreover her existence is still a secret, since if those Old-Maou faction know they gonna take her away and using them to gain control of Underworld, she has Original Maou’s blood on her veins (her magic power even on par with Vali) and ultimate weapon against Dragons after all ~
        until she strong enough and can control her power, Issei probably don’t want to let her fight…

          1. DielHauser is already Ultimate Devil, same as Vali, he has power on par with ‘lower’ God-Class….
            moreover he “Undefeated” on rating games…
            fighting with newbie member who can barely fight is suicide…

        1. probably queen will ingvlid because there is no other choice as bina will retire from his team and rias and others from her team can’t become his queen because of tournament’s rule …. so, i think they will utilise the time for their semifinal and train ingvlid so, that she can control her power as much as possible…in DxD that is certainly possible …so, i think ingvlid will issei’s queen in next match….and also, issei also needs to get stronger because next opponents will be even more stronger

  2. There’s a small mistake here:
    “Millicas didn’t know how to respond to her mother, who was crying and apologising at the same time.”

    It should be “his mother” here, not “her mother”.