Next Life. Victory or Defeat

Next Life. Victory or Defeat

A few days after the match concluded—.

All members of both teams, except Crom Cruach, gathered to celebrate the victory of team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] and enjoy a post-match party in the Hyoudou Residence’s living room. Well, even though the tournament was still ongoing, this wasn’t that big of a party as it was basically just everyone sharing a meal together.

Amidst that—

[Nice job everyone! Cheers!]

Following the toast, everyone gulped down their juice. Rias seemed to have calmed down after drinking from her glass as she sighed.

“Fu–, now that the tournament has ended, the awkwardness and tense atmosphere that was present due to our match is gone now… Congratulations, Ise.”

Rias congratulated me. Following that, the members of the [Rias Gremory] team also did the same.

“Yeah, thank you.”

Rias then informed me in response to my honest gratitude.

“This means that we’ll be backing you up from now on.”

Akeno-san continued.

“Yeah, that’s right. We’ll support you, Ise-kun, so that you can keep gaining victories.”

Koneko-chan also nodded.

“…Yes. Aim to be the champion.”

“I’ll also help you as much as I can.”

“The same with me and Valerie!”

“If there’s anything that you need from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Kiba, Gasper and Valerie said the same!

“Thanks, everyone!”

I almost teared up due to my servants’ and comrades’ kindness! Rias then asked Lint-san.

“Lint, what are you going to do from now on?”

Lint-san chowed down her piece of meat in one go and then replied,

“I’ll basically accompany you guys. However, I’m also a bit concerned about Cao Cao-sensei.”

Lint-san was curious about Cao-Cao and the new Hero Faction, after all. Kiba then asked His Eminence,

“How about Your Eminence?”

His Eminence came to this country as a member of Rias’s team. Now that Rias’ team had been disbanded, he wondered what His Eminence would do from now on, to which His Eminence replied,

“I participated in this tournament in order to be one of Rias-hime’s swords. However, my participation in the tournament has ended. —Still, I sense a disturbing atmosphere. I think I will be staying in Kuoh Town until the tournament ends.”

Ooh! There were so many questions that I wanted to ask and things to learn from His Eminence! If we could fight alongside His Eminence, then there’s nothing more reassuring than that! Now, about Crom Cruach who didn’t turn up today… Ddraig said,

[Well, he’ll show himself if there’s a strong enemy.]

It’s true that this tournament had ended for Crom Cruach. However, it seemed like he would show up and join the fight if a strong Evil God appeared.While both teams were having fun, the fourth match of the tournament was about to begin soon.

“Now, I am curious about the next match…”

That’s right, the winner of the fourth match would become the next opponent of [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]. We were curious about the match because of that. And several days after the celebration party—. Everyone who lived in the Hyoudou Residence and the people who were a part of the ORC gathered before the television in the living room as we looked at the screen.

<<The winner is—>>

The arbiter announced it

<<Team [Babel Belial] led by Diehauser Belial-senshu! Even the newcomer that everyone had high hopes for couldn’t win against the Rating Game’s Emperor!>>

That’s right, the winner of this fourth match was — the team led by Champion Diehauser Belial, [Babel Belial]! The [King] of team [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King], High-class Grim Reaper Zeno, who also had the Transcendental-class beings Balberith and Verrine, was defeated and they were eliminated from the tournament in their first match. On the screen, a member of the team [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] (probably Gressil) was seen confronting Balberith.

[Balberith! What is the meaning of this!?]

The members of team [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] seemed to be angry. …Geez, their team’s name is so long. Despite the fact that one of the team members was berating Balberith, the match was actually quite brutal. There were a lot of openings in the [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] team due to a lack of chemistry between the members , which the [Babel Belial] team exploited to defeat them grandly. However, the one who was beat up the most was the ace Balberith. Despite the fact that each member of [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] was strong and could perform bizarre attacks, they were all in vain as their King, the High-class Grim Reaper, was easily defeated by the [Champion]. Ravel then said upon looking at this result.

“In a way, the outcome turned out exactly like we predicted.”

Rias nodded.

“That’s right, even if there were those with special powers among the opponent’s team, we don’t know what will happen in a match. On top of that, things like these are most likely to happen if it’s the Champion who fought in the battle.”

Rossweisse-san also nodded while saying,

“The [King] of the Netherworld’s team is a High-class Grim Reaper. With this way of fighting, it’s only natural that he would be defeated by the Champion’s team.”

Koneko-chan, who seemed to feel something from the match, told everyone of her opinion.

“…That Balberith guy, I feel like his fighting style was becoming more similar to Ise-senpai’s Oppai Dragon fighting style.”

Irina also agreed with this.

“That’s right! I also felt that! I feel like I’ve seen that fighting style before, and it’s exactly like the regular moves of the SFX Oppai Dragon!”

It’s exactly as they said. The copper-haired young man tried to do the posing and attack movements that [Oppai Dragon] did in the SFX program [Breast Dragon Emperor Oppai Dragon] during the entire match, which was why all of their efforts went down the drain. The commentator was also troubled by the scene. I agreed with Koneko-chan and Irina’s opinion.

“Yeah, that’s what I felt upon looking at that as well. While it is true that I was surprised, the thought of [But why?] also crossed my mind.”

Xenovia then tilted her head.

“Wasn’t he the kind of Devil that did that style of fighting? You know, I remember him having a loose and impromptu fighting style.”

Kiba agreed with Xenovia.

“Yeah, that’s how he used to fight. He used his talent, or maybe you can say that he was the type who used his instinct. The type that does not have a certain style and is wild, that is.”

True, I had seen his fights in the recordings of his previous matches, and noticed that Balberith guy used a more loose and impromptu fighting style… Just like Kiba observed, it’s like he fought with his instincts. That’s why the Prince of the Ashura Godly Tribe couldn’t read his movements, and was defeated in the prelims as a result. Ravel said,

“…I don’t know what happened to them, but the result cannot be changed. With this, our opponent will be — the [Champion], Diehauser Belial-sama”

…I guess she’s right. Now our next opponent would be the Champion. The first ranker in the Rating Games! Who’d expect that we’d be matched up against the Rating Game’s Champion this fast…! No, the fact that we were in a world tournament meant that this result was inevitable as long as we kept winning. …We didn’t have a choice but to keep pushing ahead! —Suddenly, Nakiri asked me.

“…Senpai, what will Bina-san… No, Grayfia Lucifuge-san do from now on?”

Grayfia-san, huh.I scratched my cheek and replied,

“…I guess she can’t participate in the next match.”

“So the rumour that she is resting in the Gremory castle is true after all.”

For Roygun-san to say that, it seemed like she already got that info. As expected of our informer, she even knew about things that only a part of the Gremory family knew. Rias who was family to Grayfia-san said,

“…After Sirzechs-oniisama went to fight Trihexa, she has been pushing herself and, as a result, it made her mentally weak. That’s why they decided to have her spend time beside Millicas peacefully.”

From what I’ve heard, Rias’s parents urged Grayfia-san to rest. As her parents-in-law who had been taking care of her were worried about her, she chose to take a break in the castle. On top of that, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama also proposed that she reach out to Sirzechs-sama who was in the Isolation Barrier Field. It’s actually possible to communicate with the Isolation Barrier Field. Due to this being a top secret, only I knew about this even among my comrades. Well, although we could only contact them if there were any emergencies, we could still talk to Sirzechs-sama, Azazel-sensei and Leviathan-sama. Plus, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama told me that he’d have Grayfia-san join them. …Still, I would lose my strong [Queen] in my next match. But it was no more than a little problem…as I still had my important comrades and juniors with me. I continued,

“Oh that’s right, the second years will be having a school trip soon, right?”

The second years present here, Koneko-chan, Ravel, Gasper and Nakiri, nodded. Oh, and Ingvild who just transferred would be going as well. Nakiri’s vampire friend who wasn’t present here, Millarca Vordenburg, and the Sitri peerage’s Nimura Ruruko-san were also second-year students, so they would be going as well. I said to Ingvild,

“Kyoto, huh. Have fun while you’re there, Ingvild. Kyoto’s a good place. If you’re not attacked, that is.”

Ingvild replied with “Yeah, I’m looking forward to it” and smiled in response to my words. Kunou, who was silent until now, stood in front of anyone and said bravely.

“Kyoto is my territory! If I have the time, I will guide you guys!”

Oh wow, it seemed like Kunou would also be participating in the school trip. Ravel said this to me,

“Actually, on the day we have our school trip…we also have an Oppai Dragon show in the other side of Kyoto for the Youkai there.”

“Really! So I’ll also go to Kyoto?”

Ravel nodded in response to my question. Ooh, so that means I’ll go to Kyoto around the same time as last year! Kyoto was one of the territories where Youkai lived. And an Oppai Dragon show there… Oppai Dragon sure is going international. Rias, who loved Kyoto, had a big smile on her face.

“Fufufu, well then, everyone, let’s go sightseeing in Kyoto. Kyoto’s a good place.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

Akeno-san also smiled. It looked like we’d have a business trip in Kyoto before the fight with Champion. I hoped that nothing would happen this time because I wanted to spend my time there in peace!

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  1. Kinda disappointed that Issei, Raval, nor Kiba realized that was Bal who wrote to Issei. Guess they think he’s too old to be Bal.

    1. well who gonna expect that the one who write the letter with that childlike writing is one of Transcendental being from enemy side…

      1. I maybe wrong but wasn’t Balberith a artificial Super Devil and the kid that wrote the letter a child of a grim reaper? Isn’t that two different races? Or am I missing something cause I kinda held off on reading this arc when it came out so my memory maybe a bit fuzzy.🧐

        1. They assumed it was a grim reaper kid. There is no confirmation on who it is but it’s implied to the readers when Balberith talked about Oppai Dragon being his dad earlier in the book.