Rias Gremory had something to do before going against Ise. Accompanied by her [Knight], she waited for a certain person who was moving together with Ise. That was probably a suggestion from the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]’s strategist, Ravel. Right now, there were two people who were standing before Rias and Yuuto.Their beloved man wearing his crimson armour — Hyoudou Issei, and a woman wearing a Dragon’s mask — Bina Lessthan. That’s right, Rias wanted a face-off against Bina Lessthan before the final showdown with Ise. Ise then said to Rias.

“…We finally meet, but what are we going to do now I wonder?”

Ise also smiled wryly while looking at this match-up. Rias told Yuuto,

“Yuuto, I am counting on you.”


Yuuto then stood before Ise expressing his resolve through his aura and said.

“Ise-kun, would you please accompany me?”

In response to those words, Ise then looked at them and glanced at Bina Lessthan as he said.

“…Even if I reject that, you will have Rias fight against Bina-shi, right? I can also feel Gya-suke’s presence nearby as well. —Fine, I’ll face you till the end.”

He responded to Yuuto’s words and flew from that place. Ise felt Gasper’s presence. As Gasper was basically going to do the combination technique with Rias, he might’ve stayed hidden within Rias’s shadow. He must have been ordered to do that, so that if his master were to be in a dangerous situation, he could instantly provide support from the shadows. Ise and Yuuto flew away from the area, leaving Bina Lessthan to face Rias. Bina was releasing a combative aura.

“I’ll take you on, Rias Gremory.”

“I accept your challenge, Bina Lessthan.”

Rias understood that she would be no match for her opponent as is, so, she proceeded to initiate her combination technique with Gasper by reciting the chant.

“—Gasper, we’re using that.”


“Darkness, everlasting darkness, respond to this Devil of destruction.”

<<Princess of destruction, symbol of extinction, use this darkness of the Demon God.>>

Gasper’s darkness appeared from Rias’s shadow as it writhed and started to cover Rias’s legs. It then gradually covered her entire body.

“My evil eye, brother of the evil eyes, gather onto this destruction of mine.”

<<My master, sister of destruction, drape this forbidden night and true darkness around you.>>

Rias’s body was then covered in darkness, culminating in a new form.. And then, Rias and Gasper chanted the last verse at the same time.

“<<Give the enemy before you absolute destruction!>>”

Everything was swallowed by darkness. The landscape was dyed jet-black. Floating in the centre of this darkness was a human-shaped Devil of darkness who was enveloped in the deep red aura of destruction—. Having turned into a dark beast, a third eye with a deep red pupil opened on Rias’s forehead. That was the combination technique of Rias and Gasper, [Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess]

In response to Rias, who had started to release an enormous aura, Bina also enveloped herself with an equal amount of aura. Both of them then leapt towards the sky as Rias’s power of destruction and Bina’s Maou-class aura started colliding with each other! Rias’s attacks while being enveloped by Gasper were explosive-like and so powerful that they easily shot down Bina’s Maou-class Devil Power. Rias’s current power had exceeded Maou-class. That being said, the fact that it drained the user’s stamina quickly meant that she had to be careful while using it. Ever since that form manifested, they had trained again and again in order to be able to lengthen the time to be in that form. Although it was far better compared to the time during the prelims…they were still unable to keep the duration of their transformation up for as long as Ise’s Dragon Deification. For that reason, fighting Bina over a long period of time would be suicidal. However, Rias felt that…her worries would be nothing but a fleeting concern. That’s because — there was despair in Bina’s huge attacks. Rias heard that something had occurred with Bina — Grayfia, during the training camp of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team from the Gremory household. Despite that, Rias thought that she was simply expressing the things she had kept for herself. Bina — Grayfia must’ve been more and more worried day by day along with the tournament.

She was her sister-in-law, a family member that had helped raise her ever since she was small. Rias knew about the true side of Sirzechs Lucifer’s Queen, Grayfia Lucifuge, who always tried to show her dignity, her glamorous side, and her shine. But it t was also a fact that she was someone who got lonely easily. One day, she would not be able to contain it and would break. If it happened during her conversation with Ise, it was only a matter of time before her aura would start to get unstable like the one she was enveloping herself in right now. That’s why, as her sister-in-law, Rias thought that there’s no way other than solving it by herself. After several minutes of aura-bullet shootings, Rias’s destruction power started to completely overwhelm Bina’s attacks. Not only that, Bina’s large-sized bullet attacks were stopped due to the third eye of the dark-clothed Rias which was capable of stopping time. Rias then said to Bina, her sister-in-law.

[Ise has his own dream. That’s why he tries so hard, and almost died on several occasions. Because of that, his dream is starting to become a reality. The fact that he has become a High-class Devil too was achieved because of his honest battles and struggles.]

Rias then charged her aura and turned her Devil power into a giant sphere.

“I… I…”

Bina, who had lost her words, managed to create a sphere from her unstable aura and fired it at Rias. Rias responded by throwing her own sphere and spoke upfront. —She couldn’t contain the feelings she held towards the person before her eyes.

[…Please, dearest sister-in-law… Acknowledge Ise’s true dream… And also, sister, you too… Don’t get caught up by the fact that you are the Lucifer’s [Queen]…! If you have any problems, please count on me, father or mother! Although I might not be able to replace brother…. Still, we are — your family!]

As Bina, no, Grayfia listened to Rias’s sincere words—.

Bina’s Dragon mask was destroyed due to the shockwave caused by the collision between their demonic powers. Tears were flowing from Bina’s face—.

“…Rias, I… I…”

Rias’s aura swallowed Bina, Grayfia, her sister-in-law—. A moment later, the announcer said.

<<—Team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]’s [Queen], Retired!>>

As Grayfia disappeared, Rias looked at the sky. She then took a deep breath and undid the combination technique with Gasper. As she changed her attention, she looked at the place where Yuuto and Ise went.

“…Yuuto, now it’s you who must express yourself.”

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  2. well… it seems some people quite “disappointed” with the fight…
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    – she mentally unstable, she always become “perfect and dependable” but she still a woman who can feel sad and sorrow, moreover no one can comfort her since on the outside she viewed as “strong woman”, of course she would breakdown eventually….
    – Rias using Balor power, a GOD’s power, with her own Destruction power, she in a way, become like her brother, while her brother become humanoid Destruction, she clad herself in Balor power and Destruction armor, against unstable and restricted Grayfia, its natural that Rias can defeat Grayfia just like that….
    (just a reminder that Gasper in the future is “Super Devil”, from that statement alone showing how strong Balor power is)

    this fight is development for Grayfia, to overcome her sadness and for Rias to try become dependable little sister that her older sister can rely on.

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