Life.1 That’s right, Let’s go to Kyoto This Year As Well!

Life.1 That’s right, Let’s go to Kyoto This Year As Well!

The day after Yasaka-san’s sudden visit (She had left for Kyoto after enjoying a cup of tea with Rias and the other girls living in my house), We, the members of Occult Research Club had a meeting after school, to decide the programme we would be doing during the autumn event, the school festival, as it was the next event that came after the school trip. Vice-president Kiba, who was standing in front of the whiteboard, said to the members who were sitting on the sofa.

“—And with that, I would like to decide what we’ll be doing during the school festival because the time is short.”

Irina raised her hand and said,

“Why don’t we re-do our last year’s Occult Mansion? It was quite popular too.”

Xenovia, the current head of Student Council, responded to this,

“However, doing the same thing for two years in a row feels boring.”

Irina responded back to Xenovia’s words

“The head of the Student Council sure is strict.”

“Of course.”

Xenovia then folded her arms and bowed her head. She had made time from her Student Council head schedule to show up at the ORC meeting. The [Occult Mansion] that Irina referred to was the programme we did during the school festival last year, using the whole old school building as the venue. It was a programmewhere all of the Occult Research Club members participated, consisting of a cafe with girls wearing cute waitress attire, a haunted house with me, Kiba and Gasper cosplaying as the monsters, and a fortune-telling corner by Akeno-san and Koneko-chan. The programmethat the ORC did was so successful that the tickets were selling like hot cakes. I mean, we sold an absurd amount of them. That was the reason why Irina thought doing the same thing would be prominent.

Although Rias and Akeno-san had graduated and went to college, we were still quite popular as we were full of beauties, and we also had Kiba and Gasper, the handsome guys who were popular among the girls. Plus, we also had new members who were beauties like Le Fay, Bennia, Tosca-san, Kunou (spare member), as well as Ingvild. We also had more people than last year. However, like Xenovia said, doing the same thing for two years in a row felt boring. If Rias wasstill the president, she’d also say ‘I don’t want us doing the same thing for two years in a row’. I twisted my neck and said,

“If we want to surpass last year’s programme with other things, the difficulty suddenly rises.”

After that, we asked everyone’s opinion with the conditions said just now, ‘It shouldn’t be the same as last year’. For example,

“What about a play?”

That was Gasper’s opinion. But there’s already the drama club, so it would overlap with them… Also, even though we had some people who already had experience performing at [Oppai Dragon] events, what kind of play would the ORC do…? Next was Koneko-chan’s opinion.

“… How about cooking?”

“I’ll help you with cooking.”

said Tosca-san, who had her white hair braided.. There were also other clubs who would do cafes or food stalls. Plus, we already did a cafe last year. Although this was the regular thing, Asia then told her opinion.

“Then how about presenting a research theme/subject?”

I’m not sure about pictures demonstrating lifestyles of Devils, Angels or Youkai, but it’s a solid idea. However, it wouldn’t be as attractive as last year’s. Then came Le Fay’s opinion.

“Why don’t we make a movie with an occult theme?”

However, as there was also the movie-related club which must be doing a movie as well this year, it’d overlap again…

<<What about the popular Grim Reaper Cookies from the Netherworld?>>

The female Grim Reaper Bennia suggested… She’s the [Knight] of Sona Sitri-senpai’s peerage, the daughter of an Ultimate-class Grim Reaper Orcus, as well as a human – Grim Reaper hybrid. Even though I was really interested in Grim Reaper Cookies…it seemed like ingredients were dangerous. The fox girl, Kunou, then raised her hand.

“What about a haunted house with real Yokais? …Is it not good?”

As we toned down a bit, there came such an opinion. Yes, apart from Kunou, we all had many connections to supernatural beings, people with superpowers and monsters…. Despite that, dealing with them at the school festival of this place, which is a normal school on the outside, would be hard.


As for Ingvild, shebecame half-asleep in the middle of the meeting. Of course, she’s still receiving treatment for her sleeping disease, but probably her drowsiness reached it’s peak due to relaxed atmosphere of the meeting. Despite the whiteboard being full with various programmes, there was none on which we could decide on… That being said, we couldn’t afford to ask the previous president’s (The OG, Rias) opinion, as her charismatic words might consolidate everyone’s opinions.Rather than that, with our current president Asia in the lead, we think that the programme of the present ORC should be decided on by everyone. On top of that, if we were to ask Rias questions about these issues, I am sure she would reply strictly with,

“Think about it yourself.”

The time for club activities had almost come to an end, and we had not found an idea that was accepted by everyone. Kiba put on the cap of his pen and said.

“Seems like we won’t come up with anything, doesn’t it. Well, let’s end it here then.”

“Everyone, please think about the programmes until our next meeting.”

As Asia said that to everyone, the club members replied with “Understood”. After that, Kiba looked at Xenovia and said,

“I’ll let everyone know that the Student Council will be nagging at us if we don’t decide soon.”

Xenovia nodded.

“That’s right. I’ll pecking at you without any mercy. But of course, I’m also thinking of an idea.”

—As club activities had ended, I asked Ravel about my schedule after this.

“Well, before we start doing our Devil’s Job, — we have that first, huh.”

“That’s right. Rias-sama also seems like she will come.”

Ravel and I had somewhere to go before doing our Devil’s Job. Xenovia responded by saying,

“Are you talking about that?”

I nodded.

“—That’s right, it’s Ryuuteimaru.”

The place Rias, Ravel and I were going to visit was — one of the establishments in the Underworld owned by the Fallen Angels’ association [Grigori]. It was a dock where research about mobile weapons, as well as analysis on tanks and aircrafts that humans created was done in order to create their own aircrafts and special vehicles. And we went towards a certain deck in that place. The deck that we visited was originally a place where big aircrafts were carried in, which was why the place was quite spacious. The thing that was stored there was — my magical ship-like familiar—Ryuuteimaru, the Skíðblaðnir. Skíðblaðnir was an extraordinary magical ship created by the Ivaldi family of the Norse Mythology (they were also the ones who created Thor’s Mjolnir). It was something that I received from Surtr Second-san, the [Rook] of Rias’s brother, Maou Sirzechs Lucifer.

At first, the ship looked like a small plastic model, but it was also called a living ship, which got its name as the ship would grow using the master’s aura as a source. Plus, depending on its master’s aura, it could grow into various forms and could even evolve. When I was able to do Dragon Deification, it transformed into a giant ship that could fit all of my team members easily. The shape also looked like a Dragon. However — there was another change that began in Ryuuteimaru. What stood before our eyes was a ship enveloped in a thin red membrane. My Ryuuteimaru was suddenly enveloped in a cocoon-like membrane. A lot of researchers were present near Ryuuteimaru as they were helping me identify the reason behind the change that occured to my magical ship. I discovered this when I was training with my team members for the upcoming tournament. We were discussing to see if we could use Ryuuteimaru in one of our strategies, and when I summoned it , it was already in this state which surprised everyone. After that, I quickly contacted the Grigori and asked them to analyse my Ryuuteimaru. And today, we were going to check its condition which was stored in this place. I looked upon Ryuuteimaru which was in its cocoon state. The size of it had shrunk down compared to the time when they took it in! It had shrunk so much compared to the time it was a giant ship!

“…It has shrunk down quite a bit.”

That was what Ravel said. I was quite shocked as Ryuuteimaru had been steadily growing, and it suddenly shrunk down so much! While looking at Ryuuteimaru’s cocoon state, Rias said,

“… But, looking through its cocoon state, the insides might also have changed as well.”

Yeah, we could see the insides a little bit from the thin red membrane… And its shape had changed a lot. … Rather than a flying ship…

“Hello, everyone.”

We were greeted by someone. As we turned our heads — the current governor of Grigori, Shemhazai-san, was standing there. Shemhazai-san also took part in Ryuuteimaru’s investigation. As I looked on, I asked Shemhazai-san,

“How is it?”

“Inside this cocoon-like thing it is surely changing the interior.”

“…From a flying ship, what do you think is it trying to become??”

I directly asked Shemhaza-san.

“About that, it might be better if you ask the expert…the girl over there that insisted to be a part of the research team.”

As Shemhaza-san looked towards the room, a beautiful girl with long and pale green-tinted blonde hair, Seekvaira Agares-san, appeared! She was the next head of the Agares family, as well as one of the promising young Devils, the [Rookies Four], along with Rias, Sona-senpai and Sairaorg-san! Seekvaira-san then smiled while glistering with her glasses.

“Good day, Rias-san, Hyoudou Issei-kun and Ravel Phoenix-san.”

As we greeted each other, I asked Seekvaira-san,

“Seekvaira-san! So you joined the research team!”

“Yeah. I heard some interesting things, you see.”

Following that, Seekvaira-san then started to walk.

“Anyway, please come here.”

We then followed Seekvaira-san and went towards the side of Ryuuteimaru. Seekvaira-san then pointed her finger.

“I believe that you have already realized it from the thin cocoon, but thruster-like protrusions have appeared there, there, there, there and on its back. I believe that they would pump out demonic power…aura and increase the speed.”

Indeed, like Seekvaira-san said, we could see from the thin cocoon that thruster-like protrusions had appeared. Although there were also things that were used to pump out demonic powerattached on the various parts of the ship previously, the size of the thrusters was bigger this time…

“… What’s happening? Or rather, the flying ship… is turning into something different from a ship…?”

Seekvaira-san then responded to me.

“I believe that the ship…has the ability to fly. However, it seems like it’s becoming more of a flying unit instead of a ship.”

“What is this guy trying to be?”

I had no choice but to mumble that. …A magical ship. The ship part, as well as the flying ship shape, were already changing… Also, the ‘Ryuuteimaru’ that I had written on the sail had disappeared along with the sail?

“Let’s go to the second floor of the deck.”

We followed Seekvaira-san who had started walking again.I somehow felt that Seekvaira-san was happy about this… Considering that she liked robots and mechanics, I guess it was inevitable as this was her specialty. Or rather, her hobby. Once we arrived at the second floor, Rias, Ravel and I looked at Ryuuteimaru in its cocoon state from the top. Seekvaira-san pointed with her fingers and started explaining to us.

“There are also cannons appearing on both sides. They must be able to release a big amount of aura.”

Seekvaira-san took out her tablet and showed us the things that occured to Ryuuteimaru within its cocoon in 3D. As she tapped her tablet, the 3D model of Ryuuteimaru moved, showing the cannons which appeared on both sides of the ship clearly. Seekvaira-san then tapped on all parts of Ryuuteimaru on her tablet.

“There are passages that open and close on all parts of the body. I’ve also discussed this with the people from Grigori and concluded that they might be storing weapons.”

… Giant thrusters, cannons, and weapons on all over its body… Rias and Ravel said,

“It’s quite the offensive form.”

“… If it keeps growing this way, I guess it’ll be able to defend our base on it’s own.”

…It was full of weapons, huh. Ryuuteimaru, just what in the world are you thinking—? Seekvaira-san then pointed at a certain part. Following that, everyone then focused on that. There…was something like a hole. Seekvaira-san then zoomed in to that part and explained.

“There is a cave-like hole in the middle of it. Its size exactly fits for one person. The fact that this is your familiar means that this cavity is—”

It was at that moment, before Seekvaira-san could finish her words. There was a voice that interrupted Seekvaira-san’s lines.


As we turned our heads, there was a gothic loli girl — Ophis standing there. Beside her was her other self, Lilith. Both of them were holding hands. We were bewildered by the sudden appearance of the Dragon God sisters. I mean, that’s because the two of them, who were always at the Hyoudou Residence, suddenly came to a Grigori establishment! It’s only natural to be surprised!

“Ophis! Why are you here!?

Ophis replied,

“I felt my energy, Great Red’s energy, and Ise’s energy being mixed. That’s why I came here.”

There were something thin and long covering Ophis and Lilith’s necks. The thing that was releasing a rainbow-coloured light was — a snake-like Dragon with a long body.

“Hey, Ophis, is the thing on your neck an immature Spectre Dragon?”

That’s right, we were asked by one of the former Dragon Kings, [Blaze Meteor Dragon] Tannin-ossan, to keep the egg of the uncommon Spectre Dragon until it hatched. The egg safely hatched into twin baby Dragons. …The babies were quite small compared to the egg’s size. Also called the ‘Rainbow Dragon’, the scales of these Dragons shined in all seven colors. They were very beautiful Dragons even though they were still babies. It seemed like they were attached to Ophis, who had been looking after the egg until they were born. Ophis patted the body of the baby Dragon who curled around her neck.

“They say that they came to play because they’ve gotten a little bigger”

… I still think that they’re quite small. Well, their fully grown form is said to be far bigger than this, so I believe they would start growing from now. Also, the Dragons sometimes put their tail in their mouth, forming the symbol of Ophis the Ouroboros—of the infinity. Was this because of Ophis? — Well, while being interested in the baby Dragons are good, let’s go back to the thing Ophis said just now. I asked Ophis.

“Hey, is it utilizing Ophis’s…infinity and Great Red’s flesh that became my body?”

“Ise’s black armor, the strongest form. Now all you have to do is to get more experience and increase your own power and just by doing that you will be quite strong. But —, it will be a different story if you have the embodiment of the similar power outside of yourself —The power of Infinity and Dreams is going to be even stronger.”

Ophis made her hand in the form of gun and directed it at Ryuuteimaru. — It was the same movement she did when I first met Ophis and Great Red. Ophis showed a small smile and said,

“— Great Red’s power, it’s the manifestation of that answer.”


…Great Red’s power… The one that resides within me, it’s answer, manifestation…?

“Hey, Ophis, do you mean—”

When I tried to ask Ophis that, Shemhazai-san came up to the deck and talked energetically.

“Ooh, Ophis, what a good chance. Is it okay if I ask your opinion? Something that represents the Book of Revelation-like thing that appeared on that side—”

Shemhazai-san researcher’s heart was burning and started to talk so fast. It might be because he found Ophis in this kind of place. That part of Shemhazai-san was really rare. However, the higher-ups of the Grigori were mainly researchers. Even the previous Governor Azazel-sensei liked these kinds of things, so it couldn’t be helped if the current Governor Shemhazai-san was also the same. I said,

“If Azazel-sensei were here, we might be able to hear a more detailed explanation… However, the things that Ophis told us can be a good hint too.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Too bad that Azazel-sensei isn’t present here. Also, has Beelzebub-sama been informed about this?”

Ravel replied and asked Seekvaira-san.

“Yeah. If he discovers something, I believe that Beelzebub-sama’s personal expert, will let us know.”

Although we still didn’t completely understand Ryuuteimaru’s condition, I guess we could rest easy if the Grigori and Beelzebub-sama were continuing with the investigation. After all, I didn’t know anything about this. I looked towards Ophis who was bombarded by Shemhazai-san’s questions. …Dragon God’s black armor was the manifestation of Ophis’s power of infinite. And then, the change that occured to Ryuuteimaru was Great Red’s…

My body was once destroyed due to the poison of Samael, the strongest Dragon Slayer, the [Dragon Eater], when the Underworld was attacked during the [Demonic Beast Riot]. I was then able to regain my body after borrowing Ophis’s power and a part of Great Red’s flesh. As a result, my body became something unbelievable being constructed using the same thing as Great Red’s body while having the power that I borrowed from Ophis residing within me.

[Apocalypse Dragon] Great Red, [Ouroboros Dragon] Ophis. The powers of those two Dragon Gods were flowing in my body. Beelzebub-sama had also told me previously that Great Red’s power was still sleeping within my body. Once that was released—did that mean I’d level up…? I looked at my own hands and thought about that.

Part 2

“Talking about Kyoto, the [Aoi] Japanese Restaurant is a must, right? The steamed sea bream is really good.”

“Ara, but the chicken cooking of [Ooraku] Japanese Restaurant was also great. It’s also a place that Serafall-sama recommended.”

“I’ll introduce you to an interesting place where the people of Urakyoto go to secretly!”

The night before their departure to Kyoto. The two Onee-san, Rias and Akeno-san, who had already finished packing, were talking about Kyoto along with Kunou in the living room. …Rias and Akeno-san had completely turned into travel-mode as they planned where and what to eat while looking at a travel magazine. Kunou was also excited as she was going to return home. Well, even though we’d be going for an [Oppai Dragon] event, it’d be somewhat like a trip that we hadn’t had for a while. Especially for Rias, who really liked Kyoto. That being said, there were also times where she’d go to Kyoto for little events and whatnots. For example, this year’s first shrine visit of the New Year and the graduation trip in spring. And for Rias to be this happy must mean that she really liked Kyoto. Well, actually, she liked all the tourist destination in Japan. However, being able to go with everyone might also be the reason why she was several times happier, as everyone was busy with their own things and we couldn’t really go together with all the members… On the other hand, Koneko-chan was checking the school trip guidebook while sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“Koneko-chan, what’s your first destination?”

“…It’s Uji.”

Oh, Uji, huh. So it means that, right?

“Are you looking for matcha sweets?”

Koneko-chan unexpectedly nodded in response to my question.

“Yes. I’ve talked with Ravel and plan to eat japanese matcha sweets while visiting the Mimuroji temple.”

Ravel planned to team up with Koneko-chan and go around Kyoto. Ravel, who was in her pajamas, had just finished taking a bath and said,

“We also plan to visit the must-see places like Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkakuji, but I think we’ll do it on our last day. Because, unexpectedly, we’ve seen the main places during events, festivals or long vacations.”

Indeed. We also went to Kyoto for our first shrine visit of the New Year and spring holiday too after all. We, the members of ORC, travelled to Kyoto pretty often. — Suddenly, Ravel’s expression changed as she started to look worried.

“…However, I am worried. While Ise-sama, Rias-sama and the others are doing the show on the event, is it okay for me, the manager, to be traveling when I’m not needed…”

That’s right, the four days and three nights school trip of Koneko-chan, Ravel, Ingvild, Gasper, Nakiri and the second-year students basically had the same schedule as our [Oppai Dragon] event. That being said, our schedules were not so tight, and the time for both the event and the school trip had been distinctly set, enabling us to take a rest as well as
go sightseeing at various places. That’s why Ravel, while managing our schedule, was also able to enjoy her trip. Koneko-chan also planned to make her appearance as [Hellcat] on the [Oppai Dragon] show in Urakyoto while also enjoying her school trip in Kyoto.

Hearing Ravel’s words, Rias said with a smile.

“It’s fine, Ravel. You should also enjoy your trip. This is your only trip in high school, you know? The show’s preparation is already completed and the show will go smoothly without any delays. Rest easy.”

Akeno-san laughed as she went “Ufufu”.

“Ravel-chan, don’t hold back and please just enjoy your trip with Koneko-chan, Gasper-kun, Ingvild-chan and others. We also plan to enjoy Kyoto ourselves when we are free/during our free time.”

I also added,

“That’s right Ravel. This is your precious high school trip. Have fun with Koneko-chan and Gasper-kun. I also want to leave Ingvild, who hasn’t gotten used to Japan, to you. Also, this is an order from your [King].”

Since Ingvild became a part of my peerage, she became a second-year student in Kuoh academy. However, she hadn’t really gotten used to Japan, and because of that, I was really worried about her going to an unfamiliar place. That’s why I wanted to entrust Ingvild to Ravel and Koneko-chan.

“Fufu. Oh, Ise-sama, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll have to obey my [King]’s order. I won’t be able to help you if you can’t find your handkerchief or even check your schedule as I’ll be travelling around Kyoto with Shirone, Ingvild-sama and the rest.”

“Hey, I am not a child!”

Suddenly, Kunou jumped into the conversation.

“Leave Ise to me! Kyoto is like a garden to me!”

Ravel nodded pleasantly in response to the words of the one who was born and raised in Kyoto.

“Ufufu, I’ll leave him to you. Ise-sama, if there’s anything, please contact me ASAP.”

“Got it.”

I spoke to Ingvild, who was sitting in the corner of the room.

“Ingvild, enjoy your trip in Kyoto. You don’t need to worry about anything as long as you follow Ravel and Koneko-chan.”

Ingvild smiled in response to my words.

“Yes. I’m looking forward to Kyoto. Ravel-san, Koneko-san, I’ll be in your care.”

““Leave it to us.””

Ravel and Koneko-chan cheerfully responded in sync to Ingvild’s wish. —In the middle of our conversation, suddenly–

“What, are you serious!?”

We could hear Rossweisse-san’s surprised voice from the dining room. As I looked over that way —. Surprise! Roygun Belphegor-san appeared with a white gown and miniskirt! Her dazzlingly white legs peeked from between the slit of her mini skirt! She even wore glasses, making her look like a real female doctor! Rossweisse-san asked Rias.

“R-Rias-san, you knew that Roygun-san is going to be a temporary medical staff member in Kuoh academy, did you not!?
—! Even I was surprised by Rossweisse-san’s question! What!? Roygun-san is going to be a part of our school’s medical staff!? I mean, yeah, Kuoh academy was owned by the Gremory household, so if a Devil were to become a staff member, Rias should also know that. As expected, Rias seemed to know this as she answered Rossweisse-san.

“Yeah. It was a sudden decision. Well, it’s a long story, you see. Although it’s temporary, Roygun-san will be a part of our medical staff.”

T-That’s—-very nice! For Roygun-san, a beauty, to become a medical staff member in our school! I’m sure that those bastards at school would make a ruckus about this… I might even get myself injured on purpose to go to the school infirmary! Roygun-san then put her hand on my back with a bewitching expression as if knowing what’s in my heart and said to me erotically.

“If there’s anything, please come to my place. I’ll look at everything. I can also heal a virginity, you know?”

Are you serious!? By all means, please cure meeeeee! By the way, was virginity a disease!? W-Well, let’s not worry about the details.


It was Rias’s cough. Oh dear, a warning from my girlfriend. Rias then continued.

“By the way, I apologize for this sudden request just after you got hired, but you will be going as an infirmary staff member along with the students to Kyoto as well.”

Ah, I see. She’s going with the students to Kyoto, huh. Roygun-san smiled.

“I’m looking forward to Kyoto.”

Rias then added ‘Also’.

“Roygun-sama, don’t forget about your horns.”

That’s right, there were horns in Roygun-san’s head. She wouldn’t be able to show herself in front of the students with those things on.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.”

Roygun-san flicked her horns with her fingers and—the two horns on her head disappeared. With this, she now looked like a glamorous female doctor no matter how you looked at it.

Still, for Roygun-san to become an infirmary staff member in Kuoh academy…! In the second term of my third year, huh! Shit! I want to spend another year in there!

That’s what I thought. —Suddenly, from my back,

“We’ll visit Kinkakuji in Kyoto once again. Come with us, Lint! It’s a very beautiful place!”

“Got it, Xenovia-paisen!”

“Oh, Xenovia, you really like Kinkakuji, don’t you?”

“It shines gold after all.”

“I wonder if it’s fine for a pure-blooded Vampire to go sightseeing around the temples in Japan.”

The Church Trio, Xenovia, Irina and Asia, along with Lint-san and Elmenhilde-san— were fantasizing about Kinkakuji and Kyoto. After that, we talked about how we’d spend our time in Kyoto —.

—Thinking about it now, this might be our most peaceful time.

Part 3

Departure day—.

We, the people who’d attend the [Oppai Dragon] event (I, Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Xenovia, irina, Kiba) and those who accompanied us (Elmenhilde, Lint-san), as well as Kunou, who’d be returning to her hometown, had gathered in Tokyo station. We went to Kyoto a day before those who went on the school trip (Koneko-chan, Ravel, Ingvild, Gasper, Nakiri, Millarca Vordenburg-san, as well as Nimura Ruruko-san of the Sitri peerage). Koneko-chan, Ravel, Rossweisse-san, Ingvild, Gasper, Nakiri and Roygun-san saw us off. Kuroka and Le Fay went to the Vali team, so they weren’t there.

As we were going to meet with Ravel and the rest in Kyoto anyway, it would be good to go there together at the same day, but decided not to do so.
Everyone thought that riding a Shinkansen to Kyoto along with other students is a must. And I agree. After all, that’s how a school trip starts.His Eminence Strada and Bova didn’t come here today, as we had them stay in Kuoh town in order to protect it and Hyoudou household while we were gone. And with that, we, the people who’d be attending the event, used the Shinkansen from Tokyostation. By the way, this was Rias’s suggestion. She believed that going to Kyoto with the Shinkansen was the best. Rias then spoke to the School trip group, Koneko-chan, Ravel, Ingvild, and Gasper.

“Well, we’re off first. You guys enjoy your school trip to your heart’s content.”


I said to Rossweisse-san, Nakiri and Roygun-san.

“Well then, contact us if there’s anything, starting from tomorrow.”



“All right.”

The three of them nodded. I then whispered to Rossweisse-san’s ear.

(…Go easy on the alcoholl.)

As I said that, Rosweisse-san’s face turned bright red in response.

“I-I know!”

There were last year’s incident, as well as yesterday’s incident. It would also be inconvenient if she drank too much and puke again… I also said to Ingvild,

“Enjoy your trip.”


Next was Nakiri.

“Well, I’ll go to Kyoto first.”

“Okay. …By the way, I am from the Nakiri household, so Kyoto is a familiar place to me…”

Nakiri smiled bitterly. Nakiri must’ve a deep bond to the old capital of Japan, being a part of the Five Principal Clans. Kyoto was Japan’s strongest power spot, as well as a vast magical town. I smiled a bit.

“Damn, I have too many friends who have connections to Kyoto.”

“Everyone with supernatural abilities, as well as monsters who live in Japan, have connections to Kyoto, you know?”

Nakiri continued.

“It’ll be great if nothing happens this time. I’ve heard about last year’s incident from you people and…the Five Principal Clans’ side.”

Well, last year was really troublesome. We were attacked by the Hero Faction, and Yasaka-san was also abducted. — Suddenly, I realized something from Nakiri’s words and asked.

“The Five Principal Clans are cooperating with us this year because of an emergency, right?”

Last year, during the Hero Faction’s assault, the people from the Five Principal Clans who were in Kyoto and its surroundings didn’t directly cooperate with us. Although it looked like they cooperated indirectly… Nakiri nodded.

“That’s right. Because of the [Khaos Brigade] going on a rampage and the Three Factions having just formed an alliance, the Five Principal Clans also thought carefully on what they were going to do from now on. Everyone and the Youkai side were also in the middle of forming an alliance. …Well, the retired people of the Five Principal Clans were stubborn and were against cooperating with that, which was quite troublesome…”

…Considering that they were families with traditional customs, I guess the fact that they couldn’t come up with a conclusion in response to the Hero Faction’s assault was true. I am sure that Akeno-san’s cousin, the current head of Himejima family, Suzaku-san was also having a hard time… Cao ao and the others were also on our side now, so I think there’s no need to worry about that kind of thing. As we talked about those things—.

“Great. It seems like you guys haven’t departed yet.”

“It looks like we barely made it.”

The [Slash Dog] team that Ikuse-san led, as well as Cao Cao along with the rest from the [Hero Faction] team, gathered on the Shinkansen platform.

“Ikuse-san! Cao Cao too!”

I raised my voice! What a surprise! I was thinking about the Himejima family and the Hero Faction, and the implied people (Ikuse-san’s grandmother is a Himejima, so he’s the second cousin of Akeno-san) suddenly came! Ikuse-san and Cao Cao walked towards me. I asked,

“What is it, you two?”

Ikuse-san said,

“We’ll be acting as your escort this time. Plus, we also have some personal things to take care of in Kyoto. So, we’ll be going together with you”

Cao Cao answered.

“I was entrusted with Kyoto and — Urakyoto’s security.”

I see! So they’re our escort as well as Urakyoto’s protectors! Recently, there were some suspicious Unknown Devils from the alliance of the Rulers of Hell attacking us after all. There’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t appear in the event’s place at Urakyoto. Especially if people like the Goddess of Night Nyx came to attack us. If that happened, it’d create a lot of trouble for us. — Suddenly, Kunou’s eyes met Cao Cao’s.

Kunou had complicated expressions. …Last year, because of that incident, there was still an awkward atmosphere between them. Even though it seemed like Kunou heldd no strong hatred towards him… However, it’s inevitable that Cao Cao and the Hero Faction were hated as they did such things. As if grasping the situation, Cao Cao then said to me loudly so Kunou could hear.

“Also, I want to formally apologize to princess Yasaka and the princess over there.”


…I see, so he also got the chance to formally apologise. After all, being part of Mount Meru meant he couldn’t even do a personal conduct such as apologising. Sakra orthe First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan must’ve considered his feelings. [I’ll talk with the others, so quickly apologise to her] — or something like that. After such things happened at the platform—.

[Soon, the train going to Kyoto will be departing.]

The announcer’s voice announcing the train’s departure could be heard. Rias then said to the departing group.

“Let’s go.”

With this, this year too, our trip to Kyoto began—.