Life. 2

Life.2 Kyoto and the Urakyoto

“We’ve been waiting for you.”

As we arrived at  Kyoto station, we were soon greeted by the people from Urakyoto. The people who greeted us were Onee-sans wearing suits! Although they didn’t show their ears as they were in their human form, they were actually spirit foxes. As such, we were then guided to an isolated area where a torii was built.

“Please go on. Yasaka-sama and the others are waiting for you.”

We passed the gate as instructed by the girls. As we did that—. The world around us completely changed at once. The scenery of Kyoto in the afternoon vanished and changed into a dim world. The buildings looked like the ones from the Edo period, and there were Youkais, peeking out from windows and doors while there were also some on the streets who looked at us . Onee-sans with a long neck and kimono, a giant monster raccoon dog, a one-legged paper umbrella, and many other Youkai residents that appeared in stories welcomed us—.

 [Wooooooow! It’s Oppai Dragon!]

They welcomed us happily with cheers! All of the Youkai gathered around us with glittering eyes! Last year, they merely gazed at us with curiosity, however we didn’t receive such a warm welcome

! On the other hand, Kunou was also welcomed enthusiastically.

“Welcome back, Princess!”

“Kunou-sama, you’ve grown. Have one hundred years passed?”

“Kunou-sama, a souvenir, a souvenir!”

Kunou smiled bitterly in response to the Youkais’ voices.

“Stop it, guys!  We just met during the summer break..”

Kunou was happy to have a talk with the people in her hometown. Now, while we were surrounded by the mass of Youkai—.

“Hey, hey, calm down.”

A voice of someone controlling the crowd could be heard while clapping her hands. As we looked over that way—Yasaka-san appeared with her attendants! The Youkai turned into silence and created the passage for  Yasaka-san’s appearance. Yasaka-san who stood before us then greeted us.

“I greatly apologise for my sudden visit yesterday. And also, once again, welcome to the Urakyoto”

I was really surprised by her sudden appearance yesterday, but…as expected, the scenery of Urakyoto did match Yasaka-san very well. Kunou jumped into Yasaka-san’s breasts.

“I’m home… Well, we just met not long ago though… Still, Kunou is home!”

“Umu, umu, welcome back, my beloved daughter. That being said, we still meet from time to time though.”

A moving reunion between  parent and child… Or not, I guess. These two already met not long ago. Plus, Kunou also came back during the summer holiday. Yasaka-san then looked at each one of us.

“Well then, everyone, please come with me.”

Yasaka-san along with her attendants with fox ears started walking. We followed Yasaka-san and the others while also waving our hands to the crowd. Urakyoto — the world with a dim sky. That’s right, once we passed the buildings, we crossed a certain small river and got into the woods… Wow, this was nostalgic. Exactly one year ago, we also walked the same path as this one. Once we got through the woods, we could see a giant red Torii before us. Behind the Torii, there was a giant  traditional mansion, which must be the place where Kunou and Yasaka-san — the leader of Urakyoto, Leader Kyuubi, lived. Yasaka-san said to us upon passing the gate.

“Actually, there are already some visitors who are waiting for you.”

Visitors? Upon hearing that, I remembered the things that happened one year ago. At that time, Serafall Leviathan-sama came to Kyoto and was here before us due to the alliance matter. I think Azazel-sensei also came before us. The people waiting for us in the mansion were —a person with an elegant Kimono who looked like Akeno-san, as well as a small old man who looked like a monkey wearing a vestment as well as  cyber sunglasses. The beautiful girl was Akeno-san’s cousin, the current head of the Himejima household — Himejima Suzaku-san, while the small old monkey wearing a vestment was the Victorious Fighting Buddha, First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan! Well, once again, this was a surprising pair… First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan then let out tobacco smoke from his smoking pipe.

“It has been a year since meeting you guys at the Imperial Capital, Kyoto.”

The other visitor, Himejima Suzaku-san, even though we were acquainted greeted us politely.

“Hello everyone. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Akeno-san took a step and smiled.

“I didn’t expect Suzaku-neesama to be here.”

Suzaku smiled wryly in response.

“Ufufu, well, there are some things, you see.”

Yasaka-san then stood along with those two and explained to us

“Suzaku-dono came here as a representative of the Five Principal Clans. The Victorious Fighting Buddha-dono…came here as he wants to tell us something.”

…The First-gen Sun Wukong was smiling like usual, but…I felt like his smile actually meant something else. And with such members, we were about to have a meeting in our first day in Kyoto — -the Urakyoto.

 The people who gathered in the reception hall inside the mansion were Rias, me, Akeno-san along with Yasaka-san, Kunou and the head of Tengu, as well as Himejima Suzaku-san and First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan, and last but not least, leader of [Slash Dog] team, Ikuse Tobio-san

. The people who weren’t present here were resting in the guest rooms prepared. Our accommodation during the [Oppai Dragon] event in Kyoto/Urakyoto was this mansion, which was kindly provided by Yasaka-san. This place would also be our base during emergency times. Being the mansion of the leader Kyuubi, the mansion was equipped with strong barriers. Now, on to the meeting—. …Cao Cao didn’t show up to this meeting as he was already watching the mansion’s surroundings. It seemed like he’s going to apologise after this, so…it seemed that right now they were still on bad terms. After the greetings, everyone started to report to each other. First, it was Himejima Suzaku-san—from the Five Principle Clans.

“Regarding the Gremory’s show in Urakyoto, we, the Five Principal Clans of Nakiri, Himejima, Kushihashi, Shinra and Doumon, hereby declare our full support. …That being said, we basically can’t do anything, however we won’t interfere with your show.”

The Five Principal Clans — the group of supernatural ability users that had been protecting this country from the shadows since a long time ago obviously had some influence in the former capital. It seemed like their representative promised us their support and that they wouldn’t interfere with the [Oppai Dragon] show. Suzaku-san looked puzzled.

“… I am sorry that it sounded like some orders from higher-ups …It’s more of a tradition…For the time being, there are still noisy people who were telling me “Go tell them this”.

Suzaku-san continued as everyone laughed upon hearing Suzaku-san’s friendly words. “However, the support is real. We, from the families will provide guards to Kyoto and Urakyoto. Well, that’s all we can manage though.”

Yasaka-san then said.

“What are you saying. I couldn’t even dare to imagine about receiving such a proposal from Five Principal Clans. They really were changed by the current heads. — Understood, we’ll happily accept the Five Principal Clans’ assistance.”

Kunou added.

“I heard that the special ability users from the Five Principal Clans often used to fight against the people from Urakyoto.”


Yasaka-san unconsciously raised her voice in response to Kunou’s unnecessary words. Kunou jolted upon receiving the warning. On the other hand, Suzaku-san, who was the target of those words, let out a small laugh. I asked Suzaku-san.

 “Did the Five Principal Clans move during the Hero Faction’s assault?”

Suzaku-san nodded

“Yeah…they did in the real world… The Kyoto where humans live. We protected the town in our own ways so that ordinary humans there wouldn’t get hurt …As a result, we couldn’t offer back-up during the situation happening over here(Urakyoto) though. That’s why we persuaded the retired ones/elders to offer full-scale cooperation this time.”

First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan replied pleasantly upon hearing that.

“But this time, I heard that those geezers and hags were forced to yield.”

Suzaku-san then coughed ‘Ehem’.

“We just persevered in telling them to leave things to the younger ones.”

…W-Well, they were a bunch of traditional households, so they’ve been through a lot… After receiving the support from the Five Principal Clans, Rias asked Sun Wukong-jiisan.

“So, what’s your report, First-gen-sama?”

Everyone then turned their attention to First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan along with those words.

“Fumu. So, it seems like there are weird magic spells being put on the temples in Kyoto and its surroundings.”

“Weird magic spells…in temples?”

First-gen-jiisan replied to Rias’s puzzled question

“The spells weren’t put at random temples either, as only temples that worship King Enma have been affected by the spells. The spells are currently being investigated, but one thing that’s clear is that they were placed in order to make King Enma mad.”

Ikuse-san responded to this.

“King Enma didn’t join the Rulers of Hell alliance that Hades created after all. So I guess Hades or the others must have some kind of plan.”

I spoke my opinion.

“…They’re sly.”

For them to make a ruckus on the temples just because he rejected the alliance. Sun Wukong-jiisan laughed boldly in response to my words.

“Kakaka! What are you talking about, Gods are, unexpectedly, beings who get jealous easily, and are also the kind that never forgets their grudges, you know?. Especially the Olympian Gods, who tend to be lively, irrational and dogmatic.”

Rias seemed to be hooked up on something from First-gen’s words.

“… If they’re from the Olympus, then the magic system is…”

First-gen-jiisan nodded as if knowing what Rias was thinking.

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s old Olympus magic. Well, I’m sure this is one of their primordial Gods’ doing.”

Rias put her hand on her chin and let out a sigh. I also covered my face with my hands. …Primordial Gods, huh. We just fought against the Goddess of Night, Nyx, during  Ingvild’s incident. And now, we were going to fight another God-class being again. …W-Well, there were also some God-class beings in the tournament though… Ddraig, who was inside me, said.

[I believe I’ve said this before, but this means that you and your friends have levelled up to the point where Gods pick up fights with you. During the time with Loki it might’ve been an accident, but this this time they even came to the same place.]

…Truth be told, my comrades and I were only trying to protect ourselves. Damn, living peacefully was really hard for us. Ikuse-san said,

“King Enma, who’s  part of both Hinduism and Buddhism, isn’t a being of Japan only. Despite that, they chose Japan’s Kyoto and its surrounding area on purpose to make him mad. Because [DxD]…the alliance of Three Great Powers was made in this country—“

Ikuse-san narrowed his eyes and continued.

“It really seems like they’re actually trying to make us mad as well.”


Everyone’s faces turned serious upon hearing Ikuse-san’s words. Yasaka-san, whose face turned uneasy, patted Kunou’s head and said,

“I believe that this place (Urakyoto) isn’t an easy one to be infiltrated, but it’s a different story if the enemy is a God. I’ll order the security guard to raise the security level.”

I’ve heard that Urakyoto wouldn’t be invaded unless in extreme circumstances. But to think that the enemy was a God-class being… Taking into account the fact that they would be able to break the whole barrier if they did come and attack, even Urakyoto would be… Ikuse-san said,

“Because of that, our team, the special ability users of Five Principal Clans, the Victorious Fighting Buddha team and Cao Cao’s team will act as  security.”

Akeno-san said with a worried expression.

“That’s quite the lineup.”

Ikuse-san answered.

“You see, the Rulers of Hell also have their bothersome underlings. Plus, Kyoto is an important town for this country in terms of its history, culture, economy and spirituality. Depending on the circumstances, even our current numbers might still not be enough.”

…Well, they had a bunch of High-class Devils prepared using Lilith, the mother of Devil after all… Even if they were individually weaker than us, their numbers were threatening and very hard to deal with. First-gen-jiisan laughed and said,

“Don’t worry, you guys here can enjoy your [Oppai Dragon] show. We’ll protect Kyoto while doing some sightseeing. This old man will kick the bad guys’ asses with his Ruyi Bang. You can rest easy, little girl.”

That’s what First-gen-jiisan said to Kunou.

“It is reassuring to hear such words from Sun Wukong-dono.”

Kunou responded to First-gen-jiisan’s words with a smile and those words. Yasaka-san then asked me, Rias and Akeno-san once again.

“The [Oppai Dragon] program is also being aired here in Urakyoto. It’s really liked by the children here. Everyone’s expecting this show.Despite this disquieting news, I hope you’ll do the best for the show.”

I threw my chest out and said this,

“Understood! I’ll work hard so everyone here can enjoy themselves! Plus, whoever it is that comes at us, my comrades and I will protect Kunou, Yasaka-san and all the other Youkai!”

Upon hearing that, Kunou—

“Umu. I’ll leave it —“

Yasaka-san suddenly interrupted and continued.

“In your care, huh.”

Kunou looked a bit unsatisfied as her words were stolen by Yasaka-san. Yasaka-san said,

“I’ll guide you to your venue later. It’s an open square that is used for festivals and the like here.”

According to what I’ve heard, the staff (people from the Gremory side) had already arrived at Urakyoto and finished preparing the stage, sound and special effects. — Now that the conversation had calmed down, First-gen-jiisan suddenly said “I guess it’s time” and looked over the Fusuma1.

“Come in, now.”

As everyone followed First-gen-jiisan’s eyes and looked over the Fusuma—it was suddenly opened and showed all  the Hero Faction members starting from Cao Cao, Georg, Jeanne and others waiting while sitting in zen position. First-gen-jiisan said.

“Your Venerable leader Kyuubi. These are the idiots who made a ruckus last year.”

First-gen-jiisan then said to Cao Cao.

“Go on, you have something to say, don’t you?”

Cao Cao who was scolded then kneeled down on the ground.

“…We really caused you so much trouble last year, and therefore we would like to apologise once again. Please accept our deepest apologies.”

Following Cao Cao who lowered his head, all of the core members also kneeled on the ground as Cao Cao did, showing their intention to apologise. It was a good time for them to apologise as the ones who had suffered the most damage, Yasaka-san, Kunou, the head of Tengu, as well as Suzaku-san from the Five Principal Clans and us that protected Kyoto were here …Being the same Indra’s—-Sakra’s vanguard as Cao Cao, First-gen-jiisan must’ve paid attention and provided the opportunity to apologise for them. In the past,  Sakra also showed his intention to apologise in regard to the bad things that Cao Cao and the others did. However, they must‘ve wanted to apologise personally. The atmosphere turned  somewhat heavy. I said to Yasaka-san and Suzaku-san.

“I don’t think he’ll be doing the same thing again. And even if he tries to pull up something weird, I’ll give him a beating. I believe that it’s safe to leave the mission of protecting Kyoto to them.”

I wanted to add more, but I held myself back. There were many of my comrades who used to be my enemies. As a matter of fact, Xenovia, one of the people whom I was engaged to, was my enemy during our first meeting. The same goes for Ophis, who was now living together with me despite the fact that she used to be the leader of [Khaos Brigade]. Using the examples above. I felt like saying [They are now my comrades, and the same goes for these guys! That’s why I’d like you to forgive them!]. However, they were the ones who would decide to forgive or not. If they felt [Because the Red Dragon Emperor asked us to forgive them, I guess we don’t have a choice…], it’d become somewhat, you know…. That’s why I held back on my thoughts on Cao Cao and the others. I looked at Rias and Akeno-san for a bit and they nodded as if saying ‘That was a nice follow-up’. Yasaka-san responded to Cao Cao while patting Kunou’s head.

“Understood. I will receive your apology.”


After that, Cao Cao raised his head and looked really surprised in response to his apology being accepted so easily. The other Hero Faction core members also had a surprised expression.

“It’s true that you caused a lot of trouble in Urakyoto and Kyoto. If your wish were to come true and the Red Dragon God Emperor did appear, what would happen next is unimaginable. However, I also know what you guys did after that…the fact that you guys fought alongside Red Dragon Emperor-dono and Victorious Fighting Buddha-dono against malice. Above all, we are comrades who fought together against Trihexa (666).”

It’s true that when Trihexa came to Japan, we, the ORC members, Yasaka-san with the other Japanese Youkai, as well as the special ability users from the Five Principal Clans led by Suzaku-san gathered and dealt with it together. Suzaku-san dauntlessly said,

“If the one who was harmed the most, Yasaka-san, forgives you, then we’ll also do the same. However, we’ll monitor your movements here, as there are some who won’t be satisfied unless we do so.”

Yasaka-san nodded in response to this.

“Umu. Even though we’ve forgiven you, there are still some Youkai who cannot. You have to bear that in mind. And now that I’ve said it, I entrust the protection during the event to you.”

Cao Cao bowed upon hearing that.

“Of course. We’ll protect this place with all our body and mind.”

Ooh! Yasaka-san and Suzaku-san had forgiven them! Ikuse-san, who was watching silently, also let out a small smile.Yasaka-san asked kunou.

“Kunou, what about you?”

Kunou said,

“Due to last year’s incident, I am still somewhat bitter towards the Hero Faction. However, I’ve seen them several times in the Hyoudou Residence, so it’s also too late to say no.”

Kunou got closer to Cao Cao and said this.

“I want you to protect Kyoto and Urakyoto with Ise and the others if anything happens.”

Upon hearing the small princess’ request, Cao Cao replied seriously.

“—Understood, princess. I promise that I’ll fight alongside Oppai Dragon and the others.”

“Umu! I’ll leave it in your care!!”

Yasaka-san teased Kunou, who said it energetically, with ‘Seems like you were able to get it out this time

Everyone laughed in response. Nice, Cao Cao’s apology also ended safely. After that, we confirmed together with Cao Cao and the rest of his group on our movements until the D-day and finished the meeting. Following that, we rested for a bit at the mansion and headed to the venue of our event. Now, I wondered what the Primordial Gods were planning  here (Kyoto).

Part 2

“Wow, this is beautiful. Look, Asia.”

“Wow, it’s a very nice folding fan.”

“All of the fans have a glamorous oriental side to them.”

“However, their prices are also quite high.”

Rias, Asia, Xenovia and Irina, who were in an old fan shop in Kyoto, were looking at  Kyoto’s fans with excitement. Once the meeting in Urakyoto had ended, we saw the venue for our event and had some free time after that. I accompanied Rias and the others to Kyoto. It seemed like they had ordered something from the old souvenir shop, and today, we were here to get that. The members were me, Rias, Asia, Xenovia, Irina and Kiba, who acted as our bodyguard, as well as the one who held the shopping bags. …Well, I was also the same in terms of holding the shopping bags. Akeno-san on the other hand seemed to have  somewhere to go with her cousin Himejima Suzaku-san, so she separated from us. The place that we visited was a traditional Japanese building with its first floor made into a shop. The owner, who had a businessman nature, then came out and talked to Rias.

“Wow–, Gremory-san really patronizes me a lot.”

This shop didn’t accept  first-time customers. Rias had used various ways and became familiar with the shop.  Rias had become a regular with a number of shops in Kyoto that didn’t accept first-timers. I heard that she ordered something from those shops matching it with our trip, and Kiba and I were assigned to accompany her. Asia and the others on the other hand were interested in what Rias bought so they went along as well. The thing that Rias had ordered was a fan that was inspired by a special flower that could only grow in the Underworld. Once the crimson fan was opened, you could see a glamorous flower being drawn on its side. After checking the item, Rias  admired it.

“As expected. Seems like mother will be very happy too”

Oh, so she planned to give it to her mum. Rias then turned to Asia and the others.

“Why don’t you guys buy one as well?”

Asia responded as if holding herself back upon being ushered by Rias.

“All of them are pretty, but… The price is a bit…”

Irina nodded her head.

“Taking our wage into consideration, we wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore if we buy this.”

Xenovia continued.

“It seems like we’ll have to hold back on our eating tour during the holiday.”

Under such circumstances, Rias looked at me.

I understood what Rias meant and thought “Ah, you’re right”, and then said to Asia, Xenovia and Irina.

“Go on, pick the one that you guys like. I’ll pay today.”

Xenovia and Irina became so happy that they almost jumped in response to my words. On the other hand, Asia  held herself back modestly and asked.

“I-Is it really okay?”

I replied with a smile.

“It’s okay. Please let me at least do this much. I’ve received a credit card that I can use at crucial times from the Gremory’s side, as well as the OK from Ravel.”

I took out a red credit card from my wallet. Putting it simply, this was a [Harem Credit Card] that was created by Grayfia-san, who managed my finances, and the Gremory household who owned the brand [Oppai Dragon]. It was a card that could be used for my future brides’ sake. Of course, it was linked to my bank account in the Underworld (the one where the [Oppai Dragon] money got saved at). Though I wonder what category do presents for my fiancées fall in? Is it entertainment, or expenses? … I guess it’s better to ask the Gremory’s tax counsellor… W-Well, anyway, let’s buy the Church Trio some fans. —However, I guess I should by one for Rias as well.

“What about you Rias, is there something that you like?”

Rias shrugged.

“I’m fine this time. Just buy the ones for Asia and the others.”

…Was she just trying to make the atmosphere so that I could buy them as presents to Asia and the others? I suddenly remembered Ravel’s words

[As your legal wife—Rias-sama has to act as the leader of your more than ten fiancées—brides. You could also say that she must consider all the other girls’ feelings more than Ise-sama does. Plus, she also has to balance out her husband’s feelings towards each of the wives.]

Ravel emphasized that the legal wife had much more burden to shoulder than me, the husband himself. And my future legal wife, aka Rias, then advised me with a low voice.

(You don’t have to buy the other girls’ presents now.)

(Eh, really?)

(You see, for girls, the things given only to certain people like these are really precious. It serves as something like their special time with you, you know? You should buy the presents for the other girls when you spend time with them.)

I-I see… As expected of my girlfriend and my master. That’s a handy advice. And with that, I bought the fans for Asia, Xenovia and Irina. Next to me was Kiba who also bought one for Tosca-san (she’s staying at Kuoh town). While we were at that, we suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Haha-ue! Ise and the others are here!”

“Umu. It’s only natural that you’d pick this place.”

As we turned back — Yasaka-san with her celebrity-like long one piece dress along with Kunou wearing a blouse (her top was sweatshirt) and skirt were there! They felt like a celebrity mom and child walking around Kyoto! Anyway, I was taken aback for a moment as this was my first time seeing Yasaka-san wearing  western clothing. It was a different story for Kunou though, as I often saw her in clothes other than her Miko uniform in the Hyoudou Residence… Kunou said,

“I heard that Ise and the others are walking around the town, so we thought we’d also follow you guys!”

That’s what Kunou said while puffing her chest with pride. Yasaka-san greeted the shop owner.

“Are you doing well?”

“Of course. Yasaka-sama also looks like usual.”

It seemed like Yasaka-san and the shop owner were acquaintances. Kunou continued.

“Haha-ue has known some of the old shops since a long time ago.”

Really! So this was one of the shops that received the seal of approval from the Leader Kyuubi, huh… Rias asked Kunou.

“Kunou, are you also going shopping?”

“After hearing that Ise and Rias-dono are out on shopping, Haha-ue and I decided to also tag along.”

“—Or that’s how she wants to make it look like. She was being noisy and said that she wanted to go with Sekiryuutei-dono at the mansion, so I brought her here.”

Kunou’s face turned red at once upon Yasaka-san’s explanation.

“H-Haha-ue! I-It’s not like I…”

“It has been a while since I saw Kunou battering tatami with her hands and feet. It was quite funny.”


Kunou screamed at her mom as her face turned super red. It was funny so we also laughed. Rias smiled and said.

“Well then, let’s go shopping with everyone.”

With this, we, along with Kunou and Yasaka-san, continued our shopping. 

“As expected, the Matcha Café here is the best!”

Kunou scooped the matcha parfait with a spoon while looking delighted. After the fan shop, we continued to browse some old shops selling hairpins, combs and other Japanese goods. Once the bought goods were delivered to the Hyoudou Residence using a transportation magic circle, we decided to visit a Matcha sweet specialty café to take a break.

“Sweets after shopping is the best.”


“Yeah, it’s so good.”

Xenovia, Irina and Asia also seemed to enjoy their matcha sweets.

I also had a matcha zenzai and hot matcha milk. Having a dairy products after accompanying the girls’ shopping was really the best. My body condition changed every time I had a power-up that’s triggered by breasts or its kind, and eating breast-based products somehow recovered me. My power returned to me just by eating my mom’s passed-down stew, Rias’s cream pasta, and Kiba’s cheesecake. Kiba then said as if he read my thoughts.

“I’ll try to make a Matcha cheesecake for you next time.”

It seemed like the cooking boy knew something about me. After we took a rest at the café, everyone left that place and—

“…Kunou, Yasaka-san.”

I gave Kunou and Yasaka-san each a long and flat parcel that was wrapped in paper. Kunou and Yasaka-san were dumbfounded. I continued.

“These are hairpins/kanzashi. I secretly bought them when we went to the store before. I chose this based on my taste, so I don’t know if you’ll like them or not…”

I said mildly. I mean, it’s also the time where everyone’s going out on shopping together, plus, I’ve also been in the care of Yasaka-san and Kunou. Kunou’s face was brimming.

“T-Thank you!”

I’d be embarrassed if you were that happy even though you haven’t checked the insides, you know! Yasaka-san on the other hand was—


She was totally dumbfounded as she didn’t expect this outcome. Kunou also  found it weird and peeked from below.

“H-Haha-ue, what’s wrong?”

Yasaka-san came back to her senses in response to the daughter’s question.

“N-Nothing! Nothing’s wrong! Hohohohoho!”

Yasaka-san tried to cover it with her laugh, but — I felt like her cheeks turned red, or was it just my imagination. Rias said,

“Now, let’s move to the other places.”

After I finished giving my presents to Kunou and Yasaka-san, I ran for a little bit to Rias’s side. Now that everyone’s gathered, we continued to do some sightseeing to various places after shopping. Me and Rias were walking side-by-side.

Rias then suddenly let out a small, yet meaningful laugh.

“There’s me, Akeno, Rossweisse, Roygun-sama and finally Yasaka-sama. Perhaps, you are the type that is liked by older women..”

“…Did you see?”

As I asked about when I gave Kunou and Yasaka-san a present, she nodded amusingly.

“I’ve also said it before, right? That I’ll always be watching you. It seems like you still don’t know your girlfriend well.”

Ah–. So she saw it… I covered my face with my hands. That being said, I really was only planning to give it to Kunou and Yasaka-san. It’s not like it had any hidden feelings or something… Rias then continued as if knowing what I was thinking.

“It’s a sign of gratitude, right?”

“Yeah. They’ve been taking care of us after all. Even this time.”

“Still, you handed those items creating a [special time]… So you really put the lecture I gave into practice so soon, huh.”

Yes, you’re right on point. From the bottom of my heart, I felt like I had no choice but to prostrate before her. …I’m no match for her… Rias then put his fingers on her chin and seemed to be thinking.

“…Is it because of my teaching that my boyfriend became a playboy? But it it’s too late to be thinking about that…”

It seemed like Rias was thinking about something….

Suddenly, Akeno-san appeared!

“Ara, ara, even Yasaka-sama and Kunou-chan are here.”

“Wow, Kyoto is full of sightseeing spots!”

“……Because of the power here, it gets rougher the more you walk during daytime.”

Lint-san and Elmenhilde-san were also there. Rias asked Akeno-san.

“It seems like your job is done”

Akeno-san then let out a sigh.

“…It’s good that I was able to step inside the mansion of the Himejima household, but the fact that I had to follow its traditions was…really tiring.”

I was happy that she was acknowledged as one of the Himejimas, but it seemed like it had its own challenges… Following traditions from now on must  suck. After reuniting with Akeno-san, Elmenhilde and Lint-san, Rias said,

“Anyway, today is the sightseeing before the event. Let’s go to the next place, as we are able to finally go around my beloved Kyoto.”

My hand was pulled by Rias and we continued to go around the town along with Akeno-san, the Church Trio, Kiba, Kunou, Yasaka-san, Elmenhilde and Lint-san —.

After that, we had fun doing the sightseeing after shopping. We went around the town, while getting  taught of the several back streets known only to a select few by Yasaka-san. We also went to Nishi Honganji2 temple related to Kiba’s master — Okita Souji’s Shinsengumi3. My happiness was doubled just by being able to spend time with Rias and Akeno-san this year, because last year we couldn’t spend it together. Plus, there was also Yasaka-san! I somehow felt like the attack by the Hero Faction last year was now even. While we were doing sightseeing in Kinkakuji—,

“Lint, Elmenhilde, look! This is Kinkakuji!”

“Wow! The gold is shining! It’s so good!”

“As expected, the colour gold is special in all countries, huh.”

Xenovia, Lint-san and Elmenhilde were excited once again. By the way, being a pure-blooded Vampire, Elmenhilde always seemed to be scared whenever she was about to enter a temple. Rias and I found that really charming. It seemed like everyone was enjoying Kyoto in their own ways. However the sky grew dusky as if trying to tell us that the fun time is over.

“We’ll meet up here before dinner.”


Under Rias’s order, everyone was divided into two groups and did the last shopping. I went shopping along with Rias, Akeno-san, Kiba, Kunou and Yasaka-san, while the Church Trio, Lint-san and Elmenhilde-san temporarily separated from us. Kunou said,

“Hey, it’s about to get dark! There are many places where spirits would often gather because of that, you know!”

Yasaka-san then added to Kunou’s words.

“We shouldn’t disturb the Youkai. There’s also a feast already prepared for the visitors in the mansion at night.”

“I see! I’m looking forward to the feast!”

I found the sight of Yasaka-san and Kunou holding hands really cute.

I’m glad that we were able to save Yasaka-san last year.

It was when I had such thoughts.


Suddenly, we could feel a pressure! We were being watched by someone!

As I turned my head — there was someone looking at us from the sidewalk on the opposite side of the shore. It was wearing a hood so I couldn’t see its face, but…we could tell from its aura filled with hostility that it was not a human! Its frame was also quite big. The pressure was felt not only by me, but also Rias, Akeno-san, Kiba and Yasaka-san. Everyone then looked over the guy wearing a hood in the opposite shore.

“…Who are you? I feel like you’re a threat.”

Yasaka-san said that while keeping her guard up. The guy wearing a hood suddenly stepped from the sidewalk to the roadway! He didn’t care that a car might be passing and continued to walk this way! He started to release an aura filled with the intention to fight from his body! Once he approached the opposite side of the road, a passing car was about to hit him—yet he simply reached out his hand and stopped the approaching car by force!

Boom! A crushing sound echoed throughout the area. The person with a hood was unscathed, while the car’s front part — the bonnet was entirely crushed! That person didn’t stop even after stopping the car by force as he continued to come to us! Shit! There were  many people in this road, and the visitors in this place also looked at this way due to the ruckus just now!

—We can’t let ordinary humans to be involved in the fights of monsters and supernatural beings! We shouldn’t even let them see it in the first place, but there were already people taking pictures with their smartphones! Rias said to everyone with a grim look.

“We can’t use our power yet. …There are many people.”

Kiba who was our bodyguard also couldn’t make his swords appear. Though originally, he couldn’t afford to do it in this traffic… This also rendered me unable to summon my Boosted Gear, but… I had to do it if push came to shove. It’s better than letting my comrades or ordinary humans get hurt. We prepared ourselves, and… I could also feel another pressure from our back all of a sudden! As I turned back — someone who was also wearing a hood extended his hand while sitting inside a restaurant.

—There’s another one!?

The new hooded guy didn’t even consider the fact that there were other customers and just started to gather aura in his hands! This was bad!

“Everyone, behind you!”

Everyone realized the presence behind them thanks to my alert! The new hooded guy shot out a lump of aura! His attack was spontaneous and without any hesitation. The aura attack came to us whilst destroying the restaurant’s tables and sofas! We couldn’t afford to dodge it! If we did, the aura would hit the civilians instead!

“What is he doing!? Shit!”

I was frustrated at him! As the strong aura broke the restaurant’s windows, I responded by quickly summoning my gauntlet and deflected it to the sky with a left hand uppercut! The deflected aura then exploded in the sky! The surrounding people started screaming in response to the explosive sounds and blast wave. Shit! I was forced to use my gauntlet! Although it might be seen by ordinary people, it’s still better than having someone hurt! Oh yeah, what’s the situation inside the restaurant!? Looking from the outside, it seemed that the interior was messed up due to the attack just now, but…luckily, no one died. The moment i sighed with relief, the big hooded guy kept getting closer from the destroyed car and stood before Rias and Akeno-san. As he did that, he suddenly tried to punch with his fist that’s covered with a malicious aura! Upon realizing the danger, Rias and Akeno-san released the aura from their body while still being in the middle of the road!

“I won’t let you!”

Kiba couldn’t endure it anymore and supported the fight by — making the blade part of his swords appear from the below the ground in the sidewalk where the hooded guy was standing on. However, the hooded guy’s punch easily broke the blades that Kiba created! Although it was an emergency stopgap, we didn’t expect the swords that Kiba created to be destroyed easily!


I leapt forward while applying aura to my kick and landed a hit to his face, but…the hooded guy seemed to be taking no damage despite the fact that he received it directly! —The moment my feet touched him, I somehow managed to grasp the power level of the hooded guy! He was at the very least an Ultimate-class Devil!

I fixed my stance and prepared to protect Kunou and Yasaka-san. Rias and Akeno-san also had to be protected as well, but Kunou and Yasaka-san were my current priority. If I were to protect Rias and Akeno-san first, they’d be mad at me instead. —Suddenly, a raindrop fell on my cheek, and was then followed by rain. There was a sudden downpour even though the sky was clear.


That was what Rias said. Everyone then looked at Yasaka-san. She was forming a seal with her hands whilst releasing Youki from her whole body. Yasaka-san explained.

“I’ve deployed a barrier that excluded ordinary humans.”

Once I checked the surrounding—the ordinary humans in the area suddenly disappeared. The car which was destroyed just now had also vanished. It seemed like we were thrown into another dimension as there was not even a single human even though the scenery stayed the same. Kunou said,

“A Sunshower is also called [A Fox’s Wedding]4 after all. Above all, bewitching people is our forte.”

I see! So she sent us into another space with the same scenery by making  rain with her supernatural ability, huh! So this might be what they call ‘being spirited away’! Yasaka-san said while still doing the seal with her hands.

“This is a space that I created in a rush. It won’t last long.”

Still, I was grateful as it lowered the chance of causing casualties to humans! And above all, it seemed like we were able to use our power and fight back with this. I tried to confirm with Yasaka-san by creating an [∞] symbol with my fingers. Can I use the power of Infinity here? Will the barrier last?—such were the questions. Yasaka-san seemed to grasp it quickly and shook her head sideways. …I see, so Dragon Deification’s power would destroy this space. It was a rushed one after all. While we were at that, the hooded guy (this one’s body was small and thin) that shot his aura at us from inside a store lined up next to the big hooded guy. Rias glared at those two and asked,

“…You guys, judging by your aura, are Devils, no?”

That’s right, like Rias said, the aura that these two hooded guys were releasing was that of a Devil’s. The two hooded guys laughed eerily and took their hoods off. The big one was a young man with black hair, while the small and thin one was a boy with  dark grey hair. …Well, because they were devils, their age couldn’t be guessed from their appearance… By the way, I was familiar with their faces! Rias, Akeno-san and Kiba also seemed to be as well. Rias questioned,

“…You guys are a part of the team with Grim Reaper Zeno as the [King], right?”

Like Rias said, these guys were Devils who were a part of the team with the super long name, [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King]! …That team had a number of shitty strong Devils along with two of a completely different level, a guy called Balberith and a girl called Verrine. I’ve seen these guys before. The big one was Gressil, and the small one was Sonneillon. I’ve seen their matches, and these guys’ strength was also a cut above the rest. …W-Why are they here in Kyoto and attacking us…? While we were being surprised, they, on the other hand, showed a displeasing smile. 

“What, it’s just a little greeting.”

He said such brazen words! The thin-framed Sonneillon also laughed spookily

“Now I want to defeat them badly. Badly.”

Gressil continued while charging aura on his hands.

“The tournament has also ended. We’ve got nothing to do, you see. The meeting with the famous [Oppai Dragon]. Please let us defeat you as a commemoration before fighting King Enma!”

As he said that, Gressil then concentrated the aura on his hand and swept it towards me!

I instantly changed to my True Queen—my crimson armour and dodged Gressil’s attack, and then countered him with a punch to his face! POW! —a pleasant sound vibrated. Although Gressil wasn’t defeated, he was pushed back while leaving traces on the road by a force of the punch. The shockwave that Gressil’s punch generated was felt even through my armour! Now, onto my turn—. Gressil, who took my punch on the cheek, had a blood dripping from the corner of his mouth while smiling in excitement. He spit the blood to the sidewalk and heightened his aura whilst making a euphoric face.

“Because we are Devils, we were told not to easily engage with all [DxD] leaders, especially the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Holy Spear user and Vasco Strada. Now I know why. You won’t be able to feel this punch just by watching the recording after all.”

As he finished saying that, Gressil then charged at me barbarically!

He isn’t that fast… but in this guy’s case

I lightly dodged Gressil who charged at me. Gressil’s body then collided against one of the shops—and turned the two-storied buildings into debris! That’s right! This guy was the power type. I understood it after looking at the recording of the match. He’s the type that charges an unbelievable amount of aura into a single attack to break the enemy’s defence as if they’re made out of paper. That being said, I was the same as him and was used to fighting against people like Sairaorg-san, who took pride in their strength. However, the problem was— It was when I was thinking about Gressil.

“W-What should I do?”

Was what Kunou asked us.

Rias replied to Kunou.

“Kunou, stay beside your mother and protect her.and back her up with your spells!”

I also said to Kunou.

“Kunou. Please back up Yasaka-san! If this space were to be destroyed, the city will be in a mess. —You’ll fulfill the dream you weren’t able to do last year, right? To protect your mother, that is.”

Kunou then started to release her Kyuubi aura throughout her whole body and had a brave expression as I said that.

“Umu. I’ll protect Haha-ue!”

Yasaka-san smiled in response to her daughter’s reassuring words.

“Thank you, Kunou.”

“Leave it to me!”

Nice! I could see the strong bond between a mother and her daughter!

Right after seeing that, I started to engage in close-quarters combat with Gressil. His attacks were full of openings and I always used them to counter using aura-filled punches and kicks! Gressil was hit directly by all of them, but…while we were fighting his punches and kicks, as if dealing with my attacks, started to graze my armor slightly. The number of my clean hits also decreased. Finally, the moment my fist connected to his face, the enemy’s punch also went to my right chest! My crimson armour was destroyed and the shock went through my body. …! I could feel an excruciating pain all over my body…but it didn’t seem to be reaching my bones!


Akeno-san tried to help me by heightening her lightning aura and releasing it through her fingertips!


The lightning hit Gressil directly and electrified his whole body. After taking my punch on his face and Akeno-san’s lightning, smoke was already arising from his body. Akeno-san’s lightning was also imbued with  light that proved effective against Devils (due to her being a Fallen Angel). Even strong Devils wouldn’t come out unscathed upon taking Akeno-san’s lightning… However, looking at Gressil, he seemed to not have suffered that much damage at all… …This guy was already used to lightning— Gressil smiled whilst having a nosebleed from the punch he received.

“It seems like the rumour that you can even take a Maou-class being in that form is true.”

“And you’re just trying to say that you’re  Maou-class, huh?”

As I said that, Gressil wiped the blood on his nose with his finger and said,

“Well, I was said to be one in terms of talent when I was born.”

…Just like what this guy said, his growth during battles was strange. [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King]… As the name is too long, let’s just make it the Grim Reaper’s team. This guy was one of the people whose growth was staggering among the Grim Reaper’s team. He would start to engage with the enemies by firing a large amount of aura by force. In the beginning, many of his attacks were dodged by the enemy. However, as the match progressed, he also adapted to his enemy’s movement whilst polishing his attacks against his enemy.

— A genius, huh. Though he might not be at the same level as Vali or Cao Cao, people like him could grow very fast during battles, so having a prolonged fight could actually be bad for us instead. Having a power-type who’s a genius at the same time was really troubling. Not to mention that this guy also had a bothersome ability… On top of that, Gressil wasn’t the only genius that we faced—. I took a glance at Rias, Kiba and Kunou. They were dealing with another Devil from the Grim Reaper’s team—Sonneillon. Kiba tried to swing his Holy Demonic Sword whilst getting closer to the thin-framed Sonnellon, but —. Right before it hit, Sonneilon enshrouded himself in a malicious aura and said with a small voice.


Following that, Kiba seemed to have felt an unexplainable pressure and made the blade part of his Holy Demonic Sword appear from the ground, using it as a footing to take a distance from the enemy. Right after that, the sword that Kiba used as footing to change his direction was squashed by an unperceivable strong force, making it smaller and smaller. As a result, something was rolling on the ground, and it was — the Holy Demonic Sword that was squashed so much that it turned into a ball. Soneillon continued.


—He said that again. Kiba backed away from that place at around the same time. The road that Kiba was at was crushed by a force from the top. Sonneillon continued saying “Snap, Snap, Snap”. Although Kiba managed to quickly get away, holes started to appear one after another due to the unperceivable force from the top.


As Sonneillon’s eyes glowed mysteriously, Kiba must’ve felt something for he released the Holy Demonic sword on his hand and backed off. The sword that Kiba released was instantly crushed, changing into the shape of a ball. —That bastard, he was adapting to Kiba’s moves and targeted Kiba’s wrist! Sonneillon’s special Devil ability was — [Crushing]. Although it wasn’t made public, Rias and Ravel called it that for convenience. It’s an ability that enabled him to attack an object by applying an unperceivable strong force from a certain direction. Although there were other Devils who had the [Pressure] specialty, Rias and Ravel called this [Crushing] due to Sonneillon’s ability being too offensive and full of destructive power. …He was a bad match for people who punched and kicked from the front. It should be either people like Kiba, who’s a technique and speed type, or people who were capable of long-ranged attacks.


Due to Kiba’s hand being targeted earlier, his aura gently turned dense. That must mean that he planned to fight seriously. The fact that Sonneillon could adapt to Kiba’s moves just by fighting him a bit meant that his talent was also on a different level.

“Then how about this!”

Rias, who was shrouded in a crimson aura, condensed her destructive power into a sphere and fired it at Sonneillon.

“And Snap.”

Sonneillon said the words that activated his special ability. While the sphere — wasn’t crushed down, it changed its trajectory and hit a pole instead, erasing everything that was around that area. …But [Crushing] even the special ability of the Bael clan, Power of Destruction, is impossible?

Even [Crushing] was [Destroyed] to a cerain extent?.. If Rias were to fire something as strong as her ace move, [Extinguished Star] —.No, if, for argument’s sake, it was to change it’s trajectory just like now and fly towards us, things would get pretty ugly. …[Destruction] and [Crushing] had a bad compatibility against each other.

After Rias’s attacks hit, Kiba then rushed from that place as soon as he created another Holy Demonic sword. Knowing that he couldn’t follow Kiba with his eyes, Sonneillon quickly heightened his aura.

“And Snap, Snap, Snap!”

Following his continuous words, a large area of the road around Sonneillon was crushed by an ominous force. Speaking of which, I remembered seeing him using his specialty at a wide range like this in his tournament match recording! My guess was that he could actually deploy his ability at a wider-range if he wanted to. Still, I couldn’t sense Kiba being crushed—. Sonneillon, upon sensing a presence, looked up at the sky. However, as he did that, there was nothing but Kiba’s afterimage  left there.

“— From behind me!?”

As he said that, Kiba showed himself from his back and thrust his Holy Demonic Swords three times with an incredible speed! It was the special move of Kiba’s master, the [Knight] of Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, Okita Souji-san — The Sandantzuki.


Sonneillon muttered that. As he did that, Sonneillon’s body was pushed by an unperceivable force, sending him flying to the side! That guy, he used a force powerful enough to send him flying on himself to get away from Kiba’s thrusts! Nonetheless, Kiba quickly responded by withdrawing his attack and chased Sonneillon!


Sonneillon applied the unseenable force to Kiba’s wrist, breaking his stance and pushing his Holy Demonic Sword off. Kiba didn’t mind as he let go of that sword and quickly created another Holy Demonic Sword on his hand whilst chasing Sonneillon.

“Dodon! Don! Dodon!”

Sonneillon continued to target Kiba’s wrist and Holy Demonic swords with his unseeable force as he said the words rhythmically. As a result of his swords continuously being targeted, he finally succeeded in getting closer to the enemy whilst having no sword. Kiba, who was right before Sonneillon’s eyes while being empty handed, screamed.


There were several Holy Demonic Swords appearing from below Sonneillon! Sonneillon also responded quickly and said,

“Be smashed with a snap!”

The Holy Demonic swords below him were curled up into balls, but —Only then he understood  Kiba’s true motive and paid attention to the things that were happening right behind Kiba. A crackling sound that shook the whole atmosphere. From another space, the handle of theDemonic Emperor Sword — Gram could be seen showing itself. Gram then suddenly dove into Kiba’s hand as if responding to its master’s will. Kiba grabbed the handle and swung Gram, which was endowed with an overwhelming Demonic aura, sideways. —That should’ve been the case, but—


Sonneillon lowered his body and targeted Kiba’s feet which made his right feet lose its footing. Kiba, whose stance was broken, missed Sonneillon’s head by just a little bit. Gram which was swung released an ominous aura faraway, cutting several buildings in half! Gram! As unbelievably sharp as ever!



Yasaka-san, who created this pseudo-space in a rush, let out a voice of agony whilst keeping the seal …Gram’s destructive power must’ve damaged this space. Kiba, who realized this, weakened Gram’s shockwave. This meant Kiba couldn’t go full strength in this place either. It also didn’t seem like Rias would be able to fire her [Extinguish Star], but Rias should also know this. Kiba fixed his stance and took a distance from Sonneillon. As he did, he boldly smiled upon looking at Sonneillon’s panicked face.

“Finally, you aimed for my feet.”


“You quickly responded to my movement and displayed a fine feat of intentionally aiming at my wrists. It’s incomprehensible that you wouldn’t aim for my feet, as you knew that my weapon is the speed of my feet. You could’ve hit me if you wanted, but you didn’t.”

“…Shut up.”

“Speaking of which, I remember seeing you having fun by teasing your opponents in your match recording without being serious. And that must be what you tried to do.”

“…You’re annoying.”

Kiba responded to Sonneillon, whose true feelings were read and he was becoming angry.

“So basically, you were looking down on me. That’s why you were nearly killed. It’s not only you who can adapt.”


No, you Right back at you.”


Sonneilon, who became mad due to Kiba, who seemingly did it on purpose, started to release a dangerous aura from his body, but…the aura’s rougher compared to before. …Sensing that his opponent had a childish temperament, Kiba must’ve made him mad on purpose so that his opponent couldn’t properly control his demonic power. In fact, the unseeable force that Sonneillon released became less exact and missed Kiba’s sword and hand. As the accuracy of his ability decreased, he couldn’t stop Kiba’s speed even after he tried to aim at his feet.

“Shit! Shit! SHIIIIIIIIT!”

Sonneillon, whose ability kept missing its target, was getting angrier and angrier. On the other hand, Gressil, who was engaged in  close-quarters combat with me, laughed at this.

“KAKAKA! That Sonneillon, even though he is usually calm, he is the shittiest kid even among us when things don’t go as he planned!”

“Us? Are you referring to Balberith and Verrine in your team?”

“Yeah, that’s right, we are children after all! Zeno-ossan always said that we had an amazing talent, but lacked too much experience!”

“So you attacked us to get more experience, is that it?”

“That’s right! Even among all of the mythologies/powers, you guys are the true main force of DxD group, right? The strongest fighting group that made even God-class beings not being able to lay hands on you!”

“It’s not like we are a group that specialises in fighting. We fight because there are dumbasses like you who keep causing others trouble!”

“That’s why we challenge you! We want to find out just how far our talents can bring us!”

…While being engaged in CQC, I didn’t know how to react… No, I was filled with anger …Geez, there were also people like him who challenged us into a fight right a year ago, weren’t there, Cao Cao? I’ll listen to these guys later. Now it’s time for the next move!


[Blade 2!!]

Along with the voice from my jewel, the Double Ascalon that were stored in  both gauntlets appeared. Gressil laughed upon seeing this.

“I know that! It’s the Holy Sword [Dragon Slayer]! The one that got imbued with large amount of the Red Dragon Emperor’s aura!”

I used it several times during the match, so it wouldn’t be weird for him to know by watching my match recordings. I started to slash Gressil using the Ascalons that showed up from my gauntlets. Yet, he nicely dodged my attack with his body movements whilst keeping his guard up. In the middle of dodging my attacks, Gressil said,

“Oh, you are able to release those from your gauntlet, right! Those toys don’t work on me now that I’ve known them! If you want to defeat me in that form, you have to try firing Crimson Blaster or whatever it is continuously!”

Gressil remembered my attacks from the recording and looked down upon my crimson armour. But that’s why I used this! I swung the Ascalon II in my right hand hard, but Gressil dodged it. As I revolved my body 180o on the ground due to the swing, Gressil must’ve found an opening after that large swing. With a proud look on his face, Gressil shouted—


He heightened the aura on his hand and tried to punch me. —Now!

[Tail Blade!!!!]

I lengthened the tail part of my armour and made a blade appear from its end. The blade that came out of the tail’s tip then approached Gressil with high speed!


Whilst the opponent was taken aback, the blade completely struck his shoulder. The tail blade was deeply engraved into Gressil’s left shoulder. After receiving that, Gressil’s offensive stance was broken for a moment and I focused my aura on my left hand.

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

A sound that meant increasing something reverberated from my armor’s jewel. I fired my aura’s bombardment—a giant Dragon Shot to him.


Suddenly, a harsh blast and explosive sound could be heard.


Gressil was sent flying and screamed. On the other hand, my Dragon Shot destroyed the road and scenery before me! The blade on my tail was a prototype model of Ascalon II. Although it didn’t have the same ability as II, it was still quite strong. I actually received this from the Vatican’s team that researched and created Holy Swords after the match with Rias previously.

[It’s a prototype model made for you, and others can’t properly use it.So why don’t you try it?]

Such was the suggestion and favour. After discussing with Ddraig, Rias and Ravel, we came up with the conclusion that it’d be great for surprising the enemy as well as a third arm, so it’s better to fuse it with my tail and we executed it. I twisted my tail and looked forward. The big man was standing with a half-hearted defensive stance, smoke rising from him. His whole body seemed to have suffered damage, but…the biggest one was the shoulder which was struck by Ascalon.

I quickly took a glance at Yasaka-san. …I’d like to use my [Transfer] ability on Yasaka-san to raise her power up. I believe that it would help preserve this space. …Couldn’t I find a chance to do that? While I was thinking that, Gressil  walked towards me. He was smiling while being euphoric in his fight.

“The blade of the tail! That’s the first time I’ve seen it. Is it something that you just developed? Damn, to think that I’d taste how the Red Dragon Emperor creates one new technique after another in person”

Gressil forced the wounds on his shoulder to close by contracting his muscles. Gressil smiled and said,

“—However, my body has remembered a part of it.”

That’s what Gressil said meaningfully. That guy started to run and charged at me barbarically! He planned to tackle me with his body that’s endowed with offensive aura. I’ll be out if I take that, and it would damage me even if it just scratched me. It was not crazy fast, but it was still quite fast considering the short distance! He’s the same type as me! I tried to dodge right before he hit me, but he instantly changed his direction and chased me! —His instantaneous power were also crazy fast! I created a small aura bullet on my hand—and shot a number of mini Dragon Shots continuously! Gressil, who was charging at me, didn’t even seem to try to deflect it, and instead just scattered them with the force of his tackle!

“My bad, but those kinds of bullets won’t work anymore!”

Gressil said that while smiling. Well then, one more time!

I extended my tail which had Ascalon in it. As my tail extended grazing the road, I did an upper swing from a very low altitude! A hit on his stomach—or so it should’ve been, but the Ascalon on my tail couldn’t thrust at Gressil’s stomach and only managed to prick him with the tip! Gressil said with complacency,

“My body has also remembered that one! If it’s not your attacks that exceed Maou-class beings, they won’t work on me!”

Gressil prepared to headbutt me with the impetus from his tackle! I created a cross with my arms to defend myself. However, I was completely cornered as the enemy planned to break my defence as well—Just kidding. As if I let you! After understanding that he has confidence in his explosive power, I kept my defensive stance until the very last moment before his attack landed. I was looking for the timing when Gressil couldn’t change his trajectory and then jumped to the side! I shot a Dragon Shot as I dodged him!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

This was bigger than the previous bullets!


Upon taking my Dragon Shot, Gressil was sent flying. However, Gressil tried to fix his stance as it only did a little damage. There, Akeno-san supported me by raining her lightning


Akeno-san fired her demonic power while endowing a large amount of lightning aura on her hands. Gressil, who didn’t seem to try to dodge, took Akeno-san’s lightning as a whole…Gressil’s body was covered in sparks, yet he still had a smile on his face. Akeno-san’s lightning didn’t work on him. Gressil said,

“Lightning Onee-san, it’s too bad. My body has remembered your lightning. If you want to inflict damage upon me, you should either increase the output power or use another technique!”

Akeno-san narrowed her eyes upon looking at this.

“So that is your specialty.”

That’s right, Gressil’s specialty was [Resistance]. Once he took his opponent’s attack, a [Resistance] would be born against the attack. Akeno-san’s lightning—the reason why he wasn’t damaged by the light part was due to him already taking the lightning before, so his body had already created a [Resistance] against it. Plus, he must’ve also created a [Resistance] against the thunder due to the attack just now. It also seemed like his body had gotten used to my attacks — Dragon Shot and the Tail’s Ascalon.

The [Resistance] Specialty wasn’t only particular to Devils as there were other monsters and supernatural beings who had it as well. However, the one that Gressil was building up and applying to his body unusually fast. Plus, there was no restriction on the attriibutes as he could create a [Resistance] to all sorts of damage.

— That was the name that Rias, Ravel, Rossweisse-san and my other comrades gave it upon looking at the match recordings and analysing Gressil’s specialty …Although there were some differences to my comrades’ analysis, based on what I’ve seen with my eyes, they were more or less the same. I really didn’t understand how his [Resistance] worked, however, the fact that to a certain extent he got [Resistance] to my aura itself is undeniable. No, but one of the techniques of Ddraig who lived within me in [Boosted Gear], [Penetrate], seemed to be able to get through that [Resistance] ability. Ddraig, who was inside me, talked about this.

[Yeah, I’m sure your attacks will be able to ignore his [Resistance] if you endow them with [Penetrate]. …At first, that is.]

…Wait, wait, Ddraig. The way you put it made it sound as if he would be able to develop [Resistance] even against [Penetrate].

[It’s not impossible. Conversely, it might be able to pierce his [Resistance] any number of times. But considering the speed of his growth, talent, and after judging from his match recordings and this actual fight, he’s a genius. It would be too dreadful if he manages to build [Resistance] even to [Penetrate]. Instead of using [Penetrate] in this unstable space where you can’t perform to your best, I believe it’s better to change to your Dragon Deification form after fully preparing and finish him in one go by using the [Penetrate] of that form.]

…So, you’re saying that we should change the place, huh.

[Fighting here for a long time isn’t really good.]

—The longer we fought in this place, the more advantageous it would be for the opponent. …Shit, there were no other opponents whom I had to defeat in my first fight like him. An opponent I must defeat using Dragon Deification at our first time meeting. These guys became stronger along with the passing time. Gressil happily said,

“Geez, you’re strong even in that crimson armour of yours. The Holy Demonic Sword-niichan over there is also strong. I guess you’re what people call an experienced fighter.”

“Despite saying that, it looks like you are still holding back, right??”

As I asked that, Gressil rotated his uninjured arm.

“Right now, we still have limits. However, if the limiter on me and Sonneillon were to be removed, we’d be able to easily destroy this barrier and the city outside. That being said, it’s a matter of  permission from the higher-ups.”


So there were some people who treated them as their underlings, huh. Sonneillon screamed while being engaged in a fight against Rias and Kiba.

“Gressil! Let’s remove our limiter! These guys! Are making me mad! They’ll forgive us as long as we don’t destroy the whole Kyoto! Kyoto will be fine if we just destroy a part of the city!”

That thin brat sure said some cruel things! Judging from the fight just now and the recording of their match, these guys really could destroy the whole town in an instant if they got serious! They must be able to turn the whole Kyoto into dust if they were to fight flashy! Gressil, who heard that, let out a sigh.

“Well, you have a point. It’s only a matter of time after all.”

Suddenly, Gressil’s aura gradually became higher to the point where it shook this whole pseudo space! Sonneillon also followed him by starting to release a malicious aura from his body! Rias turned grim and said,

“…They plan to show us their true power that we saw in the tournament.”

“Ku! It won’t hold!”

Yasaka-san’s youki began to get unstable as her hands that were forming a seal started to tremble. This space was also reaching its limit due to Sonneillon and Gressil who heightened their aura. The scenery was starting to get blurry and we began to see the original town. At this rate, Gressil and Sonneilon who became serious would be released into the original world. If that happens, then the normal civilians would be…! The worst case scenario came up to my head! If that’s the case, then it’s better that I also become serious! After I prepared myself for the fact that I might be seen by normal civilians, I entered the preparation to speak my Dragon Deification chant.

It was at that moment. The space that was starting to go away was enveloped by mist. The blurry scenery then went back to normal, as if this space was reinforcedby the mist. I was familiar with this mist! —At the same time, I could hear a voice.

“It seems like we made it in time.”

The ones who appeared from the mist were—Cao Cao and the other Hero Faction core members! Next to Cao-cao was the mist user—the owner of Longinus [Dimension Lost], Georg, who activated his Sacred Gear to support Yasaka-san in holding this space. Damn! You came at the right time!Cao Cao tapped his Holy Spear on his shoulder and walked this way. Gressil glared at Cao Cao and his Holy Spear, and said,

“…Holy Spear, huh. It was one of the things we were warned to keep ourselves away from.”

Cao Cao looked at Gressil and Sonneilon and said,

“Nice to meet you, I guess. Gressil and, over there is Sonneillon, right? My name is Cao Cao. The descendant of the famous Cao Cao from the Three Kingdoms — that’s about it.”

The swordswomen of the Hero Faction, Jeanne, held her sword in her hand as she took a step forward and said,

“I don’t know what your goal is, but please don’t do things that’ll make us remember the things that we did last year.”

Cao Cao warned Jeanne.

“…You’re saying unnecessary things.”

Cao-cao then pulled himself together and said to Gressil and Sonneillon

“We’re not the only backup. The others will come here soon. Do you guys have the guts to fight against half of the main forces of [DxD]?”

Gressil smiled in response to Cao Cao’s bold question… On the other hand, Sonneillon became even angrier under these circumstances, for he heightened his dangerous aura. Gressil then opened his mouth upon realizing Sonneillon’s intention to fight.

“I guess so. Even if we begin right here, it’s not like—“

It was at that time before he could finish. There were communication magic circles appearing on Gressil and Sonneillon’s ears. They seemed to be told something, and as that happened, Gressil and Soneillon started to look extremely unhappy, but…at the same time, they also regained their cool and started to lower their aura. The next moment, old magic circle patterns showed up below their feet.

“Well, we’ll meet again soon.”

“Soon, I’ll smash you with a Snap.”

After leaving those words, Gressil and Sonneillon were enveloped in transportation light. After the ominous and fierce two from the Grim Reaper’s team left, I, Rias, Akeno-san, Kiba, Yasaka-san and Kunou released our battle stance and sighed in relief. I undid my armour and thanked Cao Cao.

“You saved us there.”

Cao Cao replied while showing us his habit of tapping his Holy Spear.

“Well, that’s our mission. Anyway—“

Cao Cao looked at the direction where Gressil and Sonneillon disappeared.

“The transportation magic circle was an Olympus one, right?”

“Yeah. Plus, it’s an old one. —As expected, this must have something to do with Primordial Gods.”

Primordial Gods—.

The report of weird spells being placed around Kyoto. Those spells also seemed to be old ones, so Primordial Gods are involved. The fact that Gressil and Sonneillon were also transported using the magic circle of  Primordial Gods meant there’s no doubt that they’re connected. The “Higher-ups” that Gressil mentioned must also be a Primordial God who’s a member of the Rulers of Hell alliance. Yasaka-san, who regained her breath, patted Kunou, who looked worried, and said,

“We have to make a plan in Urakyoto.”

We nodded in response to Yasaka-san’s words.

…It seemed like we couldn’t enjoy Kyoto at ease this year either. But well, all we had to do was simple. It’s like what we usually did.

—We just have to defeat those that try to put our surroundings in danger, no matter who it is!

TL Notes:

  1.  Fusuma:  vertical rectangular panels which can slide from side to side to redefine spaces within a room, or act as doors
  2. Nishi Honganji : Nishi Honganji Temple is a large temple compound located north west of Kyoto Station with many beautiful buildings of historical and architectural significance. It is one of two head temples of the Jodo Shinshu sect of Buddhism in Kyoto.
  3. Shinsengumi: was a special police force organized by the Bakufu (military government) during Japan‘s Bakumatsu period (late Tokugawa shogunate) in 1863.
  4. Fox’s wedding: The Kitsune no Yomeiri (狐の嫁入り, “the fox’s wedding”), which is similar to “monkey’s wedding” in English, is a strange event told about in HonshuShikoku, and Kyushu.  It refers to sunshower or sun shower,  a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining

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