Life. 3 Team [DxD] vs The  God of Darkness’ Party!

Life. 3 Team [DxD] vs The  God of Darkness’ Party!

The next day afternoon—.

We visited the [Kyoto Sirzechs Hotel], where the school trip group (Ravel, Koneko-chan, Gya-suke, Ingvild, Nakiri, Millarca Vordenberg, Nimura Ruruko-san) would be staying at. It was the same hotel where we had stayed last year. The current second-year students of Kuoh Academy had started to gather in the hotel lobby and were ushered by the bellboy to the hall very much like  last year, where the teachers had gathered the students in the hall to notify them on important things.

Hence, Rias and I disguised ourselves and entered a cafe inside the hotel that was situated near the lobby where Ravel and the others were currently present. Speaking of the clothes for our disguise, we wore our usual clothes, hats, and sunglasses as we both were pretty popular among the Kuoh Academy students after all. However, Rias’s characteristic crimson hair would stand out, so she changed her hair colour to blonde using her demonic power. I’d say that Rias’s western face and great style suited her blonde hair! No, I think it was also the best! Blonde Rias was really nice! This hotel also had a lot of international customers staying over as well. So, with the addition of a hat and sunglasses, Rias wouldn’t stand out too much… Though she might stand out because of her beauty, I didn’t think her identity as  Rias Gremory would be found out easily by the students as her hair wasn’t crimson. Plus, she wore a hat and sunglasses. Even when we joined Ravel and the others, there were several kids who didn’t realise that she was Rias at first.

Now, the reason as to why we had a meeting with Ravel and the others in the Hotel’s cafe was obviously because we wanted to discuss about yesterday’s incident. We told everyone through Ravel that we were previously attacked by Sonneillon and Gressil last night. Though Ravel and the others wondered if they should actually participate in the school trip, we told them to come to Kyoto as students and they did that. However, the teacher who acted as their guide, Rossweisse-san, as well as Roygun-san, who stuck along as a temporary medical staff, were not present as they were watching over the students. And under such circumstances, we, the ORC members, started our meeting. Nakiri started off with his question  straight to the point.

“What’s the enemies’…Sonneillon and Gressil’s goal?”

“They planned to annoy us, who were present in Kyoto, and King Enma-sama…I guess. Well, one thing for sure is that they are a threat to the parties that support [DxD].”

I answered so after taking a sip of my coffee. The reason was because Gressil did say ‘Before we fight against King Enma-sama”. … It might be because I was born in Japan that I added ‘-sama’ to King Enma’s name. During my childhood, I was told “If you do naughty things, Enma-sama will throw you into hell. ”. Koneko-chan, who seemed annoyed, said,

“… I can only say that they’re annoying, doing such things at this time”

Gasper frowned and asked,

So the enemy…the one who is behind this is primordial God of Olympus, right?”

Rias nodded..

“Yeah, after analysing the spells that were cast around Kyoto, as well as the magic circles during Gressil and his friend’s attack, it was revealed that they werre related to the God of Darkness, Erebus.”

That’s right, the conclusion that the analysis team gave was that the spells and its patterns were of God of Darkness, Erebus’. Gressil and Sonneillon must have been guided by him. The pawn of [Sitri] peerage, another second-year student like Koneko-chan, Nimura Ruruko-san, then spoke about her opinions with her eyes half closed.

“I’ve thought about this before, but the people in the Rulers of Hell union are spoiled brats, or rather bothersome complainers, right?”

As usual, y-you sure go straight to the point! W-Well, in a way, you could say that though, the bothersome complainers thing. Rias said,

“Different mythologies have different ways of thinking and views on beliefs. Moreover, judging by the myths, in addition to a world where love and hate are all jumbled together, Olympian Gods are nothing but naughty people. It’s not something that we can perceive.”

Conversely, towards beings of Christianity origin, of Biblical system the Angels, the Fallen Angels and the Devils other factions seemed to have opinions like “This kind of thing is, you know, that…” or “Angels of the Bible are…” or “That thing about Devils is…”. As such, it’s true that one’s view would change depending on the mythology and the culture of that person.

…Well, that being said, the Christianity’s overzealous missionary work at other mythologies’ domains a long time ago seems to be still deeply-rooted among the Gods of all mythologies (even though we have formed an alliance), so it was not like the creation of the Rulers of Hell union was completely unrelated to that…

…Above all, the [Sacred Gear System] that was left behind by the God of the Bible, especially the existence of Longinus which turned out to be quite a complex thing where Gods from each mythology viewed them as dangerous or secretly targeted them. The Goddess of Night Nyx who had attacked us previously also had her eyes on Ingvild’s new Longinus. Nakiri asked Rias and me about our next course of action.

“So, what’s the truth behind this incident and what’s our plan?”

Rias and I looked at each other and nodded. Rias then instructed to the person sitting behind her without turning back.

“We’d like that.”

“All right, understood.”

As the person behind hid his presence, the young man who was disguising himself with a hat and sunglasses then snapped his fingers. Following that, this room was instantly filled with faint mist, engulfing all of us. The next moment, we were at the cafe with everyone but our comrades gone. Half of the School Trip group was surprised, but Ravel soon understood what was happening and calmed down. The boy in disguise sitting  in the table behind took off his hat and sunglasses — It was the mist user Georg, a Longinus user from the Hero Faction. Using his [Dimension Lost] ability, he had created a pseudo-space with a barrier that resembled the real world. We were then transported to that pseudo-space’s cafe by Georg.

…This was nostalgic. We were engulfed by the same ability a year ago, but as an opponent. I remembered that we were transported from Togetsu bridge and Kyoto station to this pseudo-space. That’s right, Georg would take part in this time’s discussion. Georg said to Rias,

“There’s no one besides us here, and no one would be able to enter as well. Without someone who has quite the skill, that is”

Rias then expressed her gratitude.


“Umm, what’s this?”

Nimura-san said that whilst looking restlessly at this place as there were no other customers other than  us. From what I’d heard, this mist could be sensed by only those with supernatural abilities or monsters. Outside this space, we  appeared as illusions, making it appear as if nothing happened inside the restaurant. The other customers and staff seemed to be perceiving it like nothing was happening. Ravel silently said,

Clearing people out, huh?”

Rias nodded.

“Yeah, as there might be spies lurking in this hotel as well.”

Nakiri bent his body forward upon hearing that as he asked.

“Is that rumor true?”

Rias let out a sigh and answered,

“—It has become clear that there are [Hidden Khaos Brigade] members in all mythologies.”


Koneko-chan, Gasper, Nakiri and Nimura-san were so surprised that they couldn’t say anything. Ravel already knew about this, yet her face still turned grim. On the other hand, Ingvild, who couldn’t understand anything, tilted her head cutely. Millarca-san, upon realizing that the cakes weren’t transported to this pseudo-space, hung her head as she went ‘Tohoho…’ while looking at her empty plate. By the way, Millarca Vordenburg-san, who was wearing thick clothing — was a pure-blooded female Vampire and a princess of the Vordenburg family, the backbone of the Carmilla Faction, one of the two main Vampire factions. She was a second-year student in Kuoh Academy, and also the current accountant for Xenovia’s Student Council.

However, as she was a pure-blooded Vampire, she had bad affinity towards sunlight and had to wear thick clothing during the day to prevent her skin from being exposed to the sun. She was also famous for that in Kuoh Academy. She was different from the ‘Daywalker’ Vampires like Gasper and Valerie, who were able to move unhindered during the day. She worked together with Nakiri Ouryuu and was asked by Ajuka Beelzebub-sama to investigate the Longinus [Innovate Clear] and [Telos Karma]. She also seemed to be close to Elmenhilde as they belonged to the same faction.

—Now let’s get back to the topic, the [Hidden Khaos Brigade]. Rias continued,

“[Khaos Brigade] and its successor group [Qlippoth] couldn’t function normally due to their valuable charismatic figures — Shalba Beelzebub, Cao Cao and Rizevim Livan Lucifer being gone. However, there was still a considerable amount of people that took over organization’s ideology or devoted themselves to it, and even now their numbers were increasing little by little. And before anyone noticed, that group came to be known as [Hidden Khaos Brigade].”

Ravel followed up.

“The reason why there were suspicious people who succeed in infiltrating Kuoh town or important locations of other mythologies was because there were insiders who leaked the information to the enemy. …The problem is that they are perfectly hiding their identities.”

Nimura-san, whose face also turned grim, asked Ravel,

“Are you saying that they even lurk in the Sitri household or Gremory household?”

Ravel answered,

“Yeah, I’m afraid so.”

Nakiri muttered.

“I wonder why those guys are increasing…”

Rias said,

“Envy and doubt follows the strong. Those who doubt keep looking for answers, and when they found the [Khaos Brigade]’s terrorism matched the answer they were looking for, the [Hidden Khaos Brigade] was born.”

Ravel narrowed her eyes and said,

“…Why did the [Khaos Brigade], who was our enemy, fight against [DxD]? In fact, weren’t they the ones in the right? There is a high possibility that those who doubt our powers reach such conclusion. It’s in accordance with the rise of our power and fame.”

… I did indirectly learn of this possibility from Ravel, but she only properly told me about this last night.  Cao Cao, as well as team [Slash Dog], consisting of Ikuse Tobio-san and his friends, who had snuck into various places to investigate, said that [Hidden Khaos Brigade] was becoming something that we couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

The true form of justice, huh. … I often saw lines such as [Justice is relative] or [The enemy also has their own justice] in manga and movies… To think that we would be feared, or even seen as enemies by random people as a result of putting our lives on the line…I couldn’t say anything. … Were the miracles that I continued to pull off instilling   fear in  some individuals…? … Damn, this was not the right time to think about such things. We just had to face the threat we were facing right now! At the very least, there would be casualties if we didn’t fight. And just for that reason, I believe I could fight. Nimura-san put her hand on her chin and thought deeply.

“Does this mean that this [Hidden Khaos Brigade]…is leaking information to the Rulers of Hell, God Erebus and his faction?”

Nakiri asked Rias,

Would it be possible to bypass the barrier that was put together by the main “brain” of every faction—the current Maou Beelzebub, the technology of Grigori, as well as Norse mythology’s magic just because of the leaks?It’s becoming a vicious circle of updating the formula each time they bypass the barrier and then they manage to get through again, right?.”

Rias said with a serious look,

“…I’ve heard that there is someone who’s capable of doing that from Ajuka-sama.”

Rias took a glance at Georg. As she did, Georg then put a finger in front of his mouth.

“Please don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say now. Remember not to tell anybody once you get out from this barrier, as I’d like to keep the number of people who know about this as small as possible, and only to the people that I’ve isolated here.”

As everyone nodded, Georg started to talk.

“There is a very high possibility that the ones who thought up of a way to break the barrier in Kuoh town was one of the six former Lucifer families — the Nebiros household.”

Koneko-chan turned a bit grim upon hearing the name Nebiros.


The Nebiros household. It was one of the six households that directly served the previous Maou Lucifer, which was similar to the Lucifuge house that Grayfia-san belonged. A long time ago, there was a civil war between the previous Maous’ government and the anti-government (the current Maou government). While the six households sided with the previous Maous’ government at the time, there were some who persisted, yet there were also those who had become  extinct.There were also those whose current state was unknown. Nebiros was one of the households that went missing. The Nebiros household had a deep connection to the birth of Koneko-chan and Kuroka, as Koneko-chan’s father was a human and a researcher who was related to the Nebiros household (as well as one of the 72 pillars, Naberius household). Georg continued,

“The people from Nebiros were known for their skillful techniques in the Underworld records, and they’re still missing at the time. The previous leader seemed to be Zaoroma Nebiros, and  he’s considered to have survived the civil war that happened in the past. Plus, that he had a childrenor disciples that inherited his research or knowledge.” 

“… It’s quite vague. You know, that considered part.”

That’s what I said doubtfully. Georg shrugged his shoulder.

“… The information about them mostly doesn’t come to light. They seem to be a quite careful bunch. In fact, some clues leading to them only appeared after the alliance of the three factions and the formation of [DxD].”

Georg looked at Koneko-chan and said regretfully.

“This is something that’s quite hard to say in front of the person who is related, but you could say that the fact that the Nebiros was related to the birth of the Toujou sisters was quite the information.”

“…No, don’t mind me. Please continue.”

After being urged by Koneko-chan, Georg nodded and continued.

“After that, both us and the [Slash Dog] team went after Nebiros, but we couldn’t get a single lead. We found almost no traces. That being said, although we didn’t get any detailed information about the data that you gave to Beelzebub-sama, I’ve heard that it’s quite useful.”

We handed Koneko-chan’s hairpin that seemed to contain the research data that was left by Koneko-chan’s father to Beelzebub-sama for further research. …A research to create a transcendental being, huh… Assuming it came true, it’d be quite a big deal if it was used for wrong purposes. Ravel seemed to have noticed something and asked Georg.

“Almost no? So you did find some traces…?”

Georg nodded.

“Yeah, the Toujou sisters incident is one, and the other trace that we found was from the higher-ups of the Old Maou Faction that he negotiated with. However, it seems like after that their negotiation was cancelled. Also, when Freed Sellzen turned into a chimera, it was said that the technique used in that process was from Nebiros.”

That’s some nostalgic name there! … Freed was a [Stray Exorcist], a young priest whom we faced several times last year. Like Lint, he came from the Sigurd institute and was a brother-like being to her as he carried the same genetics. Freed used to be a warrior in the Vatican. However, due to the many problems that he had caused, he was exiled and became a stray. Eventually, Freed joined the [Khaos Brigade] and was turned into a chimera, turning his appearance into a new one, yet…in the end, he was done in by Kiba’s hands. …Who would have expected that both the technique that turned Freed into a chimera and the research of turning someone into a Transcendental being would have something to do with Nebiros. Georg continued on,

“Not only that, it’s also assumed that he might be indirectly connected to Lucifer’s son Rizevim by giving him advice on how to open the door to the other world.”

I asked.

“So that Euclid bastard doesn’t confess anything about that?”

Euclid Lucifuge was Grayfia-san’s actual younger brother, yet he used to be Rizevim Livan Lucifer’s right-hand  …Well, he was also quite the bad guy. Originally, he was also the one that triggered Rizevim’s unwholesome actions. Rossweisse-san called him siscon-bastard. The reason was because he had a forbidden feeling towards his real sister Grayfia, and even caused trouble to Rossweisse-san. It’s natural that he was called that. After I defeated him, Euclid was imprisoned as of now. I’ve heard that he wouldn’t be able to get out anymore. Georg moved his head sideways in response to my question.

“It seems like only Rizevim knew about that. It might be Rizevim’s own decision or Nebiros’ condition. But I’ve heard that Euclid Lucifuge didn’t deny the possibility of Rizevim and Nebiros having a relation.”

… D-Don’t you think this talk is becoming more and more and more secret-ish? I asked Georg.

“Is it possible that he was the guy who’s pulling the strings of all  the incidents that had something to do with us from behind?”

I unintentionally asked about Nebiros who was the one acting behind the scenes of the giant incidents like the civil war in the Devil world, Koneko-chan and Kuroka, the Nekomata sisters’ incident, as well as [Khaos Brigade] and Rizevim. I guess he’s the [Hidden boss]? However, Georg shook his head sideways.

“He’s not the real boss of the incidents that happened until now. It’s assumed that they might actually not have the desire to control the flow of events from the shadows and direct the world. …Still, they might actually be aiming to turn this world around in the future regardless of the current assumption.”

Georg fixed his glasses with his middle finger and continued,

“But well, there’s no telling what their goal might be even from well-informed people. But one thing that’s certain is that Nebiros’ “brains”had shown up before [DxD] and other mythologies indirectly and became a hindrance for us.”

…I see, in other words, they participated widely in various incidents starting from Koneko-chan and Kuroka’s birth up to cooperating with Rizevim.It’s not like researcher from Nebiros wants to do directly do something to us, however turned out to be a nuisance for us through the bad guys.

Rias let out a sigh and said,

“So that means that he’s also providing magical techniques to the Rulers of Hell union. That’s the reason how they could manage to sneak in even after the barrier was renewed…”

Georg gave his affirmation.

“Yeah. Their research is really outstanding if it’s able to beat Asgard’s magic research, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama’s brain and Grigori’s technological prowess. It’s completely bizarre.”

… The research funds must be provided by [Khaos Brigade], Qlippoth and the Rulers of Hell union. And they are doing a new research… So that meant that as long as we were here, there would be some who hate us, and as long as there were those who hate us, Nebiros would continue to exist…huh?Wait, to begin with, what did Nebiros’ research specialise in? Making someone to be a transcendental-class being, and chimera research…anti-barrier techniques…and he seemed to have received a request from Rizevim to do something in the other world… As I thought about that, Nimura-san seemed to grasp the information and said what’s on her mind.

“… So this means that the barrier in Kuoh town was simply a piece of crap.”

N-Nimura-san, that’s way too blunt! W-Well, it’s true that the enemies kept coming in and there were also complaints from my comrades though! Let’s remind her that she must not say that to Rossweisse-san, who was one of the people in charge of the barrier later on. Nakiri said,

“Well, despite the fact that Kyoto’s a town of magic, the mountain and river spirits have been dominating since a long time ago, so I guess it’s okay to say that the barrier here is shit. The reason was because there are too many power spots which create distortion that could accidentally create a hole that enables other beings to infiltrate. That’s why the Five Principal Clans always patrol around the city and fix the distortions.”

Nimura-san said,

“Doesn’t that mean Kyoto didn’t think thoroughly about this as those in charge actually added more power spots for the city’s prosperity?”

Nakiri tilted his head and made a complicated face.

“… It’s something that was decided by the higher-ups long ago after all…”

—Nakiri suddenly changed the subject and asked again.

“I understand that this pseudo-space is a necessary measure, as well as the fact that there are probably some guys who are providing the technology behind the scenes. I’ll get back to the main topic. So, how did the God of Darkness Erebus and its group annoy King Enma? Have we got this figured out?”

Rias nodded and looked at Georg.

“Georg, can you continue your explanation?”

Georg responded as he continued his talk.

“Yeah. Those guys—God Erebus and his group have left magic circles on various temples that worship King Enma. The research on this is done, but the magic has already activated.”


The second-year students were surprised (with the exception of Ingvild who was sleeping) upon hearing this. For the spells to have been activated when they just came for their school trip to Kyoto today, it must be quite outrageous for them. Georg continued,

“However, the magic by itself is not complete, as this spell requires the magic to be put on  several important points to be complete.”

“Can’t it be dispelled?”

Georg pointed at the floor and answered Gasper’s question.

“Due to the magic already permeating the ley lines flowing below, it’s close to impossible. We can only wait as the magic becomes weaker over time.”

Nakiri put his hand on his chin and asked,

“Ley line? What are they planning? Kyoto is full of power spots and ley lines. Do they plan to destroy the whole Kyoto?”

Georg said,

“From the investigation of someone who’s knowledgeable in spellsand affiliated with [DxD], it’s discovered that there is a bigger motive.― Kshitigarbha. In Japan, he’s called Jizo-sama and he was present everywhere throughout Japan. He’s a Dōsojin1 that protects people from all kinds of bad luck, as well as protecting the land. He was regarded the same as King Enma.”

Just with such explanation by Georg, Ravel who had a nice intuition, turned pale.

“…You are kidding, no way…”

“…I have the same thinking as Phoenix, the worst case scenario.”

Nakiri said it obnoxiously.

Georg created a small magic circle on his right hand and made a 3D map of Kyoto on top of the table. As Georg snapped his left fingers, there were pillars of light appearing in various places. They seemed to be well-known tourist spots and power spots.

“Kyoto is a magical town and a giant power spot. As such, we believe that they used Erebus’ magic on Kyoto and its surroundings to serve as a source of power. After that, they will use the ley lines to circulate the evil power to all the Kshitigarbha that exist throughout the country and destroy them.”

The countless pillars of light that served as the power spots in the map of Kyoto turned into a mass of light so big that it covered the entire Kyoto and started to flow outside the map. It was a scene showing the power in Kyoto leaking to other places. Gasper was lost for words. On the other hand, Rias narrowed her eyes and nodded,

“If all of the Jizo-sama throughout Japan were to be destroyed at once…”

“The evil aura is going to be distributed to the whole of Japan at once. Following that, the [Hell’s energy] will then ascend and affect all living beings. If that happens, it will surely have a bad influence on the plants, animals and humans everywhere… There are a number of important places in this country that use the available energy for ceremonies, events, barriers and inviting luck. Kuoh town is not an exception, as there are also many Ojizo-sama there.”

This time, it was the current second-year students who completely understood all seriousness of what Erebus, Gressil and Sonneillon were trying to do. Rias and I had also shivered upon hearing this explanation from First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan, Georg and [Slash Dog]’s Magician Lavinia Reni-san in Urakyoto previously. If only one or two, no—ten Ojizo-sama were to be destroyed, there wouldn’t be this much damage caused, but it’s a completely different story if it’s all of them that existed in this whole country.

—Those bastards, they were planning to bring out bad consequences to this country. Nimura-san stood up from her place and went up to the table in a bewildered state.

“T-This is a very serious thing — right?”

I, Rias and Georg who came to explain showed a bitter expression. Georg said,

“Buddhist Hell, which is governed by King Enma, is currently in a rush and trying to figure out what they should do. At the same time, the Gods who are worshipped in Kyoto also stopped standing still and started to cooperate and get in contact with the Three factions or other mythologies that cooperate with [DxD].”

The fact that even the Gods who were standing still in last year’s Hero Faction incident  started cooperating meant that they also realized the danger. Rias said,

“Nyx used Ingvild’s Longinus and created a small ruckus in Kuoh town, but her brother Erebus’ plan is far bigger. His bad intentions are directed towards this whole country, and his plan is one that is far more ominous than the one by  Norse Evil God Loki.”

Nakiri said,

“… It makes me remember the incident that happened four — no, five years ago. But I only heard the news though.”

Georg nodded.

“They must’ve used the incident that the [Wizards of Oz] caused as a reference. …We also did a similar thing last year.”

Nakiri then looked at the 3D map that’s created with magic and asked,

“… So, what’s our plan? What exactly do we have to do? It’s exactly because Hyoudou-senpai, Rias-senpai and [DxD] already have a plan up your sleeves that we are in this isolated barrier, right?”

Geez, what an intuition from my male junior. By the way, it’s good that he quickly changed the topic. I said,

“Of course, we’ll prevent it. We’ll fully defeat the Rulers of Hell who’ve got something to do with this.”

My juniors had a brave expression in response to my words. Rias said,

“We also got a piece of info leaked from the Netherworld.”

“I’ve heard that the Netherworld is not monolithic, but nice job on getting it.”

That’s what Koneko-chan said. The [Knight] of Sitri’s Peerage— the Grim Reaper girl Bennia-san’s father was the Ultimate-class Grim Reaper Orcus, who belonged to the moderate faction which had doubt about Hades’ movements. We’ve also received some information from Orcus previously. It seemed that there were also people like him in the Netherworld. After addressing that topic, Georg said,

“There were many connections made when  Sakra made me fall into Netherworld.”

After the [Demonic Beast Riot], possessors of High-tier Longinus Georg and Leonardo were dropped down to the Netherworld by Sakra’s own hand. Although he did a bunch of research there, it seemed like he also became friends with several Grim Reapers there. Rias declared to the juniors

“This time, the secret discussion with Grim Reapers from the Anti-Hades camp even touched upon post-war treatment of the Netherworld.”

“P-Post-war treatment?”

Nakiri said that with a surprised voice. Rias continued,

“All the higher-ups of various mythologies have viewed this time’s incident as an act of war. As such, the anti-terrorist team [DxD] which serves as a base for cooperation of each faction and a deterrence is ordered to destroy Hades and his patrons.”


—Destroy. After hearing such strong words, the juniors were surprised and gasped.

“…A war, huh?”

Nakiri said that seriously. Rias continued,

“This is going to be the first battle of that war . Though it’s also strange to call it like that given that we are constantly being attacked. However, we also have to settle things with Hades quickly, as they put us through quite a lot of hardship.”

Rias’s eyes — were glowing eerily. —We had been attacked numerous times until now after all. They even did it in the middle of the tournament. For them to even try to put my parents in danger, and for the sake of peace in the future, we had no choice but to settle things.

“Operation is planned for tomorrow. It’s better to start moving faster and spoil their plans. I’ll tell you the time later.”

That’s what Rias said. Georg then explained this time’s war summary

“About the operation. Thanks to the information we’ve received, we already know the rough placement of the enemy. We’ll send most of them to a pseudo-space specialised for fighting to decrease their fighting power prior to their actions.”

Georg then activated the magic circle on his hand once again. As the 3D Kyoto map began to rise, there was a new 3D map made in the space below that. The new 3D map resembled Urakyoto closely. Koneko-chan who saw this said,

“…It looks like Urakyoto, this pseudo-space.”

Georg nodded.

“The Youkai side is also cooperating with us, so we made the space resemble the one that they’re used to. By doing this, it will be easier for us to know what’s where and plan various strategies.”

That’s right, the space that we’re going to fight against Erebus’ group was based on Urakyoto. Last year, the pseudo-space was made to resemble Kyoto, but this year, it’s Urakyoto. Gasper then expressed his doubt.

“The enemies are Devils that are said to be Maou-class and Primordial Gods, right? Plus there are also the unknown…a countless amount of the Devils born in Netherworld. To teleport such a big amount at once would be…”

Georg lightly smiled and fixed his glasses.

“I have received permission to use my ability. It seems like I’ll be able to show you the true power of a High-class Longinus.”

Due to Georg and Leonardo’s Longinus being too powerful, they could even destroy a country depending on how it’s used. No, they could even affect the world. For that reason, Georg and Leonardo’s Longinus abilities were restrained. Georg could use it to a certain extent, but the immature Leonardo’s abilities were restrained to almost completely sealed. Regarding the usage of Georg’s ability,  Sakra who is their boss, the higher-ups of the three factions, as well as all the VIPs of all mythologies had given him the permission. That’s just how much of the groundwork was needed in order for Georg to use his abilities. After all, they were the ones who caused the [Demonic Beast Riot] (although there was also Shalba Beelzebub’s influence). Still, he was allowed to use it this time. That just showed how the way the Rulers of Hell handled wasn’t tolerated by all of the mythologies. I said to the juniors.

“And with that, we’ll be fighting Erebus’ group with my peerage and the Gremory peerage, along with the Hero Faction, the Journey to the West team, the [Slash Dog] team and Urakyoto Youkais’ military lineup. Also, there is something that we need the second-year students and Rossweisse-san to do.”

Rias then looked at Koneko-chan and the others, and ordered them.

“I’d like Koneko, Gasper, Ravel, Nakiri and the others to protect Kyoto along with Roygun-sama, Rossweisse-san and the Five Principal Clans. There is a possibility of another group separating from the main group, and I’d like you guys to deal with them.”


My juniors instantly gave their affirmation. I looked over at the [Queen] of my peerage, Ingvild. Although she was sleeping, she naturally opened her eyes all of a sudden and our gazes met.


“What is it, Ise?”

“We have a harsh battle coming up. If you think it’s impossible, you can wait in the hotel, you know.”

Even though she had learned to control her demonic power, her experience was close to zero. There was a high possibility of her being unable to perform at her best due to the pressure of the battle. That’s why no one would be mad even if she stayed back, but—. Ingvild shook her head sideways.

“No, I’ll participate. I feel that such is a fate for the ones in your peerage.”


… I am really sorry for being a [King] who’s always involved in trouble. However, I wonder if there’s really such a fate like Ingvild said… I nodded.

“Understood. You just need to listen to Ravel. Ravel, I leave Ingvild to you.”

As I asked Ravel that, she replied in agreement.

“All right. However, if I think it’s too dangerous, I’ll ask you to step down.”

That was the best answer. After that, Georg continued.

“It’s more or less like this. I’d also like to talk about the details, but we’re almost out of time.”

Georg looked at his watch. He must’ve done it in order to check the outside time. Georg then took out a letter from his pocket.

“The strategy is written here. Please read it in your hotel room. Also, once you close the letter, it’ll self destruct, so there’s no proof left.”

Ravel acted as the representative and received the letter. I said to Ravel.

“Please also tell Rossweisse-san and Roygun-san about this.”

Ravel nodded.


“I’ll undo this space. After it’s undone, please act as if nothing happened.”

Georg then snapped his fingers as he said that — following that, the space itself trembled and we suddenly returned to the hotel’s cafe. We could also see other people like the staff and other customers normally. Georg returned to his disguise and went back to his seat as if nothing had happened. Rias said,

“And with that, enjoy your school trip! I’ll contact you if anything happens.”

After she said that, she stood up. I suddenly remembered something and said to my juniors,

“Ah, also, you might receive a lecture from Rossweisse-san regarding 100-yen shops. Due to Azazel-sensei not being here, I think it’s going to be a long one.”

The juniors smiled wryly in response to my experience. —Now that we’ve told the second-year students about the plan, we have to prepare for tomorrow. Rias and I returned to Urakyoto and discussed our plan for tomorrow with my other comrades.

Part 2

The night after the secret meeting that we had with our juniors—.

After Rias and I came back to Urakyoto, the main members gathered in Yasaka-san — Leader of Kyuubi’s mansion in order to discuss about the plan to deal with  Erebus’ group. In order to keep the talk from being leaked, the discussion was done in Georg’s space. Although I believe that there were no [Hidden Khaos Brigade] members among the people that were present in Yasaka-san’s mansion, we had to be cautious. After the discussion ended, the members separated temporarily and waited for the plan to start tomorrow afternoon. After stretching in the mansion’s garden, I thought that maybe I’d take a walk around Urakyoto whilst being careful so that I didn’t get noticed by other Youkai.

—However, there was a human figure on the high ground in the garden’s end. It was Cao Cao. It seemed like he was enjoying the view of Urakyoto below him. I went closer and stood next to him. The view of the town of Youkai that spread below us was filled with lights, litting the dim sky that spread endlessly. Cao Cao murmured,

“The Youkai world. The beings here also have their own life and family, huh. And you also have a family.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

I was puzzled because he said something that was too out-of-the-box. Cao Cao didn’t mind me and continued.

“Both Devils and Youkai…supernatural beings are the enemies of humans and should be defeated by humans. That’s what I thought last year.”

“You did say it’s the dream and ambition of mere humans.”

“And you drove us, your attackers away…and fought for the sake of your comrades and the people you care for.”

I remembered the fight against the Hero Faction in Kyoto last year…and the [Demonic Beast Riot] that followed after it. I then said to Cao Cao.

“Human isn’t a ‘mere’ being. Even Devils, Angels and Youkai, they are also not ‘mere’, because everyone’s living. Although the thing I said just now was cliche, it’s true. And you too are not ‘mere’, you know, Cao Cao. Though I have to admit that you need to reflect on what you did.”

Cao-cao shrugged his shoulders and said,

“I am a ‘mere’. I don’t have anything but this spear. Though I have my comrades as well.”

“But you can protect someone with that spear, right?”


Cao Cao looked at me in response to my words. His expression looked like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter. I continued,

“Protect someone, you know. It’s actually an amazing thing. …I mean, there are many who want to protect, but can’t due to not having any power… When I first became a Devil, I was really powerless…and there were several occasions where I failed to protect. That’s why I worked so hard. Cao Cao, you see…having the power that enables you to protect someone is amazing.”

If you didn’t have power, you wouldn’t be able to save the people that you cared for. It’s because I…experienced such frustrating situations that I trained my hardest, so that I’d win and be able to protect that person next time. I was lucky enough to get various help from many people, which resulted in my current power right now. Cao Cao looked at the dim sky. As he did, he murmured,

“… If Siegfried and I were to meet you earlier, things might’ve turned out differently.”

Cao Cao’s eyes seemed to be filled with sadness, regret and repentance as he looked at the sky. However, Cao Cao suddenly changed his expression and asked me.

“Hey, Hyoudou Issei. Would you be my friend?”


W-What’s this guy suddenly saying!? You surprised me there!

“W-Why the serious talk? Don’t just suddenly say things that aren’t you! You sent a chill down my spine!”

He replied to me who was panicking.

“Heh, no real reason.”

Cao ao returned to his cool face and we both became silent for a moment. I finally snapped and replied,

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt having a friend like you.”

Many things had happened between us, but he’s like a coworker to me right now. Plus, it wasn’t weird for ex-enemies to become comrades in [DxD]. Not as an enemy, but as a rival—.

“Well then, I—”

It was when Cao Cao was trying to say something.

“Gah! You think you can win against General Evil Dragon Bavo!”


The Hero Faction’s giant — Heracles and the Youkai children appeared to this high ground. Heracles was wearing the [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon]’s enemy [General Evil Dragon Bavo]’s mask and seemed to be playing that role with the children. The children were also wearing the mask of me in armor form, as well as Darkness Knight Fang’s mask. Heracles then removed his mask upon seeing me and Cao Cao.

“Oh, did I interrupt you guys? Hey, children! Here, I will return your mask, so go play over there!”

As Heracles returned the mask to the children, they ran off somewhere. It might be because Cao Cao and I drew attention that Heracles said it fidgetly.

“Being a kindergarten guard in Underworld made me a bit good at handling kids.”

After the [Demonic Beast Riot], he was captured by the Underworld’s government and numerous spells were cast onto his body in order to render him unable to do bad things. His body would be burned if he did anything bad. Not only that, Rias’s brother — Maou Sirzechs Lucifer-sama also gave Heracles a task to work as a kindergarten caretaker and a guard in a certain kindergarten in the capital of Devil world, Lilith. Basically, Heracles would be working in the kindergarten whenever he’s not participating in a match, not being ordered by Sakra, or not helping [DxD]. Likewise, the sole woman in the Hero Faction, Jeanne, was also sent back to Vatican and accused of being guilty. Under the holy Pope’s command, she was asked to work as an apprentice cook in the warrior training facility. Because of that, both of them seemed to have lost their thorns and changed to  completely different people. I’ve heard that Heracles was doing a good job and he seemed to be open with the Kindergarten’s children. Probably, he played with Youkai children because of that experience. Heracles then looked at me.

“Hey, Oppai Dragon.”

“What is it?”

“—The show here, make it a successful one. You know just how valuable the show tickets are, right?”

The [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon] show tickets became a premium item that’s really hard to get. It might be because the program was not only broadcasted in the Underworld, but also in other mythologies that it was known by not only Devils. Plus, Rias, I and many others also participated in the Rating Game World Tournament, which increased  our recognition and popularity explosively. Because of that, the tickets for the show in Urakyoto also became something that people fought for. Heracles was talking to me about that. He continued.

“You guys’ job is to make an everlasting memory to the kids who managed to get those platinum tickets. And we, the Hero Faction, will guard you. Think of it as a compensation for the ruckus that we caused last year.”

After saying that, Heracles turned back and left the place. Cao Cao saw Heracles off and said,

“He’s changed, right? The commands from the Underworld’s Higher-ups took the poison out of him. Not only him, Jeanne, and all my comrades too.”

The current Hero Faction was acting as Sakra’s vanguard, and sometimes moved for Mount Meru and [DxD]. In addition, each of them worked at the human world on their own. The money that they received along with the reward given by Sakra were then sent as donations to rebuild the cities that they destroyed while they were still a part of [Khaos Brigade]. They’d all made their own amends.

“You also changed.”

As I said that, Cao Cao showed a smile upon his face.

“I guess so. That just shows how touching our fight was. No, I would say it was a powerful medicine2.”

By the way, I became interested in the thing that Cao Cao was about to say.

“Hey, Cao Cao, what did you want to say—”

It was at that time when I was still talking.

“Ise-kun, so you were here.”

Kiba appeared. He looked at me and Cao Cao, and then said,

“Were you guys talking about something. Did I interrupt you?”

Cao-cao shook his head.

“No, we were just chit-chatting. If you have something with him, then go on.”

As Cao Cao said that, he left that place and went somewhere else. There were only Kiba and me in the high ground. In the end, I didn’t know what he wanted to say, but…oh well. I asked Kiba

“So, what is it?”

“Rias-neesan asked us to do a dry-run.”

I see. The event should run smoothly if the strategy goes as planned, but…Rias must’ve decided that we should practice even at situations like these. As expected of Rias, she didn’t have any compromise whatever the situation was. She planned to defeat Elebus, do sightseeing in Kyoto, make the event a success and make everything come true. It even made me, the main actor, fired up!

“All right, let’s go!”

Kiba and I went to the event venue together. At that time, I suddenly got interested in something and asked,

“By the way, Kiba, when you fought against Sonneillon, you were agitating him quite a bit. Why’s that?”

Kiba’s face turned red in response to my words that seemed like I was teasing him.

“… We were enjoying our trip after all. I thought we could have a peaceful trip this year, so…”

I see. There’s that incident last year after all. Plus, Rias and Akeno-san also participated this year. Kiba must’ve really looked forward to this time’s Kyoto business trip. I said to Kiba,

“Let’s accomplish all of it! We’ll defeat Erebus, go sightseeing in Kyoto again, and make this event a fire! That’s how the Gremory peerage does things, right?”

Kiba replied bravely with ‘That’s right’ in response to my words.

Part 3

—The night before we commenced our operation.

I came to the large bath in Kyubi Leaders’s mansion. The Japanese style bath was made from wood and it was quite spacious as well. Plus, there was an open bath outside! …Was this the Urakyoto’s Onsen? As I had such thoughts, I washed my body and headed to the open bath. A large outdoor bath that could easily take in fifty people. The sky was…as usual, dim, but that’s what made it feel elegant. …Man, I suddenly realized something after being alone. Who knew that I’d be involved in the ruckus that happened in Kyoto for two years straight. …No, the places that we went to always became a place where the enemy would gather as well… It’s like we’re being chased.

—The ‘peace’ for you might be the other’s ‘pain’.

The things that Vali said came back to my mind. Everytime we were attacked by our enemies, I always remembered that. The Old Maou Faction’s Shalba Beelzebub, Qlippoth’s Rizevim Livan Lucifer, and now it’s the Rulers of Hell union… All of them clearly made contact with us while viewing  us as their enemies. However, there were also some whom I could make friends with, or should I say fight together with, even though they used to be my enemies. For example, Vali, Cao Cao and the Hero Faction, as well as Crom Cruach. On the other hand, the Rulers of Hell…I didn’t want to think that all of them would continue to view us as enemies. …But I guess that’s just my ideal. I mean…my parents were targeted, you see. If we continued to have a quarrel, I might end up losing someone I cared about. I was just lucky this whole time… Luckily, all the mythologies finally decided to stop Hades and its group. It’s better to defeat him before more casualties arise.

—This is for the sake of our peace. Even if we both have different views on justice. I submerged half of my face into the hot water. …But you know, I also thought of this. …Just how long would I continue to fight beside Rating Game matches…?

…A Devil’s lifespan was ten thousand years, and this was just my second year in this world. And considering that, my fighting experiences were… Would I be experiencing this for around the next ten thousand years?No, but, would there even be anyone who viewed us as enemies for ten thousand years? I hoped that once  we defeated Hades, there would be no more humans or other supernatural enemies. …If we managed that, then the true peace would… the impending peace would come, or so I want to… It was when I was thinking about those things. I could sense a very nice, fluffy sensation on my body! Was someone clinging onto my back!? The one who peeked from over my shoulder was— Yasaka-san!

“What were you possibly thinking about?”


I was surprised due to Yasaka-san’s sudden appearance and tried to separate myself, but — she got a hold of my arms and pulled me towards her.


My face was engulfed in her gargantuan Oppai! This elasticity is too great!The softness, tension, gloss, and that smooth sensation! Those unrivaled sensations on my face were felt throughout my body, making the situation unbearable! Yasaka-san embraced me and said to me while being glued to me.

“I was thinking of cleaning myself before going to Sekiryuutei-dono’s room, but you are also here.”

W-wait, so this was a mixed bath!? I was told by the attendant (a female fox) that the bath was here, so I came!

“I-Is mixed bath okay here?”

As I asked that, Yasaka-san smiled and replied.

“This is for women. The one that I, Kunou and the other attendants use.”

I-It’s for girls!? Why did that attendant bring me here!? Though I must admit that I was happy being in a girl’s bath! Yasaka-san then said as if replying to my heart’s doubt.

“It’s probably because she heard that Sekiryuutei-dono takes a bath together with the girls that you are engaged to. That must be her consideration.”

Are you for real!? Was that even a way of being considerate to someone!? I suddenly realized something in the words that Yasaka-san said just now… She said [Before going to Sekiryuutei-dono’s room]… I asked her.


“What is it?”

“You said ‘before going to my room’.”

Before I could finish my words, Yasaka-san got closer to me. Being pressured, I tried to retreat,  but bumped into the edge of the bath. I was pushed up on that edge, but Yasaka-san didn’t mind as she just kept coming closer to me, and pushed me — to the stone floor! Her two unbelievably huge oppai were swaying left and right before my eyes! Yasaka-san then talked romantically.

“Yeah, I was thinking of increasing your fighting spirit before going to war. By being Sekiryuutei-dono’s partner that is.”

“M-My partner?”

“Because you will be fighting for the sake of the humans’ Kyoto and Urakyoto, the place where Youkai live, I thought I could maybe comfort you using my body.”

C-Comfort me…! Just what in the world were you thinking before the start of an important plan!? Yasaka-san then slowly leaned on me, who was below herrrr! Yasaka-san’s breasts, stomach and thighs were completely glued to me! Her perfectly soft skin completely covered me…and boiled my brain! My nosebleed wouldn’t stop! I-If I continued to be done like this by an older woman… I really wouldn’t be able to hold it! Yasaka-san then whispered into my ear.

“Kunou often said that she wanted a younger sister or brother. And I also think that it’s not a bad time to have a second child. Plus, we are already like this, so let’s just do it here. — I’ll have the Sekiryuutei’s child inside me, okay?”

I lost my words in response to the continuous shocking events… My brain stopped functioning properly due to Yasaka-san’s sexy voice and her bold words! Whilst in that situation — Yasaka-san kissed me! She kissed me by force, and even inserted her tongue into my mouth, intervening it with my tongue!

Without showing any signs of stopping, Yasaka-san continued to play with my tongue in the long, passionate and relentless kiss. My mind completely melted due to the beautiful girl’s tongue play. I felt like my consciousness was in heaven…! However, that consciousness was suddenly brought back due to a certain thing.


A familiar voice! K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kunou!? In this timing!? She saw me and her mother kissing in the bath! Finally, Yasaka-san pulled her tongue from my mouth. A string of saliva appeared as Yasaka-san kissed me for the last time and stopped the deep kiss. My eyes were spinning so much that I couldn’t even get up or even look at Kunou. I  then heard the sounds of Kunou’s feet rushing through the stone floor.

“H-Haha-ue! Why is Ise here!? More importantly, what did you do!?”

“Kunou, step down. I am currently in the middle of sexual intercourse with Sekiryuutei-dono.”


A moment of silence—. Suddenly, Kunou burst out and said.

“Y-Y-You’re shameful, Haha-ue!”

Following that, Yasaka-san let out painful words.

“… Mother is lonely. After commanding the Youkais, I also want to be spoiled by a gentleman. Seeking warmth from the gentleman I like is not wrong, is it? Plus, Kunou’s brother or sister might be made. Do you not want one?”

“T-That’s… I do want it, but…”

“I know, right?”

It’s not ‘I know, right?’! Who’d expect that you’d explain the necessity of child making in front of your child! W-Well, I didn’t mind being the partner for child-making! In fact, I was honoured! B-But doing it in front of Kunou was impossible, wasn’t it…? That’s what I thought, but Yasaka-san was different!

“Kunou. Come closer. See closely how mother and Sekiryuutei-dono have intercourse, as you might also be Sekiryuutei-dono’s wife in the future.”

She even told her daughter to watch from a close distance! Yasaka-san, you’re amaziiiing! You’re bold and too sexy! Of course, Kunou let out a confused voice.

“B-But, Haha-ue, if a child between you and Ise was born, then that would make Ise my father, right?”

“That’s a different matter. It’s an affair between Devil and Youkai, don’t mind it.”

YOU SHOULD MIND THAT! I-It’d be a complicated family circumstances, you know!? It was at that time.

[Ise, Oyakodonis also nice, you know.]

I felt like I just heard Azazel-sensei’s voice in my brain! While I had such thoughts, Yasaka-san then sat on top of me who was lying while facing upwards on the floor, and said in an arousing manner.

“Now, Sekiryuutei-dono, you’ll be Kunou’s Chichi-ue4

I-I’ll become a Chichi-ueeee! Somehow, like Rossweisse-san’s incident, the girls were really trying to make me a father! I-I’ll be a father in my high-school year!? I-I’ll be in  such a drama-like setting…?

“That’s it!”

“That’s right, stop it right there.”

I could hear more familiar voices! As I looked towards the source of the voice whilst still having my body face up, there were Rias and Akeno-san (both naked)! What a surprise! I was found out cheating (?) by my fiance on the spot! Yasaka-san was surprised by these two’s appearance.

“Wow, when did you two…? I didn’t feel your presence at all.”

That’s right! Rias and Akeno-san’s skill in hiding their presence was terrifying! Especially in this kind of situation, it would show its effect! The fact that their presence wasn’t felt by Youkai’s Leader — the Nine-tailed fox Yasaka-san made me think that their abilities were steadily getting stronger! Rias put her hand on her chin and let out a sigh.

“And I came here because I felt that something’s wrong…”

Akeno-san also put her hand in her cheeks and said,

“I also felt that ‘ah, my husband’s probably doing something forbidden with other girls’.”

They’re sharp! Don’t you think the girls’ instincts are becoming sharper!? However, it’s not only Rias and Akeno-san who showed up here—.

“Wow, this outdoor bath has a nice atmosphere — Hey, wait, Xenovia, Asia-san! Come here, it’s amazing!”

“What is it, Irina? Is the bath amazing — wait, this is amazing!”

“What happene—Haaaa! Ise-san is doing something amazing!”

Irina, Xenovia and Asia appeared, and the three of them were surprised looking at this situation. Yasaka-san couldn’t help but show a wry smile in response to my future brides gathering here.

“Hohoho, I see. So the people who love Sekiryuutei-dono can sensesomething like this, huh.”

As she said that, she tried to get off me, and whilst doing that, she whispered in my ear.

(One day, you’ll surely have intercourse with me, okay?)


…My brain once again melted as I was told that. …My nosebleed continued after being told that I was being booked by a beautiful girl… Rias let out another sigh, showing that she couldn’t take it anymore.

“…I wonder if I can also control the Leader”

Rias, who had to act as the leader to the people I was engaged to, smiled wryly. In the end, everyone enjoyed the outdoor bath together. It seemed like because of such an incident happening, my head felt clear and I wasn’t thinking any useless things anymore!

All right! Let’s make tomorrow’s plan a success!

Part 4

The day of our fight against Erebus’ group—.

I was in my room preparing for the fight — -as I put the uniform that I wore in Rating Games.

“All right”

After I finished clothing myself, I went out of my room and — Kunou was waiting in the hallway. Her expression showed that she was concerned, but it completely changed at once as she suddenly looked brave.

“Ise, I’ll leave Kyoto and this Urakyoto to you.”

That’s what Kunou said. I patted her head in response and said,

“Of course! I have to defeat the primordial God quickly and do my events.”

“Umu! That’s right!”

Kunou replied energetically. However, I suddenly noticed the necklace on Kunou’s neck. It looked like a snake and was rainbow-coloured. Kunou then started to touch the necklace on her neck and said to me as if she noticed my gaze.

“This is an amulet that I got from Phis-dono.”

Oh, so it’s an amulet from…Ophis. It looked like the Spectre Dragon and Ouroboros Dragon at the same time. After that conversation, we gathered in front of the mansion. The ones that were participating in the fight against Erebus’ group were the Gremory peerage (including my peerage), team [Slash Dog], the Hero Faction, and the Youkai from Urakyoto who took pride in their strength (Including Yasaka-san). Plus, there were also First-gen Sun Wukong-jiisan and the other Journey To The West team, though they weren’t here as they were waiting in another place. On top of that, Ravel, Koneko-chan, Gasper, Nakiri and the other second-year students team along with Rossweisse-san, Roygun-san, special ability users from the Five Principal Clans and all  the factions who rushed to help us upon hearing the ruckus were waiting in the Human’s Kyoto.

The ones who were going to be on the offence team would basically be the Gremory peerage, team [Slash Dog], the Hero Faction and the Youkai from Urakyoto. The ones on the support and defence team would be the Journey to the West team, as well as the current second-year students. The offence team would go to Erebus’ main force in the pseudo-space and fight them there. The defence team would respond to  Erebus’ other forces and try to defend both Kyoto and Urakyoto to the very last. By the way, this time, Lint-san was placed together with the Hero Faction group due to her own request.

… As there might be a chance of the Rulers of Hell infiltrating the other [DxD] members’ area of jurisdiction — like the Bael peerage, Agares peerage, and Dulio with his [Brave Saints] that consisted of reincarnated Angels, they were basically waiting on their own respective place, but depending on the circumstances, we’d also ask for their support. Kuoh town, the most important place, was protected by the Sitri peerage, Bova, His Eminence Vasco Strada, Vali’s team and many other supporters in case something unexpected happens. It’s extremely strong! The defence was close to perfect. Now all that’s left was to be on the offence.

At the mansion’s garden Georg, who would create pseudo-space in another dimension and control it, deployed a magic circle to check enemies’ current situation. Georg’s role was to keep an eye on the pseudo-space, as well as locking the enemies so they didn’t escape. Elmenhilde was left in Urakyoto in order to become Georg’s support.

“Good luck, everyone.”

That’s what Elmenhilde said to us. The place that Erebus’ group was using to hide themselves (it seemed like they apparently also created a special space like Georg, where Sonneillon, Gressil and other Devils that the Rulers of Hell created were hiding in) had already been discovered. Before sending them to the pseudo-space, we investigated the current circumstances of the area they were using. Georg said while he closed his eyes and deployed the magic circle.

“… There are two beings stronger than Ultimate-class Devil, and a countless number of beings with the power of a High-class Devil… Oh, there goes our target.”

Cao Cao asked.

“Is it Erebus?”

Georg nodded.

“Yeah, I sensed the aura of…an old Olympus God, which means that Erebus must also be there.”

I see, so that means everyone’s present there. Rias and Yasaka-san then looked at each other. Rias said,

“Understood. Let’s start our plan. Is everyone good?”

In response to Rias’s words, we, the Gremory Peerage, team [Slash Dog], the Hero Faction, as well as the people from Urakyoto, and last but not least, Yasaka-san, nodded.

“Well, let’s begin.”

“All right.”

It was when Georg gave his affirmation. His expression suddenly changed.

“—! I was noticed by Erebus!”


Everyone became surprised! So Erebus noticed that we were observing their area! Cao Cao screamed.


Georg responded by fixing his glasses as he put up a nihilistic smile on his face.

“Don’t look down upon the user of [Dimension Lost]!”

The next moment, Georg’s magic power suddenly heightened up and reached that.

“Balance Break!”

Along with his scream, Georg’s magic that was heightened to its limit burst and created countless amounts of magic circles that covered the whole sky of Urakyoto! Amaaaazinng!

The whole sky was filled with magic circles! It’s even bigger than Rossweisse-san’s magic that was strengthened by Asgard’s magical weapon [Mistilteinn Wand]! By the way, If I’m not mistaken, the magic and magic circles are of Norse Magic, Demonic Spells, Fallen Angel Spells, Black Magic, White Magic, Fairy Magic and the like, he surely can deal with a great variety of them! Countless numbers of those spells were being deployed! This was the true power of the Longinus user and Magician Georg!

Georg then clapped his hands. As he did, the mist started to appear in that place. As he opened his hands slowly, there was a rectangle thing appeared from in-between his hands. That will be the basis of the pseudo-space. After Georg put up several protector-like things on the pseudo-space base, he raised it to the sky. When we saw the space-like three dimensional object floating up, it started to emit divine lights and then was transported using a magical circle. With this pseudo-space would spread inside the other dimension. To think that such a small thing would become as big as the Urakyoto…

—The Balance Breaker of the High-tier Longinus [Dimension Lost], [Dimension Create] was an ability that lets its user  create a barrier. The barrier that’s created with that ability could be infused with various effects. This time, a solid feature was added to the barrier so that even Primordial Gods or Maou-class Devils couldn’t escape easily. That was the protector thing that he added before. It’s the numerous barriers that were also deployed around the pseudo-space. Their functions were to become a solid support for the space so that the enemies wouldn’t escape, as well as not to break when we went all out inside. However, there was also a weakness to the pseudo-space even after the solid barriers. It was the barrier’s cores — the Sacred Gear’s device, which was placed inside the space. If this were to be destroyed, its abilities would be lost as well. During the promotion test to Middle-class Devil, we were also put inside a pseudo-space and aimed to find and destroy the key, which was the barrier’s device. Although the device was quite solid, there was a high possibility of it not being able to endure the attacks of  Maou-class or God-class beings. For that reason, we also had to put someone in charge of guarding that device.

—Suddenly, there was a change to Georg’s body. After the pseudo-space was deployed, a pale mist started to appear around Georg. The mist that was centered on Georg spread up to the sky. The mist was then absorbed by the magic circles. He might be sending the mist to the enemies’ place using those magic circles. The amount of the mist emitted kept increasing and an unbelievable amount of it was absorbed by the magic circles. Georg said,

“I’ve started the teleportation, but Erebus is resisting in his area! There is a high possibility that I might not be able to teleport all of you to the designated place— which is right before the enemy. But I’ll try to send everyone as close to the target as possible! I am really sorry. After you guys are teleported, find the enemy and defeat them! Also, have someone  guard the barrier’s device.”


Everyone was fired up and responded to Georg’s order! Simultaneously, teleportation magic circles were deployed below our feet and started to emit light! A moment later, we would be sent to the pseudo-space, which meant that our fight against Erebus’ group was about to begin! Now, we’ll eliminate another God, Ddraig! Ddraig, who was inside me, boldly laughed.

[You know, we just have to do what we usually do. If we’re in a pinch, then we just have to figure it out at that time.]

What a reliable partner! After that, the magic circle started to emit even more light and burst at once—.

TL Notes:

1.Dosojin:  traveler’s guardian deity (traveller)​

2. Medicine: also means “strong poison” which is basically a reference to how Cao Cao was defeated
3. Oyakodon: the Kanji was 母子丼, actually a dish that’s made using chicken (mother) and egg(child)
4. Chichi-ue: Kunou uses Chichi-ue to refer to her father

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