Life.2 The Ocean of Milk and the Maou’s [Game]


“—Wait, I did glare at him as I challenged him to a fight, but what about the strategy…”

The day after the marriage interview, all members of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] Team gathered in my room in the Hyoudou residence to have a meeting regarding the match against the [Leisure of the Kings] team.

—I racked my brains as I folded my arms. The match was going to begin soon and we had already planned to undergo our special training routines until the last moment. But there was still a limit to that, and above all else, our enemy this time was…

All of the team members sat on the floor and formed a circle, while the list of members of the [Leisure of the Kings] Team was placed in the middle.

[King] Typhon

[Queen] Apollon

[Rook] Vidar

[Knight] Bryhindlr

[Bishop] Artemis

[Pawn x5] Midgardsormr

[Pawn] Orthrus

[Pawn] Sphinx

[Pawn] Hydra

—It was a formidable lineup.

…The King of Monsters, Typhon, who held the [King] piece was a God-class being…moreover, he also brought along some Gods whom I knew. Other than Midgardsormr, the remaining [Pawn] pieces were often changed. Yes, five [Pawn] pieces were held by one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, Midgardsormr. This was probably going to be a reunion after the incident with Loki, but… Every time he appeared in a match, he would just sleep throughout the whole match. I had never seen him wake up and fight….

Midgardsormr only started participating halfway through. If we’re talking about the matches of the lazy Dragon King, he just ‘thump’ drops his giant body on the game field and sleeps for the rest of the match. If the field isn’t big enough, his giant body will get in the way of the match for both the [Leisure of the Kings] team and the opposing team.

I don’t know why Vidar-san and his comrades called on Midgardsormr, but why did he also respond to their call? Perhaps there was a contract between him and the Norse Mythology. While the participation of Midgardsormr was an issue, but as expected, the main problem was still Typhon and the other Gods. And this time, we watched a recording of the match on the TV.

The recording of Typhon, Vidar-san, Apollon-san, and the Goddess Artemis-san easily defeating the enemy team was being shown. The King of Monsters, ‘Typhon’, became the origin of the word ‘typhoon’. His power that went on a rampage in the tournament is said to be equal to Fenrir in serious mode, or even stronger. An unskillful God wouldn’t even be an enemy to him. Every time he performed an attack, the atmosphere around him shivered and caused a strange weather phenomenon inside the field as if he could control a storm. The fact that he was able to control the weather was the same as Dulio, but… Typhon was a few levels better than him. It was extremely troublesome how he wouldn’t show any mercy regardless of who his enemies were. It wasn’t as troublesome as Crom Cruach’s fire breath, but it was still capable of defeating all enemies with its enormous power.

Apollon-san is the Sun God. Even ultimate-class devils won’t stand a chance against his elemental abilities, and above all, with his overwhelming powers of light, he is capable of purging all Devils and the like. He is a natural enemy to Devils and Vampires and honestly speaking, one direct hit from him would be equivalent to a guaranteed retirement.

Vidar-san excelled in using all kinds of magic, and being the son of Odin, he used them skillfully too. From attack to support, and even weakening magic too. However, Vidar-san’s number one attack was—. On the screen, the figure of Vidar-san defeating a giant monster with a barrage of consecutive light kicks was being shown. On the other screen, a Devil from a certain famous house got blown away by Vidar-san’s high kick, destroying a distant wall.

Yes, Vidar-san’s strong point is his kicks in hand-to-hand combat. …The shoes that Vidar-san wore emitted the radiance of magic.

Rossweisse-san said

“As I have said before, Vidar-san’s foot technique is his forte. The shoes that he wears have been forged with a Gods’ magic. It is said that even Fenrir could be crushed with those.”

According to the story, when Loki created Fenrir in ancient times, Odin-jiisan prepared those shoes as a countermeasure — and he gave those armoured shoes to Vidar-san.

“When that footwear is combined with his foot technique, it is said that Vidar-san’s power rivals even the Thunder God Thor.” added Rossweisse-san.

The names of Gods from legend kept on appearing. A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to even imagine the idea of rivaling them or being their opponents. There’s no way I would have been smiling.  But, they’re our next opponent and we must fight. If we don’t win—. I suddenly looked at Rossweisse-san.

….I will win. No matter who they are, I can’t afford to hand her over to them. …But, our opponents are powerful and famous Gods….

Rossweisse-san was captivated by the great efforts in the match done by her senior, Brynhildr-san. Offence, defence, support, using various kinds of magic, going full-burst at times, occasionally enhancing the physical abilities of her teammates, and sometimes setting a trap on the field. Those things can also be done by Rossweisse-san, but because her opponent didn’t waste any time nor energy and invoked magic with such refined movements that we couldn’t find any openings.

Every time Rossweisse-san saw her senior’s magic in the recordings, she said

“This technique, that technique, and that technique too.  activation time is considerably faster than mine. As expected.”

Even though it was the same magic, the proficiency, speed, and accuracy were incomparable.

“Even if the magic’s power output is the same, if their activation time and accuracy are better, we’ll lose by numbers,” added Bina-shi.

After hearing Bina-shi’s words, Rossweisse-san held the Misteltein wand in her hands even tighter. It was a legendary magic weapon that was endowed with powerful magic. If we included that, Rossweisse-san and Ravel estimated that she might be able to surpass Brynhildr-san. But, if we only look at the activation speed alone…

“I still haven’t mastered this, but I would like it to be in shape before the tournament,” said Rossweisse-san wholeheartedly.

Well, the enemy is top-ranked after all. To be honest, others might look at us and think that we’re naturally going to lose. However, with the support of many people, and taking Rossweisse-san’s Misteltein wand into account, we’ve gotten stronger in many aspects as well.

Ravel then said to all the members.

“If you think about it, our opponent is stronger. After all, our opponents are the Gods that everyone knows about. However, because we have Ise-sama’s dragonification and Bina-shi, it is a fact that we also have a chance to win against them. The probability of winning is not high, but…let’s make our chance of winning higher.”


Everyone responded boldly! All that was left was to face them with the intention of winning! However, we also had things that we were worried about. It was about the training. Xenovia looked troubled as she stretched her neck.

“It’s good to face them with the intention to win, but the crucial training….”

Yes, currently, the number of places where we could train was limited. Due to the incident which happened when the Grim Reapers of the Netherworld attacked us in our own training space the other day, security had to be reconsidered.  The situation wasn’t entirely safe right now, and there was no guarantee that those bad guys wouldn’t come back for a second time. That’s why we couldn’t train as we please.

This wasn’t only happening to our [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] Team, but also to Rias’ team. In other words, since the incident of the attack from Thanatos’ faction, everyone who was associated with the Gremory peerage was now confused regarding the training ground. The day of the match was pretty soon after the beginning of our summer holidays. We didn’t really have much time. Well, it’s time to think with everyone on what to do. Just then, Rias knocked on the door and came in.

“Am I interrupting?”

“No, what is it?” I asked her.

She then continued.

“There was a report from Ajuka-sama. All persons concerned are to gather in the VIP Room.”

There was a message from the great Ajuka-sama. He could be our saviour here.

My team and Rias’ team gathered in the VIP room. Well, it’s roughly everyone who lived here though. The magic circle placed on the top of the table in the VIP room was deployed, and the face of Ajuka Beelzebub-sama projected in the air from there.

[It’s only temporary, but I have prepared a training ground for you guys. It is a safe place, so please rest assured.]

The contact from Beelzebub-sama was good news! The members of both teams cheered because of this. Oh—, we’re grateful! If it is a training ground that Beelzebub-sama prepared, it should be safe! Now we can train until the match begins! For god’s sake, I still don’t know what those skeleton gods were planning, but making our lives harder was not something tolerable.

Beelzebub-sama then looked at Nakiri

[Ouryuu, bring everyone to the said place]

Nakiri reacted to that as if he remembered something.

“T-That, so that’s what you mean?”

[Yes. That’s what I meant. I entrust you as the guide.]

Oh, it seemed like Nakiri knew about training ground that Beelzebub-sama had prepared for us. After that Beelzebub-sama looked at me.

[Also, there is something important that I must tell you. Actually, Hyoudou Issei-kun, there is a written-down matter that the Hindu mythology wants you to consider.]

… A-A matter that the Hindu mythology wants me to consider….?

Because I am not really familiar with the mythology, the only thing that came to my mind was Shiva-san and the prince of the Asura Gods Mahabali-san.

I asked Beelzebub-sama

“…Is it from…Shiva-san?”

[Nope, to my surprise, it is actually from Indra — the Heavenly Emperor, Sakra. He said that he has a plan to make Hyoudou Issei-kun stronger.]


Most of the members here were surprised by the report that Beelzebub-sama gave!

Of course! For that God of War who wore an aloha shirt to have a proposal to me! It’s certain that the Heavenly Emperor Sakra is a part of the Hindu mythology! S-Strengthening plan? I-It sounded like he was going to drag me into something bad… I became fully alert. Rias then put her finger on her chin and said while thinking

“For the Heavenly Emperor Sakra to help the enemy…”

However, Beelzebub-sama looked pleasant.

[That God of War looks like he is really enjoying the tournament. He even said that he would like to make this tournament a success so that one can be held next time and the time after that. And so, the Heavenly Emperor Sakra wants to hold a ceremony in a certain mythology’s territory for Hyoudou Issei-kun. The name of this land is made up of the words ‘Sea’ and ‘Breast’, the ‘Ocean of Milk’]

—Ocean of Milk!?

What is that dream-filled world!? T-That is not something that was recently made, and is actually recorded in mythology!? Beelzebub-sama then continued on…

[From this point onwards, I heard that a messenger will come and guide you. Please follow that person. Well, I’m sure that the current Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t do anything bad.]

… Justme, going to the Ocean of Milk, huh.

I looked at Ravel to check ‘Is it okay for me to go?’.

“I trust Ajuka Beelzebub-sama, and would like Issei-sama to go train under the Heavenly Emperor, Sakra. I am also quite interested in the strengthening plan from a God.”

It seemed like my manager also agreed. Well, there is a limit to how much strengthening can be done including my dragonification in a short span of time. I, Ravel and everyone else also knew about this. If that’s the case, then I suppose there is no harm trying to follow the plan proposed by a God.

I’ve never directly talked to him and the only thing I knew about him was the fact that he was someone who really liked wars. But, it’s also a fact that the calm Cao Cao and the first generation Sun Wukong surrendered themselves to him. If that’s so, I would decide to bet with this small possibility.

“I understand. I am also quite interested in this ‘Ocean of Milk’. I’ll go there. I’ll leave the rest to you guys.”

Everyone nodded in response to my words. And, as everything had been decided, Nakiri said to everyone

“Well then, shall we go to [Belzebut]? Everyone, did you bring your mobile phones? Since the possession of a phone is a basic condition, for those of you who don’t have one, please get one immediately. For those who don’t know about phones, you can probably get one if you just ask Ajuka-san.”

….A cell phone? [Belzebut] did somehow sound familiar though. Because there were several members who were confused, Nakiri continued

“—[Belzebut] is a game that Maou Ajuka Beelzebub-san created. The place that we are going to train at, is inside that game.”

I personally was also super interested in [Belzebut], but… the place that I’m going to is the Ocean of Milk. And with this, I went to the Ocean of Milk while the others went to start their training inside that game—.


“I came here to pick you up.”

—The person who was sent by Sakra to the Hyoudou Residence was Cao Cao!

While being urged by Cao Cao, I went towards the underground room where the large transportation magic circle was. Cao Cao then prepared the Hindu transportation magic technique.

“To think that that you would come here. You are unexpectedly pretty busy, huh.”

After I said that, Cao Cao shrugged his shoulders.

“I am basically Sakra’s vanguard. If I am told to ‘do it’, then I have no choice but to do as he says.”

The Hero Faction team that was led by Cao Cao also continued to steadily gain stars in the Tournament. He still lost at times if the compatibility, and other factors were poor, but there were two Longinus Sacred Gear users in that team who had attained their Balance Breakers. Since Kantei (Guan Yu) was one of the members, their chance of winning was surely high. It was one of the veteran teams who were regarded as very likely to qualify the for the main stage.

…Since the qualifiers were approaching to the final stage, even though it was Sakra’s order, for him to pick me up was…. Somehow, I felt bad for him.

It seemed like Cao Cao was done with the preparation and while binding the sign with both his hands, he yelled ‘Ha!’ energetically. The demonic transportation magic circle completely changed into a Hindu transportation magic circle. while causing a light vibration on the ground “Gogogogo”, a two-doored stone gate emerged from the floor!  The stone gate had godly symbols engraved across the doors. Cao Cao then put both his hands on the doors and pushed them at once. Our side was flooded by the dazzling light from the other side of the opened gate. But, we didn’t know what was on the other side of the door because of the blinding light.

“Well, shall we go then?”

While being urged by Cao Cao I walked towards to the door as I tried to block the light with my hand.

–And, what lay ahead was a sandy beach.

I could hear the satisfying sound of the rippling water ‘Sa-sa-’. However, what was in front of my eyes, wasn’t a blue sea, but a vast, milky-white sea! What lay beyond the door was a sandy beach and a milky white sea! Guessing from the information beforehand, I understood that this was the said “Ocean of Milk”!

T-This is the Ocean of Milk huh~! It’s the colour of cooked rice! As if being pulled by the ocean, I ran into the beach, but all of a sudden—

“Yo—, Sekiryuutei.”

—And, someone called me from behind. When I turned back, there was an intimidating man standing there with short hair and round sunglasses, an aloha shirt, and a string of prayer beads around his neck.

—It’s was Sakra!

I instinctively took distance from him as I prepared for battle, but when I realised ‘Ha!’, I released my fighting stance. …Because he always seemed to emit a violent intent from his body, I unconsciously got into a fighting stance. I then greeted him for the first time.

“S-Sakra….san! H-Hello.”

He looked down with amusement at the frightened me.

“I didn’t think that you would come-ze. Well, since you’re here, just take it easy.”

As he said that, he snapped his fingers and two wooden chairs suddenly appeared nearby. Sakra then sat in one of those chairs.

“Welcome to the Ocean of Milk. Now, please sit down.”

The God of War urged me to sit on the chair.

…I sat down next to him anxiously. B-Because I had never directly talked to this God, I felt afraid, or rather didn’t know how to deal with him…. After all, all we heard from Azazel-sensei was that he was someone who possessed a dangerous ideology.

—Thinking about that, and considering only the Tournament, I was told that he currently wasn’t that dangerous because he might be able to fight Shiva-san… Honestly, because I heard nothing but bad things about him, I didn’t know what kind of a God he was in reality. This was basically our first meeting. After sitting on the chair, Sakra said to Cao Cao who stood behind him.

“Cao Cao, please start the aforementioned preparations.”

“All right, all right, the God who likes to order humans around.”

In accordance with the Sakra’s order, Cao Cao… held a bucket in his hands as he reached for the sky, and began to work on the sandy beach. What was he going to do? While I was carefully watching him, Sakra began to speak beside me.

“How’s the tournament?”

The tournament, huh. It’s a suitable topic for a God of War I suppose.

“…..Well, there were times where I had fun and struggled, I guess.”

After answering like that, Sakra laughed as he then said

“Since your next enemy is Typhon and the others, I am really envious, you know?”

Well, for a God who was a battle maniac, I was sure that he drooled at the thought of taking on my next opponent. They were all famous supernatural beings after all.

However, Sakra put his hand on his chin, and suddenly looked displeased.

“I am currently half-happy and half-appalled.”


“Right now, the God-class teams are withdrawing one after another right? That can’t be helped.”

Yes, it’s as Sakra said, since the middle stage of the preliminaries had ended, the teams with Gods were suddenly starting to either walk out or withdraw. This was what had changed among the teams participating in the tournament. It didn’t include all Gods, but the cultural, artistic, emotional, and all kinds of non-battle Gods were starting to decline one after another.

Sakra also said

“Well, other than the God-class beings, there are also some small-fries who withdrew.”

After getting into the middle stage, there were also many teams other than God-class beings who gradually withdrew, and it had progressively increased. Sakra then asked

“Do you know the reason behind their withdrawal? It’s simple. It’s the same reason as the small-fries. —They became afraid of the super strong Devils and their kind and also the Longinus.”

When I peeped through the side of his glasses, his eyes were filled with disappointment. Sakra continued

“To Gods, Devils and unknown creatures are their biggest enemy. It’s even more troublesome in a way than the fight between good and evil Gods. In other words, those weak Gods became afraid of the guys who went on a rampage in the tournament. Maybe you didn’t feel it, but the fight between Vali Lucifer and Crom Cruach, the fight between Lucifer’s younger sister enveloped in Balor’s power and Fenrir, the power of the Devils and Longinus-class Sacred Gears has obviously reached even the Gods. And that has certainly shocked the Gods who haven’t gone to war in a while.”

That rumour certainly reached me too. The match between Rias’ team and Vali’s team had a strong impact on the supernatural beings. I was also hyped-up by the fight between a Heavenly Dragon and a legendary Evil Dragon. But, looking at that match, it’s only natural that one would feel afraid. Also, the fight between Fenrir who unleashed the power that was close to its prime and Sirzechs Lucifer’s younger sister, Rias, who was enveloped in Balor’s power, had an enormous impact on the higher-ups of every mythology.

“From there, a bunch of completely unexpected Devils came out and even that Asura God Mahabali was beaten. I laughed really hard, but there were also some Gods who couldn’t laugh after seeing that.”

As Sakra said, the mysterious devils who suddenly appeared yesterday — it was not hard to imagine that those above us were surprised by how Balberith and the others were able to defeat the Prince of the Asura Gods.

—I didn’t think that people as strong as them would emerge in this era.

That was the answer of a God who responded to an interview for an information magazine of a certain mythology’s publication. Moreover, there were also several Sacred Gear users who were starting to go on a rampage. The result was far different from what we had expected at the beginning of the tournament, where it seemed likely that they would’ve been the ones to be beaten. I personally felt that due to this international tournament which was open to all mythologies, various people and talented individuals who were completely unnoticed until this time prevailed and were starting to break into unknown territory.

Sakra then said

“Of course, the power of yours which harbours the infinite is also a threat to God-class beings. That power would surely be capable of blowing away an unskilful God.”

I knew for a fact that my Infinity Blaster was seen as something dangerous by all teams. However, there was something complicated in this discussion that couldn’t even be expressed with words.

“…The Gods became afraid and withdrew… huh” I mumbled quietly.

… When I became a Devil, I strongly believed that Gods were far-away beings and something that I couldn’t possibly reach. Sakra then laughed ironically and said,

“Most of the God-class beings are. I am sure because they are gods, and because they are supernatural beings, they were swayed by the opportunity to participate in the tournament. On the contrary, what came out were the monsters of the new generation. Gods are mostly from a non-battle origin. For example, they only rule for good harvest and business. For gods like them, monsters like you give them nothing but fear.”

Sakra then — had a look of anguish in his eyes.

“…In the end, the remaining God-class beings are those who are battle-types, me included. Well, it’s become pretty easy to understand. On the contrary, the truth is that I am appalled by the other gods. …In order to seal Trihexa, the strongest Gods of each mythology went there after all.”

This god was… . I felt like there was only one thing that I understood from him. Sakra genuinely just loved fighting. I felt as though he was similar to Vali and Crom Cruach. No, he felt the same as them.

….Wait, all the men around me are like that! Why is it that I who love Oppai so much always end up hearing their opinion about wars so seriously!? Cao Cao looked like he had finished his work, so came to me who was troubled and said

“The preparations are almost complete.”

Cao Cao’s gaze was directed at a miniature plastic pool which sat in one corner of the sandy beach! So that bucket was to fill this pool huh!

Not only that, even the design of the Pool was…the “Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon” one! It was character merchandise which had anime-like drawings on it. …It was probably a sample sent by my House.

I could hear the splish-splash sounds of the milky seawater being carried over with the bucket, time after time. The ones that were carrying the bucket were the seven orbs of Cao Cao’s Balance Breaker. The seven orbs formed the shape of a hand and flew in the sky to carry the seawater-filled bucket back and forth.

… For him to use his Balance Breaker in such a way. Well, Cao Cao’s Balance Breaker is a quiet one after all. I looked on in puzzlement as I watched the plastic pool that was being filled.

“B-By the way, what do I do in this Ocean of Milk?”

When I asked Sakra like that—.

“—Stir the Ocean of Milk.”

I doubted my hearing after receiving such an answer.

“….Eh? Stirring the…Ocean of Milk?”

Stirring it!? The Ocean of Milk…this seawater? While I still felt confused, Sakra laughed.

“HAHAHA, your face became weird, you know? No, no, what I meant by stirring the Ocean of Milk is an ancient ceremony recorded in the Hindu mythology. If the Ocean of Milk were to be stirred by the Gods, a certain thing might be refined.”

As he said that, Sakra took out a small bottle from his pocket containing a shining golden liquid.

“—The refined thing is a miracle drug called Amrita.”

The miracle drug Amrita! Somehow, the name was like medicine that you’d feel grateful for! Sakra then continued while looking at the plastic pool.

“Well, it was originally done on a mythological scale, but…because I am only going to make your drink, we don’t have to go that far. If it at least became a motivation then that’s good. So rather than the entire ocean, just this kid’s pool is enough.”

After Cao Cao finished relaying the buckets, he moved onto the next stage. Cao Cao put various things into the pool. Sakra then started to explain

“First, put in all the plants here and that plant’s seed. Furthermore, get the legendary giant turtle Kurma — place its child in that pool.”

Suddenly, near Sakra’s feet, there was a turtle around fifty centimetres in size! There was a strange protrusion which grew on its back. As the turtle was prompted, it dived into the pool and sat in the centre.

Next, Sakra suddenly grabbed a snake that had been coiling itself on his back. Because its head looked like a dragon’s, I was sure that it was an oriental dragon. Sakra then wrapped the dragon which he had caught by the head onto the pretursion which grew from the back of the turtle.

“If I wrap the Hindu dragon Vasuki around the thing that grows on the descendant of Kurma’s back…”

After he finished wrapping the dragon around the turtle, Sakra motioned to pass the head to me as he prompted.

“Now, the Sekiryuutei will hold the head and Cao Cao will hold the tail. —And, pull it reciprocally.”

Following Sakra’s command, I held the head and Cao Cao held the tail.

“……W-What is this?”

The situation had already evolved to the point that I was unsure of what to say. Sakra laughed excitedly

“HAHAHA, it’s as I said right? It’s the small version of the ‘Stirring the Ocean of Milk’. Now, don’t complain and pull.”

…. It seemed like we had no choice but to pull. The milky-white color of the seawater and the plants, that plant’s seed that was put into the pool, and in the centre of all of that was a turtle…where a snake-like dragon was wrapped around the turtle’s back was being pulled reciprocally between Cao Cao and I, and we made the turtle rotate sideways.

…When the atmosphere had become so strange that we couldn’t say anything, Cao-Cao sighed

“Really, because I was told to become Sekiryuutei’s partner, I obeyed his orders until now, but I didn’t expect that we would end up doing this… Being Sakra’s Vanguard is not something that you want to do.”

“I’m not sure but, I’m sorry. No, but seriously, I don’t understand anything.”

I had no choice but to apologize! Because! A place called the ‘Ocean of Milk’ sounded like it was perfect for me, and because I heard that he had a plan to strengthen me, I came here. But we ended up pulling this snake-shaped dragon! Was this really a mythological activity!? Was a miracle drug really going to be made!?  I doubted it!

Sakra then yawned.

“Keep stirring for an hour or two, and it’ll be over once the colour darkens. Until then, I’ll sleep over there-ze.”

On the lush sandy beach by the Ocean of MIlk, Sakra began to take a nap while Cao Cao and I continued to pull the dragon—.

Well, it’s been nearly two hours Since Cao Cao and I started chatting and pulling the dragon….The seawater inside the pool — the milky-white colour became more concentrated and there was a hint of gold, which gradually shone!

Amazing! Even though I was in a half-belief and half-doubt situation, the colour turned into gold!

Sakra woke up from his nap. He checked the situation inside the pool while yawning.

“OK OK. The color has changed nicely. The simple edition of Amrita is now done.”

A jar-like cup then appeared in Sakra’s hands. While filling the cup with the seawater that was in the pool, he explained

“The original is said to be the miracle medicine of immortality. An effect that would make even a God feel grateful if they drink it. Because of that, the Hindu Gods had a war and fought over it a long time ago. That was a fun time. There was a big war over a single glass of milk, you know?”

Just because of a glass of milk, the Hindu Gods started a war….

The miracle medicine of immortality Amrita, huh. I didn’t know that a war had started because of this Ocean of Milk. Sakra then gave the cup to me, after my interest in the mythological event was piqued.

“Here, drink it.”

“Eh!? T-This, am I really going to drink it!? Me, being immortal!?”

I couldn’t help but feel surprised! No, he certainly did summon me here for this, but I didn’t think that I would come actually make the miracle drug of immortality! Certainly, if I became immortal, I could somehow do something even if my enemies were Gods, but…! While holding the cup in my hands, Sakra sighed as he looked at my bewildered expression.

“It’s the simple edition, so it doesn’t have that much of an effect, you know. If it had one, then the Gods would have fought over it again. As part of a treaty, we can’t make the real ones.”

Ah, so the ones that I just made didn’t have that much effect, huh. …I was relieved but felt disappointed at the same time… Sakra then continued

“I said it right? If it became a motivation to you, then it’s enough.”

“Motivation huh. Somehow, it’s possible to think that it seemed like all my power-ups were because I was motivated.”

I mumbled like that.

Just like Azazel-Sensei who was at the top of my list, all of the people who trained me always gave me problems, or even thrusted situations at me, all so that it would become a ‘motivation’ to me. The power that resided inside me was amazing, but because I myself was weak, a ‘motivation’ was required to bring the real power out, and I had experienced it many times.

Each time, my real power did come out, but…. Sakra then laughed

“Well, that’s the thing. Because you are ‘too weak’, every time you encounter a wall, you need something that would become a motivation for you to be able to break the wall.”

He was right on point! Yes, that’s right! Because I was born in a normal human environment, I needed some preparations to be able to use Ddraig and Ophis’ powers! However, Sakra added

“But, to be honest, I don’t understand any of the people who looked after you, starting from Azazel.”

“Don’t understand?”

“People like you should be B-ranked at best, but when you put your mind on it, you produced a triple S-level miracle of an unknown power release several times. No matter how skilled someone is as a supernatural researcher, I’m sure that they didn’t even know the exact cause. That’s why you have no choice but to rely on motivation to seek out your possibilities.”

… I see, that’s probably why Azazel-sensei always spoke about enhancing my power by feeling it. I mean, I got power-ups because of breasts, and even resurrected with Ophis and Great Red’s power. Even the leader of the Grigori had no choice but to admit that such strengthening methods could only be worked out by just feeling it. However, all the methods that sensei thrusted at me turned out pretty good. Really, I can’t say that it was anything but excellent, sensei. However, it wasn’t sensei this time, but Sakra.

“…So, this is what’s going to be my ‘motivation’ this time?”

While Sakra folded his glasses and tucked them into his breast pocket, he said

“When it comes to you, it’s all about breasts, breasts and more breasts. I am afraid that that’s what is going to help you achieve your power up next time. So, that’s why I called you here.”

“… Also, one last thing. …Why did you choose to help me?” I asked

…That Heavenly Emperor who supposedly had a dangerous ideology did something to help me. Before this tournament began, if I had to choose, I would have thought that we were enemies. For him to help me here, it seemed like he was hiding something and I was afraid of it.

Sakra then bluntly said

“Huh, the reason is simple, you know? —When we get matched up in the main stage, it won’t be enough with just your black armor, it’s just too boring. If we’re going to do it, I want to fight against you when you’re serious, and when you’re at your best, without feeling any burden. In order to accomplish that, I will even use myths if I have to.”

The eyes of the God of War known as Sakra were overflowing with fighting spirit. …This God was also one of the people around me who was a battle maniac!

“You might regret it, you know?”

I replied with an improper joke. Sakra then made a happy face that I had never seen before.

“You think that I would lose and feel regret? HAHAHA, that’s impossible. As long as I can fight against you until the end, I’m fine with losing, okay?”

This is the rumoured God of War Sakra, huh. A God who could even enjoy losing as long as he can fight seriously…. Indeed, even the way he thought about the Gods who quit in the middle of the tournament was different. Sakra and I confirmed each other’s will to fight. Sakra urged me with the cup in his hand. After taking a deep breath once, I prepared myself and drank the miracle medicine Amrita in one go.

…I drank it, but nothing happened. It tasted like usual medicine, although the essence was the milk itself. The way it slid down my throat wasn’t bad either.  Because it was seawater, I thought it was going to be salty….

“….Nothing’s happening though?”

I said doubtfully. However, after Sakra had confirmed that I drank it, he turned around and seemed like he was trying to run away.

“Cao Cao, look out so he doesn’t lose consciousness.” said Sakra to Cao Cao.

…So I don’t lose consciousness? What does he—.

It was right at that time when I stopped thinking—.


My chest pounded so hard — that it couldn’t be expressed in words, and I felt excruciating pain throughout my entire body.



…What is this….!? Inside my head, my arms, my feet, the inside of my stomach, everything hurttttted…at an impossible level! I wasn’t able to stand up… I collapsed on the spot, and tried to struggle against the pain!

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh! What is thisssssssssssssss!?”

I scratched my chest! M-My chest hurt….! My head too…. The pain was unbelievable….! Tears even began to overflow from my eyes, my nose became runny, and I even started to drool because of the extreme pain! Without looking back, Sakra said

“It’s originally meant to be a God’s drink after all. Even though you are from another mythology, it’s surely a deadly poison if a Devil drinks that.”

….D-Deadly poison….! ….This, Amrita’s effect….it felt like my body would be torn apart…..!

However, this pain…I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

[Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kuh! T-That miracle medicine’s effect is reaching me even though I reside in a Sacred Gear huh……! Nuooooooooo!]

Ddraig who resided in my Sacred Gear too….he also screamed! It seemed like that miracle medicine didn’t only affect me, but also beings who were residing inside the Sacred Gear…..!

The screams and cries of both me and Ddraig echoed across the sandy beach which was surrounded by the calm ripples of the Ocean of Milk.

…As Ddraig and I suffered on the sandy beach…Sakra said one last thing.

“But, well, try to surpass it. It’s only natural for you who was blessed by breasts, right?”

…Because of the extreme pain, I almost lost consciousness, but I desperately tried to stop that from happening…

It felt as though I was sinking towards the bottom of an eternal vortex of extreme pain—


I — Kiba Yuuto, together with the rest of Rias Gremory’s team and Ise-kun’s team (along with Roygun Belphegor-san ) came to a certain place.

—A vast prairie spread out before my eyes with n endless blue sky hovering above it. It was neither Japan nor any other country, and also not the Underworld.

A green bar was displayed above my comrades’ heads and mine. The reason was simple. It was because this was not reality, but a fake space that was prepared for a [Game]. Yes, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama kindly provided us with this new training space. This world…it was a part of the [Game] called [Beelzebut]. The one who guided us here was the newcomer to Ise-kun’s team — Nakiri-kun, who held his phone in one hand as he touched the screen.

“Originally, I would use a cellphone to explore what’s in this world, but since you guys are all guests and not legitimate players, I will make that part simpler.”

Ouryuu-kun (along with Millarca-san who wasn’t here this time) knew the details about this [Game] called [Beelzebut], since it seemed as though Beelzebub-sama had given them some work here.

What he taught us beforehand was

  • The player is oneself, not an avatar (character inside the game)
  • The field we were going to play on was a fake game field created by a servant of Beelzebub-sama. The players will be teleported from the human realm to play with their own body.
  • Inside [Beelzebut], you can access the game’s system by using a cellphone (including smartphones).

And those were the explanations. Nakiri-kun began to explain what he meant by accessing the game’s system by using a cellphone.

“For example, when you want to learn magic that enables you to know about your opponent’s information or skills, you point your cellphone at your opponent.”

Nakiri-kun held his cellphone up and pointed it at Xenovia.

“After that, open the picture mode. And if you invoke the magic or skill—”

A picture of Xenovia was displayed on Nakiri’s smartphone. The word [Guest] was displayed above her head, and there was also a detailed numerical display of her current HP and status (good).


Everyone who looked at the screen was astonished. Nakiri-kun then pointed his smartphone away from everyone.

“Next is magic. After selecting the area by framing it on your phone…if you push this button…”

A burst of flames spread out in front of Nakiri-kun.

After framing the area with the camera, the shown environment became engulfed as the flame magic was invoked. Nakiri then said.

“When you want to use a ranged attack, use the camera like this, and you can attack or recover the area that is shown. Well, you can still use magic without having to point the camera though. There are also times when irregular magic is used over a large area, like freezing or petrification. Also, this is going to be beneficial if you guys know—”

He took out a plastic bottle that was filled with juice, and put it in front of him so that he could frame it within the screen of his smartphone.

‘Click’ after taking the photo of the bottle—. That plastic bottle became enveloped in light and was attracted towards Nakiri-kun’s smartphone. The plastic bottle that was in front of him earlier had now completely vanished. Nakiri-kun then showed us his smartphone screen. There appeared to be an items menu, where the item [Juice x1] was displayed.

“You can store things like this in your cell phone by capturing it, because your cell phone also acts as an item box. Thus, in [Beelzebut], a cell phone is needed to be able to do a lot of things.”

And with that, we received a simple explanation from him. Some of our comrades who weren’t used to cell phones were struggling a little bit. The hardest thing was to teach Crom Cruach so that he didn’t destroy the phone. It was unexpected that His Eminence Strada instantly grasped and understood the [Beelzebut] system.

“Fufufu, the latest technology sure is valuable. Even with my smartphone, I’m starting to become fond of social network games.”

Gasper looked at His Eminence’s phone screen and exclaimed in surprise

“Amazing, you have so many 5-star characters!”

….His Eminence Strada sure did a great job of astonishing us.

Shirone-chan A.K.A Koneko-chan and Xenovia, seemed familiar with [Beelzebut], so they taught those who didn’t understand the system. It seemed like Koneko-chan and Xenovia had registered as players beforehand via Nakiri-kun and Millarca-san (a classmate and member of the student council)  since it looked like they already knew about this [Game] to a certain extent. Koneko-chan was the type that liked games after all.

The one who struggled the most at understanding the system was Bova-san. Because his body was so big, he had to turn into a mini dragon to operate his cell phone.

“…..I don’t understand this part.”

“Hmm, this part is like this.”

Nakiri-kun gave him his undivided attention as he taught him. It seemed like the relationship between the Sekiryuutei’s fang and fist was good. While receiving guidance on how to operate a cell phone, Bova-san said

“We can only thank you for letting us train in this place too.”

Nakiri then answered

“It’s not only Gremory-senpai’s team and us, but everyone who is related to the counter-terrorist team [DxD] can train here. So as far as it goes, Ajuka-san said that this special training space is an area that has just been added to the game. It also seems like the other [DxD] members have already started”. 

Well, that means that Sitri Team, Sairaorg-san and Seekvaira Agares-san’s teams, Vali’s team and the reincarnated Angels too were going to train here.

While looking at the vast green fields, Irina-san asked Nakiri-kun

“Is it safe here?”

“According to Ajuka-san — [It can’t be said as certain. —However, the security here is ten times better than the space they were using. And no matter how flashy you train, it can’t be destroyed. That’s why I want you to rest assured] that’s what I had heard.”

The security was better than the space in the Gremory territory, huh. Even though the security of the space there was pretty high too. But, if this place was really created by the current Beelzebub’s servant, it must be safer than the place we trained at.

…Although, we did have some lingering attachments to that place. After all, my comrades and I supported each other and worked hard together in that place. I also did some practice battles with Ise-kun there. I am sure that Ise-kun thinks the same. Nakiri-kun then gave us the last explanation

“—And, well, there are systems and all of that, but it seems that this place that Ajuka-sama has prepared for us has been designed so that it doesn’t differ too much from ordinary space. You can also suppress the game-like damage notation, and use your abilities like normal. The system doesn’t interfere that much either. You should be able to train like usual. However, please always bring your phone and don’t let your smartphone be separated from you.”

Although it was a field in the [Beelzebut] game, I guess we could still train as usual. We were grateful.

“For now, everyone please try to do your usual training by yourself.”

“We should start too.”

Rias-oneesan and Ravel-san instructed their respective teams as the training session began.

And with this, we, Rias Gremory’s team + Ise-kun’s team underwent a joint training session inside  [Beelzebut].

—And, while getting used to the game’s system everyone trained on their own. The area prepared for us to train was not only a grassy field, but there were also forests, mountains, and lakes, plus an underground dungeon and a castle, and even a floating island. We were surprised by the fact that the vastness of this field created in another dimension was as big as the Kantou region. The real [Beelzebut] was even larger than this, as it was said to be as large as the Australian continent. Just in case, so that we don’t get in contact with the players that were playing in the original game, a special wall was built around the training ground. Because the players there didn’t know a thing about supernatural beings, surely meeting Devils, Angels, and Dragons would just create chaos.  Everyone was told to train wherever they wished to by Rias-oneesan and Ravel-san, but because the field was too big, they were also told at the same time to do it in a nearby place so they didn’t get lost. Well, it also seems like it was designed so that we won’t get lost even if we go far away…

It was now a quick break time, and the place that we all teleported to — was our starting point. Everyone in the Rias Gremory team and Ise-kun’s team gathered and relaxed on the grassy field as they shared their opinions with each other.  Xenovia, Irina-san, and Asia-san then chatted as they pleased

“Even though it’s an artificial place, the mountains sure are nice.”

“You can go by flying or even climb them directly”

“But, I sure am beat up…. The scenery of the mountains was the best though.”

It seemed like there were also some others who went into the mountains.

“It was so vast that I unconsciously followed paisen and Your Eminence to climb the mountain.”

“Fufufu, it sure was a great training place.”

It seemed like Lint-san and His Eminence Strada also climbed the mountain together.

“It seems like an environment that wouldn’t pose any problems even if you did go on a rampage. It’s a forgiving environment even for Dragons huh, son of Tannin.”

“Y-Yeah, that’s ri-…ght….”

Said Crom Cruach and Bova-san. It seemed like Crom Cruach who acted as a substitute for Ise-kun had caused the giant body that Bova-san was proud of, to become very ragged and exhausted.  While everyone deepened their relationships as fellow Gremory peerage members, they found their own ways of training in this big field.

I trained at the riverbank as I was trying to get used to the game. I felt that the scenery was quite different. There was nothing in the space that was in the Gremory territory’s basement after all. We were able to concentrate because of the nothingness, but on the other hand, it was also a rather refreshing way to train because of the scenery.

—And, while looking at the grassy field, Rias-oneesan said

“From what I heard, Ajuka-sama’s [Game] is a reference to another [Game].”

“The main reference point is the system, or so I heard. Something to do with using a cell phone primarily. However, that [Game] doesn’t exist here.” continued Nakiri-kun.

Everyone looked at Nakiri-kun. He then continued to speak

“The [Game] that [Belzebut]’s concept is based on is something produced by a certain Sacred Gear.”

As if interrupting him, Roygun Belphegor-san then said

“—[Innovate Clear], right? One of the Longinus.”

Nakiri-kun was surprised by Roygun-san’s words and nodded.

“Yes, [Innovate Clear] is an ability that enables the user to create an ideal world in another dimension…that’s its normal ability.”

“So it’s like [Dimension Lost], huh.” said Xenovia.

Nakiri then responded

“It might look alike, but there is one thing that is clearly different. It’s the fact that [Innovate Clear] can create even living things in that world. It’s a Longinus capable of creating a fake universe.”

…Even living things could be produced if it’s in the world created by the user of the Sacred Gear… I had heard a bit about the Sacred Gear’s ability, but…

“So the ability of the [Sacred Gear that lets impersonate God] that we heard in the human world is real, huh.” said Crom Cruach while eating a banana.

“It seems like it captured the best parts of both [Dimension Lost] and [Annihilation Maker].” murmured Irina-san.

“However, there are of course conditions. The living things created can only live in that world,” explained Nakiri-kun.

Indeed, even if it’s a Longinus, it must have some kind of minus point. …Of course, it’s a different story if it’s a Balance Breaker though. Roygun-san asked Nakiri

“You are currently investigating [Innovate Clear] and also [Telos Karma] right?”

…Roygun Belphegor-san seemed like she knew the details of that information. Though we did hear rumors that she had several informants working under her… Nakiri nodded in response to Roygun-san’s question.

“[Telos Karma] is a Longinus that’s capable of creating choices that aren’t possible forcibly.”

Roygun-san said as she put her hand on her chin.

“The thirteenth Longinus…is said to be heretical, or a Longinus crowned with the forbidden number. Anyway, the rumours that I heard are mostly bad.”

Yes, I also didn’t hear a lot of good things about [Telos Karma]. It’s also the cause for it to be mentioned in legends. Nakiri-kun then picked up a stone from the ground and pointed it at Xenovia.

“For Example, if I threw this rock to Prez Xenovia, I think there are a lot of possibilities that could occur. She could repel it, dodge it, cut it, get hit by it, and other possibilities.”

“It won’t hit. I can do at least that much, y’know?” answered Xenovia.

Nakiri-kun then said “That might be true if it’s the president”, before continuing

“Simply by throwing this rock at someone, a variety of possibilities are generated. That Longinus is capable of creating the choices that are impossible. It can cause something like — the [Beelzebut] system suddenly experiencing a failure that only affects President Xenovia’s surroundings that makes her unable to react to the stone that I threw, and she gets hit.”

Ravel-san then said

“…I heard that it can turn the possibility of a phenomenon into an unexpected occurrence…”

Nakiri-kun said as he dropped the stone on his hand.

“In human history, there are some things or phenomena that are impossible to explain, right? Even after history has changed drastically, historians and researchers still can’t give an answer as to how things became that way. That’s because [Telos Karma] supposedly took part in some of those occurrences.”

A Longinus that took part in some of the historical events in Japan and Europe—.

Nakiri-kun then added

“That’s why [Telos Karma] is also known as [History Breaker].”

This Longinus was said to be a different type of ‘dangerous’ from the other high-class Longinus by all mythologies. Consequently, it seemed like the user’s whereabouts had always been searched for, but… The first one who found that person — no, the first one who came in contact with that person was Ajuka Beelzebub-sama.

Rias-oneesan then murmured.

“The Longinus which doesn’t have detailed information about its Balance Breaker confirmed yet was [Telos Karma] right?”

“I don’t even want to imagine the Balance Breaker of a Sacred Gear that could change the course of history.” said Xenovia who seemed exhausted.

Nakiri-kun spoke with a scary expression.

“[Innovate Clear] and [Telos Karma], these two are currently together. Now, guess what will happen when these two Longinus get together. The answer is— [The Worst]. The world created by [Innovate Clear], and the many impossible choices made to become occurrences there by [Telos Karma]. Products that could be considered miracles to deeds done by a Devils, and a lot of impossible things can happen at an impossible time.”

Bova-san asked

“But, in the world of [Innovate Clear], [Telos Karma] controls the fate right? The user of that Sacred Gear would probably feel as arrogant as God in their actions.”

Nakiri-kun — made a bitter expression.

“….Yeah, that’s right, Bobo. That’s why that person was named [The man who impersonates God]”

Nakiri-kun’s expression showed clearly that he was more concerned with the user rather than the Sacred Gear’s abilities.

Xenovia asked

“Ouryuu, you know about the person who holds both of those Longinus, right?”

“…Yes, for once. He is a dangerous man. …He envies to see the despair of this world more than anyone else. Ajuka-san evaluated him as Hyoudou-senpai’s exact opposite.”

The unusually hateful Nakiri-kun spoke about that man, but…. A being who is the exact opposite of Ise-kun, huh. I am really interested, but…even though he is not showing his presence nearby, I can somehow feel a dangerous air that I had never felt before. While the atmosphere got heavier, Akeno-san then suggested

“Let’s stop this talk and eat, shall we?”

As she said that, she created a magic circle and made picnic sets appear. There were more than ten sets of heavy boxes which were stacked three levels tall, and there were also more than ten picnic baskets.  There were also several soup jars, and Akeno-san opened one of them and pour them into mugs. The tasty aroma tickled our nostrils. My stomach began to feel empty. Because I’d been eating the food that Akeno-san cooked since middle school, even by smelling the aroma, my stomach became completely empty. Gasper-kun and Koneko-chan’s stomachs growled. Because they had also been eating Akeno-san’s cooking, it was only natural that they became like that.

Akeno-san passed a soup-filled mug to Koneko-chan

“Here, Shirone-chan. Now now, everyone too please eat.”

The heavy atmosphere was blown away by Akeno-san’s picnic set, and from there everyone started to eat. While chewing my onigiri, I apologized to Ise-kun in my heart. It was because we were having a picnic while leaving him out. I was sure that if he knew, he would scream “Bring me along too!”. On top of that, he had been interested in [Belzebut] until he went to the Ocean of Milk too… If he knew about the [Game]’s system and vastness of the field, I was sure that he would get fired up.

After taking a bite of her sandwich, Rias-oneesan said as she looked at the sky.

“Ise, I wonder what you’re doing right now?”

And the girls suddenly gazed into the sky like Rias-oneesan. The Ocean of Milk that was somewhere. I was sure they were thinking about Ise-kun who was there.

Ravel then said

“I am sure, for the sake of the team, for the sake of Rias-sama, and for the sake of getting Rossweisse-sama back from Vidar-sama, I am sure that he is training desperately right now.”

Rossweisse-san blushed upon hearing those words.

“F-For me…huh?”

Rias-oneesan put her hand on top of Rossweisse-san’s hand while smiling

“That’s right. He also forcibly took me back that time. That person is like that after all. He will find a way to settle it even if it costs his life. You too have experienced it right?”

Rias-oneesan was talking about the Auros Academy incident. That time too, Ise-kun saved Rossweisse-san from Euclid Lucifugus.  And the other girls continued

“I have also been saved several times. When I arrived in Japan, during the fight against Astaroth, and also another times.” Said Asia-san.

“Me too, when I was captured by [Khaos Brigade]’s wizard — Nilrem, I was saved by him. He immediately came to me.” continued Ravel.

Koneko-chan and Gasper raised their hands.

“…..That time, Gasper-kun and I were saved too. Well, he also protected us from the Grim Reapers.”

“I-I, that time was like that too, but he has been looking after me since we met! He also took care of Valerie!”

“Ufufu, that’s right. Hyoudou Issei-san is really dependable,” affirmed Valerie.

Xenovia-san and Irina-san were confused by the girls’ talk.

“… I should try to get kidnapped once too, shouldn’t I. I am also a girl, I also want to be a kidnapped princess. …Well, it doesn’t suit me though.”

“A kidnapped princess! …Somehow, it sounds romantic, right!? I-I want darling to come to save me!”

“No-, Irina and I are were born on the battlefield, so as expected, being a princess is a bit too much.”

“I am a maiden too! I want to be a princess! No, I can be!”

“But you know, Irina. You can’t say that you have never lifted anything heavier than fork now, right? You have been swinging your holy sword around in front of your future husband, you know…”

“If that’s the case, I’ve never lifted anything heavier than my Holy Sword.”

“…………..Irina, sometimes you are really dumb.”

It seemed like the warrior girls had something on their mind. But, I don’t think Ise-kun cares about that though. Because he will always come to save the girl he likes. On the side, Elmenhilde seemed rather interested as she held a notepad in her hands.

“And, if we show something like a kidnapped princess, it’s effective to Hyoudou Issei-sama—. Although the princess part is cleared, the kidnapped condition is…there must be an enemy…. I-Is it possible that he will fight if there is a marriage partner….? D-Did I have a fiance?….”

And, while writing with the pen, Lint-san too wrote something in her notepad.

“I see I see, so girls who are born on the battlefield struggle with getting men quite a bit. But but, it means that paisens won’t have a partner in the fu…. Or rather, I don’t know if they can fall in love with men. They lack training, huh.”

No matter where girls are born, love talk will always capture the girls’ attention. Akeno-san said to Rossweisse-san

“He also saves me all the time. That’s why, you  must properly tell him with your mouth too, Rossweisse-san.”

“Must tell him with my mouth…?”

Akeno-san clearly answered Rossweisse-san’s question

“About the marriage interview. How you feel, and what your feelings are right now. Please tell him about that.”

Rossweisse-san seemed to understand what Akeno-san meant, and she put her hands over her chest while looking a bit sad.

“….My current feelings….”

His Eminence Strada who was looking at this while eating the meat of some fried chicken off the bone said,

“This is youth. Absolutely beautiful.”

Crom Cruach who was also eating some fried chicken off the bone murmured “I don’t understand”. Despite the girls talk, we ended our picnic and started our training again.

Part 4

I, Hyoudou Issei felt like I fell into a dreamy place.

…I remembered that after drinking the miracle drug Amrita, I felt the pain that struck me as if it wanted to tear my body apart.

…But, there’s no pain now. …Is there any chance that…I am…dead?

No, even if Devils die, it’s not like they can go to Heaven… I somehow barely kept my consciousness awake. Suddenly, I heard a voice.


The sounds gradually became clearer.

[Oppai Dragon, can you hear me?]

…I can hear you, but this voice is…. Who are you?

[I am one of the pillar Gods who live in a world called [Evie × Etoulde]. Everyone calls me Chichigami here.]




…….What do you meannnnnnnnnnnnnn!? After floating in this dreamy place, I suddenly heard a voice, and now there’s someone who goes by the name of Chichigami!? What in the world happened to my body!?

[Calm down, Oppai Dragon. Previously, the spirit that I used as an intermediary should now have come in contact with you.]

T-There sure was a time when something like that happened during the incident where Loki attacked!

[This time, it seems like I am able to directly talk to you.]

Why!? How!?

[I am not really sure, but your breast powers have gained a trace of divine nature, thus allowing your consciousness to reach.]

It might also be due to the effect of Amrita….

[Oppai Dragon, I don’t have much time. I have to tell you about something.]

W-What is it?

[In the near future, a malevolent being will come to your world. You have to gather certain things in order to defeat that malevolent being.]

M-Malevolent being? Things I have to gather?


Ah! I wasn’t really sure, but there were lots of breasts floating in the sky! O-On top of that, I remembered seeing this somewhere before! F-From the right, Rias’ oppai, Akeno-san’s oppai, Xenovia’s, Irina’s oppai, Asia’s oppai, Shirone a.k.a Koneko-chan’s small oppai, and Kuroka’s oppai! —Wait, I know all of these oppai!

[That’s right. Those are the [Chosen Heavenly Breasts]]

—[Chosen Heavenly Breasts]!

What a…dumb phrase! You can even go nuts just by hearing its name!

[You have to gather all twelve pairs of the [Chosen Heavenly Breasts]. Right now, you already have seven pairs. Gather the remaining five pairs.]

Why!? How!? By what means!?

[I’ve said it before. Those [Chosen Heavenly Breasts] will be important when you meet the malevolent being. And, as to how to gather them, I am sure you already know about that.]

What the hell!? What’s this malevolent being thing and the [Chosen Heavenly Breasts]!?

[It looks like time is up. I will not be able to get in contact with you for a while. Please gather the twelve Heavenly Breasts, all right?]

It’s not all rightttttt! Give me more explanation, please! And did you get in contact with me to just tell me that!?

[The Oppai Dragon song, I like it, you know?]

I didn’t ask that! What was that!? Why right now!?

[Well then, goodbye.]

Ah—, the voice is fadinggg! Uhh! A dazzling light enveloped me—-.



“You up?”

When I opened my eyes, I saw — Cao Cao’s face.

…He was trying to look into my face. After sitting up, I turned my head around.

…I saw…a bizarre and weird dream…

“How long have I been unconscious?”

I asked Cao Cao.

“You lost your consciousness for more than a day. Unexpectedly, you came back really fast though. And thanks to that, you are going to make it to the match.”

“…I see”

…Even though it was only that dream, it took about a day huh.

“And, how do you feel?”

Asked Cao Cao. I urged the power that was sleeping inside me as I clenched my fist

“Nope, I don’t feel like anything has changed…”

I don’t think that there was any change to the power itself. My demonic energy and my dragon’s power, I didn’t feel like anything had changed after drinking the Amrita. Ah, however, I felt like my head was clearer right now. It was like the clear-headed feeling after a good sleep had increased…

However, Ddraig said

[Partner, it seems like some kind of effect has been applied to the Sacred Gear. Let’s investigate for a while.]

I did as Ddraig said and focused on my Sacred Gear.


…T-This is!

“—! … Hahaha, this is amazing. It’s a simple effect, but it might be enough.”

Amazing! I just got the effect that I hoped for most! Amrita sure is incredible! With this, I’m definitely indebted to Sakra! …I should pay a visit to Shibamata Taishakuten Temple. The change was literally so immense that I even considered that!

I see, rather than my body, the effect actually went to the Sacred Gear, huh. I was glad that it didn’t end with just that weird dream. As he looked at my condition, Cao Cao laughed

“It seems like it worked. Let’s tell Sakra later. ”

—And, I suddenly turned my gaze over to the Ocean of Milk. I could hear the calming sounds of the waves. …The waves sure made me feel comfortable. I sat in a zen position on the sand. I then asked Cao Cao

“How long should I stay here?”

“Until Sakra comes back, I guess,” replied Cao Cao.

“Well, until then please let me do this.”

When I said that — he also sat in zen-style position beside me.

“Ha, I’ll tag along.”

Until Sakra came back, we gazed upon the Ocean of Milk as we sat in a zen-style position.

…After drinking Amrita in the Ocean of Milk, I saw Chichigami in a dream, and heard about the Heavenly whatever it was… Well, I should pull myself together and focus on the match. Because from now, even if I cry or laugh, I’m going to fight against the strongest opponent that I’ll have ever faced—.

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  1. Cao Cao… held a bucket in his hands as he reached for the sky.


    空気入れ – air pump. Not “reached for the sky”.

    Cao Cao… took a backet and an air pump in his hands.

  2. Dude you literally have an amazing speed, thanks a tonne for continuing after zx and when you finish high school novels, do you have anything in mind to continue later on?

  3. 1.It’s not only Gremory-senpai’s team and us, but everyone who is related to the counter-terrorist team [DxD] can train here. So far as it goes, Ajuka-san said that →→→
    It’s not only Gremory-senpai’s team and us, but everyone who is related to the counter-terrorist team [DxD] can train here. So as far as it goes, Ajuka-san said that

    2.According to Ajuka-san — [It can’t be said as certain. —However, the security here is ten times better than the space they were using. And no matter how flashy you train, it can’t be destroyed. That’s why I want you to rest assured] was what I heard.”→→According to Ajuka-san — [It can’t be said as certain. —However, the security here is ten times better than the space they were using. And no matter how flashy you train, it can’t be destroyed. That’s why I want you to rest assured] that’s what I had heard.”

    3.We were surprised by the fact that the vastness of this field created in another dimension was as big as the Kantou region. The real Beelzebut] was even larger than this, as it was said to be as large as the Australian continent. →→
    We were surprised by the fact that the vastness of this field created in another dimension was as big as the Kantou region. The real [Beelzebut] was even larger than this, as it was said to be as large as the Australian continent.

    These were some suggestions pls go through them once?
    Thanks for such a awesome chapter mate. Keep that spirit up!

      1. “—[Innovate Clear], right? One of the Longinus.”
        Nakiri-kun was surprised by Roygun’s words and nodded.→→→→
        “—[Innovate Clear], right? One of the Longinus.”
        Nakiri-kun was surprised by Roygun’s-san words and nodded.

        Pls go through it once?

        1. thanks for spotting the mistakes, anyway, could you please tell me the rest mistakes via emails? I am afraid that if keep you telling me the mistakes via comments, those who want to discuss with other people would have to scroll down far to see other people’s comments. Thanks!

  4. Hello leo, I’m really grateful for your translations, I’m not good at english and I don’t know japanese so I really appreciate your hard work for the translations, Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for the hard work you’re doing. Thanks to people like zxzxzx and your self there are many fans that will be able to enjoy the light novels.

      1. Hi! I came to know about that from various spoiler translations in blogs like Reddit and Animesuki forum. Please ignore if this information is incorrect. You will know better as you have the original japanese novel. I think quite a few number of people came to know this way. Probably that’s why there is some confusion.

          1. Hey leo sorry for bothering you but as far as correction is concerned I just thought about it and came to conclusion that these pieces are showing there basic properties like as shown vidar is good in both offence and defence technique so it uses rook piece, artemis being goddess is good in all magic cast spells therefore bishop and typhon being tje king and Apollon being suited with most stable queen piece

            Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!

            And as far [Bishop×2] and [rook×2] is considered it is definitely going to come forward when you are going to translate forward (as ichibumi sensei writes down team members name along with pieces consumed just before the final match is about to begin) and yeah most probably brynhilde comsume single knight piece

            Sorry for typing such a long comment but i thought it could be nice to clear misunderstanding? Sorry again
            and thanks for availing options of edit and delete a message:):)

          2. Yep, I just had the free time to check the novel. The chess pieces shown here are just the basic properties, not the real ones. Thanks for clarifying 😀

  6. I dont know about that, it doesn’t say 2 in the novel. if they really hold 2 pieces then there should be x2 like Midgardsormr, but i’ll check it again