Balberith & Verrine

Balberith & Verrine.

The Underworld — in the territory of a certain Maou in the Devil’s world was a village that had been established for the players in the International Rating Game Tournament. The “Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King” Team’s lodging house was in one corner. In the room for the players, the jade-haired Verrine looked like she was watching the recording of a match on the TV with a bored expression.

“Hey, Balberith. What do you think Hades-sama wants to do by making us participate in this tournament?”

The bronze-haired young man who was reading a folklore book [The Red and White Dragon] behind her was — Balberith.

“…I don’t know. It seems like he wanted to cause a miracle by having us clash with the Two Heavenly Dragons, but…to be honest, I doubt their strength is better than the Asura Gods.”

Verrine then said as she lied down

“Anyway, our current goal is to make the chosen Sonneillon and Gressil as strong as Balberith and I in this tournament.”

After reading the book, he put it down on top of a pile of books as he looked at another book with the word [Ouroboros] written on its cover.

“… Hey, Verrine. I want to fight Ophis and the like.”

“Well, the Two Heavenly Dragons might be the best right now. It’s said that Ophis is currently under heavy protection.”

“… As expected, the Two Heavenly Dragons, huh.”

Balberith then looked at a book with the title [Parent and Child] in the stack of books.

“Verrine, if our mother is Lilith, then who is our father?”

Verrine who seemed uninterested answered

“Hmm, I don’t know? Hades-sama? But, Hades-sama looks like he hates Devils and I am sure that we are just pawns to him. Well, as long as it’s fun, I am fine with that.”

“No, Hades-sama clearly denied and said that he is not our father. That means, he is not our father.”

“You want a father, Balberith?”

As the young man who was both her brother and her partner said those weird things, Verrine also unconsciously asked that.

“Verrine, you don’t need a father?”

“I don’t know. I do want a big brother though.”

“Then, I will be your big brother.”

Verrine laughed as her brother said that with a serious expression.

“Hahaha, judging by the who was born first, I am the older one, you know?”

“I see, so I am the little brother.”

Balberith even took that joke seriously. He then closed his eyes as he put his hands on his chest and said

“For me who was born with this power, I am really curious about the uncertainty of birth. Whose child am I, and why was I born into this world. …If my transcendent father really exists, he must be someone with supernatural powers and abilities fit to be my father.

“Well, will you search for your father?”

Verrine asked that as she drank the sweet coffee that was almost like a sugary syrup.

“Searching for my father, huh…”

Verrine realized that Balberith had understood something from the word just now.

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    1. Sorry for bothering you again
      But in this
      “If my transcendent father really exists, he must be someone with superpower powers and abilities fit to be my father.”

      Could superpower be replaced by supernatural as it doesn’t goes in flow when you read?