Life.3 The Battle at Yggdrasil

Part 1

After returning from the [Ocean of Milk] and [Beelzebut], we reported to each other.

[Beelzebut] was the game that was created by Beelzebub-sama! I became really excited and wanted to try to train there just by hearing the name of that seemingly interesting world. Anyway, would it be possible to ask Beelzebub-sama and Nakiri-kun to let me try to play in the original game? The idea of playing in a world as vast as the Australian continent with our own bodies seemed so fascinating!

—And, after reporting about what happened at the ‘Ocean of Milk’…everyone made a doubtful face as if there was a question mark on top of their heads. Although…the story of me meeting the Chichigami was taken seriously. Well, it was because Chichigami did bless me with divine protection during the fight against Loki after all. Everyone had high hopes for the Longinus’ outcome that was released by stirring the Ocean of Milk. I mean, right now, I was sure that the key for the next match was going to be that outcome itself.

In order to prepare for tomorrow’s match, every member of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] Team went to bed early after doing everything that had to be done. As I returned to my room and dove into bed, I wondered if I was going to sleep while burying my face in between Rias’ oppai—.

“G-Good evening…”

The person who sat and was waiting in the bed for me was — Rossweisse-san! O-On top of that, she wore revealing lingerie…. I was touched by her shyness as she tried to hide her nipples that could be seen through the revealing dress with her hands! There was no one else but Rossweisse-san on my bed. Usually, Rias and Asia would be here, sometimes Akeno-san too, and there were also times when Xenovia and Irina would barge into my room, but…

Since the proposal, they had been fighting over who would sleep with me, and the number of people who slept on my bed just kept rising. Often times I would also be on the floor when I woke up. It was mainly because I was kicked off by Xenovia who frequently turned over while sleeping though…. And because of that, we were considering the purchase of a larger bed. …No, it would be pretty hard to find a bed that could fit seven to eight people! As expected, I think the most a bed can fit is four people! Personally, I think that three people sleeping next to each other is the best!

As I thought about such things….I asked Rossweisse-san

“U-Umm, are Rias and Asia not here?”

Rossweisse-san nodded in response to my question

“I heard that R-Rias-san has things to do back home and she will be staying there with Akeno-san. A-Asia-san said that she wants to deepen her relationship with Xenovia and Irina-san, so they will be sleeping together….”

Ah-, I see. Rias is also busy and I am sure that Asia wants to sleep with her friends while chatting for the sake of tomorrow’s match. There were also times like that.

—And with that, tonight I would be sleeping with Rossweisse-san, just the two of us. Somehow, I felt so nervous. I was used to sleeping with two people beside me, and sometimes even more, but right now it was only the two of us! Also, my partner is Rossweisse-san! Normally, she would take the initiative to not participate in these sort of things.

The fidgety Rossweisse-san blushed as she asked

“…A-Are you not going to come over?”

“I-I am coming!”

After replying like that, I hastily walked over to the bed and lied down. Rossweisse-san was going to stay here for the night. And then, there was silence. …. At times like these, Rias would say

[Now, Ise. Let’s go to sleep, shall we? Ara, you want to sleep while burying your face in between my breasts? It’s okay, come here.]

Or something like that and spoil me as much as I want, but I don’t know about that when it came to Rossweisse-san! My heart beat really fast because I had never experienced anything like this with Rossweisse-san! When I took a glimpse — my eyes met hers as she faced me while lying on the bed! At the same time, I unconsciously looked at the… pink tips of her nipples that were visible from her see-through lingerie! Rossweisse-san then said to me

“…What should I do in order to refuse the engagement? I thought about it, you know, and the easiest way would be to establish the fact with Ise-kun.”


E-E-E-E-E-E-E-Establish the fact!? Y-You mean, in other words, doing this and that!

What came to my mind was the engagement incident with the Phoenix House a year ago, and the time when Rias approached me! T-That was amazing! I really thought that I would do it with Rias….just like that!

A-And, now Rossweisse-san too….? I gulped as Rossweisse-san continued

“…But, I thought that if I don’t believe in Ise-kun, then those things won’t happen,” said Rossweisse-san from the bottom of her heart.

Rossweisse-san then held my hand and distinctly told me

“I don’t want to…marry Vidar-sama. I…want to be by your side”

“…Will you snatch me away from Vidar-sama?” asked Rossweisse-san with teary eyes.

I — replied with a serious expression as I grasped her hand in return.

“The problem isn’t whether I snatch you away or not. From the very beginning, I didn’t have any intention of handing you over to anyone, you know? During the incident with Euclid as well, I realised that I wasn’t going to hand you over to him. This only means that I’ll have to do it again.”

I hugged Rossweisse-san as my emotions built up

“I will certainly win. Will you please believe in me?”

I vowed so right into her ears. Rossweisse-san then accepted it with a


That would do. It was pretty easy to understand.

—I just have to win against Vidar-san.

If I win, the marriage and all of that other stuff would vanish. I had always forced my way through things absurdly. Even during Riser’s incident, Diodora’s incident, Loki’s incident, Sairaorg’s incident, Cao Cao’s incident, and Euclid’s incident too—.

I had said what I wanted to Rossweisse-san, but because of my embrace, I realised that our faces had gotten closer, and as the situation became awkward, both our faces turned red.

…We were so close that we could almost kiss, but…a sudden move would be unwise even though the atmosphere was good—. Rossweisse-san’s lips — met mine. It was a kiss from Rossweisse-san—.

Because I suddenly received a kiss from the prim and proper late-bloomer Rossweisse-san, I, I-I-I-I-I-I! After the kiss, Rossweisse-san said with a reddened face

“….It was my f-first kiss…. ….I gave it to Ise-kun.”


My head boiled as I became unsure of what to say! A-Also, there was nothing that made me feel more honored than to be her first partner!

“I-I was surprised because it was so sudden….”

When I said that nervously, Rossweisse-san asked

“D-Did you not like it?”

“N-No! It was the best, you know! What I meant was because it was so sudden I felt confused!”

When I said that, Rossweisse-san then replied

“Well then, this time let’s properly—”

The atmosphere became nice for the second time, and just when Rossweisse and I wanted to kiss one more time—.

“Ise! I came nyan! I heard that Switch Princess isn’t here! Let’s do perverted things while she is not here!”

—And, Kuroka busted the door open as she barged into my room energetically! Rossweisse-san and I were surprised and separated from each other as we looked in that direction! Kuroka appeared wearing only her underwear as her oppai swayed from side to side!  Shirone-chan A.K.A Koneko-chan who followed behind her seemed a bit embarrassed.

“….I’m sorry senpai. Even though you were alone with Rossweisse-san, I couldn’t stop Kuroka-oneesama…”

As if sensing the awkward atmosphere, Kuroka blinked with surprise.

“Nyanya? Did I interrupt you?”

Because the mood for kissing a second time had completely vanished, Rossweisse-san and I looked at each other as we let out a small laugh. After that, I had no choice but to join a completely new combination with the Rossweisse-san, Kuroka, and Shirone-chan. Kuroka asked Rossweisse-san as she held onto me. By the way, the soft sensation of a female body enveloped me!

“Hey, Valkyrie teacher. Do you want Ise’s child?”

Why did this bad cat ask that all of a suddennnn! Rossweisse-san was also surprised by that question as she exclaimed ‘Eh!?’ On the contrary, Kuroka rubbed her own stomach as she said

“In the near future, his child will be in here. I really want it fast nya. It’s gotten to the point where even now is okay, you know?”

I got a nosebleed ‘Bu!’ by hearing her usual bold statement. Kuroka then asked Koneko-chan.

“Shirone, why don’t you say it too? That you will reserve his child.”

She was suddenly prompted by her sister. Koneko-chan panicked for a moment, but she quickly pulled herself together and said

“…W-Well, I certainly do want to reserve…though”

Excited, Kuroka then said

“What are you saying? The proposal of us Nekomata was accepted, you know? This means that we’ve already made a reservation nyan. Hey, Ise. Let’s make a lot of kids, okay ♪”

Kuroka sweetly nibbled on my ear! Uhiiiiiiiiii! Because t-this girl had only been inviting me to do voluptuous things since the proposal, it was only natural that I’d no longer be able to resist!

Koneko stood up on the bed as she stripped off her outer garments until she was wearing only her panties, and then straddled on top of me!

“…. T-That’s right, huh. It means that I’ve already reserved huh.”

Somehow, Koneko-chan had become bolder too since that time! The influence of the bad cat was gradually getting stronger! Kuroka asked Rossweisse-san once again as she leaned across me.

“And how about you, do you want Ise’s child?”

Rossweisse-san looked like she was confused about how to answer and panicked a little bit, but she immediately made a stern face and hugged me as if trying to snatch me away from Kuroka and Koneko-chan while saying

“A-Anyway, I will sleep with Ise-kun tonight! I-It’s a special chance after all!”

The sisters Kuroka and Koneko-chan giggled ‘fufu’ as they were surprised by the unusual boldness of Rossweisse-san.

“Well, that’s okay nya”

“…Being able to sleep soundly is the best right now.”

The Nekomata sisters seemed to sense that Rossweisse-san no longer had the motivation to do anything perverted, so the four of us fell asleep. I was restless and couldn’t calm myself down as I was hugged by both Koneko-chan and Kuroka. I was able to confirm the feelings of both myself and Rossweisse-san’s. Now, all that was left was just to deal with the match!


Part 2

And, it was finally the day of the match—.

We, the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team along with Rias arrived in a world of the Norse mythology that became the assembly hall — Valhalla. The stage this time would be an enormous stadium that was prepared for the tournament situated in a corner of Valhalla — [Thor Stadium]. A statue of the valiant Thor holding his proud hammer [Mjolnir] was installed at the entrance of the stadium. We separated from Rias in front of the player’s entrance.

“I am looking forward to the match.”

Rias cheered me on like that before we separated.  It seemed like they would be watching our match in the spectator’s room for authorised personnel.

“You will certainly win.”

“You will win.”

“I am counting on you.”

“I am cheering for you!”

We received those cheers from Rias’ servants Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba and Gya-suke. My dad, Kunou, Ophis, and Lilith from the Hyoudou Residence also came here to watch my match.

“I’ll be cheering for you. Do your best, Ise!” cheered Dad.

Kunou and others continued

“Your opponents might be Gods, but I believe that you will win!”

Ophis and Lilith then said

“We, when the push comes to shove, will assist Ise.”

“Will do–”

No, if you guys were to join my team then victory would already be assured! But, that is not possible! Dad then added

“Mum was beginning to say that she might come to see the tournament if you qualify for the main stage. She said that ‘If my own son qualified for the main tournament, I can’t afford to not come and not see the tournament.’”

“Really? …I see. I will do my best and win.”

If mum would come and see my fight, there’s nothing that would make me happier. That’s probably right, if it’s the main stage that should be commemorated, mum might think that she has to come. And also because of that, I can’t afford to lose this match. We, the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team fired ourselves up as we approached the fated match—.

As loud cheers from the crowd surrounded us, we of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team went towards the centre of the stadium from the player’s entrance.

<<Now, the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team is entering the stage! They are really popular with men and women of all ages, and his fans have gathered here in this [Thor Stadium] in Valhalla to see the [Oppai Dragon]!>>

When the commentator said that

“Oppai Dragon!”

“Please Win!!”

“Please show us a good match between you and Vidar-sama!”

The spectators were cheering for me! Ohh, I’m pretty popular in the Norse mythology world too, eh. I actually thought I would be insulted or disrespected.

On the other side—


“Kyaa! Rossweisse-sama!”

“Rossweisse-san, I will be cheering for you!”

There were also many cheers that went towards Rossweisse-san! Part of it was because this was her home, but it was also because she got noticed in the tournament and her popularity rose up. As a former Valkyrie who participated actively in the tournament, it was no surprise that she garnered a lot of attention in Asgard. Rossweisse-san blushed in response to the warm cheers. After we gathered in the field that was in the central part of the stadium, the [Leisure of the Kings] team made their entrance.

<<Now! People of Asgard, thank you for waiting! Finally, it’s our mythology — the team that Vidar-sama is in, is now going to make their appearance! Entering the stadium is the [Leisure of the Kings] team!>>

The moment the commentator said that—.

We felt a presence above our heads! From the opened ceiling of the stadium — a giant body rapidly descended from the sky!

Zushiiiiiiin! —And, the one who vigorously stood in front of us was the giant King of Monsters — Typhon-san! Starting with Vidar-san, the members of the [Leisure of the Kings] team all stood on his shoulders and arms! In response to this flashy entrance


The stadium became filled with enormous cheers!



Glory to our chief Goddddd!”

The cheers from the spectator’s seats were even louder than they were for our entrance. As expected, even though they had a mix of mythologies, it was the team with the chief God of Asgard in it after all. It was only natural that the home of the Norse mythology was full of those who supported Vidar-san and the Valkyries. After both teams gathered, we lined up in the center of the field. The intensity of the opposing [King] Typhon-san with his gigantic body became even more prominent as he stood in front of my eyes. The thirteen-meter Typhon-san then shouted cheerfully from the bottom of his heart.

[GAHAHAHAHA! I will be fighting against a Heavenly Dragon! There’s no match that I looked forward to as much as this!]

What an honest and lively laugh. However, the mass and depth of the aura that oozed out from his giant body was real. He wasn’t someone that could be taken on half-heartedly. After all, he was the King of Monsters that was said to be equal to Fenrir, or even stronger perhaps—.

Vidar-san’s gaze met mine. We didn’t say anything, but just by looking at them, I knew that they came with the intention to win.

<<Well then, we will immediately spin the roulette that will determine the rules of this match!>>

After the commentator said that, the roulette had already begun to spin. In a way, you could say that our chances of winning could change. The giant roulette that was installed in the stadium spun, and finally stopped.

—The rules would be [Yggdrasil Climb]!

—! F-For that to be chosen here!

The commentator yelled

<<A~nd, the ruleset this time is the new Tournament-original standard that has even become a hot topic for every mythology, [Yggdrasil Climb]! It’s really unexpected for this to be chosen on the stage of Norse mythology! The rules are simple. Run up the artificial Yggdrasil, and the one who reaches the goal on top is the winner! Of course, like the other rules so far, you can also win if you defeat the opponent’s [King].>>

A giant tree was shown on the monitor. The size and the height of the tree that pierced through clouds was unbelievable. Though the original Yggdrasil was far bigger, the one that was prepared for the Rating Game still looked pretty big to us. The rules were simple. Just climb to the top and the one who reaches it first, wins. It was really easy to understand. Consequently, the fight would also be more violent. Ravel then said

“The promotion of [Pawn] is possible after reaching the halfway point.”

This meant that after reaching the halfway-point our [Pawns] and theirs would all become [Queens]. But, we just need to defeat the Valkyrie squad before reaching the halfway point though. And as we thought about that, the beginning of the game drew closer.

<<Now, the game will start after both teams teleport to the artificial Yggdrasil game field! The [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team vs the [Leisure of the Kings] team, It’s the fight of the century! It will be starting soon!>>

While the commentator was announcing that, both my team and the opponent’s team were enveloped in the teleportation light—.

The place that we were teleported to was the base of the artificial Yggdrasil.

…We could only be astonished by the gargantuan size of the tree. All members looked up, but…

It was only natural that we couldn’t identify the top from here. It’s somewhat higher than the clouds after all. It seemed like Vidar-san’s team teleported to the other side — the tree’s backside. Of course, attacking before the opposing side started climbing was against the rules.

On Yggdrasil, a spiral-staircase was hung around the  tree, but there were also footholds — floating islands which surrounded the tree. We could utilise those as a place to take a break or do battle. Of course, going to the top by flying was also OK. Based on the overall height of the tree, it looked like it would take a reasonably long time to reach the top. It would take a while even for a normal Devil to reach the top by flying at full speed, and maintaining that pace. We could arrive faster if we focused all of our strength on it, however, we couldn’t do that because our rival would also try to prevent that.

Before the game started, there was a brief period for strategy time. We gathered around the table that was set up at the base of the tree and discussed what to do. Ravel then laid out a piece of paper on the table which had the opponent’s team composition written on it.

Starting from the [King], Typhon, it really was a formidable lineup. I started the meeting while observing it

“…Other than Typhon, Vidar-san, and Apollon-san, there have been some alternations in the opponent’s team, but this time it is a serious lineup.”

The [Pawns] this time were — the Valkyrie squad. On top of that, it seemed like they were all Rossweisse-san’s colleagues.

“…..To think that I will be fighting not only Brynhidlr-senpai, but also the other Valkyries.”

Rossweisse-san had a complex look on her face. But Xenovia laughed fearlessly as she trembled with excitement.

“….It’s a parade of Gods. Even I can’t stop trembling, you know”

Well, that’s normal. I also didn’t like the fact that my opponents were all Gods, but as we already came here, we had no choice but to fight them.

“Could they be the worst, and strongest opponents that I have ever fought?”

I asked Ddraig

[Yeah, they exceed everyone, including Rizevim and Apophis.]

Well, I was glad that this was only a normal match, not a deathmatch. Even so,  they weren’t going to give me any kind of handicap. Ddraig then said with frustration in his voice

[…… A lineup this formidable, and even I didn’t have a chance to meet them in my previous existence. Now I feel somewhat bitter with this body.]

I couldn’t have imagined that I would be fighting a team that surpassed mythologies and races. Ravel then told us clearly

“Speaking honestly, it’s not unnatural if we lose this match. That’s just how great of a difference there is between our basic fighting power and theirs.”

—However, Ravel’s expression changed completely into a brave one.

“But, let’s fight with the intention to win. There will probably be many opportunities for us to win because of the rules.


We were also fired up by our strategist’s words! Even if our opponents are Gods, the winner will be the one who reaches the top first. We only need to reach the goal first, even if it was only one of us.

….Well, I personally didn’t want to end it like that though. I wanted to at least punch Vidar-san once with my fist. Ravel then said to Roygun Belphegor-san who was participating in our team this time.

“Roygun-sama’s specialty as a Devil is [Crack], isn’t it? It’s a specialty that allows you to create a ‘tear’ on anything…. You can produce a crack on most things, right?”

Roygun-san then laughed sarcastically

“There is of course a limit you know. I can’t produce a ‘crack’ on those whose power far exceeds mine. It was quite an ability when I was ranked second, however….. As I am right now, if the opponent is Maou-class or God-class, the ability won’t be very effective.”

Ravel then said as she looked up at Yggdrasil

“…I wanted to have you produce a [Crack] around Yggdrasil’s roots and make the tree fall over, but…it seems like it’s fairly well-built, so we shouldn’t expect that much.”

She was thinking about something that audacious! Really, my manager was trying to ruin the core of the rules from the start, huh! Ravel then continued

“Because the rules are simple, our strategy is also simple. —The aim is to go with a multistage-rocket formation.”


Everyone gasped at Ravel’s plan. …Multistage-rocket formation. That meant that we would fly together, and then she suggested that we should separate in the middle.

Ravel then continued

“I am sure that while our opponents are climbing Yggdrasil, they will have their players crash into us over here. When that happens, we must also leave someone behind to face them. As for both teams, the common thing is what we and they have recognised, and that is the fact that we only need to have one person reach the top, and that we had to protect the [King].”

….Well, that’s the case. Because the rules were simple, we could also easily imagine the situation that would unfold. Irina then said

“There is also a possibility that all of us will face off against all of them, right?”

The possibility of everyone fighting in the middle certainly did exist.

Ravel then said

“An all-out fight, right? There sure is some possibility of that, but…judging from the opponent’s nature, I think the players would just move based on their judgment. They are all strong players, therefore their assertiveness is equally strong. And that’s coming from the [King], Typhon. This means that because they don’t have good coordination, the chance of them attacking us one by one is high.”

Just as Ravel said, Vidar-san’s team was not a team that excelled in teamwork. It was the type of team that entrusted everything to its members regarding how to fight and earn victory. It was because every member had a strong ego and individual strength. Before the match began, we received some advice from Ravel. If there was something that we could take advantage of in the opponent’s team, it was the weakness of their team play. That was why Ravel highlighted that our opponents would come to attack us as we climbed to the top. Agreeing with that notion, I then asked

“So, Ravel, are we going to decide who will be the best to fight against who?”

Ravel nodded and continued.

“Yes, let’s think about the compatibility of the opponent’s members and the strategy of how to deal with them to a certain extent.”

And with that, we discussed how to deal with the opponent’s moves before we began to climb up the artificial Yggdrasil—.

And finally the time for the game to start had come.

The commentator yelled

<<Now, it’s time to start! Both teams have arrived to the starting point. The game will start when the signal gun on the field is fired! Both teams and spectators, are you ready?>>

There was a brief period of tranquil silence—-

And then, the sound of the fired signal gun echoed ‘BAAAAAAAAAAN’.


We started to run just as the commentator shouted out!

First, we split up into two groups. One group would run up the spiral staircase and the other would fly while passing over the floating islands. By not bunching up in one place, we would also avoid a single large attack against the entire team.  As a [King], the game would end if I were to be defeated, and I began to run up the stairs. This was only a temporary plan. Whilst I did think about flying through the sky, I chose to take the stairs to begin with after the situation. The ones who took the stairs were Irina, Xenovia, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Ouryuu, and myself, the group which comparatively consisted of those who had confidence in their stamina. I quickly transformed into my crimson armour. And those who flew through the sky were Bova, Roygun-san, and Bina-shi. Asia and Elmenhilde who didn’t have confidence in their stamina rode on Bova’s shoulder. Since they flew through the sky, it was possible that they would become easier targets, but because Asia and Elmenhilde would support Bova and Bina-shi, their combination wouldn’t crumble unless there were extreme circumstances.

We climbed the stairs at a tremendous pace. As we did that, we were able to visually recognise the opponent’s team as there were two stairs prepared, one for each team. The other side’s stair group consisted of…Vidar-san, Artemis-san, and Brynhildr-san. This meant that the rest were flying through the sky.

…It meant that their [King], Typhon, was flying through the sky, huh. He was boldly fearless. This meant that he didn’t have any fear of getting knocked down.

Both teams had climbed up Yggdrasil for thirty minutes when we started to see a large number of floating islands which surrounded Yggdrasil. …Indeed, the Tournament organisers were rather thoughtful to provide us with those [You can fight here]….! As if our opponents also understood, the first assaulting enemy finally appeared!

There was someone who went down and stood in the center of one large floating island.

—It was the current chief God of Olympus, Apollon-san. He then said to our team

“Who will be my opponent to keep me back here?”

And, the people on my team who had been pre-determined in our strategy flew out. Xenovia, Irina, and Nakiri. The three of them went down to the floating island that Apollon-san was standing on. Xenovia then boldly said

“Sun God-dono. I am Hyoudou Issei’s [Knight]. Let me be your common enemy.

Irina also said as she wielded Hauteclere

“Michael-sama’s Ace! Shidou Irina! Currently a member of Hyoudou Issei-kun’s team!”

Nakiri then added while enveloping himself in touki

“The next heir of the Nakiri clan of the Five Principal Clans, Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu. It’s an honor to be able to fight with the legendary God, but as I am also the Sekiryuutei’s junior, I will keep you down here.”

Those three were pretty audacious to choose the God of Sun as their opponent! For God’s sake, they sure are such reliable comrades! Apollon-san also seemed like he was satisfied with their introductions.

“That’s an introduction suitable for the comrades of the Sekiryuutei. I am Apollon. The chief God of Olympus.”

After going through the self-introductions, the battle began—.

After their battle began, Rossweisse-san immediately enclosed Xenovia and the others, including Apollon-san with barrier magic.This was to prevent the enemy from escaping from that place, and even if our comrades lost, it could still buy time for us. The barrier that was strengthened by Rossweisse-san using the wand of Misteltein was used to cover the first battlefield. Once the barrier was erected, we left them and continued to go for the top. Below us, divine rays of light were fired off several times, and the shrill sounds of destruction could be heard as the battle instantly intensified.

After entrusting Apollon to Xenovia and others, we reached a huge cavity in the gargantuan Yggdrasil after around ten minutes of climbing. It seemed as though the stairs continued to go even further after passing through the hollow cavity. Since the cave was so large in both width and height, it was possible even for a flashy battle to be conducted here. In other words, it meant that. The Tournament operators wanted to say ‘You can fight here’. Unexpectedly, there was a human figure waiting inside the cave for us—. A woman wearing light armour on top of her dress — it was the Goddess Artemis. Artemis’ held a bow in her hand, something that also acted as a symbol of her.

After confirming who our next opponent was, Ravel then spoke through a communications intercom.

“It’s Artemis-sama.”

After hearing that, the ones who entered the cave were Bina-shi and Asia! We entrusted Artemis-san to those two. I felt bad about leaving our healer behind here, but…by entrusting her to Bina-shi, not only would Asia’s chance of surviving go up, but it was also because her compatibility with the opponent was good.

“Ise-san! Everyone! I will leave the rest to you!” said Asia to us.

After entrusting the Goddess to those two, we once again erected a magic barrier and then continued to climb. Well, because the opponent was a female, I thought that it might be better if I faced her, but thinking about the fight with Vidar-san, it’s simply a matter of stamina. However, because I had competent comrades, I left it to Bina-shi and Asia. After leaving the fight at the cave to those two, Ravel and I continued to climb up the stairs with the others! Around an hour after the match began, I was finally able to see the middle section of Yggdrasil. A flag that symbolised the halfway-point was placed across the entire circumference of Yggdrasil. After passing the halfway-point, my [Pawns] Ravel, Bova, and Elmenhilde were promoted to [Queens]. And with this, our battle potential had increased. Well, even though it was no more than a minor change for the opponent…

A few minutes after passing the halfway-point, a giant floating island like nothing before appeared in the sky. When that came into view, I saw a giant shadow descend onto it!


The one who went down and raised their voice was — unexpectedly,  the [King] of the opposing team, Typhon! Typhon pointed his finger at us as he posed exaggeratedly.

“Now, who will be my opponent!? I am also fine with Sekiryuutei!” screamed Typhon excitedly.

The tension was so high! He was really happy that he was able to fight at the tournament! Typhon had appeared before us, and although we had already decided who would be his opponent…I began to think that it would be better if it was me! The rule was to reach the top, but because defeating the [King] also meant winning, then I could be Typhon’s—.

As I was thinking like that, I could sense a fighting spirit from above! When I looked above, Vidar-san looked at me as he pointed somewhere from the top of a staircase. When I looked at the place he pointed at — it was also a vast floating island, and it looked as if I was invited [Come here!] by my opponent.

…I see. He must have thought ‘If I have to let you become Typhon’s enemy, then I would rather be your enemy’.

As I signalled Ravel and Rossweisse-san with my eyes, we nodded to each other. We had decided that Bova-san, Roygun-san, and Elmenhilde would be Typhon’s opponents, while Ravel, Rossweisse-san and I fought Vidar-san and — the Valkyrie squad that Brynhildr-san lead. My comrades and I each moved towards the separate floating islands which would respectively become our battlefields. The fight to reach the top of Yggdrasil entered a critical stage just after passing the halfway-point.

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