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Existing / Thirteen Species of Longinus / User

  • <<True Longinus>>  High-tier Longinus/Relic (Holy Spear) — User Cao Cao
  • <<Zenith Tempest>> High-tier Longinus — User Dulio Gesualdo
  • <<Annihilation Maker>> High-tier Longinus — User Leonardo
  • <<Dimension Lost>> High-tier Longinus — User Georg
  • <<Boosted Gear>> [Sealed Heavenly Dragon] — User Hyoudou Issei
  • <<Divine Dividing>> [Sealed Heavenly Dragon]— User Vali Lucifer
  • <<Canis Lykaon>> — User Ikuse Tobio
  • <<Sephiroth Graal>> Relic (Holy Cup) — User Valerie Tepes
  • <<Incinerate Anthem>> Relic (Holy Cross) — User Lint Selzan
  • <<Regulus Nemea>> — User Regulus (Master Sairaorg Baal)
  • <<Absolute Demise>> — User Lavinia Reni
  • <<Innovate Clear>> — User Kanzaki Mitsuya (1)
  • <<Telos Karma>> — User Kanzaki Mitsuya (1)

New (2) / Five Classified Species of Longinus / User

  • <<Aeon Balor>> (3) — User Gasper Vladi
  • <<Alphecca Tyrant>> Relic (Holy Nail) — User TBA
  • <<Unknown Dictator>> (4) —User TBA
  • <<Nereid Kyrie>> High-tier Longinus — User TBA
  • <<Star Buster Star Blaster>> (5) High-tier Longinus — User Shooting Star (real name unknown)
  1. Is the person currently using it, though the official user is unknown.
  2. Is the newly observed Longinus species within the last twenty years that are added into the record this time. There has never been a time where five Longinus appeared within the short span of twenty years.
  3. Has been registered as a different species because of the deviated ability from <<Forbidden Balor View>>
  4. A Longinus that can control machines and electrical devices is a completely new species.
  5. A Longinus-class Sacred Gear consisting of a sword and gun.

These are all of the eighteen Longinus species that are currently recorded. The users of this generation have all attained Balance Breaker or beyond. There has never been an era like this, and according to the researchers of Sacred Gear system:

‘This time, why don’t we make the system this way in case unprecedented things happen?’

Such views continue to be regarded as very likely.

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4 thoughts on “Longinus”

  1. New Longinus!
    I really want to see the Holy Nail, Unknown Dictator, and Star Buster Star Blaster.
    I’d say Ishibumi made a genius move create the longinus system