About me.

Hello everyone. Leo here, also known as mrleoo01.

I am a university student who lives in Indonesia. Been learning Japanese for around ~1.5 years. I like anime-related kinds of stuff (novel especially), hanging out with my friends and being productive. That’s all i guess 🙂 ehehehe. If you guys have any questions, please ask right away 😀

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11 thoughts on “About me.”

  1. Mr. Leo, Thank you for your work on the translations. I wanted to ask you what did you use to learn Japanese so well so quickly to be able to do this? I have looked into learning Japanese before but everything I read was that it would take at least 5 years worth of learning at a minimum just to be able to attempt to read a light novel.

  2. Hello there, Leo. Thank you for taking over DxD and translating for us. When I heard that ZX would stop, I felt horrible, but when I heard someone else (someone he knew) would take over, I felt relieved, yet at unease since I didn’t know how good the new blood would be, but you showed to be incredible at the translation. Thank you for continuing his work, and I hope you successfully continue with your work for the next several Volumes. Greetings from Brazil, my friend.

  3. Thank you so much Leo I couldn’t be more happy about this when you are doing the translation for v25 I m so grateful that you were picking up where Zx left I hope you will continue to translate shin highschool dxd because I waited for so long and I will support you always and thank you so much again for translating this volume Leo please keep up the good work mate

  4. Hello fellow citizens, I thank you for picking up ZX works. I hope you can keep translating LN until DXD series comes to an end. #PrayforPalu.

  5. hi thanks for picking up where zx left of don’t get me wrong i am grateful for the years of him doing DxD and i understand him to continue the work on his other projects instead. But i really glad that someone was able to pick it up where he left off so thank you so much. i hope you will keep translating light novels in the future if you can. i am bipolar and autistic so i get stressed, panic easy, felt suicidal for years(not so much anymore since i found some good pills to keep me stable thank god) and many other bad things. so i go to light novels especially DxD most of all. so i am extremely grateful that someone who will continue it. i am sorry for making it so long but i just wanted to explain just a little why i am grateful.

    1. Hey, Wow, Thank you for your nice words! I am really happy that my translation can be useful to you… I don’t really know about bipolar and that stuffs, but I hope you get better! Thanks for reading and please keep supporting me 😀