The last boss of this book is the protagonist’s ex-lover [Ultimate Goddess Eternal Amazoness]. Her final move is [Berserker Cobra Twist], and the one that the protagonist has is [Kick of Hyper Abyss Aura]. As their life-or-death battle unfolded, they were both defeated in the end. In the finale, the heroine, as well as the protagonist, got reincarnated again and they will meet in the next era.

Hahaha! If you’re one of the readers who look at the afterword first, then you just got pranked!

Just a joke guys, I’m sorry. There’s no way those things would be in this book.

To those who have just read this book and to those who have stayed for a while; hello, I’m Ishibumi Ichiei. What do you guys think of [True High School DxD] or [True DxD]? I was really nervous about my new book release after four months. And because of that…I think I’ll stop the joke there. Yes, I just put the same thing that was in the afterword of the unlabeled High School DxD Volume 1. And yes, this year also marks the tenth year since the beginning of the DxD series.

If I were to introduce it again, this True High School DxD is the continuation of High School DxD’s original story, which is comprised of 25 Volumes and 4 Volumes of short story compilations. Due to various things and adult circumstances, the series will start from Volume 1 once again this time.

I lightly reintroduced the characters, setting, as well as the world view, as there might be some readers who started from this volume. A new story was also developed on top of that. From the new readers’ point of view, however, it might seem like the protagonist suddenly became a High-class Devil, and has many girlfriends as well as rivals. But, Ise-kun has a considerable amount of fighting experience, and is now so strong that he is able to defeat a God.

And now, his new servant — Ingvild Leviathan has also become his comrade. I wanted to introduce a new character as we restarted the series, so I wrote her in. Because there was no diva for Ise, I felt like I should make one appear this time. Please give your love to the new comrade. The song was a suggestion. I was embarrassed about the original lyrics…

Now, I think there’re some people who’ve noticed, but I’ve made this first volume of True DxD similar in content to the unlabeled first volume. As you read it, you might have felt a sense of nostalgia. I think you would know the difference if you compare the weak Ise who couldn’t even teleport using a magic circle in the first volume of the unlabeled, so please try to compare them.

Ah, that’s right. Please check for the names of the teams that are going to the main tournament in the beginning of the unlabeled DxD 1’s afterword. You might go ‘Ah!’, but they aren’t the last boss, so please be careful. It’s just an easter egg. Also, about Kiryuu, I thought up a lot of things and I decided to have her learn magic.

From here onwards, I have an announcement!

Actually, High School DxD’s tenth anniversary commemoration memorial fan book is on sale right now! Included in the fan book is an introduction of all the important characters who have been introduced thus far, as well as various other articles filled with information. In addition, I plan to include a commemoration novel. Please wait for further announcements in Dragon Magazine. And then there’s one more big announcement.  The Blu-Ray disc and DVD for the new anime series that aired in April this year High School DxD Hero’s first episode is planned to go on sale shortly after the release of this True DxD 1 volume. That package contains a unique novel in each episode, [High School DxD 0 (Zero)].

This DxD 0 contains the story about the beginning of Sirzechs and Grayfia’s romance that I talked about in the previous afterword. It was quite challenging to find the time to write it, but now here it is. The story is set more than a few hundred years before the main DxD timeline during the war between the previous Maous’ government with their do-or-die resistance (the side that Grayfia was part of) and the rebel army that didn’t agree with them (the side that Sirzechs was part of). Those of you who’re interested, please check it out!

Now, I think the new anime series [Hero] would’ve ended by the time this book comes out, however, I was writing this afterword when the series was still on its second-half, showing the Lion Heart of the School Festival arc, so I can’t spoil it…. That being said, the fight in the first half, Pandemonium of the School Trip, was magnificent, don’t you think?

I was happy with the Kyoto arc, Kunou and the Hero Faction being animated, but I was moved by Ise’s Illegal Move Triaina as it was so cool! That was the best of the best…. But, it is a shame that there were only a few times in the main story where that technique was used. That aside, the Oppai Dragon Song in Episode 0 was also magnificent. Also, I kept replaying and watching the sparring match between Ise and Sairaorg in Episode 1. Plus, the characters that’d be important later in the series also showed up in the anime. By the time it comes out, Hades, Diehauser, Rudiger, and Sakra would’ve made their appearances. If you think about it, the characters that appear in the final stage of volume nine and ten of the original light novel (Cao Cao, First generation Sun Wukong and others) should also come out.

I’m sorry that the talk about the anime became this long…. I was so excited because Hero was amazing. I’d be so happy if they decide to do another season of the anime. I really have to thank you guys for your continued support.

Now for the acknowledgments. Miyama Zero-sama, I am counting on you for this continuation, True High School DxD. Editor T-sama, thank you for helping me, I’m always indebted to you.

Next is True High School DxD 2! The story will be about Ise’s team vs Rias’s team that’ll move you till the end! An unexpected main battle. In fact, the fight that I always wanted to make since I planned the World Tournament was this. I’ve always wanted to write a match between Ise and Rias.

Regarding the matches of the tournament, I’ll basically only write a bit about matches other than Vali’s and Ise’s. If I were to write about everyone’s battles, there’d be no guarantee as to how many volumes this series would turn out to have. However, I plan to cover the fights that are important. Looking at the bracket, I could imagine all sorts of things and I feel really honoured!

Also about this, I plan to do rotations on the story like the announcement I made on the last volume of the unlabeled series, going from tournament matches > events of daily life > tournament matches > events of daily life. Because I think it’d be hard to write about the matches every time, I’d like to insert some other events in between like in this volume. All heroines will also be featured!

I currently plan to feature Ravel, Kunou, Le Fay, and Elmenhilde one by one. I especially want to write the second Kyoto arc (Kunou’s time). I’d like to set the story on Koneko’s school trip as a second-year.

And with that, the next volume will centre on the Gremory Peerage. In other words, the story will be about Ise and Rias along with all of their comrades. This was quite an important story for the start of a new series, but I believe that this kind of free start is better, so thank you and please continue your support!

To close this, the reason why this series was able to go on for ten years was because of your support. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much. Please continue your support for True DxD and other series of the High School DxD Universe.

Well then, True High School DxD starts now!