Life.5 I’ll Even Defeat a God!

Life.5 I’ll Even Defeat a God!

I — Hyoudou Issei joined up with Asia, Koneko-chan, Ravel, Elmenhilde, and Rias’s team (Akeno-san, Gasper, Rossweisse-san, Bova) as we headed deeper into the island. that was full of hills and valleys. In its center was a temple, made out of stone standing out as the stone pillars looked like the Parthenon of Greece. However, it had fallen into ruin in various places, making it feel as though it had become a part of history.

As we approached the temple, a single human figure appeared from a pillar’s shadow. It was a girl wearing cute frilly clothes — Nyx. As we arrived at the temple, we squared off against Nyx. The Goddess of Night laughed as she accepted us as invaders of the island.

“Your friend is an excellent spy indeed. Once again, I learned how scary [DxD] is.”

I said to Nyx.

“I’ll defeat you and then free Ingvild! …is what I’m hoping to do, but I also have something I want to ask. Why are you doing all of this? You’ve teamed up with Hades, right?”

I confronted Nyx with the question that had been bugging me. There was also the thing with Ingvild, but if she had really teamed up with Hades to cause this incident, what was the reason for that? I was really curious. Nyx laughed.

“You have Azazel’s way of talking. Yes, I’ve teamed up with Hades. He simply doesn’t like you guys. He thinks that he and his guys are enough to protect the human world and our territory.”

“If he really wanted to protect humans, he should’ve cooperated with us. Why does he have to use all the Devils in this island…? Is he rejecting us?”

“Like I said, he simply doesn’t like you guys. Also, the other gods who support him too. Not only that, they also view you guys as dangerous.”


“You guys became far too strong in such a short span… Longinus users and the people around you, he thinks you guys carry risks, as once you guys and your Longinus get stronger, you will stir up other abnormal beings and worlds. And even I can somehow relate to that. Ingvild’s abilities are also crazily absurd, right? I mean, she could defeat you, who became strong enough to fight against a God, with mere songs, you know? The Longinus surpasses even the abnormal. Plus, their numbers are only increasing. It’s only natural that he would find it terrifying.”

…It would be fine if Hades simply hated us…. I see, the danger of Longinus abilities, huh. That’s…I could somehow agree on that… …The Demonic Beast Riot was caused by Annihiliation Maker going berserk. The Evil Dragon War was caused when Rizevim got the Longinus’ Holy Grail,Sephiroth Graal, and rapidly advanced his plan….I was also here because of a Longinus. As a lot of [DxD] members were Longinus users, we were expected to act as a deterrent against the unstable and malicious forces of each mythology, but…

—The danger of the Longinus, huh. Nyx shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know about my older brother Erebus, but for me, I just have an interest in the Longinus, and I also just wanted to tease you guys a bit.”

“Teasing? Are you serious?”

Nyx laughed innocently in response to my hysteric response.

“In this era, only people like you guys would challenge a god just because of a bit of teasing. Plus, you guys have the strength to challenge a god. It was also unexpectedly fun to make these special clothes to use against you.”

J-Just because of that… Just for that reason, Ingvild….! I was about to lose it as the anger inside me built up. Beside me, Rias also frowned.

“… Really, what a troublesome God.”

Nyx laughed upon seeing that expression.

“Oh, what a scary face. But, all of the Gods of Greek mythology are like this. Most of them would fight when they felt envy. Zeus’s betrayal was quite the story too.”

Nyx raised her hand and as she did that, a magic circle for transportation appeared all over the hills, and a countless number of Devils appeared from there! A thousand…more than two thousand! She still had so many Devils, huh!? Just how many did she make the mother of Devils give birth to!? While we were completely surrounded, Nyx who was in front of us enveloped herself with a black aura and flew into the sky. The Goddess of Night exposed a fearless smile as she exuded a mighty pressure from her body.

“Because you’re the one who defeated the Evil Dragon Apophis and the current chief God of Norse Mythology Vidar with your own strength, I must respond by going all-out against you.”

You sure made it sound fun. We’re used to fighting maniacs. However, I couldn’t stand how she would hurt someone for her own pleasure. I will defeat Nyx and save Ingvild! That’s enough for me! I said to Asia and Ravel.

“I’ll be getting a bit serious, so I’m counting on you, Ravel, Asia.

The two of them nodded. I then turned to Rias.

“Shall we, Rias?”

“Yeah, of course.”

As Rias and I agreed, we went into battle-mode. I made up my mind and recited the chant to unleash my other form — Dragon Deification.

“—The Crimson Red Dragon dwelling within me, awaken from your dominance”

A dazzling crimson glow emitted from the gem on my right gauntlet.

“—The Crimson Heavenly Dragon I possess within me, rise up to become a King and roar”

The Dragon God Ophis’ voice echoed out from the gem—.

“—The jet-black God of Infinity”

The gem on my left gauntlet unleashed a jet-black aura. An incredible crimson aura enveloped my whole body.

“—The glorious God of Dreams”

The jet-black aura of infinity was then encased over it—.

“—Watch over the false forbidden existence we shall become that transcends the boundaries”

My crimson armour was then tinged with a jet-black pattern. The power of the Dragon God had fully manifested. And then, Ophis and I recited the final verse together—.

“—Thou shalt dance like radiance within our inferno!”

“<<[D∞D!! D∞D D∞D!! D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!!!!]>>”

All of the gems resounded with a voice which said [D∞D!!] and permeated through to the soul. An ∞ symbol emerged on all of the gems!

“<<Dragon ∞ Drive!!!!!!>>”

I wore the black and crimson armor that manifested the power of a Dragon God. —Dragon Deification. It’s my strongest form. …That being said, some restrictions were applied to the chant as the power of infinity was too powerful, making this form Pseudo-Dragon Deification. As I turned into this form, the number [88] appeared in my left gauntlet and it started counting down. This indicated that I could use this form for eighty-eight minutes max. Being able to maintain Dragon Deification for more than an hour was quite a thing. And then, another count also started. The number [8] appeared on my right gauntlet and it started counting down. This one meant eight minutes. —A certain miracle would occur within the next eight minutes. Cladding myself in the Dragon Deification Aura, I looked up at Nyx and said.

“Primordial God, The Goddess of Night, Nyx. —Let’s do it.”

“Such aura! It won’t end with just a scratch if we’re doing this seriously!”

A sound echoed from the jewels of my armor.

“<<D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!!!!>>”

I maximised my aura and turned it into a single attack — Dragon Shot, and fired it at Nyx! Nyx didn’t even try to dodge as she received it head-on. The effect of the said [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes] was shown as it dispersed my giant Dragon Shot! Even my Dragon Shot couldn’t do it, huh!? Although I was shocked, the shockwave looked like it still remained as Nyx only erased the Dragon Shot itself—.


She was blown backwards quite far away! I chased her flying through the sky at high speed. My Dragon Shot acted as the signal to start and my comrades began to fight against the army of Devils. As I approached Nyx, a large number of Devils swarmed at me, but around a hundred were blown away with my Dragon Deification form’s Dragon Shot.


Having gotten rid of a hundred Devils with just a single attack, the Devils realised the difference in strength and they started to take distance from me.

“H-He’s a monster…!”

“W-What is that absurd demonic energy…!?”

The shaking Devils used their tiny demonic power to defend themselves. But I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to block my attacks in this state. As I approached the place where Nyx was blown away to, the Goddess jumped up and flew out. She wiped the mud that got onto her face and laughed in pleasant surprise.

“To think that the resulting shockwave from your aura would be this powerful! I’m sure I’d have received an unthinkable amount of damage if I had taken that upfront!”

Nyx covered her hands with a dark aura and fired out black bullets. I shot them down with my Dragon Shot and tried to evade them, but…my attacks didn’t work because of that clothing! If my Dragon Shots only inflicted shockwaves on her, it wouldn’t be enough to finish her off! Nyx spoke as though she was trying to provoke me.

“I wonder if your powers such as tearing a woman’s dress, or even the ability to read what’s inside her heart would work on me in this state.”

Shit! You said it!

“Shall we, Ddraig?”

I asked my partner.

“I don’t know! —But, let’s try it out!”

Well, let’s try it then! I couldn’t try it out before, but now, let’s try this and add one of Ddraig’s abilities — [Penetrate]! Before Ddraig was sealed away, he had a number of powerful abilities. [Boost] — the ability to make my power grow stronger quickly. I boost my power whenever I equip either my crimson armor or Dragon Deification armour numerous times in an instant and attack. It’s the natural special ability of Boosted Gear. [Transfer] — an ability to transfer the boosted power to either my comrade or an object and increase their power. This was also a natural special ability of Boosted Gear. And then, [Penetrate] — just like the name, it’s an ability that lets me penetrate the enemy’s barrier or technique, letting me attack them directly. Ddraig’s abilities came back to me as I discovered them one after another. This time, I will use that [Penetrate] along with the boob technique that I am so proud of!


As the sound of [Penetrate] echoed, I released the special ability! At the same time, the characteristic pink space that I talked about was created at once!

“All right! Pailingual!”

The pink space kept spreading through the hills with me at the center! It even covered the whole island because of Dragon Deification’s power!

“Hey! The Oppai of the Goddess-san! This time, please let me hear your voice!”

I started talking to Nyx’s boobs! I’ve used [Penetrate], and there’s also the effect of Dragon Deification! Now how’s that!?


…However, I couldn’t hear the voice of her breasts! Impossible! I still couldn’t get past those [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes] even with Dragon Deification and [Penetrate]!? I grit my teeth in response! I-Impossible, these things…! This was the first time my boob technique didn’t work! So this was the power of a Primordial God!

“…Shit! This isn’t good! I couldn’t hear anything even with Dragon Deification! As expected, the [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes] that the Primordial God made isn’t just for show!”

Ddraig said to me as I got frustrated,

“…Y-Yeah. It may be possible that your virginity got in the way of the Dragon God’s power and [Penetrate] this time, partner.”

Are you serious!? Is it really that grave of a sin for me to not have my first time yet!? But, Ddraig then continued,

“About that, though. A strong man is strong, even if he’s a virgin. And the weak ones are weak. I think your boob technique is just simply not strong enough, partner.”

Huh? I-Is it that simple…?

“You can’t call this proof, but just now, your demonic energy attack wasn’t completely extinguished, as the shockwave still affected Nyx, partner. And you couldn’t even do that when you were in your crimson armour state. I think it’s possible to just break them by force. There’s a limit even to things created by Gods”.

…So that means I just have to go beyond the power of the [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes], huh! Ddraig also added.

“You can wait for your comrades as someone who can destroy Nyx’s clothes must be rushing here as well. But that’s not interesting. Partner, you also want to defeat her by yourself, right?”

Of course! I want to defeat the Goddess of Night and save Ingvild! Because that’s what I promised her after all!

“If that’s the case, listen to what I have to say. It’s better than doing nothing at all.”

What should I do?

… As I heard Ddraig’s plan, I thought about whether it’s possible or not, and…this might be worth trying! Then I guess I’ll try it right away! First, I’ve got to do the preparations. I spoke to Rias,

“Rias, Rossweisse-san, just for a while, please handle the fight! I’ve got something I want to try!”

I left Nyx to Rias and Rossweisse-san.

“Leave it to us!”


The defense and barrier magic of Rossweisse-san shouldn’t be able to be broken easily. Originally, I’d use the combination technique with Rias (or Xenovia). It was a technique where the wyverns that I manifested when I wore my armour flew onto Rias (or Xenovia), transformed and attached to them like armour. The wyvern armor had a form like mine, and the person wearing the armor will be able to use the power of the Red Dragon Emperor for a limited time. If Rias were to wear that armor, It would be quite the power-up, but…this time, I needed to focus. Ddraig also agreed.

“The clothes that Nyx is wearing might affect those who wear your armor.”

Yes, I was afraid that by having Rias wear the wyvern armor, it’d affect her in a bad way when fighting Nyx, as my virginity problem would be a weakness to her as well. At the same time, the combination technique between Gasper and Rias must be difficult too. Gasper too…probably was like me after all. Even though Rias could get the power to fight even Gods if she were to use my wyverns or Gasper’s combination technique…!

Gasper himself had transformed into the beast of darkness and kicked away a large number of Devils. On top of that, he spread the darkness even more and manifested an uncountable number of monsters as he released them at the Devils. He was in a serious offense mode. Asia, whose role was healing, also already had one of the Five Dragon Kings — Fafnir that she had made a contract to as her familiar summoned, and her defense was almost perfect. …W-Well, although I am sure Asia must’ve paid quite the price… The other members were also seen to be defeating more than a thousand Devils easily. However, it would be a bad thing to prolong this battle for long. I quickly called out to one of my teammates fighting in mid-air — Akeno-san.


“What’s wrong, Ise-kun?”

She flew down beside me as she answered. I asked Akeno-san,

“I’ve something to ask! —Please be my phone!”


Akeno-san was dumbfounded in response to my words.

“…Are you going to use ‘that’?”

“Yes, if it’s the size of Akeno-san’s oppai, it should also reach Ingvild! Please be my carrier!”

In response to my words, Akeno-san…


She was extremely surprised. …Of course she would be, huh. I had another boob technique. — It was called [Paiphone]. It allowed me to communicate with a girl far away using a girl’s boobs. The boobs became something like a phone. However, the transmission speed and line changed depending on the carrier. In this case, the bigger the boobs, the better the signal — that’s what I think! That’s why I asked Akeno-san, who has the biggest boobs among my comrades who came here, to be the carrier for me. Akeno-san herself — teared up!

“A-Akeno-san!? S-Sorry, you don’t want to do it!?”

That’s right! I’m a cruel boyfriend to suddenly ask her to be my phone! I should’ve chosen the right words…but Akeno-san shook her head.

“No. I’m happy. …I can finally be like Rias. My oppai can be useful to you.”


…Akeno-san, she was happy because her boobs can be useful to my fight… I held Akeno-san’s hands, and forthrightly made a declaration!

“Of course! Akeno-san… No, Akeno’s also — my precious future bride after all!”

Akeno-san might have felt too overwhelmed in response to my words that she cried loudly. But at the same time, she also looked serious.

“I got it, my husband-sama! Come here!”

Akeno-san — took off her clothes, and got bare-chested! Those big best boobs swayed in front of me as it went bururun! I heightened my boob technique power and took off the armour in my hand. As I did that, I moved my exposed fingers!

“Let’s go, Paiphone!”

I grasped Akeno-san’s boobs and fondled them! The sensation of boobs whilst on a battlefield was somewhat strange! Akeno-san let out an arousing voice. As I fondled them to my heart’s content, I called the receiver. The far-away person that I called was—.

“…Hello, hello. Ingvild, can you hear me?”

Ingvild who was waiting inside the barrier in Hyoudou residence. After a while, I could hear a voice from Akeno-san’s boobs.


Ooh, it’s Ingvild! It connected to her in Japan!

“Ingvild…your song, will you please sing it with all your heart’s content? Your ability to control Dragons, it means that it can affect Dragons. —I was thinking that maybe you can also do the opposite of weakening the power.”


That was Ddraig’s suggestion. If she could weaken, then she should also be able to strengthen. Isn’t that what it means to control? —Those were Ddraig’s words.

The fact her Longinus was a new one meant that it was still in the middle of being researched. If that was the case, the possibility was quite high. Ingvild was—.


She was hesitant. She might be thinking that her songs could only weaken us. However, the songs that I heard in the park and the sea were really good and beautiful. If she were to sing of her own will and use the Longinus—.

“Ingvild! Please sing for me! The song that you created! Sing what’s in your heart with all your might! For our sake! If you sing, I’m sure we’ll be able to fight Nyx! I beg you!”

I begged from the bottom of my heart through Akeno-san’s breasts. And then, she — decided.

“All right. I’ll sing]”

I could hear Ingvild’s song through Akeno-san breasts. But, at that time — a miracle occurred! Ingvild’s beautiful voice could be heard all over the battlefield.


That day

Like the night that turned to dawn

I woke up in this world

The lonely me continued to wander

And I finally met you


My encounter with you

With infinite-like dreams and illusions

Changed my world


When I looked, Ingvild’s voice could be heard from the oppai of Rias, Asia, Koneko-chan, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Elmenhilde and the girls that were on this hill! —Rias and the other’s oppai had turned into speakers! And under such circumstances, Ingvild’s song continued to be heard across the battlefield.

“I can hear Ingvild’s voice from the girls’ oppai!”

—They’re like Paipods! I was impressed by this phenomenon. I glimpsed at Koneko-chan briefly. W-Well, I guess Koneko-chan’s is like a Paipod-mini… Suddenly, my gaze met with Koneko-chan’s and she glared at me.

“…You did not think of any weird things, did you?”

As usual, she’s always good at reading what’s inside my heart! In spite of such things, Ingvild’s voice resounded.


If I offer you this throbbing heart

Would you be satisfied?

Like a Dragon that dances in the sky

I want to dance by your side


Your red armor was as crimson as blood

Turning everything pure white to crimson

The inside of my chest, ‘twas buried in crimson

I don’t ever want to fall asleep again


This song, the lyrics… Is it about Ingvild? The song that she herself sang—. And then, Ingvild sang the next verse.


That day, the one who called me

Was you, who was hurt

Even if it was a mere coincidence at first

It was like a fated encounter, don’t you think?


My beginning with you

With burning love and affection

Changed all of me


If I were to present you my loving heart

I am sure you will be strong

Like a Devil who grants a wish

I want to watch your dreams


The black armor was created by miracles

The God of fate surely must not be scared

The depths of my heart,  contain nothing but you

Because my love will never be destroyed


Based on the content of her song, is this…about Rias? Rias also seemed to take notice.

“…Ingvild is singing…a song about me?”

A moment later—. Rias’ chest glowed. But it didn’t stop at Rias. Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Ravel, Rossweisse-san, and Elmenhilde’s boobs also started to glow. Pillars of light began to rise up from far away. And over there…Xenovia, Irina and Lint-san? The songs could be heard from the girls’ boobs, and now they’re glowing! The song continued.


I offer this throbbing heart

I want you to feel at peace

Like a Dragon that flies through dimensions

I want to spend the days peacefully


Infinite wishes shine in crimson

They satisfy us

Inside your heart, everyone is okay

As long as you stay by my side


That song — she was singing about herself and us. So she can not only sing about herself, but also what’s on other people’s minds…? As I thought that way…

“D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost! D∞DBoost!!!!!!!”

From my jewel, a completely new voice that I’d never heard before echoed loudly! At the same time, an unknown power started to overflow from my body! It seemed to have risen from my depths! Light purple particles started to appear around us and they surrounded my comrades. These were the particles that appeared when she was singing in the park—.

“This is amazing! I can feel the power flowing to me!”

Rias’s body was also releasing an aura so dense that I’d never felt before. And it was not just her; everyone in the battlefield was the same! Gasper and Bova were also covered by the purple particles and began to be clad in an enormous aura! Amazing—.

Ingvild’s song not only affected Dragons, it even managed to affect my comrades too! Ddraig explained,

“It might also be because of your Dragon Deification’s power that it even caused a  strengthening effect to our comrades in this place. Kukuku, partner, it’s exactly like I thought. That girl’s song is — frightening.”

…So that meant my [Transfer] ability was used? To cause such things with that song…! But, with this unknown power, Nyx can be—. I swiftly flew towards Nyx’s location as I closed our distance! She also prepared herself as she noticed my presence! I elevated my perverted power as I pushed my hand forward!

“Boobs Power Wave!”

I released the charged breast power at Nyx from a distance! Until now, my attacks didn’t work due to the [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes]! But, right now—. Nyx’s body was paralysed because of the Boobs Power Wave, rendering her immobile. Nyx was also shocked by this.

“Kuh! I can’t break the Sekiryuutei’s willpower?”

This is nice! This is nice! That should do the trick now! I increased my perverted power to the limit and released it at once!

“Do it! Destroy them! Tear them apart! [Dress Break DxD]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As a loud noise was heard, the cute [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes] that Nyx wore were blown off! Her stunning, sculpture-like proportions was exposed! Inside my helmet, my nose spurted out blood in response to the Goddess’ naked body! I’ve savored them with my eyes, thank you! Nyx was horrified looking at the clothes that she was proud of being destroyed.

“—Wha-! My [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes]!? How!?”

“It was strengthened thanks to Ingvild’s song!”

The Goddess was surprised as she asked me.

“W-What was strengthened!?”

“The willpower and the perverted power of a pervert!”

I said it! I don’t know about the details! It might just be like what Ddraig said before, that my output power was simply strengthened, exceeding the effect of the enemy’s clothes! But, it was my perverted nature that allowed me to have this effect!  Don’t look down on a perverted man’s willpower and pervertness!

“I can hear the song!”

“Yeah, I was surprised!”

Xenovia, Irina, Kiba, Lint-san…as well as His Eminence Strada and Cao-cao rushed here. Perfect, my future brides are all here! I had something to say to everyone regarding this matter! I screamed so my comrades and Nyx could hear me!

“Listen, Nyx! No, my future brides should also listen to me!”

I took a deep breath and shouted it out loud!

“My first time — I’ve decided that I’ll do it together with all my brides at the same time! I’ll do perverted things with everyoneeeeeeeeeee!”

That’s right! I’m not gonna do it with one person! I’ll do it with everyone at the same time! That’s the kind of dignity I think a man aiming to be a Harem king should have! Nyx was bewildered in response to my declaration.

“…Wha-! T-That’s the worst declaration!”

I don’t care about that kind of response! I then asked my future brides.

“Everyone, that’ll do, right!?”


Everyone responded! Hehe, looks like I’ll be having a great time during my first time… I’ll have to prepare myself. Ddraig also laughed boldly.

“Kukukukuku! Ahahahaha! As expected of my partner! You’re a true Heavenly Dragon! A Red Dragon Emperor, like me!”

“And with that, my first time is going to be amazing. Well then, it’s your turn, Ddraig!”

Yes, the count on my right gauntlet had ended, which meant—

A crimson light began to emit from all the jewels in my armor, turning into a large shape. Then, what appeared in the sky was — a giant dragon! —[Welsh Dragon] Red Emperor Dragon Ddraig! This was one of the strongest abilities of my current Dragon Deification form; Ddraig’s manifestation. Although there was a time limit, I could fight alongside the resurrected Ddraig within that time. Nyx was surprised, but also trembled with excitement in response to this phenomenon.

“T-This is the manifestation of Ddraig!”

Ddraig stood beside me and said to Nyx daringly.

“My partner’s enough though. First, I have to show the rulers of hell what’ll happen if they become the enemy of the — Red Dragon.”

Well, well. We have to show them what it means to pick a fight with us! I mean, I already warned them once when they came to attack my father! Ddraig and I flew towards Nyx’s location simultaneously! The opponent was no longer wearing the [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes]! I could now attack her to my heart’s content! I released my Dragon Shot while Ddraig repeatedly punched from the sides. Nyx couldn’t block either of the attacks as she received each one of them directly.

“…Kuh! What power…!”

We can do this! Let’s end this at once! I said to my partner, Ddraig.

“Ddraig! We’re going all out! Let’s go!”

“Yeah! Let’s end this!”

I readied the cannons located in my four wings and pointed them at my enemy. Two cannons extended from both sides of my back, and they gathered a crimson and jet-black aura. As it went ‘Duuuu….’, a large amount of aura had gathered in the muzzle of all the four cannons!

“If I take that….I’ll be done for!”

Nyx felt the danger as she tried to run away, but — Ddraig responded by breathing flames which caused her to fall off balance. As that happened, I unleashed the concentrated aura cannon!

“<<[D∞D!! D∞D D∞D!! D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!!!!]>>”

I screamed along with the sound!

“Infinity Blasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!”

Along with that, Ddraig inflated his chest and exhaled a large volume of flames!

“Eat this, Goddess! Welsh Dragon Flare!”

The aura bombardment that was fired from my four cannons combined with the large volume of flames that Ddraig breathed out landed a direct hit on Nyx. That resulted in a large explosion which covered the sky above the island — no, the sky in the surroundings of the island! The simultaneous attack from me and Ddraig even painted the whole area in crimson. On the other side, having received both Ddraig’s and my attack, Nyx was—.

“T-This is the Red Dragon Emperor—]”

She somehow looked satisfied while appearing scared at the same time—. Having endured our simultaneous attack, Nyx fell to the ground. She was already hurt and it looked like she wasn’t in the condition to stand up anymore.

“What’s with the Welsh Dragon Flare?”

I asked Ddraig. I was surprised that he suddenly called out the name of his technique.

“Kukuku, it’s just something that I learned watching you, partner.”

Oh, so that’s it. Well, screaming out the technique’s name feels good after all! Ddraig and I brofisted as we defeated Nyx.

“We are…”

“The Strongest!”

Ddraig and I strengthened our resolve. Rias interrupted us,

“Hey! The Devils are still here even if you have defeated Nyx!”

Oh, that’s right So even after defeating the boss, they’re still moving, huh. The chain of command of the rulers of Hell is rather solid… Ddraig and I added the final touches as we defeated the Devils—.

Part 2

After defeating Nyx and the Devils, we handed the captured Nyx to the God of Olympus — Apollon-san. Nyx’s punishment was still to be determined, but Beelzebub-sama had said sealing her was already guaranteed. Well, since we had finished fighting, we returned to the Hyoudou household where Ingvild was. Rossweisse-san, who was searching for Nyx’s brainwashing spell that had been cast on Ingvild, sighed in relief.

“….I’ve undone Nyx’s curse. I think it’s okay now”


We all shouted happily! Great! The fight was worth it! Ingvild thanked us,

“…Thank you, everyone. …Though I’m not sure how I should thank you…”

Everyone replied with ‘It’s fine, it’s fine’ even though they had such an intense fight. Suddenly, light emitted from my palm as it made something appear.

—It was the case that contained my Evil Pieces. It was something I received when I became a High-class Devil. Inside it were the pieces I hadn’t used. Why did it suddenly appear on my palm by his own? Although I was puzzled, a single piece was glowing in crimson as I opened the case. —It was the [Queen] piece.

“—Hm. …My Evil Piece is…”

Ingvild’s body also emitted a pale crimson light as if responding to this. The Evil Piece and Ingvild’s body glowed in synchronisation. Witnessing this phenomenon, Rias said,

“Your Evil Piece must be telling you that it has found a suitable partner.”


…Are you serious? So these things happen too, huh… My Queen—. As I looked at Ingvild, our gazes met. Rias smiled as she asked,

“Now, what will you do? High-class Devil, Hyoudou Issei. It was completely by feel in my time before. As a result, I was blessed with the best servant. However, the one who decides this is you. You yourself. And then, she herself.”

…By feel, huh. This fate was probably decided when I met her in the park. I might be rejected… But even so, I choose to believe in this fate and my piece. I said to Ingvild,

“Ingvild. If it’s good with you, would you please be my servant? Although we’ve just met for a little while…my piece is responding to you, and I also have a feeling that you’re suitable. Though like Rias said, it’s all just based on a feeling.”

It was a terrible way of talking, but Ingvild asked me.

“Can I sing if I were to be under you?”

I replied with a smile.

“Of course you can. To your heart’s content. Even if these things happen again, I’ll save you. So, won’t you please let me hear your voice some more?”

She reached her hand out as she answered in response to my words.

“—Yeah. I want to live this age with you, Ise.”

My Queen piece got closer to her side. As Ingvild received it, it sank down to her chest. Devil wings then appeared from her back. Moreover, she had eight wings. Rias was astonished.

“And just like that, eight wings. As expected from the descendant of the previous Leviathan.”

She was also surprised that her wings had appeared. She said with a troubled expression,

“How do you put these away?”

That’s right, when I first spread my wings, I didn’t know how to close them and asked Rias about it if I recalled correctly. Seeing Ingvild like that, I smiled—.


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