New Life

Part 1

Things had become peaceful again since we defeated Nyx. All the members of Kuoh Academy’s Occult Research Club (Including the old members Rias and Akeno-san) gathered in the club room as we received reports from Maou Beelzebub-sama, who spoke through the communication magic circle.

“Regarding this case, it seems like it was all Nyx’s initiative. As she had a strong interest in Longinus and she knew about Ingvild’s existence, she tried to use her power. However, even though this case was all Nyx’s initiative, we’re questioning Hades’ side. As we’re going to do a compulsory investigation starting with Lilith-sama and the Devils that they created, we’re going to work together with each mythology.”

Oohh, so a compulsory search of Hades had been decided due to Nyx’s initiative, huh. Well, she did send us that many Devils and kidnapped a Longinus user. It’s only natural that they’d get a compulsory investigation. Though I doubt they’d just hand us the mother of Devils, Lilith… I asked Beelzebub-sama.

“So, does it mean that we’re destroying the rulers of Hell group?”

[That’s what we’d do if possible. However, it’d be troublesome as their trump card — their last resort might have the possibility of being a nuisance. It’s better to steadily reduce their fighting power. …We might be getting near the end of the fight.]

…We couldn’t just charge in because we didn’t know what kind of last resort they might have, huh. The state of things in the supernatural world was quite complicated as well. Beelzebub-sama continued on.

[If the time comes, there is also a possibility of borrowing the power of [DxD]. Just prepare yourselves.]

We responded to the Maou.


—And then, Beelzebub-sama talked about Ingvild.

[Also, about Ingvild’s sleeping disease…we’ve received news that Hypnos, the Olympian God of sleep, and Oneiros, the Olympian God of dreams, will offer their help.]

That’s much appreciated! Although she woke up due to the power of her Longinus, we had no idea when it would relapse again. I want to know more about the endemic sleeping disease that spread among Devils. I felt that it wasn’t just Sairaorg-san mother’s problem. Beelzebub-sama added.

[Those two Gods were created by Nyx. It seems like they have something in mind regarding this case and so they agreed to help. Accepting their help is good and all, but what do you guys want to do with Ingvild?]

About that — let’s ask the person herself. We looked at the purple-haired girl who was sitting on the clubroom’s sofa. It was Ingvild who was wearing Kuoh Academy’s girls’ uniform. She attended this academy as a second-year as well. Plus, she also lived in the Hyoudou Residence. Well, it was better to have her close to me as she’s my servant. As she joined me, I asked her.

“Ingvild, what do you want to do about the treatment for your sleeping disease?”

Ingvild answered.

“I’ll take it.”

And that’s about it. I responded to Beelzebub-sama as I went “Please!”. However, to think that the Gods created by Nyx would be saying such things… Also, I heard that the Ultimate-class Grim Reaper Thanatos was also created by Nyx. Somehow, I felt like I had some connections to the people of Hell… It’s scary, so I shouldn’t lower my guard.

—Now, as the meeting with Beelzebub-sama had ended, Rias said to us one more time,

“Everyone knows what day today is, right? It’s about time, let’s go.”

Ravel stood up in response to this.

“Yeah! Today is the day where the bracket of the Rating Game World Tournament will be decided!”

Yeah, today was our fated day—.

Part 2

We (Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Nakiri, Elmenhilde, Bova, Roygun-san and I) of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team gathered. A girl who was wearing a Dragon mask and appeared to be of around the same age as me — Bina Lessthan-shi also joined. She’s one of our most important teammates. I also brought along Ingvild who just became my servant. Rias’ team [Rias Gremory] that consisted of Rias, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba, Gasper, Lint, and His Eminence Strada also gathered with a cute girl who had red eyes — Valerie Tepes. She was a half-vampire, as well as Gasper’s childhood friend, and on top of that, she had the Longinus Sephiroth Graal. She also belonged to Rias’s team. Another man with a tall figure who had a black and golden hair with his right eyes being gold and his left being black was also in Rias’s team. The man who wore a black coat, having transformed into his humanoid figure, was actually the legendary Evil Dragon Crom Cruach. It was the Dragon that was said to be Rias’s team’s strongest key player.

These two teams had come to the place where the tournament’s main stage was about to be decided — the floating city Agreas. It’s a giant floating city that’s in the territory of Underworld’s Archduke Agares. It’s the sacred place of the Rating Game, and I had also participated here before. The hall that was going to be used to announce the bracket was the large hall of a certain high-class and luxurious hotel in Agreas. All sixteen teams that would enter the main tournament had gathered there. I could already feel a heavy pressure as everyone seemed like they were ready to go before the fight even began. A contestant that I knew also rushed here. It was my rival as the Two Heavenly Dragons — a handsome silver-haired guy, Vali Lucifer, also came to this hall along with his team. Upon meeting me, Vali only said these simple words.

“Don’t you dare lose until you meet me.”

“I know.”

It was enough for both of us. A tall and muscular man, the next head of the House of Bael, Sairaorg Bael, was also standing in the hall’s space. It looked like he was talking to someone, so I thought I couldn’t just go talk to him. I guess I’ll just do it later. But, I doubt I’d be able to say hi if I ended up getting matched with him in my first match…

And with that, to put it simply, the lineups for the teams participating in the Rating Game World Tournament was super easy to be changed. For example, if you’re a Devil, you can just participate with your servants like the usual Rating Game, but it’s also okay if the member(s) isn’t your servant. So combinations exceeding mythologies and beliefs are possible. This tournament was on a whole new level as participants from all mythologies gathered.

Now, as the announcer appeared on the stage and the mass media of all mythologies started to let their camera flashes go wild, the program advanced. After Ajuka Beelzebub-sama, one of the hosts of this tournament, gave his congratulatory address, the ballot for the tournament’s bracket started. The representative of each teams, the King, went to the stage to take a numbered-ball inside a box and gave it to the staff without telling anyone.

[Next, the representative of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team, please come forward.]

I went to the stage as I was called. The camera flashes went off like crazy at once… As I inserted my hand, I picked up a ball and handed it to the staff. … It was number [5]. After the other representatives went to retrieve a ball, the selection had finally concluded for all sixteen teams. The staff went to the back as they worked for around ten minutes—. During that time, I somehow felt uneasy as my heart was pumping. The announcer stood on the stage and started to talk with his mic.

[The bracket has been decided. It was decided through a fair process. Well then, please pay attention to the screen. The tournament bracket will be shown there!]

All the teams going to the main stage as well as the mass media started to pay attention to the screen. And Then, It was shown—.

Not long after it was shown—-.


Loud cheers could be heard from all over the hall. I saw both my and my comrades’ matchups!


…So this is how it turned out huh! I was shocked by the power of the so-called ‘fate’ in response to the bracket. I was so surprised that I felt chills on my back as well as gulped down. The opponent for my first match was — Rias! …Sudden, this is too sudden! Can this even be possible…!? The brave Xenovia was also taken aback in response to this.

“From the first match!?”

Akeno-san’s seemed to have an ‘Ara,ara’ expression.

“This turned out to be another bizarre thing, huh.”

Rossweisse-san also sighed in response to this.

“Well these things do happen in a tournament.”

Lint-san with her usual tension said.

“Wo~w, this is going to be amazing”

Rias closed her eyes and heaved a deep sigh. And then, she only said one thing.

“…Fate, I guess that’s what this is.”

I also stood next to Rias and nodded.

“Yes, that’s also what I think. —-It might be fate to fight you from the first match.”

Kiba — my close friend stood in front of me. He was already full of fighting spirit. He must be considering me as a rival he should defeat.

“Ise-kun, now that it has turned to this, you are my enemy. I — am Rias-neesan’s [Knight] after all.”

Now that’s the spirit, buddy…! Saying things that burn the spirit from the bottom of your heart…! I also said to Kiba straight-on.

“I know. I’ll also go against you with all my strength.”

—Suddenly, Xenovia barged in.

“That’s what you should say after defeating me, Ise’s [Knight], Kiba.”

“Aah, that’s right. That’s exactly right. Let this be a fight for us Knights, the masters of swords.”

Both of them glared are each other. The two of them have had a connection since one of the higher-ups of the Fallen Angels Kokabiel came and attacked this town. Now that it had come to this, I was sure both of them must be feeling pretty psyched up. There was someone who gave Ddraig and me an enormous sense of pressure. —The tall man with a black coat, Crom Cruach. His violent aura couldn’t be restrained as his expression warped in joy.

“Sekiryuutei…Hyoudou Issei, and also Ddraig. —Let’s get this done. We should be aiming for the highest level of Dragons. I’ve been doing new training since Ddraig’s revival, all for the sake of this, to defeat you.”


…So that’s why you never showed yourself! Damn, what a battle maniac! Ddraig replied to Crom Cruach,

[I’m sure you have more strength compared to me, but…you know, it’s no problem. I’ll just get to your level as we fight. Don’t you mock a Heavenly Dragon, Evil Dragon.]

“You say interesting things, Ddraig. Aah, I can’t wait to fight…”

[Soon. I also look forward to it.]

My gaze met with Rias’s. She’s my master, as well as my girlfriend. My beloved person. My future bride. But, now — she’s one of my rivals! I declared to Rias.

“Rias. I — will defeat you. That’s what I promised since we participated in this Tournament, and I’ve come this far thanks to everything I’ve learnt from you thus far.”

Rias fearlessly laughed.

“That’s good, Ise. I too — will defeat you!”

As the unpredicted matchup arose in our first fight, the heat of the tournament rose to an apex and engulfed us. The Rating Game World Tournament [Azazel Cup], would be on fire starting from here—.

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